Ethnix Tribal Arts

Ethnix Tribal Arts Located in Noho, Greenwich Village, New York City, Ethnix tribal arts is the secret museum of authe Mr. Many of the objects are from Africa.

Anthropologist David Stiffler has, for many years, documented indigenous peoples
and their cultures around the world. Two decades ago, when he was in Panama, he
became intrigued by the mola. It's a blouse worn by Kuna women, made by sewing
together layers of cloth, after which a design is created by cutting out parts of the
different layers. Stiffler recognized that in addition to the garment's in

herent attractiveness and
utility, the act of creating it also reinforced group identity. Seeing an everybody wins scenario, he began selling molas on New York streets
and eventually broadened the scope to include artifacts from over 100 ethnic
groups around the world. Ethnix opened to showcase these unusual items; sales
provides income to members of traditional cultures and helps sustain those
cultures. You may see a Dogon spirit boat from Mali,
textiles and baskets, a horned mask from Congo, an Ethiopian headrest, Tuareg
jewelry, an Indonesian statue, Buddhas and Vietnamese pottery. You are likely to be amazed at the beauty of these pieces, many of which tell stories
of their use, a culture and its rituals.

Operating as usual

Appreciating the aesthetics and attempting..... feeling .. ..the viewpoint connections creator in time and space.....the...

Appreciating the aesthetics and attempting.....
feeling .. ..the viewpoint connections creator in time and space.....the divine spark

Mobile uploads

Mobile uploads

Hoi An shipwreck ceramics Viet Nam

Hoi An shipwreck ceramics Viet Nam

Igala headpiece Idoma? Nigeria

Igala headpiece Idoma? Nigeria


636 Broadway
New York, NY


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