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We are a juvenile race; we go back a mere 200,000 years. We still fight and wage wars like children, egocentric like adolescence, and we still cry over spilled milk. We live in a post-enlightenment age, this is our chance to grow up.

To avoid semantic ambiguity let me define what I mean by the word, race; race in its proper usage is a synonym for species.


Evolution is the greatest blind problem solver of environmental obstacles; working over thousands of millennia to produce the myriad forms we see today. This isn't to say that evolution works to produce the species we see today as some sort of premeditated act, or has some goal in mind - simply that we are observing species only in this particular time and place. I can sit humbly upon that fact.


Why we should exclude race from our vocabulary...

Long ago in the biological sciences the term race was used in place of the word species. When race was applied to specific populations it meant that these group of organisms were so different that they usually didn't interbreed naturally - they were seperate, not alike, too different. Here we are in everyday discourse applying this term to Humans; let's not do this, let's not separate ourselves - let's use a more appropriate term, ethnicity. What race am I? Human.


FACT: Both Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln were born on February 12th, 1809.


Seeing is not always believing, but empirical observation is always knowing.


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