The Original Tent's Of Elyown

The Original Tent's Of Elyown Selling cultural heritage goods for a naturally cultured people of the Sovereign Khemetic global Natives of the African diaspora. est.1999 Mt.Vernon,NYC.

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Love this

Malcolm X was an African American leader who articulated concepts of race pride and black nationalism in the early 1960s.

Brother Polight


I know I will get threats, vulgarity, and lots of name calling. However, if you are sincere please give me some insight on why should I trust a religion that empowered the slavemasters to keep us oppressed.

These are my sentiments. What are your thoughts.
Do your part in this movement and



It's fun to learn odd little things about friends...Here's mine...

▪️First Job - sign store
▪️Dream job - my own business
▪️Favorite foot attire - slippers
▪️Favorite Candy - milkyway
▪️Favorite Ice Cream - ben/Jerry's chunky munky
▪️What are you currently doing - drawing
▪️Favorite Pizza- halal
▪️Favorite movie - the mack/coffy/black cesar
▪️Favorite TV show - twd
▪️Favorite day of the week- my days off
▪️Favorite flower - Roses/orchids/African violets
▪️Tattoos - 0
▪️Piercings - 3
▪️Like to cook? - Yes
▪️Favorite color - red/black/green
▪️Gold or silver - both
▪️Do you like vegetables? - Yes
▪️Do you wear glasses? - Yes
▪️Favorite season - spring/fall/winter/easy summers
▪️Dream travel vacation - Hawaii/California/Africa

Hold down your finger and copy and paste into your own status with your answers.


New incense fragrance hitting the streets of New York City "Netflix and Chill" finally a fragrance to CHANGE the moods for real!!!!!!

Truth is truth

Truth is truth


Hon.Bessie Mae Wright..
I miss her voice,
I miss her warm smile
I miss the way she'd cut eyes at you when you said something funny...
I miss her southern Carolinian rolled accent..
I miss her laugh..
I miss the way she'd always ask "How yalls doing up there in New Yawk?"..
I miss her warm hugs..
I miss seeing the locks on the fridge..
I miss the smell fresh cut Seneca,S.C. wood burning in that lil black heater/stove thingy???lolol
I miss her calling out the names of her children and grandchildren..
I miss sitting in on the conversations she he had with her neighbors.. (There seemed like there was always someone coming by-although I was home only for funerals grandMa Bessie never made me feel like I wasn't a new Yorker)
I miss those bland colored house dresses she wore...
I miss those black slippers she wore an the sound they made when she walked..
I miss those biscuits and HO cakes she made sometimes wen I asked..
I miss her talking about church...
I miss seeing the sparkle of wisdom in her eyes..
I miss her well mannered conversations..
I miss Granny goin from 0-100 real quick!!
I miss seeing her sit at the kitchen table overlooking the back yard...
I miss her kindness an warmth..
I miss her...

Be on the look out for our sister

Be on the look out for our sister



Tai Lopez

Seriously important

Fixing and building credit should be a priority in 2018


Makes sense to me!!!!

Will Smith just gave the most important advice I’ve heard in life 🎯

Watch Smarter

Not much has changed...

So many features in the cartoons you love—down to the white-gloved hands—have a troubling history.

Based on the research of Professor Nicholas Sammond at the University of Toronto.

Short notice

Short notice

Secret Society Apparel

Support them

Knowledge is Power & Fashion is Culture. We are here to give the people a little bit of Both!!!
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We Buy Black

WE all we got!!!!!! is not just an online marketplace where thousands of Black owned businesses sell their products to the world, but its a movement to ensure Black people no longer have the highest rates of poverty, homelessness, joblessness, crime, and imprisonment.

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Brother Polight


People get mad at me like I created this country's history. No other race allows people to create holidays for them to celebrate on the same days they were oppressed.

We celebrate Harriet Tubman today who freed the slaves on Christmas from being hung on trees. She went back to the Maryland plantation she was enslaved on to free her brothers and other slaves on this day 162 years ago, 1854. She had to save them on December 25th because they were to be sold or killed December 26th.
We teach our children Christmas was the scariest Holiday day for our people in America and now it is a day of Celebration. I wonder if the Jews would allow the Nazi Germany Oppressor to create a holiday during their holocaust? Rhetorical Question!

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Ankh Ma'at Ra

Only a fool ducks wen the truth is thrown their way..

Feelings will definitely be hurt after this one... Tired of waiting...

Jodi Hendrix

It's very real!!!!

Some wise words from Master P

Don't ask me for anything I can't ask you for


Eid I'll Adha ...

Brother Ben X

All we have is us

Lol brother Gregory go from 0 to 100 REAL QUICK

but what's your thoughts on what he's saying?


HBDS Hon.Marcus Garvey...

The Original Tent's Of Elyown

The Original Tent's Of Elyown

The TRI STATE classic!!!!!! Egyptian musk

The TRI STATE classic!!!!!! Egyptian musk

Let it flow into you like the Blue Nile..

Let it flow into you like the Blue Nile..

That silent assassin of fragrances... Amber white....

That silent assassin of fragrances...
Amber white....



We outchea getting it!!!
Great weather, great vibes....

Our special blend..

Our special blend..


Allerton "The Ave"
New York, NY

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