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Kearns Historical Society Kearns Historical Society was established in 1998 by the first official Kearns Historian, who gathered and preserved what was thought to be a lost history.

I have long said; "A community without a history has no past and no future." We once was a community without its history because our history was a lost history. We have it back now, we have a future for our community lets not waste it and get a museum.

More Than A Name On A Wall

About 15 years ago, I went to DC. More than anything I wanted to visit the grave of President Kennedy. My family wanted to visit museums, it is true power is within the numbers, and it was off to visit museums.
At night we would make plains for the following day as to what we would do and what we would see, they had the day plain, but then there was something inside of me that stood up I made my point. "I have never asked for much, especially on my birthday but tomorrow I am going to visit President Kennedy's grave. I am going with or without you I don't care, but I didn't come all this way not to stop by and visit the people who made a difference in my life. And since tomorrow is my birthday, I am going to the cemetery, and the rose's that you should be giving me, I am going to be giving to those hero's of mine." To which my son said, "Mom if I was to get you a dozen roses, you would walk out of there with 10 still in your hand." My husband who had sat quietly during this whole time, turned to my son and said, "Don't count on it!"
The next morning I awoke and we started off the day as planned, we all got on the subway, they got off and I stayed on. The door slowly shut, my son turned to his father and said, "Dad she isn't getting off. We'll never find her now!" I finished the ride down to the cemetery, went to the office with a long list of names, and waited for them to tell me where I would find them. They handed me back a map of all the places I had to visit that day, I turned and walked out to start my day off. At the bottom of the path I turned to go watch the changing of the guard. When it was over I started off with my journey, there at the bottom of the path was my son with his arms load with roses, and my husband with his arms loaded with roses, they had been in the office asking if I had been there yet, I would have had a long list of names. It didn't take them long to remember that I had been there and left a little over an hour. The man said to my husband, "Where are you folks from?" Utah. "Yes she was here had a page full of names she wanted to know where they were. I knew she wasn't just a tourist because most of those names are the one's that family members ask for. She couldn't possibly know all those people." My son, still horrified replied to the man, "I wouldn't count on it." My husband stood and thought for a moment, and then explained to the man that for 10 years each month he had a phone bill come in nothing under $200.00 bucks. He could name about 15 of those names off. By the time he was done talking, the man offered to take them around the place to find me, so I could put roses on those graves.
By 3 that afternoon, I had completed my journey, and now it was off to the national cathedral, when we came out the sun was just starting to set. It was a beautiful fall evening, when someone had mentioned now is the time to go see the memorials. So we took their advice, Every one of them have a black shiny wall, in which you could see reflections in. The Korean memorial, was a stream of soldiers marching off to the heavens, in perfect formation. At the wall you could see reflections of soldiers with heads bowed.
I have often said, " the world is covered with white crosses, of a mother's son, a father's best friend, a child's father and you'll always find a dinner table with one empty chair. But at the end of the day, no matter what side of the war you happen to be standing, there lies shattered lives and broken hearts that will never be mended whole again. This is when you have to ask your soul, is war really worth it?"

Tribute To Charlie Company, 4th/47th's fallen soldiers (, those recently lost and to all Veterans of the Vietnam War. This video ...

Taps For The Fallen Brave

Taps For The Fallen Brave

In Remembrance Of Those Who Have Paid The Ultimate Sacrifice For Our Country And The Liberties We Enjoy! The Price Of Freedom Is Rich In American Blood! My M...

This is a sad day indeed! we have lost Col Dick Cole the last of the Doolittle Raiders. In my life time I was lucky enou...

This is a sad day indeed! we have lost Col Dick Cole the last of the Doolittle Raiders. In my life time I was lucky enough to meet 3 of them, sit down and have a conversation with them. This is truly soon going to be impossible to ever get any WWII vets story.

We are heartbroken to learn that Lt Col Richard "Dick" Cole, the last surviving Doolittle Raider, and long-time B-25 and C-47 pilot, has passed away. Dick was a hero, friend, and CAF member and he will be missed by all who knew him. Our hearts go out to his family and friends.

Photo credit: Richard Mallory Allnutt

The Afatasi family has always been a supporter of the community and the children in Kearns, They have helped anyone and ...
Kearns community rallies around football player who was paralyzed at trampoline park

The Afatasi family has always been a supporter of the community and the children in Kearns, They have helped anyone and everyone who needed a hand up, please help them out during this awful time in their life.

Audrick “Stak” Afatasi is used to taking hard hits as a linebacker for the Kearns High School football team. But he’s now fighting to regain feeling to his lower body after being paralyzed at a trampoline park over the weekend. Stak’s brother and football teammate Isaiah Afat...

Navajo Traditional Teachings

That a moment to watch this, it is awesome!

Navajo Historian, Wally Brown, teaches about what to do traditionally when you hear the first thunder of the year.

USBE Board Meeting

People listen to the words from the Utah State Board of Education. If you're in Granite School District we all need to figure out how to get rid of some of the folks on this board.

8:00 AM (closed session); 9:15 AM Open session begins. (Times and item order are subject to change)

The Kearns Metro Township

The final outcome of the Kearns School that is being forced to close.

iKearns Community,
Here is the official typed statement from the Utah State Board of Education.

There has been some misinformation about the reason for the Oquirrh Hills Elementary closure in Granite School District. Specifically, some sources have said that the school was “forced” to close due to failing to exit the state school turnaround program. This is not correct.

It is true that Oquirrh Hills Elementary did not exit the state turnaround program this year, however under state law, Granite School District then had the option of recommending an action to the Utah State Board of Education, which would have then made the final decision on how to handle the school’s failure to exit. Prior to the date it was required to make its recommendation to USBE, the Granite School Board chose to close the school under its own authority and independent from the turnaround program.

This eliminated the ability of USBE to act at all and took Oquirrh Hill’s future out of the state’s hands. Our position is that it is incorrect to say the school “closed under” the turnaround program or that turnaround is the direct reasons for the closure.

In short, I would like the students at Oquirrh Hill’s elementary school to know that the school was not closed due to any fault of theirs.

Utah State Board of Education

Representative Eric Hutchings

Representative Eric Hutchings

Check out my new blog, "Hutchings Happenings", where I will be posting updates and stories on the 2019 Utah Legislature Session!

Only 8 WWII Code Talkers left today, and there are still people believing that history is not worth saving. RIP Sir! and...

Only 8 WWII Code Talkers left today, and there are still people believing that history is not worth saving. RIP Sir! and THANK YOU!

#BREAKING Navajo Code Talker Alfred K. Newman Sr. has passed at the age of 94. Private First Class Newman was born on July 21, 1924 at Rehoboth Hospital east of Gallup, New Mexico, his Mother was from Coolidge, New Mexico (Chíshí Nez). Sadly of the 400+ Navajo Code Talkers whom served in WW2 only 8 remain. Hagoné dóó A'yehéé shi cheii! Diné bizaad yee atah naayéé yik'eh deesdlíí.

Kearns Historical Society

What a shame there was no 2018 Showing.

#TBT Camp Kearns Museum for a Day. This year the event will be held on September 30th at Hope Church. Here is a sample of last years exhibit.

Pray For Ray
Pray For Ray

Pray For Ray

Ray Humpherys, loved by many, went missing Wednesday night in the Unitas while on an annual backpacking trip at Hidden Lake with family. Updates here!


I am looking for a photo of the Kearns High Marching band the year they went to Europe. I want to use it in a presentation I am doing. I would like it to be a full march parade picture.

Preserve Murray

Preserve Murray

Murray's downtown historic square will remain standing tall! Mount Vernon Academy's former home, the 1907 Murray First Ward Church and Carnegie Library, can now be re-purposed. 😀 Let's get behind the effort of showing the potential of these buildings being a vital contribution to downtown's redevelopment. Stay tuned for more details and upcoming events. ⛪😊 #PreserveMurray #PreservationUtah #NewLifeForHistoricBuildings



Kearns Jr. High is celebrating over 60 years in the community with a celebration event on April 25th from 5 to 7 pm.

Camp Kearns: Documents offer new glimpse into life at dismantled WWII base
Camp Kearns: Documents offer new glimpse into life at dismantled WWII base

Camp Kearns: Documents offer new glimpse into life at dismantled WWII base

Few signs of it remain. But 65 years ago, it was Utah's third-largest community. Movie stars toured it regularly. Harry Truman visited. Louis Armstrong and Nat King Cole played to huge crowds here. So did the Metropolitan Opera's star baritone of the day.


Congratulations to Pam Todd on her new Curator Position. Working with the Air Museum will open doors for funding our permanent Camp Kearns Museum in Kearns. Considering making an end of year donation to the Kearns Historical Society.


Folks I have a high tolerance for many things but being rude I have none. Tonight someone by the name of Lisa Kolstad came on this site yelling and carrying on about issues of todays world and potlitcal views. I about fell over when I found out she was a retired school teacher by the language she was using with me,when I objected to her using this site for her own personal agenda and political issues. This was a history site where we all respect each other.She felt that she was allowed to use any site she wanted to using her fowl personal agenda under her freedom of speech. So I used mine and quickly banned her from this site. She thought I should inform everyone here we should be nice, so you all been informed now,(LOL) I apologize to anyone that had to read that post she made.

When I see group pictures like this, I first see someone’s son, someone’s husband, someone’s father. The second th...

When I see group pictures like this, I first see someone’s son, someone’s husband, someone’s father. The second this I see is a soldier standing proud, then it hits me, not even half of them came home, they died for this country. None absolutely none of then returned the same person. Yet today we continue to place the value of a lost aircraft, above the value of their life. Famous battles won, always due to the type of amour, or aircraft they call the missions. What about the value of the lives lost, the men who fought, and still fight today just for one normal day. Thank you to all the veterans who still remain standing tall and proud, who have brought home the battle wounds for all of us to see and to be quickly reminded that our freedoms are not free, someone is paying the piper.

In Honor of Gail Halverson

In Honor of Gail Halverson

Remember when our parents would tell us the history would be impossible to find. I not only found it, but I got the proo...

Remember when our parents would tell us the history would be impossible to find. I not only found it, but I got the proof that we found it. Now we hear that it will be impossible for Kearns to ever have a museum. Well GUESS WHAT. This is what impossible looks like. And we do have a museum even if it is only for a day,

Kearns Historical Society

12 more days! and counting

#TBT Camp Kearns Museum for a Day. This year the event will be held on September 30th at Hope Church. Here is a sample of last years exhibit.


In 1997, I started thinking about the possibilities of finding the history of Kearns and bringing it back home. I did so with 2 objectives in mind, getting it back home as much as possible, and then obtaining a place where we could display it.
I haven’t loaned it out, all though the offers are out there, I wanted to keep it home in Kearns where it belonged. To be honest with everyone, it could have easily gone the way our borders did, with the surrounding communities wanting to lay claim to it as part of their history. I could turn it over to the State archives, but then it would just stay in a box I am sure marked, unimportant. IF this history would have been important to the state or county someone would have gone after it long before I did.
I have listened to all the reasons pulled out of the air in the heat of the moment as to why Kearns will never have a museum. Yet, on the other hand, I have gone to all the work to put up websites, only to have people on the Community Council, and small community newspapers copy this stuff and put their name on it as their work. Yet it’s been me who has paid and paid dearly to bring it home.
For the past 7 years I have done a museum for a day, and for only a day Kearns has a museum, we get over 300 visitors that day. With the room that we always must work with, we have a heck of a good-looking Museum that day.
In 1997, giving a list of soldiers, I could locate almost the whole list of men, called them up and asked them what they remembered about Kearns. I have never been able to find the words to express their disbelief that I was asking them what they remembered. It was from that honor and that pride they returned the history back home. But it wasn’t just the history, it was their life, their memory and their gift back to the community for taking the time to find them.
On September 25, 2010, the last reunion of Camp Kearns men came through town, only 20 of them were still living. By 2015, all the living Camp Kearns men that I had found were gone. Since then and even before that time, the sons and daughters were contacting me wanting information. But now we are losing them, they are in their 70’s.
To be brutally honest here – it was a lost history but it was the Camp Kearns men who sent it back home to us. It wasn’t our fault that the history became lost or unwanted. BUT it will be our fault if we lose it again.
I am to the point that I’ll build one in my own backyard, it's big enough to put a small one up and really that’s all we need. I would take down my back fence to get a re locatable back there. We are going to lose our history if we don’t and can’t do something soon. We can do this the old fashion Kearns way, and own our history! So if anyone out there has any thoughts, or can come up with a plain let’s talk about it and get going on this.


Putting together our Calendar of Events for the Summer and Fall. Many exciting opportunities to view the Camp Kearns Collection.


I remember well, sitting on the porch waiting for my grandfather to come home from work, that night was going to be a special night, Kennedy was going to be debating Nixon. I loved watching those debates, Kennedy was the man who stood on his own beliefs he was a leader, not a follower like the other guy. I remember Kennedy poking Nixon in the belly after a fearlessly fought debate. I was cutting out things in the newspaper and putting them in a special book, I didn’t ever want to forget who and what he stood for. Then came the election night I had just turned 5 years old, the perfect ending to a child's hard day at play was hearing the tap’s being played at 10 pm every night.
I continued for most of my life cutting out anything that President Kennedy said or did, I have a small box I bet with a million little pieces of paper with one name, “Kennedy” my first book I ever bought with my own money I had saved was a Kennedy book, my first album was a Kennedy album. I had memorized every speech he had ever made, and could once upon a time tell you the date and location of the speech. I had piggy banks, and models all related to President Kenndy’s lifetime.
I had but one goal in life, I would go and visit his grave before I turned 50 years old, the day I turned 50 I was standing looking at the eternal flame and remembering how this man changed my life at such an early age. I would love to go to the Kennedy Museum, but I know that I’ll never make it there, I think I would only make it as far as the first bench, and there I would sit and cry the day away.

"I miss him every day of my life." The Kennedys open up about the former president as his 100th birthday would be approaching. Courtesy John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum


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