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Working with our 'parent' the Grossmont Educational Foundation, the GHS Museum and Alumni Association is reaching out to all Foothillers. Along with the Alumni website; and a new site almost ready to go live...we are here to keep all Foothillers up to date on whats happening. Be it your class reunion or gathering....Homecoming, or events that you'll enjoy. It's great to be 'older' and a Foothiller.


Dear Friends,

We have an important notice regarding the 2020 Homecoming and 100th Anniversary Celebration dates of October 16 and 17th with this message from GHS Principal Dan Barnes:

“I am truly sorry this happened, but the Grossmont Athletic Conference voted in a new football schedule for next year. Grossmont High School will be playing in the upper level league in our conference with only four other teams. That league change resulted in us having only one home game scheduled at the end of our schedule for 2020 football season. Our football coach (Alumnus Tom Karlo) has to go out and find all of the additional home games, after our present season ends this year.

We know this frustrates you as much as it frustrates us. The football season ends with the last CIF Football games in December.

The dates may still be October 16th and 17th, but we do not know now and will not know the dates for perhaps several weeks when the remainder of the football games for 2020 are scheduled.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes you, your family, or your class trying to schedule a reunion.

We will let you know as soon as we know!

We appreciate your understanding.

Click the link and read this......'great being "older" and still a Foothiller'
GHS Foothiller Foundation

Click the link and read this......'great being "older" and still a Foothiller'

GHS Pitchers Return to San Diego


Foothiller Footsteps
July 2018
Connie and Lynn Baer

For 97 years, Grossmont High School’s students and staff have taken great pride
in the traditions surrounding graduation. Thursday, June 7th, 503 seniors became part
of an amazing group, more than 36,600 Foothiller graduates.
Since 1936, the graduating seniors have been led into the ceremony by the Daisy
Chain, an 82-year tradition. The teaching staff selects 50 young men and young
women on the basis of their school activities, scholarship, and citizenship. Each year
the students create two ivy chains with daisies interwoven into them, which these
outstanding juniors carry; being selected is the highest honor awarded juniors. This
year, as in earlier years, the students were excited to use the ivy growing on campus,
some of which was originally planted by Kate Sessions in 1926.
Each year at graduation, outstanding seniors are recognized for their
achievements. Four students were recognized for their academic excellence: 2
Valedictorians, Emily Barnes with a GPA of 4.829 and Irene Van Oosbree with a GPA of
4.766, and 2 Salutatorians, Madison Troyan with a 4.732 GPA and Natalie Harmer with
a 4.738.
In her valedictorian address to the class, looking ahead to the future, Emily said,
“The unknown seems like a daunting foe….In reality, the unknown is not such an
insurmountable feat, but it brings excitement and opportunity to grow and learn. I
encourage us all to embrace the unknown and face it with a positive outlook because I
very strongly believe that this class can and will go out into the unknown and overcome
any challenge we may face.”
Irene told her classmates, “These last four years have allowed Grossmont to
become much more than a school to me. Grossmont is where I have met some of my
favorite people in the world, people I will miss years after this graduation….Just
because high school ends today, that doesn't mean you should ever stop learning.”
Yearly, 3 perpetual graduation trophies are awarded to seniors. Since 1927, for
91 years, 2 identical silver loving cup trophies have acknowledged one outstanding
young woman and one outstanding young man. Each trophy has the names of the 90
previous recipients. Joining them this year are Nicole Havin and Nicholas Ghosn.
The most prestigious service award given at graduation is the Norman Freeman
Award, first given in 1953 as a memorial to Norman Freeman, ASB President, Class of
1947. The trophy is engraved “For the Grossmont student who has most strengthened
democracy through participation and leadership in student government.” This year’s
recipient, the 65 th , is Kamryn Correll.
In 1925, outstanding seniors were first recognized with a Circle G, which was
the highest award then given to graduating seniors. In 2017, for the 93 rd year, 6
seniors were honored: Emily Barnes, John Flaherty, Madeline Morrison, Ben Sichel,
Irene Van Oosbree, and Joseph Williams. Each student received a gold pin, a G
enclosed in a circle, a reminder of the legacy binding GHS graduating seniors.
Since 1965, the Principal’s Letters of Commendations have been awarded to
students who have distinguished themselves in particular areas at Grossmont. This
year, Principal Dan Barnes recognized 13 students: Gracie Briggs, Jenny Burch, Sable

Fest, Vinie Hauser, Brett Hayes, Candace Hendersen, Jeffrey Kay, Chase Karlo, Alicia
McGuire, Kayla Mendoza, Delila Munoz, Devon Shrestha, and Bethany Weddle.
During the ceremony, Principal Dan Barnes, reflecting on the Class of 2018
and their accomplishments, stated, “Tens of thousands of graduates have crossed
this stage before you and many thousands will follow. You are part of a remarkable
tradition, one that probably included many grandparents and parents here in the
audience this afternoon. So, graduates of 2018, as you celebrate your achievements
today, make sure that you take special pride in that tradition.”
To discover more about Grossmont’s commitment to excellence, visit our website
at or visit the GHS Museum Wednesday, July 11 th or August 1 st
from 12-3:30 or by appointment. Contact: 619-668-6140 or email
[email protected].
Upcoming Foothiller Reunions
More information available on the reunion page at
Class of 1968 September 15, 2018
Contact Fabienne [email protected] or 619-843-6006 or Jerry Heard at
[email protected] or 619-563-5382
Class of 1973 July 28, 2018
Contact: Randy James at [email protected]
Class of 1976 July 21, 2018
Contact: Candice Reed at [email protected]
Class of 1978 October 13, 2018
Contact: Theresa Annear at [email protected] or visit
Classes of 1978-84 July 21, 2018 from 2-6 at Hooley’s in La Mesa.
Class of 1988 Saturday, August 3, 2018
Contact Vanessa Pizzuto at [email protected]
Class of 1998 Saturday, June 30, 2018
Contact Shannon Sweat Miller at [email protected] or
[email protected]
Class of 2008 To be determined: to receive updates, contact Bryce Mayer at
[email protected]
98 th Anniversary and 2018 Homecoming Celebration: Friday, September 21, 2018.
Museum open from 4-7; campus tour at 5:30.
Class of 1969 50 th Reunion Saturday, June 29, 2019
Contact Monica Taylor Erickson at [email protected]
Class of 1970 50 th Reunion to be announced for 2020
Contact Julia Yale Salinas at [email protected]



In early 2019 we will form our 50th reunion committee in order to begin the planning and selection of a date and location. We look forward to the 50th being held in 2020 so please be watching for updates throught the GHS websites, emails and Facebook. Look forward to seeing everyone


Class of 1973's 45th Reunion
A page has been set up to disseminate information, dates etc for our class.

Debbie (Wendell) Hartman has volunteered to coordinate along with Laurie (Stevens) Widner, Pam (Hart) Leahy, Betsy (Spenser) Nicks and myself.

To: Grossmont HS Museum

Thank you for the invitation!

Currently in Africa with our Land Rover camper (Atar, Mauritania) and will not be available for the Reunion.

At the same time, I want to recognize the fact that, had I not had my AFS experience at Grossmont in ‘73, I would probably not be here today 👍😁🙃
Enjoy the Reunion! Will follow the page!

More info on our journey on

Very best wishes!

Michel Osinski


Grossmont High School - Class of 1998 20yr REUNION!

Saturday, June 30

6:00pm – 11:00pm

Enjoy the OPEN BAR and Hawaiian cuisine with sushi by Harney at this gorgeous venue surrounded by Coronado's bayfront views. Immerse yourself in nostalgia as you catch up with the classmates you haven't seen in decades!

Tickets are $75.00 each

Coronado Island Marriot Resort & Spa $262/night (reserved block of rooms) Call (619) 435-3000 Website:

The Marriot is steps away to the Coronado Ferry Landing! Consider the fairy to commute to/from downtown ...Liberty Station is a short ride share away from the Broadway Pier stop

Marriott viewMarriott firepit-dockMarriott poolcropped pool

Alternative hotel (no block): Coronado Inn $149/night


*Friday, June 29: Pre-reunion gathering at The Hills in La Mesa (under 21 okay) 8:00pm - close (RSVP in check-out *optional)

*Saturday, June 30: 20yr Reunion MAIN EVENT in Coronado (adults only) 6:00pm - 11:00pm (RSVP by purchasing tickets and registering)

*Sunday, July 1: Sunday Fam-Funday picnic/BBQ (bring your parents / the fam / friends from other classes!) 10:00am - 2:00pm (RSVP in check-out *optional)


‎Jerry Heard‎ to Grossmont High School Alumni Association & Museu

PM me if you have not received an email about this. Talk to your friends about it as well.
We have secured the Bali Hai Restaurant Hawaiian Village, the same spot that we had for the 40th reunion! If you missed that event you missed a great time.
The early count of people attending is 83, well on our way to the 125-150 fellow Foothillers that we hope for. The more the merrier. See the attached list to see who is coming.

To recap the date is September 15, 2018 from 6-10 PM. There may be other activities the days before which may include a golf tournament and a happy hour to get in the mood for the next evening.
The cost will be $150.00 per person which includes 2 call brand drink tickets.
There will be food and entertainment as well as the chance to catch up with classmates, some of whom you haven’t seen in many years.
If you send your check in before 2-28-2018 the price will be reduced to $125 per person. That way Fabienne and I do not need to come out of pocket too much to cover the advance costs of the reunion. We are committed to making this a great event for all.
GHS 1968 REUNION (do not make them out to me)
Please mail them to me at:
5146 Canterbury Dr
San Diego, CA 92116

Passing of Geraldine Ball at the age of 97      Dear Friends,Today's newspaper has the news of her passing in October 20...
Geraldine Ball's Obituary on San Diego Union-Tribune

Passing of Geraldine Ball at the age of 97

Dear Friends,
Today's newspaper has the news of her passing in October 2017. She was 97.

We think she began at Grossmont in 1955. (The 1962 yearbook states she'd been at GHS for 7 years at that time). She left GHS in 1979. We believe she taught at GHS for a total of 24 years.

We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving

Connie and Lynn

Read the Obituary and view the Guest Book, leave condolences or send flowers. | Geraldine Ball March 28, 1920 - October 28, 2017 San Diego Geraldine Ball, was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. "Geri" attended San Diego High School, and continued her education at San Diego State


It is with sadness that we share the news of the death of Kay Adams, Grossmont High School English teacher from 1973 to 1999. Kay touched thousands of students and teachers with her enthusiastic teaching style and her ability to inspire others.

While at Grossmont, Kay was English Department Chairman, District English Council Chairman, GHS Teacher of the Year, and GHS Golden Apple Teacher. Kay was recognized for her love of literature and her ability to “bring out the best” in those she met.

After Kay’s retirement, she moved first to Utah with her husband Doug, and after his passing, to Missoula, Montana, both moves to be closer to family. A private service will be held in Utah.

With great sadness at the loss of a dear friend, who became part of the Baer family and a member of the Old Main English Department Family!


Hi, Class of 1973,
We have had an inquiry from a 1973 classmate about plans for a 45th reunion next year.

Does anyone know if someone or a group is working on it?


Paul, Connie, and Lynn


Grossmont Alumni Band Members...

Please note that if you have an old instrument
stashed away, long forgotten or used, the band could certainly use it....and pay you for it.
Below is what's needed. Either that clarinet, or donation
toward one the band can purchase. It's the right thing to do.

Trumpet, Trombone, Flute, Clarinet
Alto Sax, Tenor Sax or Bari Sax
Baritone or Tuba.

Your unused instruments or financial donations are
welcome and can be mailed or dropped off at GHS
C/O Ray Webb, Grossmont Instrumental Music.

Your donation of musical instrument or monetary support
will of course come with a receipt for your tax purposes.


Hi, Fellows,
I asked our resident historian Don Ginn, who had never heard the Theo designed any part of Alcatraz. Don thought Alcatraz was the result of several architects.

The 1922 building was designed by Theo Kistner, who was most known as an architect of schools. He designed Sweetwater HS (now demolished) as well at the wonderful "Castle" (his name is on the left granite cornerstone at the front of the original school)

I've attached some items Lynn uncovered in her research for the district when the architect was beginning to work on the building.

I just searched on the internet, but couldn't find a concise list of the buildings Kistner designed.

Hope this helps.

Connie and Lynn


....You might want to add our plans for the next (61st!) reunion gathering for the combined classes of ‘56 from Grossmont and El Cajon High Schools. It will be Friday, September 22, 2017, at MCRD in San Diego. Meet and Greet at 11:00 am followed by buffet lunch. Detailed information will be mailed during the summer. Our email is [email protected].


Zan Harbs Fink

All Alumni and Foothillers.....let's make this happen !!!!
Click here to support Ryan Wilcox Memorial Scholarship by Amanda Bond

All Alumni and Foothillers.....let's make this happen !!!!

Today, March 3, 2017, would have been Ryan's 19th birthday.  To honor a hero to so many, and a legacy of strength and inspiration to Grossmont High School students, we're thankful and excited to launch the Ryan Wilcox Memorial Scholarship Fund.  The funds will be managed by the Grossmont High Sch...


Grossmont H.S. Class of 1969

Class of '69...Planning is going to start soon, let us know if you are interested in a 50th Reunion in June of 2019.....OK, its early but really only about 30 months away. Contact Monica Taylor Ericsson at [email protected] (dot) com.

Thanks, Dr Basilio

Classic, for all you Red Robers

This movie celebrates Dr. Edwin Basilio who is retiring from his position as teacher and Red Robe Choir Director for Grossmont High. I do not own the copyrig...

Click here to support Grossmont High School Music Program by Sue Reyes
Click here to support Grossmont High School Music Program by Sue Reyes

Click here to support Grossmont High School Music Program by Sue Reyes

The Purpose of This Fundraiser For the past four years the Royal Blue Regiment has had continuous growth and success as a program. We have brought home numerous of trophies and awards, hosted events on our campus, and put Grossmont’s name back in the music community.  These accomplishments would...

Dear Friends of GHS,Well, the school year is underway. As retired English teachers, our body clocks start to hum and our...
Honoring the Past - Grossmont High School Museum

Dear Friends of GHS,

Well, the school year is underway. As retired English teachers, our body clocks start to hum and our feet start to ache when September approaches! The excitement of a new school year is contagious!

We wanted to update you on what’s new at the Museum and at GHS!

95th Anniversary Celebration

Attached is information about the 95th Anniversary Celebration on October 16, 2015, also GHS's Homecoming. We hope you are planning to join us as we celebrate the 8 Hall of Honor inductees and the wonderful improvements to the GHS campus. The schedule of events is on page 2 of the attachment. Please forward it to others who love Grossmont!

We continue to welcome donations of any amount to help us fund the following:

1. The 95th Anniversary Program, which is nearing completion in its design (and you’ll love it)

2. Refreshments for the reception prior to the Hall of Honor induction ceremony

3. Flyers/maps for the day of the event

4. Cost of advertising the event

Foothill Echoes

Lynn recently finished a two-year project: she has inventoried all of the Foothill Echoes newspapers we have in our collection and typed the list for our use. If you are interested in researching any particular year or month, we now have the information at our fingertips.

Thanks to all of the dedicated newspaper advisors over the years, we have most of the issues bound; they are an invaluable resource for alumni, the community, and us. We welcome donations of past newspapers since some of the years are incomplete.

Bronze Plaque to Commemorate the 60-year Christmas Pageant

The Carl Quicksall plaque will be installed in the 1937 Old Gym next week. We are planning a companion bronze plaque to commemorate the Christmas Pageant and the three teachers who defined it: Merle Donahue, Eva McCarthy Quicksall, and Dorothy Smith. We welcome donations to help us fund this historic plaque.

History of the Grossmont High School Instrumental Music Program

Paul Miller, Alumni Director, has devoted months into this labor of love. At the moment, Paul is finalizing his research, selecting photographs, and designing the format of the book. We need your financial support to fund the publication of what will be an invaluable resource for the Museum and for those Foothillers who have loving memories of their years in band or orchestra! Donations of any amount are welcome!

We Need Your Support

Please make checks payable to the GHS Educational Foundation and mail to
GHS Museum or GHS Alumni
P.O. Box 1043
La Mesa, CA 91944-1043

or visit our website and make a PayPal donation: (the Pay Pal button is on the right side of home page)

See you at the 95th!
Connie and Lynn Baer
GHS Museum Directors

Bruce Davidson realized the importance of acknowledging our rich history as a school. For 5 years, until 2001 when he retired from teaching, he gathered and stored Grossmont High memorabilia, hoping for a place to display it to the public.


1100 Murray Dr
La Mesa, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 17:00
Thursday 08:00 - 17:00
Friday 08:00 - 17:00


(619) 668-6140


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Grossmont High School alumni are on a front page story in the March 29 2020 issue of the San Diego Union Tribune. My sister, Michele Harvey and her husband, Michael Jon Hart are featured in a story about them and their newspaper, The Julian News.
Celebrating 100 years
Passing of Edna Swink Kouns. 💙💛
💙 2020 Homecoming and 100th Anniversary Celebration 💛
🌲Christmas Pageant Book
Hello Foothillers! Anyone here from the class of '57? I am Dennis Giaruso, VP of the '53 frosh class (far right in group photo). Would love to hear from you.
Class of 1969 reunion
Fresh togs for former Foothiller bandies! Whether you played in the GHS band or orchestra, you will love the 31 band-related items in our NEW GHS Band Clothing Store. One cool feature is that a percentage of every sale comes back to the program to bless our students. This fundraiser will continue through Aug 5th. Share this post and then hit the link below to start shopping now!
Grossmont 1970 Alumni, The reunion committee is in the process of completing reunion plans. To do so we need to know how many of you plan to attend our reunion. Please visit our official reunion website: to confirm your whereabouts and RSVP (yes, maybe or no). This is not a reunion reservation, just your expression of interest. Any Alumni who encounter difficulty online please contact Reunion Specialists at 760-721-0525 or [email protected] . Please visit, tweet, email, post, forward, and share our Grossmont 1970 reunion link: with all your Foothiller friends! Confirmed alumni will be notified immediately when reunion plans have been finalized.
A committee of alumni from the Class of 1970 is in the planning stage for our 50th Reunion, scheduled for next year and tentatively in August (depending upon venue availability). Next week we will select a venue in San Diego and soon after we should have more details for you - so stay tuned!