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Watchblack 2021 Artisan online store links Promotion of Artists services and products. we do not handle any sale's for the artisan featured. we do vet them for purpose. we make everything..........

so if your not sure once you've contact them for inquiries and feel uneasy, please let us know. otherwise, where blessed to locate people, in different places, doing their thing. welcome to the artisan shop where you can invest in brown face wears.


Please email this person to tell them they have the location for this event incorrect.Her direction and map spot is for ...
Catrina Dyer-Taylor - Meetups Events in Columbia |

Please email this person to tell them they have the location for this event incorrect.

Her direction and map spot is for Queens ny and not Harlem NYC.... Misdirecting people away from this well attended parade.

List of Catrina Dyer-Taylor upcoming events. Meetups Events by Catrina Dyer-Taylor. Events - Columbus Ohio meet up, San Diego California meet up, Newark Delawa


Wow, wouldn't be wonderful those of you that's were vetted and or benefited from the boost to contribute five dollars to the next advertising campaign.
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What causes strong body odor?
Body odor is caused by a mix of bacteria and sweat on your skin.

Because the topic is sensitive to some, the event is by invite and subscription fee of .99 cents.

About 20 minutes each session ( three total)

If you haven't, kindly review two set of instructions, given.....

This is also, for those who are on medications of some sort.

Especially helpful if you dye your hair or use other people hair in your head.

The Three areas of Focus, are the head, feet, and cheek to cheek.

Shave or trim your body hair this week. There is nothing natural about the sweet that run down those strands... Nothing at all..

So earlier last year I begin mixing as talks of the cannibus industry became a reality...Recipes, I've come up with, I m...

So earlier last year I begin mixing as talks of the cannibus industry became a reality...

Recipes, I've come up with, I must admit where hugh in sugars and other ingredients.

So now I begin using fresh fruits, like this is something I'm working on for chocolate covered atrawberrys

All those home economic classes, and chemistry is paying off my.m

So today, tap off your water with a favorite lime or lemon...If you drink a cup every hour over the weekend....

So today, tap off your water with a favorite lime or lemon...

If you drink a cup every hour over the weekend....


After a long week of gathering information for the upcoming subscription group.

Last was a few instructions given to set the "tone" so to speak.

After your own investigation, truthfully what did you come up with.

Nothing to be a shamed about

So this week's, we'll increase our intake of water by 50 %. Good drinking....


Please stop saying that your studebt loan was forgiven. your loan was not forgiven! $10,000 of a loan was forgiven that is not your student loan was forgiven.


Love the shop until your collective five dollars is needed ...,. Huh

Yes I was chasing waterfalls.

Yes I was chasing waterfalls.


Hate Crime in NYS for the calendar year 2021

Hate crimes target individuals, groups of individuals or property based on a perception or belief about race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion or other characteristic as defined by state law.

Police agencies determine whether a crime that occurred in their jurisdiction is classified as a hate crime and report those incidents to the state. Hate crime incidents reported to police are presented for the most recent five years.

Hate Crime Incidents by County and Agency (9/2021)


What recommendation would you give for a 2023 Graduation?


Welcome to the online store


Police Department Hires White Supremacist As If It’s No Big Deal


August is prayer and meditation against
Gun Violence... Join the realm


Cleaning House

Deleting all ads prior to June 2022


Email your your profile. To below.

Do not us messages.




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I'm seeing visits to this space.

Artist get vetted to be able to post your best work. Never know who'll DM u for an interview.

You MUST BE VETTED to be here.

No use of any derogatory language.

I'm. o.g. so you already know.


Contribute to the boost of this online shop. Where your work, contact information and a badge that you've been vetted in the artisan shop

Facebook advertising cost is reasonable....and because we've established a fair amount of following, voices and badges they've given the group the poor person's advertising budget

I just spent 14 dollars, to be able to reach 500 people per day for five days.

And yes I'm getting messages how...

your marketing dollar yes five dollars to a collective.

100 artist contribute 2.00 for the month August will be well worth the visibility you'll receive if you do it alone.


Artist who use the "N" word are NOT welcomed.

You can message me...if you don't concur.


Rome, NY

Opening Hours

Wednesday 11am - 2pm
Saturday 11am - 2pm



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