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Perth Amboy Historic Preservation Commission Our purpose is the preservation of the historical, cultural, and architectural heritage of Perth Amboy.

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Enjoy this video on Perth Amboy's historic sites, produced by Historic Preservation Commission member, Al Jackson.

Perth Amboy - City of Firsts

This News 12 program highlights the many firsts in Perth Amboy's history--from the first New Jersey capital to the site of the first directional flight.

A look at historically significant firsts related to the city of Perth Amboy, NJ.


Perth Amboy, NJ

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The Perth Amboy Historic Preservation Commission meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council chambers, City Hall, 260 High Street. The public is welcome. Members of the Perth Amboy HPC: Reinaldo Aviles (Chair) Jelmin Caba Jonathan Cepeda Anna Daily Jens Efsen Phyllis Gianfrancesco (Secretary) Al Jackson Katherine Massopust Renee Skelton (Vice-Chair) Barbara Stack

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1856 $1 Commercial Bank of Perth Amboy [obsolete currency]
Hello, I am seeking any information that might be available regarding Alexander Cairns, who was a city constable during the time of the first city charter (1718). His name is listed on the charter and mentioned in Whiteheads’ ‘Contributions To The Early History Of Perth Amboy And Adjoining Country’. He was also mentioned in the book in connection with a 1731 petition to the Eastern New Jersey Proprietors concerning a request from the Presbyterian residents of the city asking to build a church on the “old burial place”. I would greatly appreciate any information at all that you might be willing and able to proving. With respect, Alan Hines
The Story of Thomas Mundy Petersen at
A little bit of Perth Amboy Revolutionary History... from the 1832 Pension Application Deposition of John Schenck, son of William, Sergeant, Hunterdon County Militia ("Deponent"), describing events in 1776 and 1777... ...Deponent served one month this tour, almost immediately after he returned home the militia was called again and deponent was drafted and went out again under Captain Cornelius Hoppock of Amwell the Company marched to Amboy [38 miles from Amwell] and lay there one month. James Stout was then lieutenant of the Company (he was afterwards a captain)—General Mercer was there then. And Colonel Thomas Lowrey. At that time the British was on Staten Island and appeared on the shore opposite Amboy and once fired a cannon across at the militia who were in the main street in Amboy the ball passed over their heads – but did no injury. Deponent served one month at this time – after it was over he was discharged and returned home – he never got a written discharge on this or any occasion when he was out – when they were discharged the officers would generally muster the company and discharge them verbally. He never knew of the militia being discharged in any other way [it is presumed these are answers he gives in response to questions from the judge(s)]– after he returned home there was another call and the Regiment met at Ringo's Tavern in Amwell – Col. David Chambers was then Col of the Regiment and William Chamberlin Lieutenant Col. Deponent then turned out as a volunteer in a company under Captain David Johns of Amwell deponent cannot recollect certainly who the Lieutenant was but thinks it was John Phillips (who was afterwards a Captain) with this company. Deponent marched to Elizabeth Town [42 miles from Amwell] lay there the principal part of the time and moved from place to place where it was required to help guard along the sound between Elizabeth Town and Amboy [30 miles round trip] – was at Smiths farm, at Hedges Mill, and other places guarded along the sound -- at this time the British was on Staten Island. Deponent served one month and then returned home [42 miles] – soon afterward there was another call for the militia and the regiment met at Ringo's – and deponent volunteered in a company under Captain James Stout (the same that was Lieutenant with him under Capt. Hoppock) – deponent marched with the company to Smith's farms on the sound.[at Perth Amboy, 38 miles] And the company remained in that neighborhood and stood guard at different places til this month was out. There was a magazine of powder and lead etc about 2 miles from Smiths farms. Deponent does not now recollect the name of the place deponent was on guard there part of the time. – the British still lay on Staten Island. – Smith that owned the farm where we lay was a tory and was on the Island with them. After that month was out they were discharged and returned home. [38 miles] Deponent again volunteered and went out another month under Captain Nathan Stout of Amwell, his brother [Moses?] Stout deponent thinks went with them at that time as Lieutenant, they marched to Amboy [38 miles] and lay there a month. – and were discharged [38 miles] – after that deponent again volunteered and went out one month under Captain John Phillips – they marched to Amboy [38 miles] and lay at different places along the sound til the month was out [38 miles] – deponent afterwards went out another month under John Phillips Captain making two months he was out under him at different times. Runk was Lieutenant --. Afterwards deponent volunteered under Captain Charles Reading of Amwell. Deponent then had a family and his wife being unwell he could not go with the company the day they started, but started the next morning alone and went on and met the company [1777 Oct ? written above text on this line] at Crosswicks in Burlington County [30 miles] this was at the time the Hessians were defeated at Red Bank on the Delaware and their commander Count Donop killed the militia was called to go and join the American troops to attack them. but the Hessians were defeated before Readings company got down to Red Bank [the battle of Red Bank ended October 23, 1777] and the company had turned about to march to Elizabeth Town. when deponent met them at Crosswicks and from that deponent marched with the company to Elizabeth Town [40 miles from Crosswicks] and staid there til that month was out. at that time General Jonathan Dayton of Elizabeth Town commanded the militia that was there, there was not many of the militia out there then. – they staid their month out and Capt Reading and all the company returned home [42 miles] and directly after their [militia?] was called again and deponent went with Capt Reading to Elizabeth Town [84 miles round trip] and served a second month under him – the British and tories still lay on Staten Island and there was frequent alarms. [this would be before Oct 1777]