Rialto Historical Society

Rialto Historical Society Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the 1907 First Christian Church, now home to the historical society, retains its original stained glass windows, curved "Kansas style" pews, and elegance of a time gone by.

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Rialto Historical Society, Rialto, California

Rialto Historical Society, Rialto, California

At the corner of Riverside Ave. and Second St. in Rialto, California, you'll find what has been called "the best kept secret in Rialto." The cornerstone of the historical society is the old Christian Church. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the church, built in 1907, retains its ...


Monthly meetings and weddings to resume upon completion of repairs to our historical church building. The museum remains open on Saturdays and Wednesdays in the old Sunday school annex.


205 N Riverside Ave
Rialto, CA

Opening Hours

Wednesday 14:00 - 16:00
Saturday 10:00 - 14:00


(909) 875-1750


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Hello, does this organization still exist? The webpage is gone, the most recent post here is 10 years old, and nobody answers the telephone. I hope you're still around. Thanks.
Reading Jean Randall's account of growing up reminds me not only of my own childhood,, but of what much of the current techy addicted generation is missing.....
https://www.facebook.com/groups/1546507808835176/?ref=share New Rialto Group Please Join the Community another way to spread events, news, updates ,meetings, work, get to know your fellow Rialto residents ects...
Where can I find a copy of Roy Bemis" history of the Rialto Adobe? I am the great granddaughter of Louisa Virginia Anderson Gillespie Weiser who lived on Foothill Blvd. Her mother Eliza Singleton Robinson Anderson Ousterhout had a house on the corner of Highland Ave and Linden. Her last husband was Jerry Ousterhout.
We are going to the Tea at the Historical Society Church on Sat. March 2, 2019. Should be a fun time. A group of my friends are going in our Victorian gowns. You must have a reservation and the cost is $25 please call the Historical Society office to make your reservation.
Back in 1980 two girls wanted Santa to come back to Rialto, California. It had been years since the city had any kind of Christmas Holiday attraction for children. So they put their heads together and figured out how it could be done. They went before the city council and asked if it would be all right if they could fly Santa Clause in on a Ultra -Light aircraft. Since joyce's husband knew a man with the nick name "Goose" who flew one and he just happen to live right down the street from us. He asked him what he thought and he said he would love to do it. The area they wanted all of this to happen was on the north side of Baseline, plenty of room for that kind of aircraft to land. At the time, the area around the little house, was a big dirt field. from Riverside Dr. to Willow. And in the center of all that dirt was one little house with a wide driveway and flat area for cars to park. Nancy had turned that little house into a flower and craft shop. me joyce, had met Nancy when one day when I stopped in to check it out. I had been selling puppets at the Pasadena Toy show. And was just curious what kind of Craft Shop this was. The two girls, yep, Nancy and I hit it off right away. I told her I would try and help her get business into the shop. Since she was so off the beaten path, she was not getting enough traffic to keep the shop open. So I began to stand outside of the shop with my puppets trying to draw traffic. Than with the two of us putting our heads together came up with this plan. Those on the counsel felt it was too risky to have someone fly over the city. Yet this man had flown over the city many times. He lived on Randal street right off of Riverside Dr. My husband told me his name was 'Goose'. This craft shop is where the Sprint building is now, imagine all around it dirt from Riverside Dr. to Willow. We explained that we would have live music and Mr and Mrs Santa there, talking to the children. The local stores told us, if the counsel agreed, they would give enough candy to make every little girl and boy happy. Also called the 7 up company who promised to bring a stand for drinks and ice for the whole day and all was discounted. All the counsel had to do is say yes. The counsel said NO, they had a problem with letting a plane fly over the city. Even though there was no laws either way, they decided to make a deal. They told us that Santa would come to the event in one of their helicopters and that they would block off Baseline for one block, between Riverside Ave, to Willow, so that there would be plenty of parking all along the street. Nancy the owner of the business husband was in a band, and they showed up with a long trailer and the band played all day. Joyce, worked puppets that she had made at the event. And her daughter Kim dressed like a clown, worked all over helping with the children and making balloons for who ever wanted one. The day turned out fantastic, Everyone who came had fun and the children went home happy. After that day, Nancy and family went on vacation and was gone a few weeks. joyce went home still thinking about what the two of them accomplished and couldn't wait till Nancy got back to ask her a question. Both girls knew they didn't do this all alone. They had tons of people who help make it happen. But they also realized that together they could accomplish more together than apart. This was the beginning to something wonderful that happened to Rialto and the people there and around the Inland Empire.