Estate We Sell the History of Things. Take a look at our treasures at A signed first edition of William Gibson's Neuromancer, a bottle with 1/16" of a perfume that only exists in a museum in paris.

Things brought back from travels all over the world, art by my friends who should be recognized, books that need to be printed, or a black chiffon skirt in a color that makes you glad. A special order perfume described as a scent of jasmine and to***co and brings to mind the romance of Paris. The real velvets and mirrors and silks of 50 years ago, the finest of new things exquisitely chosen. Hats that are more confections, a limoges soup ladle, symbolist bronze figurines. Jewels in brilliant colors new and old and combined, Sprouse, Isee, Armani, Ungaro, Givenchy. Everything you've ever wanted was bought, bartered or sold in my lifetime. Stop in and see, feel and touch the memories of things.

Operating as usual

Abandoned in a Hammock is an uplifting novel by first time author Hector Abreu. It is sure to make you rethink your life...

Abandoned in a Hammock is an uplifting novel by first time author Hector Abreu. It is sure to make you rethink your life by letting go of the past and heading toward a better future. Buy it on Amazon, it will be well worth it.

Cousin It from the Adam's Family Values

Pearl & Rhinestone Gold Ring. Never worn. Size 6-7. Available at Estate or on Shopify with free shipping. $40 #gold #rin...
Pearl Studded Gold Ring

Pearl & Rhinestone Gold Ring. Never worn. Size 6-7. Available at Estate or on Shopify with free shipping. $40 #gold #rings #pearl #jewerly

With Gold Pave Rhinestones.

Find this and other great bracelets on our shopify #bracelets

Find this and other great bracelets on our shopify page. #bracelets


We are going to be in a POLAR VORTEX! I don't want to go out and I suspect no one will be shopping on Grand either. I think I'll stay home and open cartons for Estate. Also if you haven't bought it in 5years it's going to the Brown Elephant I think they pick up or you can have it for a $1!


dammit Facebook I am not a Real Estate Agent!!! I am the Lazy Retailer stop watching me. I have to get rid of Real Estate Agent not even slightly interested in that line of work


Oh yeah, and handbags and ...


Where has the Lazy Retailer been? Being Lazy. But then I realized it was Xmas so I am restocking the shop with winter things and gifty things like more jewels. Gotta get some boots down here. Stop in. Xcellent Gift wrapping if I don't say so myself

Famous French Bag Shop , Miami Beach Florida. Large handmade needle point bag circa 1950 - never worn 11 3/4 x 14 x 3 1/...

Famous French Bag Shop , Miami Beach Florida.
Large handmade needle point bag circa 1950 - never worn 11 3/4 x 14 x 3 1/4 Large. Offers accepted or buy on Shopify

The turkey that thought it was a pork chop.

The turkey that thought it was a pork chop.


so sad a mouse drowned in my toilet! Honest


I was just looking around and found that April Dippy Design a woman who loves to steal is trying to make it look as tho she can sell my merchandise. Please DO NOT ATTEMPT to PURCHASE anything from April Dippy Design She has no rights to the artwork and does not have that merchandise I do


fabulous girl came in really pretty was late to work but still managed to pick up some fabulous handbags scarves and brooches in time!!! so much fun when people are happy


The sale is over Thursday the 17 I am out of town 23-3 but I think I'll pick it up again with more merchandise on the 3 so come in this week. If I am out doing beauty things G-d knows I need it call me at 312 666 7555 and i'll meet you here. Otherwise the sale is 12-4 ish I might even come in tomorrow saturday tomorrow!


I am trying to write that the SALE is happening but Bessie the 15 year old mac is acting up agin


I can publish so weird feel intellectual




$10 Sale has been on since Tuesday and I forgot to say anything!


uh oh I forgot to mention that the Sale started Tuesday and tomorrow is Friday and I forgot to remind everyone. Well the "footraffic" has been in can't miss the sign. Everything is $10! I just can't decide if I should put Fall clothes in the windows. I think if it's really 60 degrees tomorrow it may change my mind (and kill my basil).


Seriously we look like an Italian restaurant. Oh and Nancy I am working on Davey and his two favorite waiters Oscar and Brother. Should be done soon.


Probably a lot of food pictures over Labor Day. Kids post those. Have you noticed there are no clothes/jewelry etc. pictures? It's because I am too embarrassed to post my own photos they are so bad. I need a photographer!!!


So today was our last day until Labor Day-we will be closed until the 9th. I will be in on the 8th putting up the fall sign, leaves and DUSTING! Nothing to keep you from stopping in I'll just not be technically open. On the 9th everything is $10 sale starts there will be a big red sign . The reason for the big red SALE sign is because the Lazy Retailer is having her hur did in the morning and will be late to her own sale. Probably will make it in at 1.Then I'll put the sign up and it's sale time. The first item is $10, everything after that is $5 per piece. Need you to clean the place out. There isn't a lot of room and I need to bring all new stuff down. I know I keep promising but there's no space so you will simply have to buy expensive things cheap! And remember, if I am not there and you need me, call me and I will get there as soon as is convenient for you. 312 666 7555. Happy Labor Day!


Four people came into the shop 4 women and a guy. I thought they were sisters but one was Mom. I need the name of her plastic surgeon or she had the kids when she was really young. I just can't believe it was just genetics! Although I do know one other person like that. I thought she was 25 and a week later we celebrated her 40th birthday! Anyway they were so fun I hope they come back and they got a whole bunch of very excellent stuff-jewels, blazer and some such


Bard Economics from Lunch in Paris:
1) Money not spent on item A is money saved, thus making item B half price
2) You regret only the things you didn't buy


ok p if you don't retouch 2 pix people will think Estate is an Italian restaurant.I have the captions. I am kinda hurt but they say: a son is a son till he takes a wife: a daughter's a daughter the rest of her life. And really depressed because of the dark grey sky 3" above my head but at 3pm all these fabulous people come into the shop, like really interesting fun people. One woman only had the exact amount of cash and the square terrifies me so I gave her a buck back. Ladies, you always have emergency money. $20 is best but a dollar will do. Don't forget the Sale after Labor Day. Have you noticed it has a new name every time I write about it? Have I cleaned up? No. Have I organized anything? Why can't you just buy everything for $10 first item $5 for everything thereafter. And if you clean the place out there's less for me to clean!!! Because I am The Lazy Retailer...

Plowitz tomato basil proscuitto olives on bucatiniP) Added fried prosciutto and olivesW) Tomato mozzarella salad, prosci...

Plowitz tomato basil proscuitto olives on bucatini

P) Added fried prosciutto and olives
W) Tomato mozzarella salad, prosciutto, & olives?
P) No the fresh tomato mozzarella balls + basil + garlic over pasta
W) Oh, even better. This recipe is a keeper. Oh I see now, wow!
V) That looks amazing!!!
W) Yeah, huh?!?!


Not that I want to jinx things, but do you think we could have a long Indian Summer to make up for June?


michelle what did you invite me too? I owe you cookie money


I got a conundrum: Do I take the Summer sign down and put the Fall sign up or do I leave Summer up until the official first day of Fall(which is our 5th anniversary?) I mean last weekend I hid in the air conditioning it was over 90-Summer. Today it was 60-70 in the morning. Would someone please tell me what season this is? I don't even change the clothes seasonally anymore. It could be any weather anytime. To avoid the problem of what to call the Sale, howz bout I call it School Starts, Now I have Time to Shop $10 Sale? Starts 9/9-9/17 except for weekends. I probably don't need to tell you why...


I thought of a great tumblr story. It will be called Davey and his favoriate waiters Oscar and Brother. The Lazy retailer just has to write it


so i am looking at the newest posted photos and I have to admit I took them and I am the worst photographer ever. I was so pathetic in college that if my boyfriend hadn't printed my final project I would have flunked. so please try and disregard the lack of focus the strange things appearing in the background and the lint because I didn't even dust and I can't work photoshop. In addition. in High School my typing teacher Mrs. Stanis made you sit in the hall if you chewed gum, so I chewed gum and sat in the hall the entire year. so its not that I can't spell, I can't type. I've noticed that no one spells anything right anyway anymore, so I guess that's ok, but do forgive my lack of craft in photography. You can't even tell how gorgeous the stuff is. gotta find a photographer...


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