4th Middlesex/85eme Regiment Saintonge

4th Middlesex/85eme Regiment Saintonge Learn more about Saintonge and 4th Middlesex by going to http://www.saintonge.org
In 1781, the 85ème Régiment de Saintonge and four other regiments of the French army marched south from Newport, Rhode Island to Virginia where they would join the American forces under General Washington and make the critical contribution to the final defeat of the British Crown forces at Yorktown. Today, we maintain the élan and esprit de corps that characterized these crack troops. Our faithfulness to that spirit has made the recreated Régiment de Saintonge widely known and respected both on and off the field. In addition to the 85ème Régiment de Saintonge, we also portray the 4th Regiment of Militia (Middlesex County, Massachusetts), part of the colonial forces that contributed to the defense of the colonies as a complement to the regular army.

Jake Likes Onions

Jake Likes Onions

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City of Boston Archaeology Program

City of Boston Archaeology Program

We just found most of a French-style, D-shaped, Gunflint In the south yard of the First Church in Roxbury during our archaeological survey here. It looks identical to similar gunflints found during an archaeological survey in the 80s at a revolutionary war encampment on Boston Common. Due to their superior quality, both sides of the American revolution used French gunflints. The surrounding area saw a lot of activity during the American revolution. #digBOS #digROX #Boston #roxbury #science #history #archaeology #preservationmonth

Some Nice pictures of us and our fellow in the Sudbury Companies of Militia & Minute Marching to Concord on Friday.  htt...
Photos: Dawn of the American Revolution in Wayland and Sudbury

Some Nice pictures of us and our fellow in the Sudbury Companies of Militia & Minute Marching to Concord on Friday. https://www.metrowestdailynews.com/photogallery/WL/20190419/NEWS/419009988/PH/1?fbclid=IwAR2ayR72HwLkUFwXKzYGyjKOh1800TUXothchbw7JZDg5gQMa0rw7oKOFcw

Ten early-rising re-enactors assembled in front of the First Parish in Wayland just before 4:00 a.m. Friday morning to begin the Sudbury Companies of Militia and Minute annual April 19th recreation of the April 19, 1775 march of over 300 Sudbury men to Concord to take part in the battles of Lexingto...

The Breed's Hill Institute

The Breed's Hill Institute

On April 20 1777 The Marquis de Lafayette sailed for America to volunteer his services in the cause of Liberty.

For about 3 seconds it had me going

For about 3 seconds it had me going

BREAKING NEWS: Seventy-Two Killed Resisting Gun Confiscation In Massachusetts.

National Guard units seeking to confiscate a cache of recently banned assault weapons were ambushed by elements of a Para-military extremist faction. Military and law enforcement sources estimate that 72 were killed and more than 200 injured before government forces were compelled to withdraw.

Speaking after the clash, Massachusetts Governor Thomas Gage declared that the extremist faction, which was made up of local citizens, has links to the radical right-wing tax protest movement.

Gage blamed the extremists for recent incidents of vandalism directed against internal revenue offices. The governor, who described the group’s organizers as “criminals,” issued an executive order authorizing the summary arrest of any individual who has interfered with the government’s efforts to secure law and order.

The military raid on the extremist arsenal followed wide-spread refusal by the local citizenry to turn over recently outlawed assault weapons.

Gage issued a ban on military-style assault weapons and ammunition earlier in the week. This decision followed a meeting early in the month between government and military leaders at which the governor authorized the forcible confiscation of illegal arms.

One government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, pointed out that “none of these people would have been killed had the extremists obeyed the law and turned over their weapons voluntarily.”

Government troops initially succeeded in confiscating a large supply of outlawed weapons and ammunition. However, troops attempting to seize arms and ammunition in Lexington met with resistance from heavily-armed extremists who had been tipped off regarding the government’s plans.

During a tense standoff in the Lexington town park, National Guard Colonel Francis Smith, commander of the government operation, ordered the armed group to surrender and return to their homes. The impasse was broken by a single shot, which was reportedly fired by one of the right-wing extremists.

Eight civilians were killed in the ensuing exchange.

Ironically, the local citizenry blamed government forces rather than the extremists for the civilian deaths. Before order could be restored, armed citizens from surrounding areas had descended upon the guard units. Colonel Smith, finding his forces over matched by the armed mob, ordered a retreat.

Governor Gage has called upon citizens to support the state/national joint task force in its effort to restore law and order. The governor also demanded the surrender of those responsible for planning and leading the attack against the government troops.

Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and John Hancock, who have been identified as “ringleaders” of the extremist faction, remain at large.

And this fellow Americans, is how the American Revolution began, April 19, 1775.

And this fellow Americans, is an example of media bias. Find out the truth for yourself.

Hey look its our Great-Great-X Grand Kids and thier friends. :)

Hey look its our Great-Great-X Grand Kids and thier friends. :)

Not the American revolution but an important story
Hobbyist re-enactors bring Holocaust into the fold

Not the American revolution but an important story

  Allison Hayden said she is tired of people not talking about the Holocaust when they re-enact World War II. Hayden, an Israel, education and Jewish Community Relations Council program specia…

Not the total loss that was reported so many times yesterday. Still a terrible loss but the old Cathedrals have strong b...

Not the total loss that was reported so many times yesterday. Still a terrible loss but the old Cathedrals have strong bones.

🇺🇸 Notre Dame after the fire. The heart is standing, the organ and stained glass windows are rather well preserved.

🇫🇷 Notre Dame après l'incendie. Le cœur tient debout, l'orgue et les vitraux sont dans un état assez correct.

Sauvons la Chapelle de l'Auberdière

Sauvons la Chapelle de l'Auberdière

Portrait de Louis-François du Pont d'Aubevoye de Lauberdière, combattant et mémorialiste de la Guerre d'indépendance américaine. Sous-lieutenant au Régiment de Saintonge et aide de camp de Rochambeau, il est récompensé pour sa bonne conduite à la décisive bataille de Yorktown (1781). Il intègre la Société des Cincinnati en 1789.
Après avoir participé aux guerres napoléoniennes, il est promu lieutenant-général des armées du Roi en 1815. Il se retire en Anjou où il meurt en 1837. Il est enterré dans la chapelle de l'Auberdière, petit édifice en péril que notre association a pour but de restaurer.
Pour nous aider, merci de cliquer sur la mention « J'aime cette page ».

Fire breaks out at historic Notre Dame cathedral in Paris

A tragic day for France and the world

Pictures posted on social media showed enormous plumes of smoke billowing into the city's skyline and flames engulfing large sections of the historic building as the blaze spread rapidly.

An Iconic image of France, the Catholic Church and Western Civilization is burning. Whatever the cause and whatever the ...
Fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris

An Iconic image of France, the Catholic Church and Western Civilization is burning. Whatever the cause and whatever the extent of the final damage this is a terrible loss https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/15/world/europe/notre-dame-fire.html?smid=fb-nytimes&smtyp=cur&fbclid=IwAR1gjTJ1Ja-kzV4c1UFO9xfloHlBntwy6wVzgrq6xcZZRVA4EU2eadlFX58

Video filmed by onlookers showed flames and smoke billowing from the cathedral’s spire. The cathedral was evacuated, and the fire’s cause was not known.


Wish all participants and spectators an enjoyable and safe "Battle Road"

New England's Road to Revolution

New England's Road to Revolution

New England's Road to Revolution

New England's Road to Revolution


Well and bravely done

Well and bravely done

It has taken me a few years to get the courage to do this. With talk of reparations I think the time is now to start having substantial conversations about slavery. The concept is simple. I set up a table in a public space and encourage people to come ask questions or talk about slavery with someone who talks about slavery for a living in a safe space. I brought reproductions, laminated copies of paintings, primary documents such as runaway ads, bill of sales, narratives, proclamations, correspondence, and writings from enslaved individuals in the 18th century such as Phillis Wheatley. I wanted to be prepared to make the most out of each question or conversation.

As usual Jonathan Square Fashioning the Self in Slavery and Freedom was all in on one of my crazy ideas and I am so grateful for his continued and active support. This month we set up at the Brooklyn Museum on First Saturday which is always bumping. To be honest it was tough getting people to stop and talk. In 2 hours we had real conversations with about 9 people, but each of these conversations were DEEP.

I want to thank the NYMH family for coming up to me throughout the museum. One flyy young man came up to me outside the powder room and sadly I wasn’t able to give him the attention he deserved as we were in separate lines. If you’re out there just want to say thank you for the support and love! Thank you JJ for the heavy help for on the sign!!

#LetsTalkAboutSlavery #blackhistory #blackreenactor #blackhistoricalinterpreter #slaverymadeplain #reparationstalk @ Brooklyn Museum of Art

Fort Stanwix National Monument

Fort Stanwix National Monument

#FortStanwix #FortFactFriday
Parapet: The section of the fort wall that protects the fort's soldiers and cannon from enemy fire.

Image Description: A line of 4 soldiers pointing muskets over the wall of the fort.

Boston National Historical Park

Boston National Historical Park

Today is #MedalofHonorDay. The Medal of Honor is the most prestigious award in the US Military and was established during the American Civil War in 1863 by President Abraham Lincoln.

William Harvey Carney (left), escaped from slavery via the Underground Railroad to Massachusetts before volunteering for the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment. Achieving the rank of sergeant, Carney took part in the attack on Fort Wagner in 1863. When the color sergeant was shot down, Carney retrieved the flag to carry it forward, despite being wounded. Forced to retreat, Carney carried the flag back to Union lines, stating; "Boys, I only did my duty; the old flag never touched the ground!" Carney was awarded the Medal of Honor in 1900, eight years before his death in New Bedford, MA, in 1908.

John Lawson (right), was from Philadelphia, PA, and served aboard the USS HARTFORD, constructed here in the Charlestown Navy Yard. During the Battle of Mobile Bay, 1864, Lawson helped supply the ship's guns with ammunition, even after he had been wounded and the rest of his ammunition supply party killed or wounded. Despite being urged to seek medical attention below deck, Lawson continued in his duties. He died home in Philadelphia in 1919.

For a link to Carney's Medal of Honor citation click here: http://www.cmohs.org/recipient-detail/224/carney-william-h.php

For a link to Lawson's Medal of Honor citation click here: http://www.cmohs.org/recipient-detail/790/lawson-john.php

#MedalofHonor #MedalofHonorDay #54thMassachusetts #USSHartford #WilliamHarveyCarney #JohnLawson #FortWagner #BattleofMobileBay #CharlestownNavyYard #NavyYardShips

Minute Man National Historical Park

Minute Man National Historical Park

We didn't get a chance to post an edition of Witness House Wednesdays this week, but we hope you'll like our special "Muster Saturday."

Adams National Historical Park

Adams National Historical Park

"Let us dare to read, think, speak and write." - John Adams

#OnThisDate in 1765 the British Government passed the Stamp Act. This act taxed printed goods from legal documents to diplomas to playing cards. On October 21, 1765, John Adams published, "A Dissertation on the Canon and the Feudal Law," No. 4, in response to the Stamp Act. It included one of the most inspiring lines written by the future president.

John Adams by Benjamin Blythe


Anyone get a picture of us at the Evacuation Day parade here in Boston? (You may know it by it's more popular name: The St. Patrick's day parade)

Irish In The American Revolution

Irish In The American Revolution

"Ireland, thou friend of my country in my country's most friendless days, much injured, much enduring land, accept this poor tribute from one who esteems thy worth, and mourns thy desolation. May the God of Heaven, in His justice and mercy, grant thee more prosperous fortunes, and in His own time, cause the sun of freedom to shed its benign radiance on the Emerald Isle."

Washington spoke no empty words. Irish, driven out of Ireland as victims of England's cruelty, were the immigrants Washington cited when he said: "When our friendless standards were first unfurled, who were the strangers who first mustered around our staff, and when it reeled in the fight, who more brilliantly sustained it than Erin's generous sons?"


The Battle Eve of the Irish Brigade

By Thomas Davis

THE mess-tent is full, and the glasses are set,
And the gallant Count Thomond is president yet; The vet’ran arose, like an uplifted lance,
Crying—“Comrades, a health to the monarch of France!”
With bumpers and cheers they have done as he bade For King Louis is loved by the Irish Brigade.

“A health to King James,” and they bent as they quaffed, “Here’s to George the Elector,” and fiercely they laughed,

“Good luck to the girls we wooed long ago,
Where Shannon, and Barrow, and Blackwater flow;”

“God prosper Old Ireland,”—you’d think them afraid, So pale grew the chiefs of the Irish Brigade.

“But surely, that light cannot be from our lamp
And that noise—are they all getting drunk in the camp?”

“Hurrah! boys, the morning of battle is come,
And the generale’s beating on many a drum.”
So they rush from the revel to join the parade:
For the van is the right of the Irish Brigade.

They fought as they revelled, fast, fiery and true, And, though victors, they left on the field not a few;
And they, who survived, fought and drank as of yore, But the land of their heart’s hope they never saw more; For in far foreign fields, from Dunkirk to Belgrade, Lie the soldiers and chiefs of the Irish Brigade.

Minute Man National Historical Park

Minute Man National Historical Park

This is a recorded copy of the presentation from Saturday, March 2, 2019. Ranger Jim Hollister introduces Professor Robert Allison of Suffolk University.

The Founding of the United States

The Founding of the United States

On This Day In History > February 23,1778:
Friedrich von Steuben arrives at Valley Forge

"Friedrich Wilhelm Rudolf Gerhard August, Freiherr von Steuben, a Prussian military officer, arrives at General George Washington’s encampment at Valley Forge on this day in 1778 and commences training soldiers in close-order drill, instilling new confidence and discipline in the demoralized Continental Army.

Baron von Steuben, as he is better known, was the son of a military engineer and became a Prussian officer himself at the age of 17. He served with distinction and was quickly promoted from infantry to Frederick the Great’s General Staff. In 1763, at age 33 and with the rank of captain, he was discharged for unknown reasons. His title of freiherr, or baron, came with his subsequent post as chamberlain (or palace manager) to the petty court of Hohenzollern-Hechingen in Swabia, or the southwestern Holy Roman Empire, in what is now Baden-Wuerrtemberg. Employed by an indebted prince, von Steuben searched for more lucrative employment in foreign armies. The French minister of war recommended von Steuben to Benjamin Franklin as a resource to the Continental Army in 1777. Franklin in turn passed on word of Steuben’s availability to George Washington, and by February 23, 1778, he was among the desperate Continentals camped at Valley Forge.

Von Steuben, who did not speak English, drafted a drill manual in French, which Alexander Hamilton and Nathanael Greene then translated into English. The Prussian drill techniques he shared were far more advanced than those of other European armies, let alone those of the ragtag Patriots. The ego-crushing methods of modern boot camp were practiced among the shoeless soldiers of Valley Forge with remarkable efficacy. Most important for 18th-century battle was an efficient method of firing and reloading weapons, which von Steuben forced the Patriots to practice until it became second nature.

Before von Steuben’s arrival, colonial American soldiers were notorious for their slovenly camp conditions. Von Steuben insisted on reorganization to establish basic hygiene. He demanded that kitchens and latrines be put on opposite sides of the camp, with latrines facing a downhill slope. (Just having latrines was novelty to the Continental troops who were accustomed to living among their own filth.)

On the merit of his efforts at Valley Forge, Washington recommended that von Steuben be named inspector general of the Continental Army; Congress complied. In this capacity, von Steuben propagated his methods throughout the Patriot forces by circulating his Blue Book, entitled Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United States."


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If you are interested in joining us, we are always interested in people who share our enthusiasm and interest in history, as well as high standards of authenticity and safety. Because we are a family-oriented group, we welcome the involvement of children as well as their parents, and our children are actively involved in the life of the regiment. To assist you in learning more about our activities, you can go to our webpage, www.saintonge.org, for additional resources and related links and to look at our scheduled events. If you have any questions, you can contact us by email at [email protected]

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