CCJH Washington DC Trip

CCJH Washington DC Trip CCJH is venturing out on our annual Washington DC trip. Join us as we explore our nations history throughout Washington DC, Philadelphia, and New York.


We have landed and are walking to get our luggage


We are on our way to the airport. 😜🛫


Morning from New York City! So yesterday we walked over 10 miles. Another day of our dogs barking!🐕🐕🐕. We are walking to our final breakfast through the city, going to finish up the day and then head to the airport. I hope you’re enjoying the pictures, more coming today


I enjoyed seeing the three branches of government come to life in the Capitol, White House, and Supreme Court. It helped me put into perspective how fragile human and American rights are, and how they work in perfect accordance to secure the blessings of liberty to all in America. Now I see that American freedom is not a default, but a divine gift to the entire nation.
Ethan Shook


When we went to the Holocaust exhibition I wasn’t ready for what I saw. The shear brutality and utter devastation was life changing. Seeing images of Children with disabilities being posed by there doctors and nurses was unexplainable. Until I went there I didn’t know how much of a mad man Hitler was. The only way you can fully understand is by going and seeing the exhibition.
Elsa Perez


My favorite part of this trip was the Korean War Memorial because It showed no matter what the soldiers of war will follow there command immediately. Also is showed how hard soldiers work for the American people’s freedom even if death is involved.
Sam Sharp


I personally liked the WW11 memorial the best. I liked it so much because the design of the structure and the fountains looked so nice. And it is special from the Kilroy statue behind it which is very fun to visit.
Kaleo O’kalani Howe


My favorite part of this trip so far was the Vietnam Memorial it was really sad to see all the names of the soldiers who died but at the same time it was good so we can know they are not suffering. Seth Struckman


Good Morning! It is Tuesday morning. We are on the bus at this moment heading to Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington.

I was told we walked 9.7 miles yesterday.


We made it through the day. Not sure how many miles we walked but our dogs are barking! 🐕


Fairview St.
Santa Ana, CA


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