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Arizona Camera Museum I wish you could come visit the Arizona Camera Museum! However, I am still looking for another locat

At the Arizona Camera Museum we specialize in displaying and preserving vintage and unusual cameras. Our Mission is to allow individuals to relive the experience of film photography. The whole experience at the Arizona Camera Museum will leave the visitor with a better understanding and appreciation of the film photography process from simple to complex. Cameras were made for use by professional p

hotographers, some cameras were designed to be gimmicky, intricate and extraordinary. Many were made to be noticed, while others were cunningly designed to be indistinguishable from ordinary objects. From George Eastman to Edwin Land, the Arizona Camera Museum captures the charm, fun creativity and the


I just watched a repeat performance of PBS's Firing Line with guest Richard Dreyfuss! Very interesting interview on his view of US Civics.

This is so funny!

This is so funny!

The Art of Cameras, and Its History The Art of Cameras, and Its History In-Person / OnlineMost people think of cameras a...

The Art of Cameras, and Its History
The Art of Cameras, and Its History In-Person / Online
Most people think of cameras as something in their phones, but cameras have a long and varied history. Photography was invented in 1826, with the sole purpose of recording a permanent record of an event. Soon, however, this single-mindedness became old fashioned, and gave way to the camera as a part of our society’s fashion sense.

Cameras were designed to be gimmicky, intricate, and extraordinary, made to be noticed or, conversely, to be indistinguishable from ordinary objects.

Join us in looking at cameras of all shapes, sizes, and designs (When was the last time you took a picture with a tuna fish?) as we try to capture the charm, fun, creativity, and the art of cameras.

Attend in-person in the Downtown Library Community Room or online via Zoom.

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Monday, March 20, 2023
6:00pm - 7:30pm
Time Zone:
Arizona Time (change)
Downtown Library Community Room (Capacity 41)

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Tonight my sister, Holly Holtje Mann died from liver cancer.

This is my sister and brother in law's dog, Rufus.

This is my sister and brother in law's dog, Rufus.

Famous People With a Camera


This is a wonderful collection of celebrities and their cameras! I loved every image, please look through the entire collection! Let me know what you think!

Hendrix! MM Jim Morrison with Minox spy camera Morrissey James Dean Elvis John Lennon with a Rolleiflex...

The Playful Street Photography of Pau Buscató

The Playful Street Photography of Pau Buscató

Pau Buscató is a street photographer who has a knack for capturing playful moments in which subjects and scenes come together in curious ways for brief mom



Happy March, kodakers!


Arizona Camera Museum's cover photo



Polaroid's largest camera had a production of one! It was as big as a telephone booth (if anybody remembers a telephone booth)! The lens itself weighed a whopping 50 pounds! But even if that wasn't amazing enough.... it produced an instant photography photograph of 40 inches by 80 inches! That is a picture 3' 4" by 6' 8"!

These are images from that camera taken of first responders to 9/11/01 from Life Magazine's article entitled Faces Of Ground Zero.


Do you feel like a little Saturday Morning Coffee? Do have the need to talk about cameras, photos or adventures? Then you are invited to the Arizona Camera Museums Cameras and Coffee Social Club! This Saturday February 24th from 8 to 9:30am! Please RSVP if you can! I would love to see you and hear your stories!


Today Saturday February 17th the Arizona Camera Museum is OPEN from 12 to 3 pm!

Also there is a CommUnity BBQ and Tiny Home Tour! Visit us at the Market of Dreams 2532 E. 7th Ave in Flagstaff! There will be Free Hot Dogs, Soda/Water and music! The Tiny Home will be raffled off during the "Luck o' the Irish Tiny Home Raffle on March 17th during this event!



More from the book Instant - - the Polaroid the Story of Polaroid by Christopher Bonanos.

"Kennedy and Edwin Land were discussing a name for the company's first product Kennedy with classical education offered Epibolipol which was somehow supposed to convey sheet polarizer in Greek. That unpronounceable mess was vetoed. Kennedy fell upon the suffix -oid perhaps because it suggested a characteristic set of properties as in spheroid it evoked the product celluloid base... combine that with polarizer he told land that you have a name"-- Polaroid!



(From the must Read: Instant--The Story Of Polaroid by Christopher Bonanos) The reason why there are only 8 images in the new Polaroid film and not the original 10 images of 1972 is not that they the impossible Project wanted to make more money, but that they could not duplicate the original chemical packet from 1972. The images contained more chemicals however needed to fit/retrofit in the space of the original cameras!


Coming soon! The February Meeting of the Cameras and Coffee Social Club! Saturday February 24th from 8 to 9:30 am! At the Arizona Camera Museum! Please RSVP by February 23rd!

Emily Balli

Emily Balli

As a collector of cameras myself, I really enjoyed speaking to Tom of the Arizona Camera Museum. Give the blog a read and if you ever get the chance, go visit this awesome little museum in Flagstaff! 📸🎞


Never too late for a FUN FACT FOTO FRIDAY!

Creativity is the sudden cessation of stupidity.
--Edwin Land, founder of Polaroid


REMINDER! Tomorrow is the 1st Arizona Camera Museum Event: Cameras and Coffee Social Club! On Saturday January 27th from 8 to 9:30am at the Arizona Camera Museum 2532 E. 7th Ave inside the Market Of Dreams

The Grommet

This might be cool if done a photograph? What so you think Thomas Nighswander?

The perfect keepsake for decorating your home, cabin, or cottage.


There are new additions to the museum! It's a collection of four original paintings by Flagstaff artist Rebekah Nordstrom. The paintings are beautiful and work together as a collection as well as an addition to the museum! Please come in and experience the new community partner to the Arizona Camera Museum!



More FUN FACT FOTO FRIDAY from the Book, "Instant--The Story Of Polaroid" by Christopher Bonanos

The new film pack named SX-70 was a working name For Edwin Land Polaroid Team. While he was working for the US Government military producing Land's polarizing glass and film to reduce glare for such things as sunglasses and cockpit windows, his "secret experiments" or SX were numbered SX-68 and SX-69. His post war experimental work with the new camera film was called....SX-70! He wanted to call the film penultimate but was dissuaded and to use the catchy SX-70 instead!


Here is a fun photo of Ansel Adams!

Start your weekend off right with a visit to the Arizona Camera Museum open TODAY Saturday January 13th from 12 to 3 pm!



Reading a great book, Instant--The Story Of Polaroid by Christopher Bonanos! (This is a great read for anyone who likes Polaroid or photography history!) Lots of FUN FACT FOTO FRIDAY items! And with the recent release of the Polaroid One Step 2 (I like the way that sounds!) I will give you a couple of facts you might not have known about Polaroid.

1. The very first Polaroid camera Model 95, was made in 1948! HOWEVER, Kodak provided the film for Polaroid its first 20 years!

2. Ansel Adams and Edwin Land became friends. In 1949, only one year after the release of the Model 95, Ansel Adams was hired as a consultant for Polaroid! But he was much more than that as Polaroid pictures (in its infancy) were called fake photography. Ansel defended the authenticity of the art form and used Polaroid photos to create his own artwork! AND he stayed on with Polaroid all of his professional career!

Pictures: Polaroid Model 95, Ansel Adams, Edwin Land, and Instant--The Story Of Polaroid book


It's been a week since the New Year kick off! So why don't you go over your holiday pics from Thanksgiving through New Years AND enter the Holiday Photo Contest! Extended from the original date of January 8th! Tell your friends and family to enter too! But of course there will be no wagering! 🤣📸


Do you love cameras so much that you like talking about cameras? What about coffee? Join us for a camera chat and a cup of joe on the last Saturday of each month starting this month January 27th from 8 to 9:30am!

Kodak 'true colors' commercial


Happy New Year 2018!

At the height of Kodak popularity, Kodak has used famous actors and songs to promote their products! Cyndi Lauper released her song True Colors on September 15, 1986; one of the most memorable, especially for me. In true Kodak fashion, they acquired the rights and started using it in their advertising. It was used so often, pulling on the heart strings of the public, that it became so closely related to Kodak that many thought it was Kodak's own. In this commercial from 1988, Kodak uses this song for a Christmas inspired TV advertisement. It is very beautiful! Please watch!

An old commercial of Kodak that was on a Christmas VHS tape from the late 80s...I found this commercial again RECENTLY!!! XD I LOVE the stained glass windows...


The Arizona Camera Museum Has recieved a large donation of cameas to the museum!

Don't know what to do with your old cameras? Bring them to the Arizona Camera Museum! They will be loved and treasured! This Vivo tripod is in the Art Deco style, especially awesome as it is chrome with fluted legs, exposed gears and a built-in cable release! It is currently on display!


Attention Camera Enthusiasts and Shoppers!!

Two NEW additions to the camera merchandise at the Arizona Camera Museum! A leather and brass bracelet and a camera lens pendant! Plus the camera key-chain!

Prices are:
Camera Key-Chain $6, camera lens pendant $7 and the camera bracelet $8! Want a better Deal?! MIX or MATCH-- 3 for only $15!
Also Available are the Arizona Camera Museum Souvenir Post Card for $1


Merry Christmas Eve, one and all!
The Arizona Camera Museum is open until 3 pm!
Take a moment and come talk cameras today! I've got great tips on taking beautiful Christmas pictures! Or Come down and get a cool stocking-stuffer, camera key-chain for only $5 (50% off the original price!)


Arizona Camera Museum


FUN FACT FOTO FRIDAY! (late edition)

"All of my life's thoughts and ideas are like photographs: they are carefully composed and developed with care."
--Tom Holtje


Good Morning! The Arizona Camera Museum will be open today Saturday December 23, 2017 from 12 to 6pm and tomorrow December 24, 2017 from 10am to 3 pm.


JUST IN! Camera key chains for Christmas! Or Any time or Holiday! Be the first to get this beautiful jeweled camera key-chain! Makes a great stocking-stuffer for friends and family!
Was $10! NOW ONLY $5!


Good Morning World, Flagstaff and Camera Enthusiasts around this world!

I was in Macy's European Coffeehouse and Bakery in Flagstaff, (that is not an advertisement, but I just love that place!) this morning and saw a group of gentlemen drinking coffee and talking...discussing world events perhaps, but since the Arizona Camera Museum made the Sunday Arizona Daily Sun (not exactly an endorsement but what a great newspaper!), I introduced myself to the group.

They were familiar to the Arizona Camera Museum as they had read the article yesterday! They were very appreciative of my efforts and spoke of their camera stories! CAMERA STORIES! Everybody has one!

One 79 year old gentlemen spoke of a box he received from is father and he still has it! Another talked about one of his favorite cameras, a Voigtlander! So I will be hosting a Cameras and Coffee Social Club at the Arizona Camera Museum in the New Year 2018, so STAY TUNED!







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