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Deborah (dj) Blahuczyn The arts as a bridge for conversation. Dialoging about the work as it relates or reveals something about the artist's understanding of God. Studio B-Heartworks Gallery is showing the heart works of Deborah (dj) Blahuczyn and fellow artisans.

Studio B-Heartworks Gallery strives to be a place where peace, love and joy is revealed through the creative spirit. Truth and Grace as understood by participating artists is encouraged. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15


Want to share a post from an artist aquaintance from Art Abandonment. Thank you so much for sharing. Would like to use these instructions in an art ministry I have at my home church Spokane Valley Baptist Church.

For those who asked for a tutorial. :)
1. Start with a Styrofoam heart (I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby.)
2. Cut out square pieces of foil tape and place onto Styrofoam heart, overlapping the pieces.
3. Poke holes along edges of the tape to create "rivets" with a toothpick or other pointy tool.
4. You will need black acrylic paint, a paint brush and a piece of paper towel.
5. Paint over entire heart with the black paint.
6. Do not let paint dry. Quickly wipe off excess paint with the towel.
7. Details should now stand out.
8. Find some metal charms, brads, wire, chains, watch parts or whatever you want to use purchased at any craft store or lying around the house. Place them anywhere on the heart you desire. I used E6000 to glue them onto the foil. Avoid letting the glue touch the Styrofoam as it will melt it. (I learned this the hard way, lol.) I poked most of the objects (like the brads and wire) into the heart and they seemed to stay okay. After everything is attached, you can age everything some more with black paint and even add orange acrylic paint for rust.

I really like this!  Thank you, Dean (Mr. Art Formee) for all you are doing for us.  Thank you for keeping us focused on...
Art Formee is born! | The Art Marketing Blog

I really like this! Thank you, Dean (Mr. Art Formee) for all you are doing for us. Thank you for keeping us focused on the beautiful things of God's world and His people.

It is with great pride that we introduce to you Mr. Art Formee!


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Many thanks to all who liked!

By Faith - Keith and Kristyn Getty

Very artfully done. It belongs on this page, too! Thank you Keith and Kristyn for the beautiful reminder of what we are to be about doing.


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