The Chandelier Tree

The Chandelier Tree The Chandelier Tree. An artistic lighting instillation offered as a gift to the Silver Lake community.
30+ chandeliers adorn a glorious Cypher Tree.

An artistic lighting installation offered as a gift to the Silver Lake community.
34 chandeliers adorn a glorious Cypher Tree. Created by Brion Topolski & Adam Tenenbaum. Special thanks to Paul Chatem & Jason Saunders.

Operating as usual

THE CHANDELIER TREE is PERMANENTLY CLOSED.Pending Permitting.Sorry folks.Breaks my heart but thats where we're at.After ...

Pending Permitting.
Sorry folks.
Breaks my heart but thats where we're at.
After 11 glorious years we may actually go dark forever.
My hope is that we can jump through some hoops with the city municipals & continue.
Restructure the experience to be in compliance with the city & my fantastic neighbors.
Honestly, the city counsel reps. have been very responsive; positive about our prospects.
I apologize in advance if you show up & she's off.
Humbly, there's absolutely nothing I can do.
Huge love to Silverlake.
She's a gem.

Out of respect for those families who drive extended distances in traffic to see her.
I would love to save them the hardship.

The Chandelier Tree

The Chandelier Tree from above!!!
So fargin awesome.
I've always wanted to see the tree from the air.
Gotta love drones.
Thank you SO much Payne for making this happen!!!
Really appreciate your eye & edit.
Really appreciate the contextual tie into the neighborhood.
Just excited to see the tree in this way.
Hope you enjoy Los Angeles!!!
Huge love.


Go NBC!!!
Certainly unexpected & thank you graciously.
Huge love to Los Angeles.
Huge love to Silverlake.
Huge love to all my neighbors!!!
We do these things to inspire, enlighten, & illuminate the human spirit.
One bulb & crystal at a time.
Humbled by the opportunity & your willing gaze angeles.
Here's too 10 more years!!!!

P.s. -thanks Young Kim.
Love you brother.

Although it’s been lighting up Silver Lake for over 10 years, Adam Tenenbaum’s Chandelier Tree is still unknown to many.


The Chandelier Tree will have limited hours during August!!!

Dear friends.
I'm currently up in Oregon helping build a festival.
Apologies, but the chandelier tree will be off for the majority of August.
My roommate is in town & she will do her best with a very busy schedule to keep the tree lit but I just wanted to give everyone a heads up.
Have a wonderful month and we look forward to lighting up Silverlake for you for years to come!!!
Huge love.

Anybody got access to one of these???Pretty please.Hey folks.So I rarely ask for help or favors. But.I'm kind of in need...

Anybody got access to one of these???
Pretty please.

Hey folks.
So I rarely ask for help or favors. But.
I'm kind of in need of a boom lift.
For one day / half a day.
I looked into rentals & they are around $500 bucks.
That's kind of our 6 month budget. hehe. I know I know.
Basically, due to a shoulder surgery, I'm unable to climb The Chandelier Tree safely.
(My doctors would be pi**ed)
& I have some chandeliers that need to be swapped out & anchor points that need to be replaced!!!
Anyway, I know it's a big favor.
Surprise me Facebook.


How cool are these!!!!!Delightful shots of The Chandelier Tree. House.Complements of one meticulous photographer who sho...

How cool are these!!!!!
Delightful shots of The Chandelier Tree. House.
Complements of one meticulous photographer who shoots for Image Locations.
She seriously spent hours playing around with composition, lightings, and tonality.
I really like how she envisioned our home.
Huge love dear.

Literally chased the light for this week's #whpfollowthelight with @hollyjophoto 🦋 thank you Chandelier Tree and your cr...

Literally chased the light for this week's #whpfollowthelight with @hollyjophoto 🦋 thank you Chandelier Tree and your creators🌲 ✨ #lalaland

Chandelier Tree // Airbnb!!!!Silverlake.Evening Folks.Got a little write-up in Los Angeles Times.They we're covering cre...

Chandelier Tree // Airbnb!!!!

Evening Folks.
Got a little write-up in Los Angeles Times.
They we're covering creative airbnb / living spaces in Los Angeles & were kind enough to include us!
Which we adore.
Come spend some time under the lights.
Please share & tell your friends.
If your so inclined.
Love & light.

Some mornings are more emotional than others.This morning / i woke.Too find this scrap of paper.  Placed carefully insid...

Some mornings are more emotional than others.
This morning / i woke.
Too find this scrap of paper.
Placed carefully inside the Chandelier Tree Meter.
Got choked up & shed some tears. &.
Was reminded that we affect people w/ beauty.
Love you Katie.
Wherever you are.
Hope you enjoy the lights dear.



A neighborhood chandelier tree has become a mesmerizing fixture on West Silverlake Drive. Meet the creator behind this magical attraction.

The Chandelier Tree on TV!!!! Eye on LA.So.This is fun.ABC 7 Los Angeles just did a little piece on the tree.Little ques...

The Chandelier Tree on TV!!!!
Eye on LA.

This is fun.
ABC 7 Los Angeles just did a little piece on the tree.
Little question & answer.
Little walk about.
I certainly love showing her off.
Showing love to Silverlake.
Truly love this neighborhood.
Love my neighbors.
Thanks everyone for allowing creativity to flourish!!!
Be light.

p.s. -apologies for the dorky screenshot. hehe.



Rummage Sale this SATURDAY!!!!The Chandelier Tree.  House.  Lawn.  10am.✨Clothing swaps encouraged✨Hey folks.It's w/ tre...

Rummage Sale this SATURDAY!!!!
The Chandelier Tree. House. Lawn. 10am.
✨Clothing swaps encouraged✨

Hey folks.
It's w/ tremendous reverence for Saturday mornings. &.
A love of all things recycled / re-purposed / re-homed.
That we present.
a RUMMAGE SALE on our enchanted front lawn!!!!
10am - 3pm tomorrow // Saturday // Sábato.
This sucker is spearheaded by the delightful Sallie Falls.
She broke it down to me like this.
Gypsy chochkies & goodies including...
_women's & men's apparel.
_kitchen ware.
_& much / more to be rummaged.
Hope to see you all mañana.

p.s -huge love to Jeff Parise / Jacob Hooper for making this affair just that much more attractive.

✨Clothing swaps encouraged!!!✨

2811 W. Silverlake Dr.
Los Angeles CA 90039

Congratulations Shelby & Marco!!!!!!Hey folks.So last week we had a beautiful thing occur.We had the pleasure of hosting...

Congratulations Shelby & Marco!!!!!!
Hey folks.
So last week we had a beautiful thing occur.
We had the pleasure of hosting a wedding proposal.
In the frontward.
Under The Chandelier Tree.
It was actually a wedding proposal disguised as an Anniversary Party.
Which was quite cleaver.
He made a heartfelt speech in front of both families.
Took a knee. &.
Which we love.
(i always get nervous for these sorts of things!!!!!)
& the happy couple spent a few nights in the Airbnb.
Feeling really honored to be able to provide such a service.
Too friends / neighbors / lovers worldwide.



p.s. -please tag if your able.

Lovely lovely CRYSTALS!!!!Thanks peeps!!!!!Neighbors / friends / admirers.Huge love to Judy Roberts!!!Huge love to every...

Lovely lovely CRYSTALS!!!!

Thanks peeps!!!!!
Neighbors / friends / admirers.
Huge love to Judy Roberts!!!
Huge love to everyone who donated.
Even if it was just a few. A handful.
They all go up in the tree.
They are all extremely helpful in restoring.
Each & every one of them.
They make the neighborhood just that much more glamorous!!!
On a separate note...
We will be having peeps over on the porch Halloween eve to entice hordes of mini neighbors with candy.
Most are welcome.
Porch life y'all.

Shot by a visitor.Love the composition.Love the whites.Thank you kindly Capitan Sir.Huge love.Adam.

Shot by a visitor.
Love the composition.
Love the whites.
Thank you kindly Capitan Sir.
Huge love.

The Chandelier Tree needs Crystals!!!Pretty please.Hey folks.We are fingers deep into rebuilding 3 beautiful new chandel...

The Chandelier Tree needs Crystals!!!
Pretty please.

Hey folks.
We are fingers deep into rebuilding 3 beautiful new chandeliers. over here.
We are pretty much out of chandelier crystals......
It happens.
Shout out to all you tree loving peeps.
Here's your chance to throw down.
If your so inclined.
Long strands / short strands / single crystals / connectors / whatever.
If you have a box somewhere full of crystals that you're not going to use.
We would love the donation.
We would truly appreciate giving them a good home.
In a beautiful tree tree.
For everyone to see.
Thanks in advance.

PLEASE SHARE. thank you.

p.s. -happy to pick up. LA traffic is a bitch.
p.s.s. -happy to barter stencils f/ crystals.

The Chandelier Tree
2811 W. Silver Lake Drive
Los Angeles CA 90039

A lovely wedding. An intimate gathering of Silverlake peeps getting married!!!It was our honor to host. Love. Adam.

A lovely wedding.
An intimate gathering of Silverlake peeps getting married!!!
It was our honor to host.

Just added a 3rd high capacity dimmer!!!& another 20 Amp circuit!!!(Electricity is sexy)We are now finally overpowered.O...

Just added a 3rd high capacity dimmer!!!
& another 20 Amp circuit!!!
(Electricity is sexy)
We are now finally overpowered.
Overpowered is the best.
We now have the capacity to add more Chandeliers!!!
If we like.
Too go full on bright / 100%!!!!
If we like.
I've been wanting this to happen for about a year!!!
Marks the official completion of the electrical. Yay.
Which began 7 years ago.
Now it's just crystals & champagne!!!
Til the end of days.
Love you all.

P.s. -I love you Dad!!!! Thanks so much for your genius & your hands.

Believe She's in Real Estate?!?!?!Ha.This was fun to see!!!Not sure on the backstory.  Though.Stephanie certainly does n...

Believe She's in Real Estate?!?!?!

This was fun to see!!!
Not sure on the backstory. Though.
Stephanie certainly does not live at The Chandelier
My roomy Gina brought this sucker home.
She mentioned that Stephanie might be in real estate.
Might sells houses or such.
Would love to know more?
Anyone up for giving her a call?

The Chandelier Tree is on KCET!!!This Wednesday.8pm.No s**t.Just found out.We will be featured on the show 'SoCal Connec...

The Chandelier Tree is on KCET!!!
This Wednesday.

No s**t.
Just found out.
We will be featured on the show 'SoCal Connect'.
Here's the write-up:

"SoCal Connected" explores the struggle to shut down massage parlors accused of being fronts for prostitution / tours the country's largest bottle recycling plant in Riverside / looks into what consumers can do to ensure the seafood they're buying isn't mislabeled / and visits Adam Tenenbaum's "Chandelier Tree."

Why not, right.....Seafood & prostitution!!!!


Will You Marry Me?!?!Yesterday.A young Silverlake couple got engaged under the tree!!!The guy was adorable / romantic / ...

Will You Marry Me?!?!

A young Silverlake couple got engaged under the tree!!!
The guy was adorable / romantic / thoughtful.
He came to the door & asked our permission.
He hid the ring & a note in the tree base.
Concocted an elaborate treasure hunt....of love.
....ending under the chandeliers.
& she said YES!!!
Thank god, right.
Interestingly enough, this is the 6th couple!!!!!!!!
(all successful mind you)
As an artist, I strive for meaning / some personal impact on the world.
Hardly a doctor or scientist over here. ya know.
Often, my communal contributions are fickle pretty.
At best.
So as you can imagine.
Just ecstatic to provide this unintended service.
Creating something that total strangers resonate strongly enough with to involve in such an intimate moment.
Is beautiful / touching / i might cry.
...or I might just get inspired myself.
or maybe not...(sorry mom!!!)


2811 W Silver Lake Dr
Los Angeles, CA


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Is there any new information available? Is there any way we can help?
Is this still closed?
Hi! Wanted to see if your beautiful and inspiring tree will be on either Sunday or Monday night? I'd like to see it for my Birthday :)
Birthday Tunes 🎶
Curious before we make the drive of the lights will be on? If not next time! Can’t wait to see it outside of pictures and videos lol
We came from Oregon to see it but it wasn't on. :-(
Any chance the lights are going to be on tonight? Sitting outside waiting just in case! Last night in LA!
The photos look cool. I will visit it next time I am in town. ( you spelled installation wrong in your description, or perhaps that was intended )
We love Chandelier Tree!! Bósa...=)
Any chance it’ll be on tonight?
Thank you and the whole neiborhood for a great Halloween!
Rode 20 miles on a,bike and tree was off..bummer