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The Dryden Theatre The George Eastman Museum's exhibition space for showcasing its unparalleled collection of motion pictures, as well as new foreign and independent films.

The Dryden Theatre at George Eastman House is the Museum's largest exhibition space for showcasing its unparalleled collection of motion pictures, selections from archives around the world, as well as new foreign and independent films. With such diverse programming, the Dryden remains an essential part of the Museum experience and continues to be an important institution not only for the Rochester community, but internationally as well. The Dryden Theatre was constructed in 1951 after George Eastman House received a generous donation from George and Ellen Dryden. The first film to be shown at the Dryden was Jean Renoir’s silent film Nana (1924). James Card (1915 – 2000) established the motion picture collection at George Eastman House. Card was a pioneer in the archival world and he single-handedly helped contribute to the appreciation of film as an art form. FILM The projection booth is equipped with two reel-to-reel 35mm/16mm Kinoton projectors, and two 35mm Century projectors. Both sets of projectors have adaptable lenses for the following aspect ratios: 1.18: 1 Silent 1.33: 1 Academy 1.37: 1 1.66: 1 1.85: 1 Anamorphic 2.39: 1 VIDEO The Dryden Theatre is equipped with an InFocus SP 777 DLP Projector. Video capabilities include: BetacamSP, Blu-ray, DVD, DigiBeta, U-Matic and VHS. SOUND The theatre is outfitted with an up-to-date sound system designed to reproduce soundtracks for both contemporary and archival screenings. Designed and installed by Boston Light & Sound, it features a Dolby 5.1 system, able to reproduce the following stereo formats: Mono, Dolby A-Type, Dolby SR, Dolby Digital, and also DTS. NITRATE The Dryden Theatre projection booth is also customized to handle highly volatile Nitrate film. Discontinued around the mid-20th Century due to its highly flammable nature, nitrate film stock – the combination of a silver nitrate base and orthochromatic or panchromatic emulsion – provided a shimmering, luminous motion picture experience for moviegoers during the entire first half of movie history. One of only a handful of venues in the world that is still safely equipped to show 35mm nitrate prints, the Dryden Theatre is occasionally able to re-introduce audiences to this special kind of cinema magic with classic films from our vaults or other leading archives. Because no nitrate film stock is being produced today, these rare screenings of vintage prints may represent your only opportunity to experience this distinctive aesthetic visual pleasure.

Dryden Theatre Recommends: In My Blood It Runs (2019)

Our Virtual Cinema offerings continue with the timely documentary IN MY BLOOD IT RUNS (Maya Newell, 2019). Dujuan is 10-year-old boy struggling to balance his aboriginal values and his government-dictated education. Rent the film here:

(Maya Newell, Australia 2019, 84 min., English and Arrente w/subtitles) Dujuan is a 10-year-old Aboriginal boy growing up in Alice Springs, Australia. His mo...

Dryden Theatre Recommends: Yourself and Yours (2016)

Several of Hong Sang-soo's previous releases are coming to Virtual Cinema. This is a great time to catch up on the Korean master's long list of films. Today, we are offering 2016's YOURSELF AND YOURS. Rent the film at and help support The Dryden Theatre until we reopen!

(Dangsinjasingwa dangsinui geot, Hong Sang-soo, South Korea 2016, 86 min., Korean w/subtitles) Virtual Dryden Theatre | Streaming Online. As Hong Sang-soo’s ...

Dryden Theatre Recommends: Joan of Arc (2019)

The Dryden Theatre Virtual Cinema continues with the winner of this Spring's March bracket, JOAN OF ARC. A continuation of Bruno Dumont's JEANNETTE: THE CHILDHOOD OF JOAN OF ARC that the Dryden screened in 2018, it examines the end of Joan's life by eliding the battle scenes and focuses on the discussions and debate of her sainthood. Visit to see all of our current selections!

(Bruno Dumont, France 2019, 137 min., French w/subtitles) Following up his 2017 film Jeannette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc, director Bruno Dumont covers th...

The George Eastman Museum stands in solidarity with all who are non-violently protesting and actively opposing the socia...

The George Eastman Museum stands in solidarity with all who are non-violently protesting and actively opposing the social injustices, racism, and discrimination that continue to plague our nation.

We are appalled by the killing of George Floyd and numerous others, and we mourn their deaths. We condemn the ongoing oppression of and violence against Black Americans, and we denounce the unconstitutional suppression of dissent.

As a museum of photography and moving images—two of the most powerful mediums for documenting, observing, feeling, analyzing, and understanding past and present social injustices in the world—we must better serve as a forum for dialogue and greater awareness.

The George Eastman Museum must and will now turn our efforts to how we can serve as a progressive force in the face of the tenacious violence and injustice against Black Americans. We will strive to advance our commitment to being an accessible and inclusive institution—in our visitors and the broader community we serve, our staff, our Board of Trustees, and our exhibitions and programs.

Dryden Theatre Recommends: Dead Reckoning (1947)

Just last year, The Nitrate Picture Show screened a print of DEAD RECKONING (John Cromwell, 1947), an overlooked Humphrey Bogart noir. Now it is streaming on The Criterion Channel as part of its Columbia Noir series. As we consider what might have been this week, we are celebrating the absent festival with a webinar about PORTRAIT OF JENNIE, which would have screened this Thursday. Visit to sign up, and watch Jared Case, Anthony L'Abbate, and Spencer Christiano talk about this rare film...

(John Cromwell, US 1947, 102 min.) “There are a lot of things about the script of Dead Reckoning that an attentive spectator might find disconcerting, but th...


Jared Case had a chance to "sit down" with FOURTEEN director Dan Sallitt this week, to talk about the film and his creative process. The conversation does reveal aspects of FOURTEEN you may not want to know about going in, so go to and rent the film, then come back to view the Q&A. Let us know if you loved the film as much as we did!

Dryden Theatre Recommends: The Red Shoes (1948)

Two years ago at The Nitrate Picture Show we projected a "Frankenstein" print of THE RED SHOES. It was something we had considered doing since the beginning of the festival, but damage kept us from screening it, until we figured it out. And, we had some very famous assistance! Check out Jared's introduction to find out more, then stream the film on The Criterion Channel!

(Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, UK 1948, 134 min., 35mm) One of the most popular screenings at the 4th Nitrate Picture Show was this Powell and Pressbur...

Dryden Theatre Recommends: The French Lieutenant's Woman (1981)

It was a little over 20 years ago that George Eastman Museum honored Meryl Streep with a George Award. Now Jared is honoring her with a streaming recommendation! The early '80s tend to be overlooked when remembering quality films, but THE FRENCH LIEUTENANT' S WOMAN is a fascinating meta-narrative about two relationships featuring the same people. Now streaming on The Criterion Channel.

(Karel Reisz, Czech/UK 1981, 127 min.) In this story-within-a-story, Anna (Meryl Strep) is an actress starring in a period piece about forbidden love. The on...

Dryden Theatre Recommends: The Wolf House (2019)

It's time for another Dryden Theatre Virtual Cinema recommendation, and this one really knocked Jared for a loop. He calls it his favorite of the year so far! THE WOLF HOUSE is a stylish stop-motion mind-bender about a young girl escaping her community, hiding from a wolf, and turning her new pig friends into humans. Take a look at what Jared has to say, then head to to rent the film. Every rental helps the theater while we're closed!

(La Casa Lobo, Joaquín Cociña, Cristóbal León, Chile/Germany 2018, 75 min., Spanish and German w/subtitles) Joaquín Cociña and Cristóbal León’s new film is a...

Dryden Theatre Recommends: Till the Clouds Roll By (1946)

One more musical for you! This one didn't make the cut in our upcoming "Great American Songbook" series, but it's a nice survey of Jerome Kern's music, and features an all-star cast: Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Tony Martin, Cyd Charisse, Lena Horne, Kathryn Grayson, and of course Robert Walker as Kern. Now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

(Richard Whorf, George Sidney, Vincente Minnelli, Busby Berkeley, Henry Koster, US 1946, 132 min.) A musical reflection on the life of Broadway composer Jero...

Don't forget! Any film you rent from the Dryden Theatre Virtual Cinema helps the theater out while we're closed. There a...
Sorry We Missed You – Dryden Theatre

Don't forget! Any film you rent from the Dryden Theatre Virtual Cinema helps the theater out while we're closed. There are currently four titles to choose from:

Ken Loach's latest societal expose, SORRY WE MISSED YOU:

The timely and bittersweet high school documentary, PAHOKEE:

Dan Sallitt's latest minimalist relationship masterpiece, FOURTEEN:

A remarkable experience in stop-motion animation from South American, THE WOLF HOUSE:

SORRY will be ending soon, so don't miss your opportunity. See below for trailers:

Discover contemporary, classic and documentary films that will entertain, inspire and amaze you, as only great cinema can. Kino Now gives you a front-row seat for the classics of today and tomorrow.


The nitrate print of ALEXANDER NEVSKY we borrowed from the Austrian Filmmuseum is likely one of the youngest we showed at The Nitrate Picture Show. This classic Eisenstein film features a 30-minute long battle inspired by D.W. Griffith's WAY DOWN EAST, and which has been "borrowed from" by filmmakers for the last 8 decades..., now streaming on The Criterion Channel.


This Sunday's streaming recommendation for a George Eastman Award recipient features Kim Novak, honored all the way back in 2003. She shone bright in the 1950s, peaking in 1958 with both VERTIGO and BELL, BOOK, AND CANDLE. This recommendation goes back to her second year in film, 1955, and the gritty heist thriller 5 AGAINST THE HOUSE, streaming on The Criterion Channel as part of their Columbia Noir series.

Dryden Theatre Recommends: Streaming Platforms

While in self-isolation, we've been recommending films from four of the major streaming platforms, but if you've got the access, there are two more to try: Kanopy and MUBI. And if you have a particular title in mind, try Jared has spoken!

Jared Case shares some digital platforms you can use to access great films!

Dryden Theatre Recommends: Fourteen (2019)

The newest film at the Dryden Theatre Virtual Cinema is Dan Sallitt's latest, FOURTEEN. An elliptical rendering of 10 years in a friends' relationship, the film targets an ignored piece of life - that person who used to be incredibly important to you, but whom you have since moved on from. A great script nails the everyday conversations and situations. Visit to see all of the titles available (Pro tip: You can also rent THE WOLF HOUSE now), and remember that every rental helps support The Dryden Theatre until we re-open. Here's what Jared had to say about FOURTEEN:

Streaming rental available at Fourteen (Dan Sallitt, US 2019, 94 min.) Director Dan Sallitt, who visited the Dryden Theatre in 2015 for d...

Dryden Theatre Recommends: Broken Blossoms (1919)

Silent films are great seen live, but they can still be pretty good at home. After a few weeks without a silent film recommendation, Jared Case has another one for you. We showed BROKEN BLOSSOMS (D.W. Griffith, 1919) last year as part of a United Artists centennial celebration. If you'd like to watch it at home with its restored tinting, it is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

(D. W. Griffith, US 1919, 94 min., 16mm) Silent-film star Lillian Gish plays Lucy, an ingénue who is brutalized by her alcoholic father, a London prizefighte...

Dryden Theatre Recommends: Summer Interlude (1951)

Ingmar Bergman's first real "Bergman" film screened in a nitrate print two years ago at The Nitrate Picture Show. SUMMER INTERLUDE (1951), about a ballerina facing the tragedies of her past, is "the most beautiful of films," according to Jean-Luc Godard, and it is now streaming on The Criterion Channel.

(Ingmar Bergman, Sweden 1951, 96 min.) “From Sweden comes a picture lovely in everything but its title, the Colony’s Illicit Interlude. This beautifully gent...

Dryden Theatre Recommends: Pahokee (2019)

The Dryden's latest Virtual Cinema offering, PAHOKEE, is a closely-observed documentary about four students living their final year of high school in Pahokee, Florida. In a town obsessed with football, much of the action is centered around the sport, whether on the field, in the cheer squad, leading the band, or in the stands. It's particularly bittersweet when you think about all of the Seniors that lost their own unique experience this year. Every rental of PAHOKEE helps the Dryden Theatre in this time of uncertainty. Visit for a link and a listing of all of our current offerings. Please consider renting, and enjoy a great film!

(Patrick Bresnan, Ivete Lucas, US 2019, 100 min.) In a world of isolation, we become nostalgic for the communal and the commonplace. Such is the case with th...

Dryden Theatre Recommends: Funny Face (1957)

Have you had enough Fred Astaire yet? We haven't! Here's another streaming recommendation for the silky-smooth dance master: FUNNY FACE (1957), a breathtakingly beautiful film about breathtakingly beautiful people, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

(Stanley Donen, US 1957, 103 min.) Dispatched on an assignment, New York City-based fashion photographer Dick Avery (Fred Astaire) is struck by the beauty of...

Someone, Somewhere / Deux moi (2019) - Trailer (English Subs)

We've heard that some of our Dryden fanatics are organizing Watch Parties for our Virtual Cinema film SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE - even across state lines! If you want to watch a very 21st-Century romance, and support The Dryden in the process, visit to rent the film!

Directed by : Cédric Klapisch Produced by : Ce Qui Me Meut Genre: Fiction - Runtime: 1 h 50 min French release: 11/09/2019 Production year: 2019 Rémy and Mél...

Dryden Theatre Recommends: Film Podcasts

Jared took a break from film today to talk about... film podcasts! He recommends about a dozen to check out, including Filmspotting, The Next Picture Show, Blank Check, The Projection Booth Podcast, KCRW's The Treatment, KCRW's The Business, BBC Radio 4's The Film Programme, The Director's Cut, The Cinephiliacs, Film Comment magazine's podcast,'s Culture Gabfest, and The Little Theatre's Movies and a Microphone.

This week, Jared Case suggests some of his favorite film podcasts.

Today is Giving Tuesday, and we are asking you to give us the gift of sharing. Here are some easy ways that you can mean...

Today is Giving Tuesday, and we are asking you to give us the gift of sharing. Here are some easy ways that you can meaningfully support the Dryden Theatre, beyond becoming a member or being a donor.

1. Watch a film at the Virtual Dryden Theatre
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Scott & Van Altena (American). [Postman], 1913. Gelatin silver negative for lantern slide. Gift of John W. Ripley.

Dryden Theatre Recommends: The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934)

Monday streaming recommendations highlight The Nitrate Picture Show, and this one comes from the first festival in 2015. The second half of an unintended Peter Lorre double-feature, THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH (1934) was a print that came from the George Eastman Museum collection and brought the Master of Suspense to the festival for the first time (he's been back more than once...) You can view this pick on The Criterion Channel.

(Alfred Hitchcock, UK 1934, 75 min., 35mm) The assassination of a British agent, a kidnapping, and international conspiracy are just some of the highlights i...


2012 George Eastman Award recipient Richard Gere has four films streaming on Amazon Prime Video, spanning more than 30 years in his career. Jared couldn't pick just one, so now you have the opportunity to watch a little Gere from 1980 through 2012. Tell us your pick from AMERICAN GIGOLO (1980), INTERNAL AFFAIRS (1990), DR. T AND THE WOMEN (2000), or ARBITRAGE (2012).

Dryden Theatre Recommends: The Lady Vanishes (1938)

For a little more British cinema, we're recommending you check out one of Hitchcock's sound classics, THE LADY VANISHES (1938), streaming on The Criterion Channel. Hitch's British sound films have a consistent sense of fun that is found less frequently in his American films...

(Alfred Hitchcock, US 1938, 97 min.) A woman goes missing on a train, but when the other passengers are questioned, only one young woman even remembers her. ...

Dryden Theatre Recommends: Sorry We Missed You (2019)

The third in our virtual cinema offerings is a film that had its Rochester Premiere as part of the Labor Film Series in November, months before its theatrical release. SORRY WE MISSED YOU is Ken Loach's latest social critique, this time focusing on the gig economy and those affected by it. Premiering at Cannes last year, and nominated for Outstanding British Film of the Year, it is now available for rent through The Dryden Theatre. Watch Jared's introduction, then go to to see all of our current rental selections.

(Ken Loach, UK 2019, 100 min.) Sorry We Missed You picks up where Ken Loach's I, Daniel Blake left off exploring workers’ lives under the stress of late-stag...

Dryden Theatre Recommends: Machines (2017)

The Labor Film Series has been screening at The Dryden for 30 years, and is always a large part of our fall program. Some of the most recent films screened as part of the series are available for streaming. MACHINES (Rahul Jain, 2016) is an exploration of a textile mill in western India and the working conditions for the employees there. Beautiful images clash with human misery in this observational documentary, streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

(Rahul Jain, India/Finland/Germany 2017, 71 min., Hindi w/subtitles) Stunning visuals combine with social advocacy in Rahul Jain’s debut documentary, which w...


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