IBM Ring 96

IBM Ring 96 Meetings are held at 7:00 P.M. on the third Saturday of every month at Seal Beach North Community Center, 3333 St. Cloud Drive in Seal Beach
International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 96

Ring No. 96 was chartered on November 15, 1949

Paul Green lectured at the July meeting of Ring 96.  He is a wealth of magical knowledge and gave an amazing lecture.

Paul Green lectured at the July meeting of Ring 96. He is a wealth of magical knowledge and gave an amazing lecture.


Greetings all. Tomorrow night IBM Ring 96 will be hosting a very special lecture by the world famous Paul Green!
This is going to be a once in a lifetime event you don't want to miss!
Be sure to join us!!


This is Jackie, Bill Hunter's wife. I wanted to inform you that Bill was pronounced deceased at 12:18 a.m. this morning for details you can call me 562-735-7202

Close up Competition is coming in May. See you there!

Close up Competition is coming in May. See you there!

Just a reminder.

Just a reminder.

January 19th a great lecture by David Regal!  See you there!

January 19th a great lecture by David Regal! See you there!


Join us for a magical evening of Allied Arts tonight at 7 pm at Seal Beach North Community Center. Bring your friends and have some family friendly fun with us.


Come join us this Saturday night for a fun evening of weird magic and mentalism!
It's family friendly fun for all!
We will be getting started at 7pm at the Seal Beach North Community Center, 3333 St Cloud Drive on the corner of Seal Beach Blvd and St Cloud.

Our Stage Magic Competition was standing room only! A special thanks to Larry Campbell for filling in on short notice.

Our Stage Magic Competition was standing room only! A special thanks to Larry Campbell for filling in on short notice.

Make sure you come to this amazing and groundbreaking event!

Make sure you come to this amazing and groundbreaking event!

The amazing Tom Frank gave us an incredible lecture.

The amazing Tom Frank gave us an incredible lecture.




“Though he may not be a household name, Tom Frank is the real deal. He ranks right up there with some of the best sleight of hand guys I know. The reason you may not have heard of him is because he works... all the time. Don't miss this lecture. The worst part of the lecture is that it isn't long enough.”

Doc Eason

“Tom Frank's lecture is a not to be missed event. It is aimed squarely at the real world worker and the material he teaches is unique and hard hitting while being well within the abilities of the average performer. His no palm card to wallet is delightfully deceitful and unlike any other I've encountered.”

Master Payne

"Tom Frank is a real worker and his years of performing and experience show in everything he does. Magic seems exciting and effortless at his fingertips. If Tom is lecturing, I want a front row seat!"

Mike Pisciotta

"Tom Frank is a TRUE Street Magician of the highest busker standard. His ability to captivate an audience with his charm and smile is NOTHING compared to his on-spot sleight of hand and pin point precision Delivery. I am beyond honored to call him a friend and magical brother for over 25 years"

Justin Miller

“I saw Tom lecture for a group of some of the smartest people I know at the Magic Castle and blow them all away. Not just with tricks but with real knowledge gathered from years of performances. Basically I always listen when Tom speaks.”

Jon Armstrong

“Tom is one of the worlds top experts on magic. . . his knowledge of the classics is beyond compare. . . I mean it too, I love his work!"

Jeff McBride

“Tom Frank is an expert performer, a serious student of the craft and a great source of knowledge and ideas. Every time we sit down, I learn something new. Do not miss the chance to spend time with a modern master.”

R Paul Wilson

“When is comes to Sleight of Hand and the Ancient Art of Street Magic and Busking, Tom Frank is a true master. Not only does Tom know how to do this stuff in the real world, his no-nonsense 'tell it like it is' style never fails to win over a crowd of even the most jaded fellow magicians. If you have a chance to see Tom, don't miss it - you'll be kicking yourself if you don't get to see one of the worlds few living legends at work!”

Aaron Fisher

“To better the public perception of magic, we've got to perform for real people in the real world. And real insight into magic only comes from living with the material you perform, studying it, practicing it, and eventually mastering it. Tom is a master, and if you get the chance to hear him share his experience, listen closely, because he's got the chops and the knowledge to change your magic for the better.”

Elliott Terral

“If you haven’t heard of Tom Frank, it’s because he’s spent the past thirty years in the trenches, working for real people in real-world conditions. Whether it’s a street-magic show (not TV street magic, actual busking-for-money street magic) or behind the bar at the Magic Castle, Tom delivers the goods. He’s funny, he’s entertaining, and he is a master at his craft. I’ve known Tom for almost three decades; he understands how and why magic works. Whenever a full-time pro decides to tip the “work,” I sit up and listen. You should, too. Do not, I repeat, do not pass up the opportunity to learn from him. He is one of the best.”

Michael Close, author of the Workers series and editor of M-U-M, the magazine of The Society of American Magicians.

“I have known Tom Frank for over 35 years, since our early days when we attended the Magi-Fest magic conventions. Tom is a "real" magician, a professional who has earned his bread and butter his entire life performing magic.

If you have a chance to see this miracle worker, and you pass it by, you have just made one of you worst decisions of your life. Go and watch the show, be entertained, and all of the many ideas that you learn will just be a bonus. You'll see Tom's versions of the classics, the cups and balls, linking rings, the coin star, and many others. Tom has always been too busy earning a living to make time for a lecture tour. Now is your one, and possibly only, time to see a real master magician. My HIGHEST recommendation!!!”

Gary Plants

"I have known Tom Frank for decades and consider him truly one of the best entertainers in the business and teachers. Your club will greatly benefit from having Tom lecture for your club."

Dan Fleshman

“Tom Frank has made a living for decades in the toughest context I know—doing street magic. But he has done it all: close-up, stage, parlour, he’s even owned a magic shop. He knows everything and there’s no one who couldn’t learn something from him.”

John Lovick

“Tom Frank is an enormous asset to magic. If ever there is an opportunity to have him lecture at your club, do not hesitate. As past president of IBM Ring 280, I hired Tom to lecture at our club. He brought with him a wealth of knowledge about magic, exquisite sleight-of-hand, and years of street performing experience. He has lived a life of magic having been a magic shop owner and a magician his entire life. Tom is a great teacher, communicator, and entertainer. When you add it all up, you won't find a better lecturer anywhere. Personally, Tom's teaching has forever changed my approach to magic and my pursuit of pure sleight-of-hand. Without hesitation, I endorse Tom Frank 100% as your next lecturer.

Steve Silverman • IBM Ring 280

“Now listen up Magicians. This will include pros, amateurs & seasoned professionals. My friend Tom Frank is coming your way very soon. You should drop what you have planed for the night he comes to the lecture. You will have the BEST time you have had in the last 25 years! He is this Good. So much Table time. So much experience. He is the full package. You will get so much from just watching and listening to this fantastic artist. Please go. Just so you have the chance to take your magic to another level.”



Simply put, Tom Frank doesn't lecture on magic often because he's too busy working. So when Tom gives a talk, it's worth your time. With more than enough fantastic magic, theories, stories and sleight of hand to share with you regardless if you're a beginner, or a working professional, Tom will astonish you. Go to this lecture, and I promise you'll thank me later.”

Lee Asher (CardStar)”

“Take a great busker, from the 1980's who is more passionate about his art, a successful shop owner from Downtown Cincinnati and Seattle’s Pioneer Square. Traveled across the country always learning from the best he could find. A real "Worker" covering every aspect there is. A regular performer at the Magic Caste. If you get a chance to see what he's got to offer, don't miss out.”

Johnny Fox

“I've known Tom Frank for a long time and he is a power house performer at street, stage, close up. He's owned magic shops, is a known cup and ball enthusiast and has released a designer set. A favorite performer at the Magic Castle of course. You will laugh, as I do every time I'm with him.and enjoy the magic, stories and the time you spend with him. Run, don't walk to this lecture you will regret it if you miss it.”

 Bob Sheets

"Tom Frank delivers the goods - a magician who knows how to work a crowd, then bring home the bacon. Tom is the real deal."

David Regal

“In my early years at the magic castle I was surrounded by masters, Dai Vernon, Larry Jennings, Albert Goshman, Billy McComb, etc . but I took for granted that they were there and squandered my time with them, and now I wish I'd spent more time at their feet. We have so few real masters of magic left in this world, we should cherish and learn from them and squeeze every drop of experience from them that they're willing to share. Tom Frank is such a master. A master at close up and parlor magic, a master at pulling a crowd and holding them, a master at the fine art of the pitch and maybe most importantly, a master at the cups and balls. His love and knowledge of magic and people is clear in ever move, every thought and every effect he performs.

When I was on the BOT for the Magic Castle I ran a perk on street magic. I did it for selfish reasons, Tom had agreed to speak and share. This was gold for the members but more so for me. I learned so much and there was so much to learn that we had to do a second perk on another night to fit it all in! It was brilliant and although I'll never street perform again, it was information I could apply to every facet of magic and performing and also the BUSINESS of being a magician

Street magic is basically Magic with an audience that can turn on you or walk away at any moment. The only thing keeping them there is the talent of the magician. When you see the size of crowds that Tom Frank commands, you understand the size of his talent. To anyone out there, considering a lecture, if you don't book Tom Frank, you are missing out on the real deal. Grab the master while he's feeling generous and willing to share his knowledge . Or be like me all those years ago, squander your time and regret it forever.

street magicians are real Magicians - Tom Frank is a real magician

Steve Valentine

”There are those magicians who talk the talk and there are those who have walked the walk, those who theorize and those who have been there and done it!

Tom Frank is a sleight of hand man of the old school, he's not only a dedicated student of the art with vast knowledge but he's applied that knowledge to his professional life and actually made a living by performing great magic for all types of audiences.

Anything that Tom has to share on the subject of magic, I'll listen to all day.”

David Williamson

“Call me crazy, but I like to attend lectures from guys who (a) actually knows something, (b) can actually do something, and above all, (c) have something to teach me. Know what I mean? What I mean is a guy like TOM FRANK.

Tom is a lifetime career pro who has done it all. Worked the streets around the world, owned a magic shop, performed steadily in Los Angeles and at the Magic Castle, all that and much, much more. He can give you the real work on street performance because he is a REAL WORKER. But he’s not one of those street workers who just know how to GTFM with a couple of standard tricks and ham-fisted moves. NO, NO, NO! He is a superb sleight-of-hand man, a Cups-and-Balls EXPERT (and I do not use that term lightly), and a card worker with REAL CHOPS. He can teach you the classics (like the Linking Rings), then teach you the most exotic card moves you’ve never seen done as well, then whip out an obscure Mike Gallo coin routine and blow you away with that and teach you the moves.

He has DEEP KNOWLEDGE about every aspect of professional sleight-of-hand magic, from how to make a living, to how to do the Linking Rings. And as if that wasn’t enough, he’s the nicest guy you’ll ever meet—a true gentleman of magic. Isn’t it time you went to a magic lecture and LEARNED SOMETHING from someone ACTUALLY QUALIFIED TO TEACH YOU? I’ve been learning from Tom Frank for 35 years. Now you get to share the privilege. GO SEE TOM FRANK – AND LEARN SOMETHING GREAT!”

Jamy Ian Swiss

“I have known Tom Frank since the early 80s... I believe we first met at Magi-fest around 1981. I didn't know him nor did he know me but we did competed against each other in a close-up competition. His magic was very good even then and by the time the Magi-fest was over, we'd become great friends and in the following years I learned allot from him as I hope he did from myself. His excellent magic, sense of humor and great comedy timing really made me want to emulate him. In fact on my long drive back to Berlin Center Ohio, my friend Ken and I kept saying and even imitating Tom' comedy bits. It was like we both met the real deal, a person who would and could change our lives in a wonderful way. Through his shear personality, his endless enthusiasm and a true devotion to exciting and joyful magic. Perhaps I never thanked him enough for the gift of his personality. So thank you Tom Frank for your many years of friendship, and the great enthusiasm you seemed to have magically infused in me as well.”

Dan Sylvester here, AKA Sylvester the Jester

“Tom Frank is the classic cup and ball guy today. He is a must see.”

David Solomon

“Tom Frank performs practical and effective magic in REAL WORLD situations... close up and surrounded. There's a huge difference between tricks that may be clever but aren't really practical and those that can be performed under the most challenging conditions. Tom Frank performs the latter.”


"Miss this lecture and you've missed sleight-of-hand and expert presentation at its purest and most effective demonstrated and presented in detail by an actual worker who has earned a living with exactly what he teaches. It's like getting the The Fitzkee Trilogy (Showmanship for Magicians, the Trick Brain , Magic by Misdirection) rolled up into a hands on master class."

Joe Monti

So many lecturers lecture but don’t actually perform magic for real live breathing audiences. TOM FRANK spent the last decade entertaining tourists at Universal Studios CityWalk, is a popular favorite at Hollywood’s Magic Castle, who’s been in the business his entire life. Spending an evening with Tom is your opportunity for personal growth and development as a magical entertainer, and a chance for you to learn how to become a stronger, more resourceful and more powerful magician. Tom’s lecture has my highest recommendation.

Steve Spill

“I have never heard comments like I heard from attendees at Tom Frank's lecture on Oct. 14, 2016. The people who saw Tom were absolutely blown away-- not just by his vast wealth of knowledge gained from real world experience, but by his enormous generosity in sharing EVERYTHING he knows from a lifetime as a working pro. Again and again I heard the same comment, "I can't believe how much he gave, it was so much more than I was expecting." Isn't that what each of us is secretly hoping for when we attend a lecture? A speaker who withholds nothing and reveals the keys to the kingdom? Even after it was "officially" over, Tom continued to consult and assist and demonstrate and coach every single person who wanted to speak with him. That's what Tom Frank did and that is why I recommend him as a Lecturer without reservation. NO ONE will be disappointed. What more could you ask for?”

Larry Wilson

“It's been a great pleasure having Tom Frank as a mentor and a friend. His insights on magic are invaluable to anyone. From the move monkey to the worker, Tom seems to have the ability to bring the best out of anyone. Also, he won't have any bananas today.”
Tony Chang

“For over 35 years I’ve watched Tom totally immerse himself in the Art of magic, so if you have any chance to learn from his lifetime of performing experiences, do not miss that opportunity!”

Michael Ammar

Tom Frank has been a friend for more years than I can count. For those who don't know him, when the words "protégé of Cellini" come spilling out, that should be enough to want to see his lecture right there. Tom Frank has years of real-world experience and an extensive repertoire, which enables him to tailor a lecture to fit the needs of any group. His passion for magic is evident, and he holds nothing back, making his one of those "must see" lectures.

Dan Garrett

“Any magician that does not learn something from you would have had to sleep through the entire lecture. Tom Frank is one of the very few that has made a full time living performing and everything he does is tried and tested. You want knuckle busting tough as well? Tom can deliver that too. He is a wealth of knowledge that has been around some of the legends and has become one himself! I would highly recommend attending and learning from this man.”

Sal Piacente

"You already know that Tom Frank can answer any question about performing classic magic on the street. And you might know that he's a scary good coin man. But I'm here to tell you that he does the best "Smash & Stab", ever. So good that there really shouldn't be any others. Ask him about it.”

Curtis Kam

“I had the honor of working Magic Live in 2016 with Tom Frank, I got to witness some of the best ideas, moves, and sequencing with the cups and balls I have ever seen. This will be a lecture you will not want to miss. Tom is pretty handy with the boards and coins too. ”

Allan Ackerman

"There are very few people who have lived the life and loved magic as much as Tom Frank. He's run magic shops, had cups manufactured, lived off of busking, and has a deep down love of the SWE Shift. Go see this lecture, and bring questions. If you want to know what it's really like being a magician, Tom Frank knows!”

Shane Cobalt

“Tom Frank can hustle the streets, work a trade show booth, pitch the sales suite, or charm the country club set, all with equal ease. He is also a passionate performer with exceptional skills and a generous heart. Watch him and learn.”

Max Howard

“Tom Frank is one of my favorite magicians to watch perform. I have seen him at the Magic Castle and working the streets. He slays audiences equally in any setting. If you get a chance to see Tom or watch his lecture don't hesitate. His material is well chosen and packed with high entertainment value. Don't miss Tom Frank!”

Carl Andrews


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