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Jimi Hendrix


Ladies and gentlemen, a Band Of Gypsys!!!

This is Velvert Turner.He was a young protege of Jimi's. In fact, the only one who Jimi took under his wing and taught h...
Velvert Turner Group - Strangely Neww [Rock Mix]

This is Velvert Turner.
He was a young protege of Jimi's. In fact, the only one who Jimi took under his wing and taught his tips and tricks.This guy really picked up his essence for sure.
Jimi was close to him and he left a trunk and a few guitars with him. There were lyrics clothes and so on.
Velvert finally recorded an album in '72..actually 2 of the same one, a rock version and a soul version. And then disappeared.Was working in health care, I believe when he passed away .He was 49 when he died. There's not much information about him out there.
Many say that the songs that are credited to Velvert writing were probably songs Jimi wrote.Some of the songs actually sound like the direction that Jimi was planning to go. He did record his version of Freedom and attributed it to Jimi.
Some of the things can really surprise you with as much as they sound like Jimi. Or have his essence for sure..Some of the songs weren't so good. But it's still nice to hear them and maybe some songs that maybe Jimi would have recorded later on if...
All the songs Velvert recorded are on You Tube.


Velvert Turner Group - Strangely Neww [Rock Mix]


Miles Davis: "Jimi Hendrix and I got to be friends. He used to come by the house,” “He wasn’t a schooled musician, but he could play. I used to show him stuff. I like the way he played. He played natural. Like Sly Stone. They were both bad motherfuc*ers.”

Photo by Tom Palumbo, 1955

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Jimi Hendrix, August 1967 ❤
photo by Terence Donovan

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Frank Zappa with the famous burnt Hendrix Strat guitar 🎸



Jimi Hendrix: I started playing the guitar about 6 or 7, maybe 7 or 8 years ago. I was influenced by everything at the same time, that’s why I can’t get it together now. Like I used to like Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochran and Muddy Waters and Elmore James. See a mixture of those things and hearing those things at the same time, which way do you go . . . B. B. King and so forth.
The first guitarist I was aware of was Muddy Waters. I heard one of his old records when I was a little boy and it scared me to death, because I heard all of those sounds. Wow, what is that all about? It was great. And I like Albert King. He plays completely and strictly in one way, just straight funk blues. New blues guitar, very young, funky sound which is great. One of the funkiest I’ve heard. He plays it strictly that way so that’s his scene.

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, 1966

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Jimi Hendrix in 1967


56 Walker St
New York, NY
NY 10013


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I wanna kiss the Sky!!!

Часть I

Джими - музыкант нового типа

Будучи инструменталистом он понимал, что ему не избежать вокализации и выбор его был правильным - его голос стал дополнительным инструментом, а не наоборот, как это было принято. Такая манера могла бы существовать в джазе, но там вокалисты исполняли скэт - так называемая вокальная импровизация. Инструменталисты же ещё не решались петь в джазе (за исключением Луиса Армстронга), кроме блюзмэнов, которых мы не назовём инструменталистами потому, что блюз был особым способом музицирования и имел свои ярковыраженные правила, как и джаз, впрочем, на том этапе. Такая же функциональная вокализация присутствовала у Джими и в гитарном аккомпанементе. Способ заполнения пауз для укрепления функций ритмо-гармоническими репризами, которые всё время варьировались и создавали свои микроструктуры, питавшие ритм-секцию, которая ещё более усложняла контекст. Как композитор, Джими умел сочинять прекрасные солидные рифы для баса. Басист становился продолжением гитары, как, впрочем, и барабанщик. Таким образом, слушатели получили возможность услышать гитару Джими в троекратном изложении - с усиленными низами, опущенными на октаву вниз, и с ритмической окраской всевозможных ударных ухищрений со звонами, мощными бреками и уплотнёнными грувами.

JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE - группа нового типа

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