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Como Cottage Literally hundreds of people have worked at Como Cottage. This page is intended as a place where Cottage folk, past and present, can share memories.

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Como Cottage's cover photo

Como Cottage's cover photo


I was in charge of running the cottage for 3 years in the early 2000's. One year I asked people to share their favorite memories from the run. These are the responses:

Favorite memories of the run –
Hands-down for me personally is the Twin Cities Pipe and Drum bagpipers jamming with the guys who sell African drums and Australian diggery-doos. It’s an unlikely combination but it rocks. Belly and Scottish dancers alike were getting into this and we got the some of the crowd dancing too. We’ve almost convinced these guys to do a CD together.
The usual Angus walking – trying to convince some people that he is in fact a real animal and offering to have him p**p on their shoe to prove it (now, if we could just train him to do that!) We had one small boy follow us from in front of Bad Manor, through the Narrows and back around the end by the Maypole to Cottage – a 1/2 mile and 25 minute trip – occasionally tossing dimes into the basket and giggling. His parents said that he’d been crying non-stop for almost 3 hours until he saw Angus. I always say, if they follow me home, I get to keep them. Some parents get a very speculative look on their faces when I say that…
Other things: Hobbit feet (yeah, baby!) and the hobbits who walked in on them… Morris dancers – those jingly boys in white… watching a large puppet blow the last throw in a bocce game, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, then falling on his face and having a tantrum while his teammates took turns kicking him… coaxing self-professed snake loathers to “just touch with one finger”, then watching them move down the whole fence, petting all the snakes and lizards… Wet Heather (‘nuff said!)… Cabana Boy hitting high-C when returning the shrieks of the crowd during parade. Being able to answer, when asked on humid 95° days if I’m hot, “I like to think so” and also saying, “Of course they’re real – and so are the reptiles.” Where else can you be this much of a smart aleck without people getting mad at you?

From others:
Bill Moss – getting to “know” Salsa in the morning… (we get REAL cozy at the Cottage)

Jodi Holmstrom (aka Rat Girl) – Definitely the pipers and drummers jamming with Peasant Bocce ball coming in close behind (after all, only wimps use the stone balls. Real players throw peasants)

Bittners -
Steven - Getting to play bocce ball with the Mayor and with the folks from Como. Turning 12 and seeing people cringe because they remember playing with the "baby" in 1992.
David - Getting food (yes, CKC). Getting Abby-dog to give him kisses.
Linda - In no particular order other than the one I typed them
in......Meeting the people at Irish Cottage (one of the only places I hadn't spent a lot of time at in the past) and spending a lot of my time with them. Getting to know Chad, Christy and Brandi. Getting to know Jen and Tracy better. Seeing everyone again. Finding out I know more about some of these critters than I thought I did. Having this be my 15th year as a volunteer at Festival (10 in the beer booths and 5 with Herps). Rick and Cabana Boy. Hobbits at the hobbit hole.

Jen Manna -
Remembering the proper response to 'Marco!'. Seeing a large and aggressive tan peasant bocce ball turned by the threat of a 'purple nurple'. Anna on her bottom letting out a wail of 'I protest!'. Seeing Salsa and Tracy up there, holding their own with veteran villifiers.
I'm a little teapot. (The knees are very important.) Laughing with a damn nifty bunch of ladies until the Chinese place in Chaska was nearly empty. Muh-nah-muh-nah...

Connie & JW Curry
One of my Fav’s was seeing Cabana Boy & Mini Me. Another was nighttime wading in the Gator Pond. The floating candles really had some effects (dripping goo) LOL. And of course my first parade walk (not far I got p**ped on) Most of all getting to know you all a little better. We are so looking forward to next year!

Ananda Wold
I have always loved the feeling of home and family there is at Como Cottage. Each year new people come and they all manage to fit into the family. Like any family there are our dysfunctional moments and arguments about dishes and chores. We have our rebellious "teenage" members and our mothers, and siblings, and when push comes to shove we are all there to get things done and be there for each other. That is why I love Como so much, and why I'm so glad to be growing up with and around those people.

Tracie Fullerton
my favorite things:
~already said vil
~having people come to see me dance this year (thanks everyone)
~Teaching patrons how to dance at the drum booth
~last day parade, singing to Eric the Taylor and breaking him (which he said, meant a lot that we took time to do that by the way)
~the attempts to wake up Salsa each morning
~Muh na muh na

Heather Clayton
One of my favorite memories was having the duck decoys and the children's shoe and pacifier in the gator pond for the last weekend. also, girl's night (or few hours) at cottage on that last Thursday night.
Murph and Scooter became "buddies." Having Jim and Zach there with me made me very happy!

These are photos from about 2001/  My apologies if I have inadvertantly posted a picture from someone else

These are photos from about 2001/ My apologies if I have inadvertantly posted a picture from someone else

These are photos from about 2001/ My apologies if I have inadvertantly posted a picture from someone else


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