Marshallese Youth Of Orange County

Marshallese Youth Of Orange County "Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies." - Mother Teresa
The Marshallese Youth of Orange County (MYOC) is located in Costa Mesa California. Our task is to not only teach our youths the importance of unity, but to also strengthen their self esteem, build their character, and instill knowledge of their heritage with plenty of room for fun through song and dance. MYOC is comprised of the first generation Marshallese children of Orange County. With proper guidance, reassurance and resources we trust that MYOC as a non-profit entity will grow strong in it’s’ quest to unite the children of the Marshall Islands throughout Southern California. It is essential that we preserve and retain what culture and tradition we have left while incorporating skills required to succeed in the Western World as well. As we move forward aside our partners, The Marshallese Youth of Orange County will gain yet another step in their climb towards success as they strive forward in their quest to achieve cultural edification and a stronger understanding of the history of the Pacific Region.

Miss Marshall Islands!!

Miss Marshall Islands!!

Each chosen by respective RMI Local Governments. Jeramon nan ledrik rein! Photo Credit: Chewy Lin, Michael Diaz, Chloe Abraham


Iakwe nan RMI Community lo Orange County in...

Susan Rust of Los Angeles Times visited RMI last summer would like to sit down and interview people of our community as well!

We are asking for any and all to join in! All ages are welcome but if you're under 18, please bring mom or dad with you.

We will he hosting our guests at our community home in Garden Grove, time and date will he posted soon.

Inbox for details, and we hope to hear from you all soon!

Komol tata! #RiseupMYOC

Current Affairs: Stay in the loop

Current Affairs: Stay in the loop


At the invitation of U.S. President Donald J. Trump, President Dr. Hilda C. Heine, along with Palau President Tommy Remengesau Jr. and the Federated States of Micronesia President David W. Panuelo were hosted at the White House on Tuesday, May 21st.

This was the first time the three Presidents from the Freely Associated States (FAS) were hosted together by a sitting U.S. President, reaffirming the commitment to the Compacts of Free Association, the bedrock of the unique and enduring relations between the U.S. and the Freely Associated States.

Upon arrival to the White House, the FAS Presidents signed the White House guest book at the Roosevelt Room followed by introductions to President Trump at the Oval Office then held an extended meeting with President Trump and members of his Cabinet at the Cabinet Room.

The cordial meeting held discussions on the following issues; the Compact (commitment and extension); adaptation to natural disasters; illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing; economic development; supporting prosperity, security, and rule of law; private sector investment and trade; and strengthening people-to-people bonds.

President Heine conveyed appreciation, on behalf of the Government and the people of the Marshall Islands, to President Trump for holding the historic meeting and for his hospitality.

President Trump said he wanted to learn about the islands and specified that not many countries have been to the White House Cabinet Meeting room. Following the meeting, a Joint Statement from the four Presidents was issued, reaffirming “interest in a free, open, and prosperous Indo-Pacific region” and expressed confidence that relations will further abide mutual interests and “remain a source of regional security, stability, and prosperity.” The statement also acknowledged the sacrifices of the citizens of the Marshall Islands, Palau, and the Federated States of Micronesia who served in the U.S. military.

Members of President Heine's delegation included Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister John M. Silk, Culture and Internal Affairs Minister Amenta Matthew, Ambassador Gerald M. Zackios, and staffers from the Office of the President and the Marshall Islands Embassy in Washington D.C.


While at the White House on May 21st, President Heine met with Ms. Ivanka Trump, Special Advisor to President Trump, where they discussed initiatives and issues relating to women in leadership and entrepreneurship. President Heine underscored the importance of efforts to encourage women to engage and achieve in business and government. Special Advisor Trump expressed her support for President Heine’s projects to encourage women to actively engage in civic and business.


President Heine and delegation met with Members of the US House of Representatives, Members of the US Senate, Cabinet Members, the World Bank, and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation. Everyone that President met with indicated their support for RMI’s issues including the Compact, Tax & Trade ($20M), and Real ID.

On the House Side, President Heine met with:

1. Chairman Brad Sherman (D,CA)
- Chair for Asia, Pacific, & Nonproliferation - Foreign Affairs Sub. Comm.
2. Ranking Member Ted Yoho
3. Chairman Adam Smith (D,9th-W)
- Chairman for Armed Services Committee
4. Chairwoman Betty McCollum (D,4th)
- Chair for Interior, Environment, & Related Agencies - Appro. Sub.Comm.
5. Rep. Steve Womack (R, AR)
- Ranking Member, House Budget Committee and Member, House Appro Committee
6. Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D, HI)

On the Senate Side, President met with:

1. Senator Ron Wyden (D, OR)
2. Senator Brian Schatz (D, HI)
3. joint meeting w/Chairman Risch and Ranking Member Menendez
- Chairman, Senate Foreign Affairs Committee and
- Ranking Member Senate Foreign Affairs Committee
- This Meeting was held at the Capitol Senate Foreign Affairs Committee Room
4. Senator John Boozman (R-AR)
- Sponsor of the Resolution recognizing the Marshallese culture & heritage and strategic importance
- Sponsor of the Veterans Legislation seeking benefits for FAS veterans
- Member, Senate Foreign Appropriations Committee
5. Senator Tom Cotton (R, AR)
- Member, Senate Armed Services Committee
- Sponsor of Arkansas Resolution recognizing Marshallese
6. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R, AK)
- Chair, Senate Energy& Natural Resources Committee and Senate Appropriations Interior SubCommittee
7. Senator Mazie Hirono (D, HI)
- Chair, Senate Armed Services Seapower SubCommittee

**During President Heine’s visit, the Senate Passed a Resolution (S. Con. Res. 3) recognizing the rich history, heritage, and strategic importance of the Marshall Islands and the Marshallese population residing in the United States.

President Heine met with the following U.S. Cabinet Members:

1) Ms. Ivanka Trump, Special Advisor to the President
2) Secretary David Bernhardt, Department of the Interior
3) Acting Secretary Patrick Shanahan, Department of Defense
4) Secretary Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State
5) Secretary Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education
6) Secretary Robert Wilkie, Secretary of Veterans Affairs

President Heine also met with:

1) Kristalina Georgieva, Chief Executive, World Bank
2) Mr. David Bohigian, President & CEO, Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC)


The Marshall Islands Embassy was the venue for a Briefing and Dinner that President Heine hosted for President Remengesau and President Panuelo on May 19th. This was an opportunity to meet and prepare for the meeting with President Trump and his Administration.


The FAS Ambassadors hosted a Reception in honor of the FAS Presidents. The reception was held at the Longworth House of Business at the US Congress. Congressman Gregorio Kilili Sablan (CNMI) gave the welcome remarks and introduction at the reception. Other important friends of the Marshall Islands who attended the reception and spoke on the importance of the relationships were Representative Don Young (R, AK), Chairman Brad Sherman (D, CA) Representative Ed Case (D, HI), Representative Amata Radewagen (American Samoa), and Representative San Nicholas (Guam).

Winners for this year's basketball Tourney MIK BABY!!!

Winners for this year's basketball Tourney MIK BABY!!!

More May Day pictures

More May Day pictures

More May Day pictures

What a fantastic weekend, God is good, eVERYday! First komolol elap nan Rikaki Baba George Briand and Korain Rikaki Gret...

What a fantastic weekend, God is good, eVERYday! First komolol elap nan Rikaki Baba George Briand and Korain Rikaki Greta Briand for the opening blessing that carried us through the entire weekend and our Deacon Buk that sent us all safety home with the closing prayer.

To Rikaki John im Assemblies of God; Marshallese Ministries of Orange County Youth For Christ; Rikaki Mr and Mrs Joshua Alleen Jelke and the Zedekiah family and their prayer cell, thank you for the food that not only fed the visitors and children but the community as well, wow you guys! Kommool ejabwe nan ad kwalok eo jonan an lap monono eo kin jiban im kobatok in am woj nan juon raan elap nan koj Rimajol.

To all of you that have given your time, your donations, your love, know that all of that went to these kids... These smiles, laughters and memories are products of each and every one of you...

To our weekend warriors and their leads; HB Crew, Martin Harry/MIK and Ms. Christina Kalles .... you guys *heart flutter; you guys stayed with me all weekend ... all weekend, how incredibly humbling is it to have a crew that came through... that stayed all the way through. To Melody Seanoa and our Seanoa Klan that brought the muscle with a drop of a call, it is incredibly heartwarming knowing that we can call on one another anytime for anything and know that we MYOC can come together. And our very own Krystal Mino that came when called on, those prizes were no joke putting them together. To our music Men that not only jammed for us but also put their muscles to work, Buoj Abon and Melvin Beasha, komol tata... and of course my coffee man, you too.

Last but by far not the least, Ms. Likkien Ralpho, the Children's games Coordinator. May our God bless you and shoulder you throughout your work with the kids, how awesome is it that they have the best youth organizer ever!

I thank you all for the opportunity to serve you and our community... #RiseUpMYOC

Ilo kautiej,
President/Executive Director
N. Kelani Silk

More mayday pictures

More mayday pictures

Constitutional celebration in OC

Constitutional celebration in OC


Tustin Sports Park today!!

12850 Robinson Dr, Tustin, CA 92782

Happy Constitution Day all!

Happy Constitution Day all!


Ro rej wia kin mona ak mweok lo weekend in, booth ko renaj bojak nan kom lo 9:30am.... jouj bojrak lok lo booth en an MYOC nan check in. Opening Ceremony ej 10:00 am sharp...


A big komol tata to Mr. and Mrs. Robin and Jasmine Jacob and to Johnson and Jessica for their donations! Komol tata! Robin Jacob Jessica Jaydan Roman #RiseupMYOC



First & foremost..let us give thanks to our Heavenly Father for His never ending blessings upon each and everyone of us!

2nd.. It's about that time of the year where we come together and celebrate our beloved Motherland.. the beautiful Marshall Islands! 🇲🇭❤️

Orange County MayDay 2019 festivities will be held this Memorial weekend May 25th-27th. Saturday&Sunday will be held at Ensign Intermediate School 2000 Cliff Drive, Newport Beach, CA, 92663 - for some indoor and blacktop activities. Monday will be at Tustin Sports Park (Robinson) 12850 Robinson Drive, Tustin, Ca, 92782 - for softball, track&field and tennis activities!

Opening ceremony will begin at 10am!

If there are any questions or concerns, please reach out to any of your MYOC board members!

PS..if your child is in need of community service hours or just enjoys serving their community 🙂 ..visit the MYOC booth for more information!


Office of the President, Republic of the Marshall Islands

Ebunlok Jijwa! Motto eo an Constitution Day 2019!

[Kajin Aelon Kein]

[Check Against Delivery]
Iakwe kom aolep. Kamolol Iroj kin wonake eo an nan kij im Aelon Kein. Imonono bwe imaron tilmaake naan in an Kien ilo May Day 2019 ilo Kajin Majol.

Ilo ad kautiej Manit in ad, ij likit ao naan in kile nan Irooj im Lerooj ro ad ilo belaak ko kajojo iloan im ilikin Majol in. Juon kile eo ejenoklok nan Iroojlaplap eo im Irooj ro mottan ilo ailin in Majuro in. I-bareinwot konaan lewaj ao naan in kile nan ri uteej ro ad ilo Kien eo, ro ilo mweo imon Irooj, ilo Nitijela im ilo Imon Ekajot eo bareinwōt aolep armij in Majol ilo ad kemem-e 40 iio in ad kien e kij make.

Jen Kojwoj Armej in Majel, I konan lelok juon kile eo ejenolok nan rutiej rein jen lal ko jerad im mottad im raar maron in itok jen joko rettollok im jolok ien ko aer raorōk bwe ren maron in kobatok ipped ilo rainin elap im aurok, ilo ad kautiej im kememe rainin, eo ej kokkallaik 40 iio ko jonan ritto in Kien in ad.

Juon kile im kautiej ejnolok nan His Excellency Baron D. Waqa, President eo an Nauru, kora eo karejaran Lady Waqa im aolep ro raar itok ippa-erro tok, His Excellency Taneti Mamau, President eo an Kiribati im ro raar itok ipan tok, Vice Foreign Minister Shu jen ROC Taiwan im Admiral Wang jen Flagship Pan – Shi ekoba Squadron eo an jen ROC Secretary eo an Foreign Affairs, Mr. Lorin Robert jen Federated States ko an Micronesia, Special Envoy eo an Palau President Remengsau, Mr. Secilil Eldebechel, Ambassador eo an Australia nan Aelon Kein, His Excellency Mr. George Fraser im Mrs. Ambassador eo an Vietnam, His Excellency Vu Hong Nam im Mrs. Nam, im Ambassador Jorge Sanchez nan Majol jen Spain.

Ikonan bar kile ro uwaan Diplomatic Corps eo im rej jokwe ipan ilo Aelon Kein, Her Excellency Karen Stewart eo an Amedka; His Excellency Norio Saito im Mrs Saito jen Japan; im His Excellency Jeffrey Hsiao im Mrs Hsiao jen ROC Taiwan.

Ikonan bar lelok ao kile development Partner ro mottad im rebed ippen ion Majuro in ilo wiik in, aolep ro jet jerad im mottad, ekoba jet kora in Majel ro raar menunaak nan CNMI im rej lotok koj im jipan kememe rainin aurok. Ilo etan Kien eo im armej in Majel kim konan lewaj Kile im kammoolol kom ilo ami kar eron kur eo im koba tok ilo ien in nan monono kin 40th iio in kememe Constitution in an Ri majel.

EBUNLOK JIJWA ej unin tel eo an May Day 2019 ilo ad keemem 40 iio jonan ritto in Jemenei eo ad, im unin tel in ej mel̗el̗e in koba ippān dron im kememe juon ien eo eaurok. Ikonan lelok kamolol eo nan organizing committee eo an Constitution Day in kin lo eman im aer maron kalot unin tol in an rainin. Enoul (40) iio in ad Kien e kij make ej juon kokalle nan kojwoj aolep Ri Majel ilo ad ippān doon im monono bareinwōt kam̗oolol kin ad Kien e kij make im ej juon iien eo elap an aurok nan lal in ad.

Unin tol in an Constitution Day in elukkin in jejjot im mool kinke ej kitbuuj jitopen jerbal ippan dron einwot juon jukjuk in bed an Ri – Majel, im bareinwōt kinke ej kakememej jonan aurok in baamle kein ad, jukjuk in bed in im ro jet repaak e kij. EBUNLOK JIJWA ej mottan wot lemonono kin mour kein ad.

Ritto ro ad raar kanooj melele ke ejaake juon mour ilo aelon kein ear jab juon wawein eo ebidodo; raar kanooj melele ke elon kauwotata ko ilo ad neej jokwe im ejaak mour kein ad ilo pelaak kein ad; raar bareinwōt melele kin japwe in budej ioon ane im kin meto in elap ej jepool̗e kij.

Im kinke raar kile im elewetak kin wawein apan kein, raar melele ke ej aikuj wor ien ad koba ipan doon im kememe ien ko re aurok nan kij im tobrak in jerbal ko ad jen ien nan ien. Ak elaplok nan ad kōkajoor doon ilo kotopar ko ad nan ad kamolol kin jukjukinpad ko ad im armej ro ie.

Im kio, ilo ejja jitipon kamolol in wot jej keememej ro raar ejaake Jemen E in ad ilo aer kar lo etonak ko remmon einwot jet Ri – tol im kijejeto ilo kotobar in im emoj an bōktok kij nan ijin rainin. Ilo an lon wawein ko jej kamolol kim kememe ilo rainin, jen kile bwe ej wor wot jerbal ko jet rej aikuj dedelok, nan komman bwe aelon kein ad ren emman im juon iliju ebolemen nan ro nejid im jipud ilo epepen kane imaan.

Rainin ej juon raan in errelik lok. Ej iien nan ad bojrak, kakkije jen wawein ko ropukij kij, reilok nan iio ko enoul remootlok, im lale ewi jonan im emoj ad kijonne, im etonak kin ta enaj bōktok iliju im jeklaj eo. Ej iien nan erreliklok nan etale tōprak ko emoj aer bok jikier im ta ko raar jab maron tobrak im jej aikuj kokmanmanilok nan bobooj juon iliju eo eman nan lal in ad ilo ad kakurmool ad Kien anemkwōj.

Ej iien nan etale tokjen im emman eo loe jen ad kar kobaiki im dood bwe kein democracy ak Kien anemkwōj ej pedped eo in nan Kien in ad im tokjen ad kar kobaiki tok manit im men ko bwinnid ilo aelon Kein ilo lamlame in Kien in, tokjen im menin jeramman ko jej loi rainin jen ipan doon in an ruo weween mour im tomak. Iien nan pojrak im reilok nan ijo imulal tata im ej etale kadkadid Kien im mour in ad eo eoktak lok jen Kien ko jet rej mour iumin Kien anemkwōj.

Ij kile ri tel ro ad mokta lok, President eo ad kein kajuon im ej jemen Aelon Kein, Iroijlaplap Amata Kabua im First Lady Lejla Emlain Kudo Kabua, President eo kein karuo Iroijlaplap Imata Jebro Kabua, im former First Lady Lejla Hiromi Kabua, former President Kessai H. Note im kar First Lady Mary Y. Note, Former President, Senator Iroij Litokwa Tomeing im kar First Lady Lejla Arlene Tomeing, late President im Iroijlaplap Jurelang Zedkeia im kar First Lady Lejla Hannah Zedkeia, im former President Senator Iroij Christopher Jorebon Loeak im kar First Lady Lieom Anono Loeak, former President Senator Casten Nemra im kar First Lady Terry Paul Nemra, im ro otemjej raar jerbal iumin tel ko aer remman im Kin eddo eo ion aeraer enin ear maron in ekkal lal jidrikdrik in ad im enin ejjanin jemlok an ekkal.

Ien ekabit eo an President eo kein kajuon an lal in ad ear komman ilo May 1, 1979, ejejjet 40 iio ko remootlok rainin. Ilo an newspepa eo Micronesian Reporter eo kar kemeleleiki ien in ear ba:

“Mekarta ear juon raan eo ear lukkuun in wot mejiljil, wot eo ear jab kabweer jitoben erre maan lok ko an ro raar bed ilo ien eo. Ro uwaan Nitijela eo ekaal im emoj kelet er raar jijot wot im bed ilo ien kejeramman eo mekarta ear wot-ti-drikdrik ioer. Lelok kallimur in jerbal eo aer ear komman jen Honorable Kabua Kabua, Presiding Judge eo an Marshall Islands District Court eo.”

Micronesian Reporter eo ear wonmanlok wot im ba: “First Lady Emlain Kabua ear kwalok flag eo ekaal an Marshall Islands, eo im ear make eiki im kommane. Ilo tore eo rej lellal tak Flag eo an kar Trust Territory im lelonlok flag eo ekaal an Majol, elukkun lur im ejellok keroro ibwilijin jelebiju eo im ejja ien in wot Rita Youth Choir eo ear al kin National Anthem eo ekaal an Majol.”

Ilo naan eo an President Kabua kein kajuon ear ba: “Ilo rainin ebed ilo bwebwenato, May 1, 1979, jej koba tok ippan dron im kautiej lal jidrikdrik in ad, im kememe an lotak kien in ad makmake eo enaaj kiene aelon kein ad.”

“Jen rainin im wonmanlok, en ejjelok juon en ej bere jonan maron eo ad ion aolepen Aelon Kein Ad. Elap an utiej burued ilo ad jar im kammoolol Anij Ekajur Botata, Eo jej kajjitok kin kejeramman eo an rainin. Jej kile im kammoolol bwe eddo eo an lal eo an United States iumin Trusteeship eo ear juon eo etobrak im enin jej tobar tok jemlok in rainin.”

“Ear wor ro im raar ba bwe jerbal in ejake juon kien nan aelon kein ad, jet ko im raar jorraan jen bata ko rellap, bed iumin pein kien kamakoko elon jen lal ko rellap elonlok jen 100 iio, im jelmae menin melijjon ko ion armej im pelaak kein ad jimor, raar jet wawein ko rejelet im rej ella jen jonan maron ko an armej ro ad…”

“An Kien in ad jutak ijin rainin ej kein kamool eo ad emman tata in im ej kwalok kin konan eo ad make bwe jen kakirmool kallimur eo ad bwe jen make bok eddo in jimwe eo ion lal in ad, ene ko ie, malo ko ie, mejatoto eo an, im armej ro an…”

Ijjelokin kein, ilo ennaan eo an President Kabua ear kalimjeke lok wot im lo juon lal enaj maron Kien e kij make im wawein ko remman nan lemaanlok jokkun mour (economic) in ad, ilo wawein kien e kij make, ear jela wot ke enej wor melijon ko imaan. Ear jeiki naan kein: “Jooj melele ke ialin imaan eban juon eo enaj pidodo.”

Botaap, ilo an kar President karok administration plan nan eddoklok eo an iliju im jeklaj eo an aelon kein, ear kwalok an kamolol. Ear ba “Kien in jaar ejaake ilo aelon kein ad juon eo ejenolo̗k im emake wot, kin koba in principle ko keidi ippan lal ko jet ipel̗aakin lal in. Im jej muri wot im kamolol ejob kien eo wot an United States, ak, bar ro jet jerar im mottad ipel̗aakin lal in im woden bwil kein.”

“Jej kamolol armej in Nauru. Bujen jemjera in ad ipan doon, kile eo utiej im wawein ko rellap kin aer maron invest ilo aelon kein rej jet muri ko im jaan epan maron in bar kollaiki. Im jaar bareinwōt muri ippan lal ko jet iturid, armej ro ilo Kiribati im Federated States ko an Micronesia.”

Im ear wonmanlok im pa ke “Ilo ad kar ekatak kin jet wawein ko im loe ippan Congress eo an Micronesia, im mene ear jab jemlok einwot ilo juon ipan doon einwot juon lal, ak ear maron in komman bwe en wor jimjera im jela nae doon ko ippan armej in aelon kein ippan lal im kien kein ilo aer ejaak jen Micronesia, ekoba ejjab Federated ko an Micronesia wot ak lal ko jet rekajur einwot Republic of Palau im Commonwealth eo an Northern Mariana Islands.”

Rainin, jej kememe 40 iio in ad monono kin Jemen Ae in ad im Kien anemkoj. Ij kajitok bwe jen komman ad make kalimur, ak recommit koj make nan kallok juon iliju eo ebolemen nan kij aolep ro jej watok kij ri majel. Ij kajitok bwe ro im ewor aer kijejeto im itoklimo einwot im rej jukjuk im amṇak einwot Ri majel ilo kapijuknen in koj jolete, Jen komman bwe ijin Jaar jolete im mour ie jen raan nan raan en juon eo enaaj inemman nan kora im ajiri ro, school ko epolomaeir nan ajiri ro, aujpitol ko nan ri nan̄inmej ro im en juon lal eo epoleman im emaron pedped ion kapeel ko ad make (ak resilient) nan epepen ko tokelik.

Ne kwe juon Ri kaki, ikonan bwe kon bar kokaal kalimur eo nan kwe make. Imelele ke ewor wawein ko koj lontak kaki ak maron wor inepata kin wawein an men kein maron wor topraki er, botap ikonan bwe kon lomnak ta eo ear komman bwe kon juon ri katakin. Ikonan bwe kon pukot ta eo ej itoklimo im ie, ilo am jerbal im kokajoorlok. Ikonan bwe kon kamemej enjake eo emman tata ilo am kojerbal jelalokijen im kapeel eo am nan jipan ro jet. Im kio, ikonan bwe kon kalimur ippam make bwe konej juon ri kaki eo ebolemen iliju im wonmaanlok.

Ne kwe juon mama, ikonan bwe kon recommit ak kokaal kalimur eo nan kwe make bwe kon juon mama ak jinen eo ebolemen nan family eo. Aaet, imelele ke ewor jet kapanpan ko koj iooni ippam family eo am kin menin aikuj ko, botab ikonan bwe kon kamemej ilo iien eo kar keeotak maanje eo jinoin tata im monono eo kwar enjake ippan family eo am. Ikonan bwe kon kamemej etonak eo am nan eo nejim. Im kio, ikonan bwe kon kalimmur ke konej mama ak jinen eo ebolemen nan family eo jen iliju im wonmaanwaj.

Im kio, ilo ad monono kin enoul (40) anniversary in Kien Anemkwoj, ikonan bwe kajojo iaad ilo ad jamin meloklok bwe aelon kein ad ej ad lamoren jen kalimmur bwe jenaaj kokmanmanilok jukjukin bed im melan kein ad, kokmanmanilok wawein ad kommani eddo ko ad ilo jikin jerbal ko, maron jet mama im baba ro remman nan ajiri ro, im ri jerbal im citizen ro remman nan Marshall Islands eo emman.

Nan kojemloke, ikonan bar juon alen bok iien im kamolol organizing committee kin kememe in an iio in Constitution Day, im aolep ro raar bok kunaer ilo parade im ro jet im renaj maron bok kunaer ilo raan kane tok imaan. Nan ro Jeraer im mottad, ikonan lewaj jomokajin iokwe eo emaanantata kin ami kar koba tok. Ikonan pa kom ke komin monono ilo 40th Constitution Day.

Ikonaan kojemlok naan in kin ao bar kakememej kijwoj kin BedBed in Kotobar in ad einwot an walok ilo jinoin Jemen-Ei eo ad:

KIM, ARMIJ in Ailin in Majol, ilo am liki Anij, im Ri Letok Mour, anemkwōj, kadkadim, im jimwe im maron ko nan kim make im epepen ko am tokelik nan kakon bedbed in karokan kien eo ejejjit nan kiene Ailin in Majol.
Ewor unin bwe en utiej buruom kin ro jemem mokta, ro raar beran in kijoon meto ko rellap im ear ejelok melele kake ilo Lometo in Pacific in elon buki yio ko remotlok, im raar maron ella ion aban ko rebbin ien otemjej nan debij im bobooj juon bed in mour eo epen ion ene jidik kein ilo jipadok eo aer eaurok nan kalek jukjuk-in-ped in aer ejjelok uaan.
Jukjuk-in-ped in emwij an ped im ej mour mantak wot, im emwij an drebloke melejon eo an ien, erertok in mour im manit ko jet, jorran in tarinae elap, im wonen eo edo im emoj kollaiki nan un ko non debij aenemon im jokane eo an lal in. Kim im men ko jabdewot am rainin einwot juon armej ak lal, kim ar tobari einwot menin jolet ko raurok ko kimij kalimur bwe kim naj onaki im kejparoki ilo am kaurok ejjelok bar juon men elaplok jen lamoren in am ion ene kein.
Kin Jemen-Ei in, kimij kabinlok konaan im jimwe in mour eo am ilo aeneman im lemonono ipan doon, ilo rielok pedped ko an kien anemkwōj, ilo kobalok ilo konaan im kotabar ko an aolepan armej ro woj ilo juon lal eo e anemkwōj im jokane, im kijejeto kin aolepan ijo kim maron nan jipan rielok kotobar mejen kajjik in. Kimij jakjelok nan armej ro woj jet, ta ko, jan ijo emulal ilo buru, kimij bukot jen ir: aeneman, jimjera, jela karok an doon im kauteej lomnak im jipadbad ko aduij kajojo im mour in armej ro ipan doon.

Kom emol tata, im Anij en kojeramman kij woj aolep im kollaplok an kojeramman Aelon Kein Ad. Jeramman.

MAY 1, 2019

[Check Against Delivery]
Iakwe kom aolep. Ij kobalok ilo jar ko an Reverend Paluke Johnny im bok ien in emman im lelok kile, nebar, im kamolol nan Anij Jemed kin onake eo An nan kij kajojo, im nan lal jidikdik in ad. Ilo ad kautiej Manit in ad, ij likit ao naan in kile nan Irooj im Lerooj ro ad ilo belaak ko kajojo iloan im ilikin Majol in. Juon kile eo ejenoklok nan Iroojlaplap eo im Irooj ro mottan ilo ailin in Majuro in. I-bareinwot konaan lewaj ao naan in kile nan aolep armij in Majol ilo ad kemem-e 40 iio in ad kien e kij make.

Traditional Leaders of the Marshall Islands,
Chairman Kotak Loeak and esteemed Members of the Council of Iroij,
Speaker Kenneth Kedi, Vice Speaker Jejwadrik Anton and fellow Colleagues of the Cabinet and Nitijela and your Good Spouses,
Chief Justice Carl Ingram and Members of the Judiciary,
Local Government Mayors from across our Republic,
Members of the Diplomatic Corps: US Ambassador Karen Stewart, ROC-Taiwan Ambassador Jeffery Hsiao and Madam Hsiao, and Japanese Ambassador Norio Saito and Madam Saito
Reverend Paluke Johnny and Members of the Clergy,
Chief Secretary Benjamin Graham and Heads of Ministries and Agencies of Government,
Chairman and Members of the Public Service Commission,
Heads of State-owned Enterprises,
Members of the Private Sector,
Members of Non-Governmental and Civil Society Organizations,
Students, teachers, and parents participating in this year’s Constitution Day parade and activities,
My Fellow Marshallese:

I would like to give special recognition to our guests and friends who have traveled far to join in the festivities marking our 40th anniversary of self-government. In particular, I wish to recognize His Excellency President Baron Divavesi Waqa and Lady Waqa of Nauru, and members of their delegation, His Excellency President Taneti Mamau of Kiribati, Vice Minister Shu Republic of China-Taiwan and Admiral Wang of the Flagship Pan-shi and the crew of the visiting ROC Squadron, Secretary of Foreign Affairs Lorin Robert of the Federated States of Micronesia, Special Envoy of Palau President Remengsau, Mr. Secilil Eldebechel, Ambassador and Mrs. George Fraser of Australia, Ambassador and Mrs. Nam of Vietnam, and Ambassador Jorge Sanchez of Spain.

I also wish to acknowledge our many development partners who are with us in Majuro this week, as well as a special group of Marshallese ladies who came all the way from the CNMI. I extend on behalf of the people and government our deep gratitude to each and every one of you for accepting our invitation, and for coming to help us celebrate this the fortieth anniversary of our constitution.

The motto for our 40th Constitution Day celebrations is EBUNLOK JIJWA, which means to come together to celebrate an event of great significance. I wish to thank the organizers of this year’s Constitution Day for their foresight and selection of this year’s motto. Forty years of self- government is indeed a call for all Marshallese to come together to celebrate and to give thanks; forty years of self government, I believe, is an event of great significance.

Our constitution day motto is fitting because it embraces the communal spirit of the Marshallese people, and because it reminds us of the importance of family, of community, and of nationhood. EBUNLOK JIJWA is indeed about celebrating life.

Our ancestors understood that making a life on these islands was not going to be easy; they understood the many perils that were a part of living in an atoll environment; they understood the limitations of the land and the vastness of the ocean that surrounded them.

And because they were keenly aware of these challenges, they understood that it was equally important that significant achievements were celebrated not only to mark their successes, but more importantly, to strengthen and fortify their common resolve by giving thanks together as a community and as a people.

And so, in that same spirit of thanks-giving we remember the framers of our Constitution whose visionary leadership and dogged determination have brought us to where we are today. While there is much to celebrate today, there is much more that could be done, and should be done, to make our nation a better and brighter place for our children and future generations.

Today is also a day of reflection. It is time to pause from the many distractions of our daily lives, to look back at the last forty years, to consider how far we have come, and to dream of the possibilities of tomorrow. It is a time to reflect on what has worked and what has not worked in our effort to build a better nation and a truer democracy for our people. It is a time to examine and appraise how the marriage of Western democratic principles upon which our government was founded, and the rich Marshallese cultural traditions that underpin the fabric of our society has fared over the last forty years. It is a time to stop and look into the very core of our uniquely Marshallese democracy.

In this vein, I wish to give recognition to our past leaders our founding President, the Late Iroijlaplap Amata Kabua and former first lady Lejla Emlain Kudo Kabua, former President Iroijlaplap Imata Jebro Kabua and former first lady Lejla Hiromi Kabua, former President Senator Kessia H. Note and former first lady Mary Note, former President Senator Iroij Litokwa Tomeing and former first lady Lejla Arlene Tomeing, late President and Iroijlaplap Jurelang Zedkaia and former first lady Lejla Hannah Zedkaia, former President Senator Iroij Christopher Jorebon Loeak and former first lady Lejla Lieom Anono Loeak, former President Senator Casten Nemra and former first lady Terry Paul Nemra, and all those who served in their respective administrations. It was on their shoulders that our nation was built and continues to be built today.

The Inauguration of the first President of the Marshall Islands was held on May 1, 1979, exactly 40 years ago today. The newspaper, Micronesian Reporter, described the events of the day this way:

“Although it was a very rainy day, the rain didn't appear to dampen the spirit and determination of those present. Newly elected Nitijela members sat in a light rain throughout the ceremony. They were sworn in by the Honorable Kabua Kabua, Presiding Judge of the Marshall Islands District Court.”

The Micronesian Reporter continues: “First Lady Emlain Kabua presented the new Marshall Islands flag, which she designed and made. The Trust Territory flag was lowered and as the Marshall Islands flag was raised, a great silence fell over the crowd. When the flag of the Marshall Islands was hoisted to the top of the staff, the Rita Youth Choir sang the Marshall Islands National Anthem.”

In his inaugural speech, President Amata Kabua said: “On this historic day, May 1, 1979, we come together in honor of our country and in celebration of the birth of our own government of these islands.”

“From this day forward, let no one doubt our full and complete sovereignty over the Marshall Islands. We proudly proclaim our profound thanks to Almighty God, whose blessing we seek today. We give thanks that the Trusteeship of the United States over our islands has succeeded and is drawing toward its conclusion.”

“There were those who said the job of putting a government in place in these islands, which have been torn by war, subjected to 100 years of foreign rule, and lashed by the onslaughts of both man and nature, was beyond the ability of our people…”

“The fact our government is here in place today is our best evidence of our willingness to live up to our part of that commitment we have made to assume full and rightful sovereignty over our nation, its islands, its waters, its skies and its people.”

Although President Kabua’s remarks were focused on our new found sovereignty and the economic opportunities that self-government could bring, he knew that there would be challenges. He wrote: “We know the road ahead is not an easy one.”

But as the President outlined his administration’s plans for the economic future of the Marshall Islands, he remained grateful. He remarked that “[t]he government we have created for these islands is unique, a blend of principles derived from many nations. And we owe debts of gratitude to not only the United States, but also to our friends around the world and to our neighbors in the Pacific.”

“We thank the people of Nauru. Their friendship, their recognition and their great investment in our country have created a debt which money alone can never repay. We are likewise indebted to our near neighbors, the people of the Gilbert Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia.”

He continued to say that “While learning experience with the Congress of Micronesia has not ended in Micronesian political unity, it has led to a basis for friendship and cooperation on the part of the people of the Marshalls with all of the countries and governments which emerged from Micronesia, including not only the Federated States of Micronesia and the sovereign Republic of Palau, but also the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.”

Today, as we celebrate the fortieth anniversary of constitutional government, I ask that we recommit ourselves to building a better nation for everyone who calls the Marshall Islands home. I ask each and every one of you who have made these islands your home to do your part to make our homes safer for our women and children, our schools promising and exciting for our students, our hospitals accommodating of our sick, and our nation more resilient for future generations.

If you are a teacher, I want you to recommit yourself. I understand that you may be frustrated or may have issues about how things are done, but I want you to think about why you got into teaching in the first place. I want you to find that spark that got you interested in the profession in the first place. I want you remember that wonderful feeling of being able to pass on your knowledge to another person. And then, I want you to make a pledge that you will become that better teacher tomorrow.

If you are a mother, I want you to recommit yourself to be a better mom for your family. Yes, I understand that you may be struggling with your family’s finances, but I want you to remember when your first child was born and the joy that it had brought you and your family. I want you to remember the dreams you had for your child. And then, I want you to pledge that you will be a better mother for your family tomorrow.

And so, as we celebrate this the fortieth anniversary of constitutional government, I want each one of us who have made the Marshall Islands our home to pledge that we will become better stewards of our environment, better employees at our place of work, better parents to our children, and better citizens for a better Marshall Islands.

In closing, I wish to take this opportunity to thank the organizing committee for this year’s Constitution Day, and everyone who participated in the parade and those who will be participating in other activities over the next few days. To our esteemed friends and guests, I extend a very warm Kommol Tata for honoring us with your presence. I wish you all a very Happy Fortieth Constitution Day!

Let me close by quoting the Preamble in our Constitution, “We have reason to be proud of our forefathers who boldly ventured across the unknown waters of the vast Pacific Ocean many centuries ago, ably responding to the constant challenges of maintaining a bare existence on these tiny islands, in their noble quest to build their own distinctive society.
This society has survived, and has withstood the test of time, the impact of other cultures, the devastation of war, and the high price paid for the purposes of international peace and security. All we have

and are today as a people, we have received as a sacred heritage which we pledge ourselves to safeguard and maintain, valuing nothing more dearly than our rightful home on the islands within the traditional boundaries of this archipelago.
With this Constitution, we affirm our desire and right to live in peace and harmony, subscribing to the principles of democracy, sharing the aspirations of all other peoples for a free and peaceful world, and striving to do all we can to assist in achieving this goal.
We extend to other peoples what we profoundly seek from them; peace, friendship, mutual understanding, and respect for our individual idealism and our common humanity.”

Kom emol tata, im Anij en kojeramman kij woj aolep im kollaplok an kojeramman Aelon Kein Ad.

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