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Frederick Douglass Resource Center The Frederick Douglass Resource Center was located at 36 King Street, Rochester, NY 14608 ( "The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppose" ) ~ Frederick Douglass
The Frederick Douglass Resource Center (FDRC), illuminated the significant contributions and legacy of this great statesman. The depth and breadth of experiences Afrikans in America have had were also explored through exhibits, lectures, films and interactive programs.

The FDRC tirelessly worked to inspire an embrace of the rich and deep ancestral roots of Mother Africa while directly connecting visitors to the contemporary roles Africans in America have and continue to play in the maturation of Our society. At the core of Our work was cultural education. We hoped our efforts EMPOWERED and INSPIRED all visitors and program participants. By embracing Our history in its entirety and by working within the historical framework of Frederick Douglass' legacy, tourists to and residents of Our city had an opportunity to immerse themselves in and celebrate the many contributions made by Douglass and those on whose shoulders he stood -- and we should stand on. Cultural tours, dramatic interpretations and reenactments were planned to be made available to bring to life historic movements for POSITIVE change. The FDRC had offered its voice as another tool to be utilized and be a shining reflection of the soul of a People who, for too long, have gone unheard and dismissed...the POCs who remain entrenched in a maze whose entrances and exits are patrolled by a virtual abyss of mis-leadership and enveloped by an entire society designed to oppress them -- a fenceless' plantation. ** Engagement ** Our programs for the commUNITY were culturally relevant, civic-related activities designed to enhance participant awareness of the many social and economic issues significantly and adversely affecting those Afrikans within (our neighborhoods) and indeed throughout the Afrikan diaspora. Building bridges from our past was the critical driver in our work TO resuscitate our ability to connect to our cultural memory. The FDRC's main auditorium, Pitts Hall (named in honor of Dr. Juanita Pitts), had a seating capacity of 130 guests. The center provided flexible, secure exhibit space in the Gantt-Frazier-Bracey Gallery (GFB Gallery). The gallery was also an ideal space for small-mid sized semi-formal to formal banquets. It also had a seating capacity of 130 for banquets or 275 persons in a networking format. * Banquets required catering services and a suggested list of caterers, planners, designers, videographers, graphic artists and the like, was also available for consideration. The FDRC's kitchen/pantry space was used to stage pre-packaged items from lite finger foods to serving as a staging location for fully catered buffet lines. The Polaris Computer Lab and the Alean Rush Reference Library was available as well to augment educational programming. We consistently welcomed all to what we felt was Rochester's Premier African American heritage and cultural home! Perhaps, at some point, there'll be an awakening and active demonstrations of our collective capacity, signaling that we've arrived at an understanding that collective consciousness and collective responsibility is the * only * 'saviour' for our people.

Mission: The Frederick Douglass Resource Center is committed to articulating the life and legacy of Frederick Douglass and African American heritage and culture. Through culturally conscious, educational programming, we will effect positive change as it relates to self-image and esteem, commUNITY economic viability and true social justice. With Frederick Douglass serving as Our guide, we endeavor to continue the legacy of promoting excellence in education and service to the commUNITY.


Kofi Annan


..Aretha Franklin...

Rev. Al Sharpton Says the Struggle of Black American DOS "Nearly Identical" to Migrants

It is or hope that YOUNGER folks (35-40 yrs & younger) make it a point to * * Listen * * to this podcast in its entirety...(and then do the research)

THIS is the kind of FACTUAL INFORMATION that is NOT ALLOWED to enter the ear-holes of young people of Afrikan Descent in "churches" "schools" and other institutions of 'learning!'

It is because hearing and actually understanding the historical & FACTual basis of the information inspires hue-mans towards true liberation!



“Those who trade their swords for plows will plow for those with swords.”


Ron Dellums has passed away. This brand of representation...well...


Imagine for a SECOND...had these individuals been people of color, what would the news be reporting on right now? TEACH the babies the TRUTH. We ARE existing in a police state y’all. When it comes to their law, it is not applicable when ‘the rubber meets the road!’

Floyd Mayweather Attacks 50 Cent on Wealth - Tonetalks

Black churches used to be places where the community could gather together and ‘Build.’ Please report back here, in this post, to let us know IF today’s sermon (or ANY sermon) you’ve heard, actually deals with this CRITICALLY IMPORTANT issue — so thoroughly dismantling even the possibility of our community being able to sustain itself. We’re VERY curious to learn if today’s church leaders understand the depth of this community crippling situation — as much as ingesting a cracker and juice on the 1st Sunday of the month, a form of symbolic cannibalism — and are prepared to CLOSE RANKS and DO SOMETHING to directly address it (at least amongst those contributing to the church & pastor’s coffers)...

IF you have the kind of attention span we believe you have, and listen to the end of this quite short video, you will certainly understand where we really are as a people.

Attorney Antonio Moore evaluates the social media dispute between Floyd Mayweather and 50 cent that boiled over with an explosive tweet from the boxer about ...

It is steps like the Mayor of Rochester took on this issue that each and every leader must begin to emulate in the lives...
Democrat & Chronicle on Twitter

It is steps like the Mayor of Rochester took on this issue that each and every leader must begin to emulate in the lives of our people — particularly OUR CHILDREN! (MESSAGE)

Congratulations Jaisaan Lovett! Clearly you have EARNED every good thing coming your way. Embrace It! Keep pushing for excellence and grow! ENJOY ATLANTA — the capital of the Republic of New Afrika!

Kudos to Mayor Lovely Warren for NOT HESITATING to STAND in the gap for one of Rochester’s highest achievers!

“UPrep founder forbids first black valedictorian from giving speech, so City Hall steps in”


Don’t wait very much longer though...

FDRC FLASHBACK Brothas Keepa 2010

...let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be Malcolm, Garvey, Huey and the rest of MY WARRIOR ANCESTORS...

Keep in mind, much of the time, the Vultures that Brothas Keepa is referring to in this piece, are not always necessarily who you might traditionally think of as your 'historical' enemy...MUCH of the time (if not most) they kinda look like... well, they look just like you!🤓

Brothas Keepa, dedicated to the enlightment of our black people, especially our young black men, visited and performed at the FDRC in 2010. They participated...

They HEAR you, but the RCSD “educated” most of them. The question is do they UNDERSTAND you? KUDOs to you Sis. Natalie! ...
RCSD school board member rips district and state during meeting

They HEAR you, but the RCSD “educated” most of them. The question is do they UNDERSTAND you?

KUDOs to you Sis. Natalie!

Now, we’ll see if they do...

Dozens of people protested before the meeting regarding special education problems and the death of 14-year-old Trevyan Rowe.


** QUESTION 1 **
Does the Rochester City School District TEACH young descendants of enslaved Afrikans what the DIFFERENCE is BETWEEN an annual SALARY (or hourly wage) AND what WEALTH is (and how it is built)?

Or is the objective to lull them deeper into a rainbow colored, hope-filled dream?

The next time you hear your gov’t say there’s just NO MONEY for your needs (demands) as a “citizen” ask yourself this se...
Cynthia McKinney, PhD

The next time you hear your gov’t say there’s just NO MONEY for your needs (demands) as a “citizen” ask yourself this serious can Isarael receive $11 MILLION FAITHFULLY -- (EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK), but I have to drop on my knees and beg for an EBT card authorization?

The US Congress is hostile to the needs of the US people, serving Israel's war plans first, the war machine second.


36 King St
Rochester, NY


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