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Our Bug Museum features THOUSANDS of insects on display including over 100 LIVE animals. Our gift shop features: Toys and Gifts Science projects Robot Kits Diosaur models and replicas Live bug programs Live bug exhibits Mounted Insects Original art Fossils and Minerals


Big Bend Smooth Claw Scorpion!


Whipspiders! Harry Potter fans take note!


Whipspiders! thought I posted this yesterday, but apparently not?


Giant Canyon Isopods. Note that “giant” is a relative term! They are giant...compared to most other terrestrial isopods!


Today I talk about the Mexican fireleg tarantula. I chose this one because I wanted to show a tarantula kicking hairs, and this is one of our most hair kicking-est tarantulas we have! Of course, she REFUSES to do it on video!!

We now have t-shirts, hats, stickers and magnets available in our online store! Prices include shipping. The T-shirts ar...

We now have t-shirts, hats, stickers and magnets available in our online store! Prices include shipping. The T-shirts are high-quality 100%cotton and feature a glow-in-the-dark scorpion logo. The hats feature our embroidered logo. Thanks for looking! https://my-site-101600.square.site/shop/3


Today I talk about the giant African millipede, and get pooped on in the process!


Thanks to be closed for several weeks, our blue death feigning beetles are actually playing dead again!


Tarantula vs cockroach! The winner is who you’d expect, but it is a bit of a wrestling match. Volume up if you want to hear the crunching sounds of a large spider eating a large insect...


Boa eating Part 2! Yesterday we saw our boa strike and grab a dead rat. Today we’ll watch her swallow it! I split this in two because the whole process takes awhile. I edited out the 15-20 minutes between these videos where she just sat there with the rat!


Here is our Boa constrictor Caramel eating a rat. Warning for the squeamish, it’s kinda gross! The rat is already dead and previously frozen.


Have you seen a scorpion glow??


Bess beetles with bonus isopod!


Talking About A Praying mantis


Giant Desert Millipede! One thing I forgot to mention in the video itself is that you should always wash your hands after handling a wild millipede, as they may release defensive toxins which won’t hurt your skin but can be painful if you forget and it gets in your eyes or mouth. Of course, we should be washing our hands frequently these days anyway!

City of Santa Fe Parks and Recreation

Check out this video the City of Santa Fe Parks and Recreation made with our own Oliver Greer! He shows off a few spectacular mounted bugs from his collection, as well as one of our live vinegaroons. Hmmm...our feed has been kinda vinegaroon heavy lately!

NEW VIDEO: Discussion with Oliver Greer from Harrell House Bug Museum
#HarrellHouse #BugMuseum

We’re closed of course, but I can ship stuff! Here’s a selection of jewelry by Bob Burkett! Free shipping on any order o...

We’re closed of course, but I can ship stuff! Here’s a selection of jewelry by Bob Burkett! Free shipping on any order over $30 within the US! Send a message or call if interested. Prices listed in captions.Thanks for looking!


Today I’m talking about vinegaroons! I know they’ve appeared in a couple of other videos but this time I talk about them a bit more in depth.


Today I’m talking about Giant Cave Cockroaches!


Mishell the box turtle!


Social distancing crustaceans, hermit crabs!


Happy Easter everyone! This is one of our vinegaroons who did NOT want to eat. Sound on to hear my impression of a finicky vinegaroon. Maybe someday I’ll put together a blooper reel of all the attempted feeding videos!


Hognose snake folds and then eats a mouse!


Bearded dragons again, but eating something else so it’s totally different!


Feeding our oscar (named Oscar)!


Thai purple devil crab eating a worm. These are relatively new animals we got several weeks ago that were not on display before we closed but will be when we re-open! They’re kinda shy but I managed to get some video.


Here we see the ever-so-stealthy African bullfrog stalk and capture a cricket.


Garter snake!


Giant hairy scorpion (pallid form) stinging and eating a cricket. We got some good video of the mouthparts in action! Remember how the Xenomorph in Alien had a small mouth that came out of of its mouth?


Today I’m feeding red-eared sliders (and one yellow-belly slider). I talk about the turtles while feeding them, but if you watch with the sound on I apologize for the buzzing sound. It’s the filter pump, which is sometimes loud like this. I didn’t even notice it while recording, but it’s much more annoying in playback!


Day 16, Nerissa, the Golden Knee Tarantula!


Day 15, Pauline the Lungfish, a much more efficient eater than yesterday’s tegus!


Day 13. Tegus are...messy eaters!


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1 mile from train station

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We are located at the DeVargas Center mall, next to the Traveller's Market. Our Bug Museum features thousands of mounted specimens and more than 200 live animal exhibits, including reptiles and amphibians! In our store we offer toys and gifts related to natural history, science, dinosaurs and animals. Products include dinosaur models, robot and science kits, mounted insects, original art, fossils and more. We also offer programs featuring live bugs at your location for schools, museums, day care centers, birthday parties and other venues. We also set up exhibits for special events. Be sure to check out the blog (www.harrellhouse.com) for new items, movie reviews and more!

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Thanks for the wonderful demonstration of some of your specimens at PEEC on 7/25. My boys had a blast. One of them wrote this on a PEEC dry erase board that night.
This is what we found in our bedroom!! Yikes!
Thank you Harrell House of Natural Oddities for bringing bugs back into our lives! If you find yourself in Santa Fe don’t miss out!
Curious if you guys could identify this guy. Is it a desert tiger centipede??
Hey Harrel House! We had a great time today. There was way more to explore than we expected. I especially loved this life-sized prehistoric replica on your wall. My husband said that such large insects were a great argument against time travelling.
E. Grieser, an excellent, affordable, and insanely fun next adventure in Santa Fe.