Timothy Wolcott Photography

Timothy Wolcott Photography Timothy Wolcott is the world's best landscape photographer and master printer. His gallery will show you the true way a photograph should look.

Timothy Wocott uses his camera to capture nature’s ethereal moments. The otherworldly essence and liberating quality of his fine art prints document the natural topography found across the continental United States. Crisp details illustrate his technical precision at capturing color and black and white images. Creative artistry was Tim’s lineage and destiny. The Wolcott family celebrates 175 years in photography in 2014, anchored in his forefather Alexander Wolcott’s invention of creating the first camera and photo studio in 1839, a year later, the first photo exhibit was exhibited in Washington D.C. in 1840. Born in Dubuque, Iowa in 1965, Tim was exposed to the photographic process at an early age, including time spent in his father’s darkroom at his childhood home. As six, Tim started making his own images and, in high school, honed his photographic interest to include fine art images. Using his 4X5 Zone V1 Camera, Tim exposed the wind-swept countryside circling his home, winning two Kodak Photography contests. “I seemed to understand landscapes early on and that the magic of the image came back to life in the darkroom.” Continuing on in this vein, Tim received an education grant from the state of Wisconsin. While attending college, Tim worked under noted commercial photographer Bruce Weber. Weber’s ability to create in-studio masterpieces from commercial elements struck Tim the most. “What I loved about working for Bruce was to see him put pieces together that later make the image a masterpiece.“ In 1983, Tim began study under photographer George Philips, a colleague of Ansel Adams. It was under Philips, Tim began to master the nuances of fine art black and white printing. By 1988, Tim was showing his work with the Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD). He was one of AIPAD’s youngest photographers at the time. Drawing inspiration from Ansel Adam’s lifelong goal to attain pigment printing in color photography, Tim joined two others to pioneer the Evercolor Pigment Printing Process, the first method to allow photographers to produce truly archival images with saturation and tonal qualities that had not been achieved in color imaging. Tim continues to utilize the Evercolor system to produce environmentally sound and modern technology and do his consultation with digital-based brands. “I borrow from the masters before me and with the new printing technologies I’ve achieved; I am keeping the traditions alive and creating my own unique style of art.” Introduced to the head of conservation as Smithsonian in 1997, Tim proposed a project that would create exact replicas of extremely rare ephemera, such as important historic images and document, with an end goal of release to the public. Up until then the rarity of the artifacts, including early civil war still, Wright Brothers flight images, and portraits of the Great Sioux Chief J.A. Anderson, had been barred due to their value. Tim’s practice for preservation of these collections was featured on PBS in 2003 and his connection with the Smithsonian continues today: in 2009 and 2010, they named him Best Landscape Photographer. Enthsiasts of Tim’s work range from private to corporate collectors, including Guggenheim, Photokina, Micosoft, Kaiser Permanente, Chevron and the Nature Conservancy. His images have been exhibited at Fahey Klein Gallery, Photography West, Vision Gallery, Photocollect, and Grubel Gallery. Tim’s persistence in documenting history via art led him to publish two coffee-table books. The first, Along the Water’s Edge, features essays alongside images Tim made over the last 20 years. For the Love of Texas, Tim’s second foray into publishing, features spring landscape of Washington County with commentary from notable Texans, including George W. Bush, Lance Armstrong and Nolan Ryan. In 2000, Tim realized a dream to open the first green gallery in the world. Dedicated to showcasing his own work and the artistic talents of others, Gallery of the American Landscape is located in Southern California’s iconic high country of Big Bear Lake. In 2012, Tim created a revolutionary new printing process. This proprietary new paper combined with a proprietary new coating is considered to be the finest pigment printing process on the planet. This proprietary printing process allows the art lover to have a visual experience, to see the artwork without the use of glass or plexiglass. This innovative new printing process creates the most realistic luminant photographs known to mankind. This process is also green and is the longest lasting process in the world.


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Honored Guest Speaker:

TIMOTHY WOLCOTT, twice named "World's Greatest Landscape Photographer" by the Smithsonian Institution, presents "A True Modern Master of Landscape Photography" at C&F's Photo-Networking Dinner.

Timothy Wolcott is one of the great landscape photographers of our time. He has traveled more than 500,000 miles to create amazing and stunning photographs. His work has exhibited alongside Ansel Adams, The Weston's and Eliot Porter.

Wolcott's work has been exhibited in more than 23 countries and many museums, including being showcase at the Smithsonian Institution.

See Timothy Wolcott's photos on C&F's website ~

Clickers & Flickers Photo-Networking Dinner:

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BONUS - In attendance - past guest speaker Beverly Houwing, a nature and wildlife photographer who presented "Capturing the Wild" at C&F's November 2014 photo-dinner. Beverly teaches Adobe software and organizes photo-safaris in Africa. She has exhibited at The [email protected] Gallery, been included in Slideshow Night at the Annenberg Space for Photography, and published in National Geographic.

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BONUS - In attendance, past C&F guest speaker (twice), Greg Dyro, former Director of the Warner Bros. Photo Lab (15 years); C&F webmaster, and co-curator “Up From the Vault: 85 Years of Treasures From the Warner Bros. Photo Lab” at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 2010.

BONUS - In attendance, past C&F guest speaker Phil Condit, independent filmmaker & fine art landscape & nature stock photographer.

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Clickers & Flickers Photography Network Proudly Presents:
TIMOTHY WOLCOTT, twice named "World's Greatest Landscape Photographer" by the Smithsonian Institution, presents "A True Modern Master of Landscape Photography" at Clickers &Flickers Photo-Networking Dinner. Timothy Wolcott is one of the great landscape photographers of our time. He has traveled more than 500,000 miles to create amazing and stunning photographs. In his early years, he spent much of his time with many of the great masters. His grandfather, Alexander S. Wolcott, was a dentist by trade and machinist, and credited with being the inventor of the first camera. He was the first American to secure a patent in the field of photography and open a portrait studio.

Timothy Wolcott's work has exhibited alongside Ansel Adams, The Weston's and Eliot Porter. His work has been exhibited in more than 23 countries and many museums, including being showcase at the Smithsonian Institution.

To achieve his vision and high standards, Timothy's photographs are printed using his own proprietary, 14 layer pigment printing process. This printing process is considered by many in the trade publication industry to be the finest printing process of our time. It used no chemicals, is free of glass, eliminates the need for protective glazing and has a 200 year archival display life. He has been called "The Da Vinci of Our Time" by Calumet Photographic Company. Rangefinder Magazine called Tim "The Godfather of Color."

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► June 27, 2017 (Tuesday) - TIMOTHY WOLCOTT, twice named "World's Greatest Landscape Photographer" by the Smithsonian Institution, presents "A True Modern Master of Landscape Photography" at C&F Photo-Networking Dinner.

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Yosemite In Spring Collection & Memorial Day Sale
Yosemite In Spring Collection & Memorial Day Sale

Yosemite In Spring Collection & Memorial Day Sale

Timothy Wolcott has been on a mission to make a fine art portfolio of Yosemite National Park. Over the years Tim has proven what it takes to create the worlds best fine art landscapes throughout our beautiful country. Now I am proud to present Tims Yosemite In Spring Collection. 


Rancho Mirage, CA


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