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Home of the Brave Tours Home of the Brave Tours ended in December 2016
Home of the Brave Military Base Tours have been acknowledged as the most comprehensive and exclusive tours of their kind in the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Our most popular tour, Home of the Brave Hawaii Victory Tour, is the only tour in Hawaii that visits the other Military installations attacked on December 7th, 1941. Home of the Brave Tours has established special relationships with the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, Park Service and the DOD WWII Commemoration Committee to allow tour access to many unique and historic points of interest on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Our clientele have included The History Channel, National Geographic, and Walt Disney Productions on the epic movie "Pearl Harbor".

The Tomlinson family started Home of the Brave in 1991 in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor and Military installations on the island of Oahu. Founders, Janet & Glen Tomlinson grew up hearing WWII stories from their family. Janet's dad had his eardrums blown out while driving a tank in the battle of Luzon in the Philippines. Her mom was a “Rosie the Riveter” - bucking rivets in the nose cones of B-17’s at Boeing Aircraft, then worked for Firestone tire making wheels for B-25’s. Glen’s uncle fought in a Special Forces unit, island hopping across the Pacific ending up with the Occupation Forces in Japan. His grandfather served in the Coast Guard and as a Merchant Marine in the Atlantic and Pacific Theater. These colorful tales came alive once again for Janet & Glen during the Commemoration of the attack on Pearl Harbor and surrounding Military Installations on the island of Oahu in December 1991. At that time, the Tomlinsons created a program that returned veterans back to the bases they were assigned to on 12/07/41 some 50 years later (hence the name Home of the Brave). Glen recalls, “We were regaled with unbelievable first hand accounts of that day of infamy by soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines who took part in this historic and epic battle. Our veterans had such a great time on tour, they said they wanted to bring their families and grand kids back to share these memories and history with them.” As popularity grew with the Home of the Brave Tour, the Tomlinsons opened a small visitor center where all attending WWII Veterans were honored. Polaroid photos were snapped of the GI’s and a bit of their military service was recorded. This eventually grew into the amazing Home of the Brave Museum with one of the largest and most unique private collections in the Pacific! It is a living-breathing museum showcasing America’s Greatest Generation’s contributions and equipment used during both the European and Pacific Theater of operations. Guests are encouraged to hop in and take photos in the 1945 Army issue Ford Jeep and on the WLA 1942 Harley Davidson motorcycle used in the epic Disney film Pearl Harbor. Everything has been donated by Veterans and their families. It’s been called “Grandpa’s attic on steroids” and Honolulu’s best-kept secret by Honolulu’s former mayor. Janet and Glen’s three kids grew up in the family business in Honolulu hearing stories from WWII veterans and their families and listening to the sacrifices and contributions made by these American heroes. Fast forward to the kid’s college days. All three made the jump to the mainland to attend school in Colorado. Duke the eldest, along with Brittany the youngest, attended CSU in Fort Collins. Bear our middle son, attended Ft Lewis in Durango. Colorado is one of the Craft Brew capitals of the world so both Duke and Bear fell in love with the craft and became home brewers. Bear worked for Ska Brewing Company and together with Duke, persuaded their Dad Glen to go into the Beer Business in Honolulu. The concept was simple; introduce our own great craft beer to Hawaii while honoring America’s Military. Cousin Peter Clarke, a former Marine, agreed to join in to create the packaging and branding of our brewing company through the company he founded called Product Ventures. Beer recipes were developed and fine-tuned by Home of the Brave’s brew master Jeff Doyle, a brewer for O’Dell’s Brewing Co in Ft Collins (Duke’s favorite beer). To validate our concept with our very limited funds, Maui Brewing agreed to brew HOTBBC’s draft beer, which we distributed under Home of the Brave Beverage Company to military clubs, exclusive restaurants, and our on-island military hotel. Sprechers in Wisconsin then agreed to brew and bottle our 70th Anniversary Remember Pearl Harbor Dark Lager and HOTBBC’s flagship Pilot Pale Ale six packs that our family distributed to local military exchanges, Whole Foods, select restaurants, and specialty stores. Our challenge has been the high cost of shipping from the mainland, especially across the Pacific. This unfortunately increased our beer pricing above what the major local distributors were charging for other craft beers and it has been hard to compete. We are presently in talks with a distributor to possibly carry our line and piggyback on shipping, thus reducing the final retail price. We always wanted to create a brewpub where guests could enjoy our hand crafted beers as well as feature other local and mainland micro brews while taking in a bit of American Military history. The Home of the Brave Brewseum concept was developed and lovingly hand built by our family and friends. The Brewseum, a nostalgic 1940’s style beer hall presently boasts number one billing on our local yelp reviews for new and upcoming bars. Guests can sit in the 1942 Willys Admiral Nimitz Jeep while watching a working railroad that chugs through the Brewseum. Model fighter aircraft fly in the air circling the ceiling, and six draft craft brews are on tap along with our own bottled Pilot Pale Ale. REMEMBER HONOR SALUTE is our mission statement at the Brewseum. Numerous successful events and military “hail farewells” have been held in the Brewseum. We recently hosted the 70th Anniversary of D-Day in the Museum and Brewseum, honoring Bill Paty, our local hero who led the 501st Parachute Regiment 101st Screaming Eagles into Normandy (depicted in the movie Band of Brothers). In attendance were Military dignitaries and our former Mayor and Governor for this historic event. Our family has created and built the Home of the Brave Tours, Museum, and Brewseum to REMEMBER HONOR and SALUTE the sacrifices and contributions that our brave men and women have made to defend our freedom and to keep America strong. We have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Morale Welfare and Recreation department of our armed services, supported our military clubs, along with the Wounded Warrior program. We don’t just wave the flag on Veterans and Memorial Day; we showcase America’s Finest every day, keeping their legacy and memories alive for their families and future generations. Our present goal is to expand and enhance our operation by building a microbrewery to brew OUR beer locally for our troops and patriotic Americans. We plan on offering our own gourmet sodas (R&R Sodaworks) as well. This will help solidify our position in the brewpub and local craft beer market and set the course for us to build on the concept for future franchise opportunities around the Continental United States. Our family is strong; we love what we do and believe in what we are doing. This is evident from the daily responses we get from our tour and Brewseum guests. We remain the number one rated Pearl Harbor tour on Trip Advisor and Yelp. Remember Pearl Harbor. Honor our Veterans. Salute our troops! Mahalo & Aloha, VR Glen F. Tomlinson President and Dad Home of the Brave

Mission: Home of the Brave Tours honors the brave men and women who have served in the American Military Armed Forces in the past and present. Our living history tours and interactive WWII museum strive to perpetuate the stories, sacrifices, accomplishments and legacy of the Greatest Generation! Our new Brewseum (Brewpub + Museum) is now open serving great craft beers and memories in a one of a kind nostalgic beer hall! Open Wednesday - Saturday 5-11pm

Roy Fujiwara - 442nd Regimental Combat Team, Congressional Gold Medal Recipient celebrated his 100th B-Day with us at th...

Roy Fujiwara - 442nd Regimental Combat Team, Congressional Gold Medal Recipient celebrated his 100th B-Day with us at the Home of the Brave Museum. Roy was a BAR man - Browning Automatic Rifle (machine gunner). Heres's his story:

Roy enlisted in the U.S. Army at Ft. Lewis and was assigned for shovel and dirt work duty until he was sent to Camp Roberts, California, and on to Little Rock, Arkansas, by troop train. When the people saw all the Nisei soldiers, they thought they were being invaded by enemy soldiers! Roy said the next few years were spent training at Ft. Robinson, Ft. McClarin, and Camp Shelby and becoming a T-5 rank and a cook. He trained for everything in the infantry but his specialty was to be ‘bayonet quick’ which would help during close combat.

Roy said he ‘mixed-it up’ with the Hawaii Boys when the Mainlanders and Hawaii Nisei were first having trouble getting along. The Hawaiians were loud and spoke “pigeon English” and seemed to have more money, were great tippers, more popular with the girls and they had little respect for the Mainlanders. They took a bus trip, led by Daniel Inouye, to a nearby Japanese American Internment camp. There the Hawaiians were completely surprised to learn that the Nisei Mainlanders volunteered from these camps while their families were incarcerated behind barbed wire fences! When they returned from this trip, the Hawaiians and Mainlanders came together!

The company was shipped to Glasgow, Scotland, on the Queen Mary and then by train to England. In Epinal, France, they joined the few men of the 442nd RCT who were left after they had rescued the Texas Lost Battalion. Roy said he was shocked at the loss of Nisei soldiers lives! Only a couple hundred left of the original regiment.

During the Thanksgiving season he spent a lot of time on the French border where he could see the Germans soldiers across the mountains. Roy had sentry duty and set up trip wires with grenades and had a rifle inside his sleeping bag. Sentry duty was the scariest and Nisei soldiers resorted to using Hawaiian Pigeon language for passwords because the enemy wouldn’t understand and couldn’t mimic them.

At Mt. Folgorito, after other divisions had previously attempted many times to break the German Gothic Line, the Army sent for the 442nd RCT. Their Colonel promised that the 442nd could accomplish the task within 24 hours! They climbed the backside of the mountain, which others had not attempted, a terrain that was a slippery, sheer, granite cliff – “unclimbable even by goats.” In the black of night, in total silence and carrying all their gear, they climbed for 8 hours! Roy had to carry the BAR rifle as well as his other gear, and he showed us a bowling ball he had brought to illustrate the BAR’s weight, challenging us to carry it! At daybreak, they caught the Germans asleep and cracked the Gothic Line in 32 minutes! Roy says it was their “Go For Broke” spirit that propelled them to succeed!

Roy was shot by a sniper in the face, just below his eye (the bullet going out through his neck and entering his shoulder) but he considers himself lucky to be alive. He was transported by medics in a stretcher, which took 8 hours to make the descent. He says he was conscious the whole time as he was worked on and taken by jeep to the emergency field aid station and then transferred to Naples for surgery and hospitalization. They wired his mouth shut for one month during which he could only eat raw eggs and jello and consequently lost so much weight that he was reduced to 98 pounds! He also suffered trench feet, a common malady among the soldiers, and had to go to Marseille for treatment. Roy returned to Beaumont, Texas, by troop ship for reconstructive surgery.

Post war, Roy became a furrier and worked for Frederick & Nelson, starting in 1950. He likes to think of himself as having “broken the color line” at Fredericks. He rose in the company to a position where he was responsible for the distribution of merchandise throughout the nation.

When he went to war, Roy said that he felt he was never coming home…but he did. He feels that the real heroes are those who did not return and paid tribute to all who sacrificed their lives. Roy says, “Because I am a veteran of the famed 442nd RCT, it has opened numerous opportunities for me, and I have received a lot of respect and made many friendships from people around the world”.


Check out this video produced by Martin-Home of the Brave's video producer

There is much to learn about the sacrifices that were made by the greatest generation. The Home of The Brave Museum is here to preserve and protect the treasured memories of veterans from World War II.

The Brewseum

The Brewseum

We are looking for an enthusiastic and hardworking full time Brewseum Manager to run daily operations! Responsibilities include; employee management, bartending, ordering, social media, facility maintenance, etc. Craft Beer knowledge and prior Military Service preferred. Send cover letter and resume to [email protected]

Aloha family & friends,Today we officially launched our go-fund me page to rally the troops to try and save the Home of ...
Click here to support Save Home of the Brave! organized by Glen Tomlinson

Aloha family & friends,

Today we officially launched our go-fund me page to rally the troops to try and save the Home of the Brave Museum. Earlier this year we started the Remember Honor Salute Foundation as a public charity to garner support to "keep the lights on". We've tried numerous ways to generate the necessary revenue needed to operate the museum but to no avail.

My final "Hail Mary Pass" is a call to arms to spread the word about our important mission and save the museum for our children and future generations. The doors will close this December if we cannot raise the $ for rent and operational expenses.

Our WWII Veterans and Americans were the young men and women who saved the world! They built our country's strong foundation from which we enjoy our successes, our freedom, and liberty. We owe it to them and to ourselves to perpetuate their accomplishments and sacrifice.

Please join me in spreading the word to support our foundation.

Remember Pearl Harbor - Remember Honor Salute!


Support the REMEMBER HONOR SALUTE Foundation and help save the Home of the Brave Museum! With the help of our Pearl Harbor Survivors in 1991, Janet & Glen Tomlinson created Home of the Brave Tours & Museum, a one-of-a-kind WWII Military Base Tour along with the largest private collection of 19...

Relic from Pearl Harbor makes its way back to the islands
Relic from Pearl Harbor makes its way back to the islands

Relic from Pearl Harbor makes its way back to the islands

KITV is the leading source of local news, sports, weather, breaking news, traffic and entertainment for all the Hawaii counties including Honolulu, Maui, Kauai and Hawaii.

The Brewseum

The Brewseum

Home of the Brave museum was presented a flag that flew on the USS Rigel in Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941! It was strafed by the attacking Japanese Aircraft and bears witness to the devastation with a hole through one of the stars!
Thanks to Mary Freiberg and family for sharing this unbelievable piece of history! #brewseum #homeofthebravemuseum #homeofthebravebrewingcompany #wikiwakiwoo #speakeasy #beerhistpry #kakaako #rememberhonorsalute #

The Brewseum
The Brewseum

The Brewseum

Mahalo Los Angeles Times for featuring our story today in the paper - please support us by sharing this post with your family and friends! Aloha!

Home of the Brave Brewing Company

Home of the Brave Brewing Company

Mighty American Ale, a Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary Collaboration Brew with @homeofthebravebrewing & @lanikaibrewing is officially launching tonight! Come on down on this Black Friday and pick up the ultimate gift for friends & family 🍻🇺🇸🌴 The Museum, Brewery & Speakeasy are open from 5-8pm this evening alongside the Brewseum being open from 5-11pm! #brewseum #brewpub #museum #honolulu #hawaii #lanikaibrewing #homeofthebravebrewing #rememberhonorsalute #oahubrewed #craftbeerhawaii #beerinhawaii #kakaako #waikiki #waimanustreet #mightyamericanale #pearlharbor75 #pearlharbor #wwii #aloha

Pacific Business News

Pacific Business News

Congratulations to FareHarbor! Our #1 Small Business Best Workplace #pbnbestworkplace

Hawaii News Now

Hawaii News Now

Watching his ship sink after being struck by nine torpedoes, Lt. Jim Downing still remembers the fiery scene at Pearl Harbor. Watch and see how this Pearl Harbor hero stopped the flames from spreading.

Join Hawaii News Now now through December 7th as we remember this historic event.

Georgetown Club of Hawaii

Georgetown Club of Hawaii

#Hawaii #Georgetown #Alumni gathered for a fun educational #PauHana at #Brewseum to talk story, learn #PearlHarbor history, eat pizza & enjoy beers #HoyaSaxa #W2N 🍻🍕🍺🍕

Hawaii Remembers - Home of the Brave 75th Anniversary Block Party - Home of the Brave Tours
Hawaii Remembers - Home of the Brave 75th Anniversary Block Party - Home of the Brave Tours

Hawaii Remembers - Home of the Brave 75th Anniversary Block Party - Home of the Brave Tours

Hosted by the Tomlinson Family and Home of the Brave Brewseum, join us on a sentimental journey through time and embrace the very sights and sounds of an era that changed the course of history forever. Remember, honor and salute America’s heroes at a nostalgic evening in historic Kaka’ako.   “When t...

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos



Great last Tour with the Cooper family. Thanks for a fun filled day! :-D



The Ballad of the USS Arizona by Marshall Catch

The Ballad of the USS Arizona by Marshall Catch

This is a picture slide show of the life of the USS Arizona (1915 - 1941), a massive battleship built by the US Navy and subsequently sunk by the Japanese du...

Pacific Historic Parks - USS Arizona Memorial

Pacific Historic Parks - USS Arizona Memorial

"Every few moments, small bursts of oil that have been locked in darkness for more than seven decades suddenly escape from the fuel tanks of the sunken hull of the USS Arizona. Like spirits silently ascending from the past, these “black tears” quietly surface to spread across the water. There swirled by the breeze and tide, they move in a rhythmic dance choreographed by the natural conditions of the day." -- Jerome A. Kaufman

PC: Jennifer Brokaw



Had a blast with this small group from AL, IL, MN & NY. Some great moments with a fellow 25th alum & the double trouble sisters. (never did figure out which one was double & which one trouble...;-)



Had so much fun with a great group on the military base tour yesterday! (From AZ, CA, FL & TN) Smart kids with a great attitude and a thirst for knowledge was so refreshing, :-D

Seats are filling up fast on our Home of the Brave Tour!  Reserve now at www.homeofthebravetours.com.  Remember, Honor a...

Seats are filling up fast on our Home of the Brave Tour! Reserve now at www.homeofthebravetours.com. Remember, Honor and Salute our veterans!

Today we remember, honor and salute our good friend Captain Bill Paty & all of our American heroes involved with D-Day s...

Today we remember, honor and salute our good friend Captain Bill Paty & all of our American heroes involved with D-Day some 72 years ago. We will remain the land of the free so long as we are the home of the brave!!!

World War II Valor In The Pacific National Monument
World War II Valor In The Pacific National Monument

World War II Valor In The Pacific National Monument

If you are planning a trip to the USS Arizona Memorial this summer, please keep in mind that from June 13 through June 26, 2016, the dock for the USS Arizona Memorial will be dismantled, removed, and replaced. Visitors will not be able to disembark onto the memorial during this time, although a boat ride to observe the memorial will still be available.

All other visitor services will remain unchanged. The USS Bowfin Submarine, USS Battleship Missouri Memorial, and Pacific Aviation Museum will continue to be open to the public.#WWIIValorNPS #PearlHarbor #USSArizonaMemorial

For more information: https://www.nps.gov/valr/learn/news/dock-replacement-at-world-war-ii-valor-in-the-pacific-national-monument.htm

We are now hiring! For more information, give Glen a call at (808) 216-8129 and check out our website at www.homeofthebr...

We are now hiring! For more information, give Glen a call at (808) 216-8129 and check out our website at www.homeofthebravetours.com - ALOHA!

4 Star Commanding Army General Brooks & 4 Star Retired Army Chief of Staff General Sullivan with the Tomlinson family at...

4 Star Commanding Army General Brooks & 4 Star Retired Army Chief of Staff General Sullivan with the Tomlinson family at the last LANPAC AUSA night at the Home of the Brave Brewseum last year.

Remember. Honor. Salute.

Remember. Honor. Salute.

Last year we honored and commermorated our local D-DAY Hero- Captain Bill Paty who was a 23-year-old Army Captain and led A Company, 1st Battalion, 501st Parachute Regiment, part of the 101st "Screaming Eagles" Airborne Division that was immortalized in the Steven Spielberg and Tom Hank's TV miniseries "Band of Brothers." He was among the 6,700 airborne soldiers from the 101st and the 82nd Divisions who parachuted into the Contentin peninsula.

"We jumped at midnight on June 5 into Normandy," Paty said . "Due to the heavy rocket fire we were taking, the pilots took evasive action. It's hard to fly 1,000 C-47s at low altitude over the enemy coastline at midnight without waking the German garrison."

Paty said that when his unit jumped, "we knew we were way off our drop zone, but I didn't know where."

Eight miles from their intended drop zone, the paratroopers were deep in enemy territory. "We dropped into a beehive. We were in firefights throughout the night.”

"Dawn comes. This is D-Day morning. The largest armada in the history of man is now storming the beaches of Utah and Omaha. There are heavy shells from battleships offshore zooming overhead, fighter planes are buzzing around, small-arms fire everywhere.”

Bill was wounded a day after landing in Normandy and taken prisoner. He escaped 2 times and was then held for seven months with 1,200 other U.S. officers in a POW camp in Poland until his 3rd escape.

In 1999, Paty, a retired sugar company executive and former chairman of the state Board of Land & Natural Resources, was awarded the Prisoner of War medal. Since 1994 he has served as a liaison between the civilian community and the Army.

Today, Home of the Brave Brewseum is proud to Remember, Honor, and Salute our greatful nations Heros!

Aloha! From our family here at Home of the Brave to yours on this beautiful memorial day weekend - We shall remain the L...

Aloha! From our family here at Home of the Brave to yours on this beautiful memorial day weekend - We shall remain the Land of the Free, so long as we are the Home of the Brave!

The Brewseum

The Brewseum

This weekend the Tomlinson family had the pleasure of welcoming General Brooks with USARPAC & Ret. General Sullivan, President of Association of the United States Army, down to the Home of the Brave Museum & Brewseum #brewseum #brewpub #museum #army #ausa #usarpac #honolulu #hawaii #armyhawaii #generalbrooks #generalsullivan #homeofthebravebrewing #rememberhonorsalute #kakaako #waimanustreet #landofthefree #homeofthebrave #tomlinsonfamily


909 Waimanu St
Honolulu, HI


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We took the tour when we went to Ohau a few years ago. It was fascinating getting to go on the bases. (Although we have passes) Does this mean you no longer do the tours? That is so sad. If we got to come back I wanted to do the tour again. Maybe learn more about the " Spy from Pearl City". 😭