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The Labax Foundation The Labax Foundation is the non-profit that created the mural exhibit entitled: THROUGH THE EYES OF THE LION AND THE LAMB: THE JOURNEY TO ISAIAH. Many of the images & texts you see here are from the exhibit. Items of social & historic interest also appear
In 1992, The Cove School’s (Northbrook, Illinois) librarian, Rima Lockwood, began a project by drafting a one-page outline of key historical events envisioning a pictorial time line in which the school’s students would fully participate and begin to understand their place in history. To continue the project she sought a person who knew and loved both art and history. She found artist Kimme Isaiah Black, who began eagerly to discover important events in world history, eventually engaging more than 100 Cove School students in the research, development, and interpretation of this project. Kimme went on to establish The Labax Foundation and become its executive director. Since the projects inception, its original one page outline has expanded to fill approximately 2,000 square feet of canvas panels. Thousands of hours of research have resulted in a vital mural design which ranges far from the static textbook images often associated with history. In addition, the scope of this project has reached further then its original mission of painting history; it has become a compelling study of human imagination and how it functions. The classroom project begun by a school librarian and one committed community volunteer has grown to include a team of 18 artists, professors, research collaborators, volunteers, community supporters, and a foundation established to further the work of the project.

Through the Eyes of the Lion and the Lamb: The Journey to Isaiah, is a pictorial time line that shows how the imagination has contributed to our development, using illustrations depicting the history of the world, through a Western perspective. A bold work of scholarship and art, it celebrates the discovery of human potential. Begun as a tool to educate children with learning differences, it has broadened its scope to include students of all backgrounds and ages, providing them with an understanding of history through a visual chronology of its events; and furnishing a resource for the community that will offer a framework on which to build the knowledge acquired both in the classroom and in their lives. Through the Eyes...strives to depict the role of curiosity and imagination in shaping and influencing the growth of civilization throughout history. It illustrates the progression of human development by interpreting the three levels of our evolution: physical, intellectual, and spiritual. Viewers can chart the course of subjects ranging from art, music, science, discovery, politics, the written work and more from the beginning of human thought, enabling them to determine where they fit in life’s grand scheme. Through the dedicated to those who have taught us the meaning of life: Our parents from whom we inherit our potential; and our children for their role in humankind’s great future.

Mission: The Mission Statement of The Labax Foundation: "To stimulate curiosity, increase knowledge, and foster understanding about the worlds around us." (c)

Are we human yet? What does that even mean; to be human? When will this insolent cycle stop? In an infinite and seemingl...

Are we human yet?

What does that even mean; to be human?

When will this insolent cycle stop?

In an infinite and seemingly eternal Universe, one where we sit alone and isolated in fearsome desolation, must we continue this absurd cycle of claiming superiority over others, and other species?

Does the one who dies with the most toys win? Is poverty a place earned; what about those who have inherited great wealth through no effort on their own; was that earned?

Why have adages, homilies and religious icons if they are meaningless on the streets of our lives?

Are we human yet?

Einstein once said, imagination before knowledge. And we at the Labax Foundation believe there is profound truth in that...
Museum Asks People To Recreate Paintings With Stuff They Can Find at Home, Here Are The Results

Einstein once said, imagination before knowledge. And we at the Labax Foundation believe there is profound truth in that insight. It takes someone to come up with an idea before anything can be known about that idea.

While we in America, and many other places around the world, are viewing the Universe from inside our homes, creativity abounds, making us laugh, sing, dance---helping us to keep perspective on our humanity and values. Helping us too, to stay connected to that which gives us life: our creative imaginations!


Even though most of us are stuck at home and can't go out and enjoy art in museums, that doesn't mean that life is boring or uncultured. The Getty Museum in Los Angeles challenged art fans to post photos of themselves recreating their favorite works of art from the safety of their homes. People resp...

"Oh dearie; that's so last year!" Of course, if mauve is the rage this year, designers and those who plan obsolescence d...
'The Best Thing You Can Do Is Not Buy More Stuff,' Says 'Secondhand' Expert

"Oh dearie; that's so last year!" Of course, if mauve is the rage this year, designers and those who plan obsolescence decide that THIS year it's going to be earth tones and mustard yellows, or kaleidoscopic swirls. THIS so you will have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe, or sofa, or whatever it is that one desperately needs to stay chic and au courant whatever THAT'S worth.

I call BS. Like pioneer women of yore (who didn't have a choice but to own maybe two dresses in all), I'd deliberately wear the same thing everyday until it frays to the point of falling off as I'm walking. Hate shopping, especially for clothes. Wish my clothes, shoes, phone, car, TV, range, flashlight--especially the flashlight!--would last at least for my lifetime.

The idea that things are made only to break down in a few years is unnervingly enraging. What a futile waste of money and time, and now, obviously, space. The story of consumerism is fascinating; in emerging times humans could go entire years without making purchases; then months, then possibly days. But today the idea of going without spending a red cent--considering the use of utilities, electricity, water, gas---a person cannot go even a second without racking up the small change of our lives.

And THAT'S really something to think about. Knowing is one thing; but changing a system dependent upon for the welfare of millions of people, day in and out, is quite another.

"Your average thrift store in the United States only sells about one-third of the stuff that ends up on its shelves," Adam Minter says. His book explores what happens to the things that don't sell.

Good question. Open to discussion:

Good question. Open to discussion:

This is the face of Wisdom; the face of Compassion and Fearless Great Leadership. I capitalize those words because they ...

This is the face of Wisdom; the face of Compassion and Fearless Great Leadership. I capitalize those words because they define what true leaders do for all their people: they bring them together in times of sorrow and assure them that heinous acts of barbarians are the anomaly, and not the norm or expectation.

When I see people respond in ways that are not only appropriate for their positions, but exactly what is needed at the time, I cheer and cry, both at the same time. I cheer for those who are her subjects; and I cry because I will never understand how we ended up with the disgusting miscreant who has no idea what the word "comfort" even means.

I want to say, a country that defines itself merely by the bottom line, by prosperity alone, has no future except to whither. I hope this isn't the final stages of our beautiful country, and I am no seer; but my heart is tired of being broken by cruelty and ignorance.

This photo shows so much and more world leaders need to sit down, shut up and start taking notes.

This photo shows Jacinda Arden being the undeniable source of comfort that the Muslim community, New Zealand and the rest of the world watching from our lounge rooms so badly need.

This photo shows a woman who chose to use language that was inclusive of our Muslim brothers and sisters not once suggesting that there is a them and an us, it shows a woman who has not referred to her people as immigrants or suggested that they invaded the land like so many other supposed leaders have chosen to do so.

This photo shows the youngest, female prime minister presenting herself in such a way that the world has not witnessed in many years, It shows a leader with integrity and who is powerful and clearly is a compassionate human.

This photo shows an empathetic human who has remained composed in the face of adversity and the world can see that she is genuinely affected by this awful tragedy and not trying to use it to further her own agenda.

This photo shows Jacinda Ardern, a woman worthy of the title world leader, the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

(Photo credit: Kirk Hargreaves of Christchurch city council)

USA for Africa - We are the World

I needed to hear this today.
Am in the middle of fires; of shootings; of a divided nation that still sees itself as a bastion of freedom even though those freedoms seem so fragile today; and selective. This is for Africa; but it is for us too. Especially in today's world, it is for us all to hear.

I need to hear this; see this and feel it in my soul to keep my spirits up. To keep my resolve honed to fight so that everyone I love will be safe; and even those I don't know, I want them to be safe, too.

Life is such a struggle. Why make it worse for others? Why make it harder? Those who give, know the feeling of euphoria of how it feels when you secretly save a life. It is a feeling like no other. Then why so much bullying?

Today at the end of Veteran's Day. Have always looked up to our fighting men and women with such solemn respect and gratitude. They have stature to my small form. They are our heroes; they have saved lives, often at the cost of their own, and that's no secret. They will always be our heroes.

25.6.2009 - Michael Jackson died 50 years old.... great singer in the past, "broken soul" in the present... USA for Africa just cool to do that and good song...

When I was a little girl in big school, I listened carefully to what was being imparted about the great men who built ou...

When I was a little girl in big school, I listened carefully to what was being imparted about the great men who built our intrepid and immortal America. I was filled with a reverence for these men and what they accomplished from "nothing" and how they built our country on the fundament of honor, bravery, freedom, et al.

It had no effect on me then, how we glossed over the fact that our numbers came from Arab mathematicians. After all, they were just the numbers, scratching's on paper; anyone could have conceived of them. No we weren't told that they invented the processes that those symbols stood for along with the Italians and Chinese scholars. There was also someone far away in another country named Confucius; he had some ideas about politics but nothing compared to our guys. And a Treasure Fleet; with a whole different story about the first world travelers.

Furthermore, my heart was filled with a deep abiding love of my country that has lasted my whole life. And that is how it should be not because we are so great and magnanimous, better than anyone else, the only ones able to consider the needs of a floundering world and step up to fill them; no. It's much simpler than that. I love my country because it's home. As people from all over the world are infused with the same love for theirs.

When I grew up a little bit, I discovered what BS I had been fed about my country's men being the only gods on the planet. The only composers, authors, architects, statesmen, presidents, soldiers, visionaries, inventors of any value whatsoever.

In working on the Wall Project for these last 27 years though, I have discovered that ours were not the only greats on the planet. Great men, AND WOMEN, were born into cultures other than our own; who in their own genius ways gave to humanity a plethora of valuable and distinct observations about the earth. Together these observations and data fill in the entire human narrative with music, celebration, and a love of life and each other that embracing only one cultural orientation could never do.

What tenderness has Rumi and Hafez! What solid ideas on human nature has Confucius, Buddah, Pythagoras, Zaruthustra and others. Do you know who Katherine Johnson is? Why not? She is an astoundingly brilliant woman and so was Lise Meitner, relegated to the basement, away from the men above, for her studies that were smuggled in to where she eagerly waited for them.

How this world would have thrived in mutual admiration and respect, instead of fear, uncertainty and violence, had we had the courage to embrace KNOWLEDGE instead of pedagogy; CURIOSITY instead of dogma; KINDNESS instead of intimidation. For the truth is, opposites can become each other with just a quantum shift in thinking or being. In physics, one state flips to the other without slowing down or passing through "stop" to get there.

This absurd fight for resources, the need to "have" more than someone else, the need to bring violence to others to prove superiority, proves exactly the opposite. It proves weakness, lack of character, immorality, and ignorance.

Embrace respect; embrace celebration, and understanding and let's for the first time in Carl Sagan's Astronomical Calendar, embrace the totality of our humanity for a very good cause; for the survival of the beautiful diversity of life that lives on this Garden of Eden.

Because the truth is: The earth's survival does not depend upon human environmental awareness or compassion. However OUR survival, and that of other creatures, does.

Titled: THE FREEDOM TARGET...this depiction of the American Revolution, which we just this week celebrated again, shows ...


...this depiction of the American Revolution, which we just this week celebrated again, shows the energy and power of ideas, and how they are brought to fruition.

These active engagements in freedom, justice, inalienable rights and freedom of the press, how are they preserved? In our reminiscences today, it is easy to see how clear the goals of the American Revolution were. Yet how do we define the goals of freedom today?

Our need to be free from the tyranny of the day is as solid as granite; yet those threats to our national well being, from without and within, become illusive at times and are difficult to identify.

The abstract ideas of liberty and justice for all stir the sensitivities of all Americans yet the concrete workings of such ideals can be as fragile as a cork-board target. A TARGET ALWAYS IN MOTION, we as a nation must adjust our aim at every issue we face in order to preserve the inalienable rights we hold so dear.

This all brings to mind another reality: those governments that are despotic, violent, oppressive; ones where people often live in fear, ARE ONES THAT ENDURE. The countries of Democratic freedoms, ones where people often are so free to do as they wish they take for granted these inalienable rights, are actually ones that are also so fragile, they take intrepid engagement and monitoring in order to remain that way. For the truth is also, once gone, we become like THEM, despotic, violent and oppressive long after the cows come home and we stay that way.

Long may her freedom reign.

Mary B. Gingrich
Oil – 6’ X 8’
Sponsored by
The Judd and Marjorie Weinberg Family Foundation

4 T

One more for today: My deceased Mother-in-law introduced me to the poem,  Flanders Fields. I promised her I would includ...

One more for today:

My deceased Mother-in-law introduced me to the poem, Flanders Fields. I promised her I would include it in this project. Of course, it is where it belongs, in the text for the WWI painting, titled:

WWI: The End of War and Savagery
Plate No. 25
Artist: J. Allen Hyde
Skokie, Illinois
Air Brush – 6’ X 8’

In Flanders Fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.
Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae MD
(1872-1918) Canadian Army

Another quote from the text is stunning in its prescience for today. Our world did NOT see the end of war as was the banner bravely borne; in fact, as wealth/power increases for one segment of the world, incrementally, sorrow grows for the impoverished:

"In 1911, the last survivor of the massacre (at Wounded Knee Creek) had made contact with the Europeans. The man was emaciated to starvation, and when found, was cringing in a corral at a rural slaughterhouse. His name was Ishi, and for the next four and a half years of his life, he occupied a room in a museum in San Francisco. Ishi’s death in 1916, at a time when Europeans were slaughtering each other in a frenzy of mustard gas, cannonades and barbed wire, marks the end of 'savage' America." Tim Flannery; Eternal Frontier

We teach our children history, world history, from war to war to war. What if we taught from peace to peace to peace?

In reflection:

In reflection:

Memorial Day is the time we, as a nation, honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our safety and welfare. How many of us actually stop to reflect upon what that means?

Sometimes the end comes quickly; sometimes the agony is prolonged. Either way, Death is so final. Those last two seconds, the one of life, and the one without it, together united yet profoundly irreversible.

To those humans who never got to experience the fullness of their lives; who put on hold their own dreams and aspirations so that we might be a free country, we salute you today; and in fighting for freedom from tyranny, we honor your sacrifice every other day as well.

And to the millions upon millions of animals, who died in the same ways, either swiftly, or in agonizing inhumanity, we honor you today too. From many of us, we cherished you; we treasure your companions who are still with us today, and we will never forget your sacrifices either.

Abundant blessings to the real heroes of this nation; those lauded or forgotten, yet impassioned all, in honor, justice, nobility, and enduring respect.

Thank you for your courage.

Untitled Album

Untitled Album

The earth's survival does not depend on man's environmental awareness or compassion; however our survival and that of al...
67 Environmental Rules on the Way Out Under Trump

The earth's survival does not depend on man's environmental awareness or compassion; however our survival and that of all other creatures, does.

Maybe you think there are too many rules. If that's the case, take a good look at this list and pick the ones you want to remove. Sadly, companies that do the most damage do not know how to self-monitor; most are only interested in the bottom line, the profitability of any action.

The truth is, money will not bring back a broken planet. And when all resources are polluted, you still cannot eat your bank statements.

The list shows dozens of environmental policies that the Trump administration has targeted, often in an effort to ease burdens on the fossil fuel industry.

I love when Archaeology steps into the limelight with new discoveries! Sophisticated tools using a material not found in...
Archaeologists unexpectedly discover tools that throw off humanity's timeline by 50,000 years

I love when Archaeology steps into the limelight with new discoveries! Sophisticated tools using a material not found in the area naturally, says that early humans actually traveled and traded with other humans in far away places!

That the new tools were found in places where no human remains were also discovered, says that maybe they were made by relatives of prevailing humans that have since become extinct.

The Labax Foundation believes that Homo Sapiens survived all others because they were most adaptable to new environments and were ruthless enough to banish their enemies and use what they had created to survive. The creative peoples who left their marks on cave walls, showed intelligence, wisdom, compassion, and awe; all characteristics that Homo did not embody. So far, none of the cave paintings were believed to have been made by the lone survivor.

However, this one lone survivor did mate with others; leading us to believe that the planet is filled with two kinds of people: the ruthless that embody no virtue whatsoever; and the compassionate that have recognized the sanctity of life of all creatures great and small.

Home sapiens is the benefactor of many loving attributes mainly because he mixed his genetic disposition with those who embodied them. We are an amalgam of many of the existing human prototypes of the time. And depending upon the kind of person you are, tells you how much of one you have over the other.

Recently unearthed artifacts from the Stone Age could rewrite what we know about our early ancestors. Three new studies published in the journal Science on Thursday reveal a series of surprising finds uncovered at an archaeological site in southern Kenya, known as Olorgesailie. Scientists have disco...


The Labax Foundation/Rollin J Soskin Esq 100 Village Green, #220
Lincolnshire, IL

General information

This project has evolved into a philosophy of ideas about the universe, the world we live in, and the meaning of survival. Thousands of hours of research by the creative director have gone into this piece over a period of fourteen years; books, primary sources from special library and university collections, interviews with scholars, professionals that include instructors at the university level down through pre-school; in addition, this quest for knowledge was advanced through the acquisition of a graduate degree in humanities. In developing this project, initial research of several years led to the completion of a hand written time line (see cover picture) from which priorities were designated for the images. These priorities were documented on individual forms, one for each painting, with the needed information included. Once the images began to take shape in a compositional format, The Labax Foundation began the job of finding the right artist for the right historic painting. This was a painstaking effort and resulted in the hiring of sixteen independent artists to help complete the work. Great effort has been made to cite the sources of the information included in these texts, and acknowledge the many wonderful artists who have contributed their talents for the completion of these paintings. Without their generosity, intellect, and artistic gifts, this work would not be the complex and intriguing piece that it is. Many of the initial artistic compositions of the paintings have been adapted by the artists. The body of text which accompanies the paintings however, is the result of research by the creative director to dig and unearth meaning from the many sources of information that this work represents. The ideas and opinions of this piece have been careful composed without the overall knowledge or consent of the artists. The goal of this work is to show the relationship of all knowledge to itself; its possible points of origins and the developmental processes of branching into the different disciplines that abound today. Lastly, the art and text together highlight the remarkable relationship between that enormous body of knowledge and humankind’s emotional attachment to it. To contact individual artists for comments and curiosity about their opinions regarding their work with this project, links will be set up on our website soon: Or you can contact our office through letters for questions and comments: The Labax Foundation, C/O Rollin J. Soskin & Associates, LTD., 100 Village Green #220, Lincolnshire, Illinois 60069. Phone inquiries can be made to: 847-714-1000. We will make every effort to contact the artist of interest so that your questions can be answered. Thank you for your consideration of this work and its message.


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