Seventh Regiment, New York State Militia (National Guard)

Seventh Regiment, New York State Militia (National Guard) Pro Patria Et Gloria

Park Avenue Armory | Treasures of NY
Park Avenue Armory | Treasures of NY

Park Avenue Armory | Treasures of NY

Park Avenue Armory has reinvented itself into a visionary multimedia arts institution renowned worldwide. From the sublime installation of Ryoji Ikeda to the


The March to Washington


April 23, 1861: Annapolis, Naval Academy grounds, regiment to make ready for the "march to Washington, by force in necessary. We expect a fight" - Swinton


Broadway...was pulsing with an intensity unexampled in the city's history. . .Splendid banners flapped in the wind from every larger house-top, or curled from fresh flag-staffs; pennants streamed from ropes athwart all the streets of the city, and from all mast-heads in the harbor; facades were swathed with broad bands of red, white, and blue; thusly New York marched to war!


In pursuance of General Order No. 43, from General Head Quarters, the Seventh Regiment. N. Y. S. M., under command of Colonel Lefferts, is hereby detailed for immediate service at the National Capital. - Sanford


The Drum Beat of War


Trust in God, and keep your Powder Dry.

Remember Lexington and Concord.

Jeff Davis, Jeff Davis, beware of the day

When the Seventh shall meet thee in battle array!

The National Seventh in for the Union!


"I resided in New York some five or six years ago, and often witnessed, with admiration and pride, the soldierly bearing and proficiency, in all martial exercises, of the Seventh Regiment; and afterward, in Chicago, when my comrades here did me the honor to call upon me to take command of them, I set before myself and them the Seventh Regiment as our model—this is the secret of our success." -Elmer Ellsworth, Colonel - National Zouave Cadets July 1860 (From Clark)


The Regiment at the close of the year 1860 was on the floodtide of prosperity. Strong in numbers, full of spirits and enthusiasm, and safely intrenched in its new and splendid armory, its future was bright and cloudless. The threatening condition of the political affairs of the country only added to its strength and power, for it brought the most intelligent and patriotic young men of the city to its ranks. But great events, destined to materially influence its fortunes, were hastening to a crisis, and the year 1861 was to be memorable in its history. - Clark


Unit History Synopsis


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