FERM Friends of the Entomology Research Museum, UC Riverside President: John hash
Vice-President: Rochelle Hoey-Chamberlain
Treasurer: Serguei Triapitsyn
Secretary: Doug Yanega

Operating as usual


It's with deep sadness that I have to report that one of FERM's founding members, Bob van Patten, passed away last Friday, June 21st, here in Riverside. For more than the first decade of the Museum's existence, until he retired, Bob was our custodian, and he was our friend then and ever since. He'll be missed.


Hi, all. Apologies for the short notice, but details have just fallen into place:

We're having a FERM Quarterly Meeting this coming Wednesday, May 2nd, in the Museum Classroom (103). We'll try to do the usual routine, ordering pizzas and providing beverages, so RSVP ([email protected]) if you plan to attend!

We'll have talks from 3 visiting speakers:

"Collecting Cicadas in the Southern Cone" - Eric Gordon -University of Connecticut; “Collecting Cicadas in New Zealand, Sweet as!” - Diler Haji -University of Connecticut, and "Legging across southern Africa" - Michael Forthman - University of Florida

Dinner will start around 5, talks will start around 5:45.

See you there!


Hi, all. This year's FERM Annual Meeting is set for this Saturday, Jan. 27th, at 6 PM in the Entomology Building (ground floor conference room, the usual venue). This year, Dr. Marc Epstein from the CDFA in Sacramento will be giving a presentation entitled "Moths, Myths, and Mosquitoes: The Eccentric Life of Harrison G. Dyar, Jr.”, drawing heavily from Marc's recently published biography of Dyar. Dinner starts at 6, the talk itself starts at 7. As usual, it is a pot luck, though FERM will supply beverages; attendees coming for dinner are asked to bring an entree or dessert enough for themselves and 3 other people.

Some of UCR's specimens are in the news today, among the type series for a new moth named after our "President-elect": h...
New species of moth named in honor of Donald Trump ahead of his swearing-in as president

Some of UCR's specimens are in the news today, among the type series for a new moth named after our "President-elect": http://blog.pensoft.net/2017/01/17/new-species-of-moth-named-in-honor-of-donald-trump-ahead-of-his-swearing-in-as-president/

Days before Donald J. Trump steps forward on the Inaugural platform in Washington to assume the role of the 45th President of the United States of America, evolutionary biologist and systematist Dr…


Hey, everybody! FERM's next Quarterly Meeting is scheduled for the evening of Wednesday, November 2nd, in the Museum Classroom. Dinner is at 5:30 this time, talks start at 6:15. We'll have two speakers; Justin Betz ("Pura Vida! Crusin' through Costa Rica") and Serguei Triapitsyn ("Parasitoid complex of Hypogeococcus mealybugs in Argentina and Puerto Rico"). If you're reading this and plan to attend, please send an RSVP to Doug Yanega ([email protected]) so we can get a head count to facilitate ordering the pizzas!


While we're at it, congratulations are in order for FERM President John Hash, and members Krissy Dominguez and Scott Heacox, who walked at this past weekend's graduation ceremonies! Best of luck to them, and all the other new UCR grads!


We'd like to thank everyone who came out to last night's FERM Quarterly Meeting, and our guest speakers, Paul Masonick, Les Greenberg, and Steven Kutcher, for their informative and entertaining presentations!


We'd like to thank everyone who came out to Saturday night's FERM meeting, and our guest speaker, Emily Hartop, for her entertaining presentation. This meeting also had some of the cutest insect-shaped snacks ever, but I can't seem to get the photo to link here. Sigh.


Reminder: This year's FERM Annual Meeting is this Saturday, Feb. 6th - dinner is pot luck, starting at 6, talk is at 7, and speaker is Emily Hartop from the LACM, about the BioScan citizen science project.


We would like to congratulate FERM members Michael Forthman and Scott Heacox on winning awards for their student presentations at the 2015 Entomological Society of America conference. Good job!


Hey, everybody! FERM's next Quarterly Meeting is scheduled for the evening of Wednesday, May 27th, in the Museum Classroom. We'll have a few different speakers (TBA) showing photos and insects from exotic places. If you're reading this and plan to attend, please send an RSVP to Doug Yanega ([email protected]) so we can get a head count to facilitate ordering the pizzas!


We'd like to thank those who attended last night's FERM Annual Meeting, including our guest speaker, Phil Ward, who gave a very entertaining and informative talk. We'd also like to thank those who stuck around for the book auction, including our auctioneer, Rick Vetter - despite the small turn-out, it still raised $150!


The 2015 FERM Newsletter is in the mail, and the Annual Meeting announcement is out; this year's meeting will be on a SUNDAY evening (Feb. 8th), rather than the usual, and the talk will start at 5 PM, an hour earlier than normal. This year's speaker is Dr. Phil Ward from UC Davis, and his talk title is "The World Wide Web of Ants". It is a pot luck as usual, with FERM providing beverages, a few snacks, and utensils, but attendees are asked to bring entrees and desserts - and we hope to have a fund-raising book auction, as usual.


We'd like to thank last night's speaker, Greg Ballmer, for an excellent talk about his travels in Laos. Thanks to everyone who helped organize or clean up after the meeting, and thanks to those who attended. The Treasurer asks to remind people who are not members to consider joining FERM, and contact him ([email protected]) if you have any questions.


Local FERM members: our regular "Museum Night" for Wednesday, October 29th, will be the second of the new Quarterly Meetings, and will feature a presentation by Greg Ballmer focusing on his travels in SE Asia. FERM will provide pizza and some drinks, but we need people to RSVP (e-mail to [email protected]) so we will know how much to supply. If you do not notify us in advance, then please consider bringing a pot-luck dish.

FERM President John Hash is in the news with two new fly species he's described: http://www.biodiversityinfocus.com/blog...
Two new flies to die for. Or not. » Biodiversity in Focus Blog

FERM President John Hash is in the news with two new fly species he's described: http://www.biodiversityinfocus.com/blog/2014/10/14/two-new-flies-to-die-for-or-not/

Two new flies to die for. Or not. Biology, Diptera, Natural History, Taxonomy, To Know A Fly Add comments Oct 142014 Cyanide: poison of choice for jilted lovers, mystery writers, and entomologists alike. But we’re not the only ones to employ this potent potable in our chemical arsenal; polydesmi…


It is with sadness that we hear that Evert Schlinger, a former UCR faculty and a long-time supporter of FERM, passed away October 8th. He was engaging, enthusiastic, and those of us who knew him were often inspired by him in some way, big or small.

Here's a nice news story featuring FERM member, Dr. Christiane Weirauch: http://www.wired.com/2014/06/absurd-creature-of...
Absurd Creature of the Week: The Ferocious Bug That Sucks Prey Dry and Wears Their Corpses |...

Here's a nice news story featuring FERM member, Dr. Christiane Weirauch: http://www.wired.com/2014/06/absurd-creature-of-the-week-assassin-bug/

If one thing is true about human beings, from the Mayans to the Chinese to the Celts, it’s that we just can’t help decapitating our enemies and putting their disembodied heads to “good” use. Certain peoples believe the heads provide spirit to the community, others use them to intimidate their foes,…


FERM Members are invited to attend a special seminar Monday June 2nd, at 4 PM in the Genomics Auditorium, as part of the dedication of UCR's new Center for Integrative Biological Collections (CIBC), of which the ERM is a part. The talk will be "Natural History collections in the 21st Century... or... Society and dead things: Why we should care!" by Lynn Kimsey, Professor of Entomology at the Bohart Museum, UC Davis. There will be a small catered reception afterwards in the Entomology courtyard, from 5-6:30, which will include displays and educational materials from the ERM and the other campus collections that are part of the CIBC.


We'd like to thank the folks who presented at our Quarterly Meeting; Christiane Weirauch, John Heraty, and Serguei Triapitsyn, for an entertaining evening. Thanks to FERM members who came out to listen to the talks - and don't forget, if you have ideas for other FERM events, pass your ideas to John Hash or Rochelle Hoey-Chamberlain!


Local FERM members: our regular "Museum Night" for Wednesday, May 14th, will be the first of the new Quarterly Meetings, and will feature brief travelogues by John Heraty, Christiane Weirauch, and Serguei Triapitsyn. We hope to provide dinner, but we need people to RSVP (e-mail to [email protected]) so we will know how much food/drink to supply. If you do not notify us in advance, then consider bringing a pot-luck dish.


The joys of working with very tiny wasps: in the span of 20 minutes today, in one drawer of recently-mounted specimens, Serguei found 6 new species of mymarids, including one from California. Not too shabby...


FERM has come into the possession of a fairly decent metal-clad 24-drawer Cal Academy insect cabinet, the kind with the front that unlatches and removes completely. Cabinet only, no drawers inside. If people are interested, contact Doug Yanega or Serguei Triapitsyn.


Someone at this year's FERM meeting left behind a nice new corkscrew. If it's yours, drop us a line, otherwise we'll just add it to our party paraphernalia.


We'd like to thank this year's FERM guest speaker, Dr. Michael Wall, for giving a very interesting and entertaining presentation tonight, and to all the FERM members who attended. We'd also especially like to thank the two FERM officers for whom today was their last day in office; former (and long-standing) President Gene Drake, and Treasurer Keve Ribardo. They both served FERM admirably during their tenures, and we are all appreciative.


A note for FERM FaceBook friends: if you are not a member, and would like to receive a Newsletter and membership form, please send an e-mail to [email protected] and we'll get you on our list!


This year’s FERM Annual Meeting will be Saturday, February 8th, headlined by Dr. Michael Wall.

The title for the talk will be "Buggin’ Out in Baja California”

Dr. Wall is the head of the Entomology Department at the San Diego Natural History Museum, He studied botany at Auburn University and Entomology at the University of Connecticut. Historically his interests have focused on the Heteroptera (true bugs) but he has recently been focusing on Baja California planthoppers. His lab at the SDNHM is currently working up several terrestrial invertebrate surveys in southern California and Baja California.

The meeting will start with a pot-luck dinner at 6 PM (we will supply beverages and some snacks), and the talk will begin around 7 PM.


FERM would like to congratulate the UCR entomology students - several of them FERM members - for victories at ESA! Our Linnaean Games team took home first prize: Genevieve Tauxe, Kim Hung, Parry Kietzman, Amelia Lindsey, and FERM members Eric Gordon and Adena Why. Graduate students Ryan Neff and Amy Murillo, and FERM members John Hash, Michael Forthman, and Adena Why, all won awards for their oral presentations. Awesome!


Revised posting: FERM has come into possession of a 12-drawer Cornell cabinet that we cannot use, generously donated by Marsia Clarke. The exterior is a little beat-up, but there are 11 drawers in excellent condition, though without pinning bottom or unit trays. If any FERM members from Riverside are interested in obtaining this cabinet, we'll treat this as a "first-come, first-served" deal; whoever contacts first has first shot at it, and if they decide to pass, then second contact gets their turn, etc. We are looking for a minimum donation of around $400, which is significantly less than half what the cost would be brand new (~$1200 for cabinet plus drawers). Please post here, so everyone can see the order of responses.


FERM would like to extend their Happiest Birthday wishes to Saul Frommer, our former curator!


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