Museums in Carbondale, IL

Find museums in Carbondale, IL. Listings include The Science Center, SIUC Surplus-Gallery, University Museum, CAI- Center for Archaeological Investigations, Station Carbondale and SIUC Art History Association and Museum Student Group. Click on each in the list below the map for more information.

  • 06/01/20
    Hello young scientists! Today we have a puzzle for you to solve! It is about a dog show. This puzzle came from the book "Over 80 Brain Puzzles" by Usborne Books. The puzzle goes like this: "Alfie,...
    > The Science Center
  • 05/31/20
    Hello young scientists! You probably know that some colors are made by mixing certain colors together, like mixing red and yellow make orange. Have you ever wondered what colors are used to make bla...
    > The Science Center
  • 05/30/20
    Hello young scientists! Remember our immiscible liquids experiment with the oil and water? Remember that soap is a special molecule which has one end that bonds with water and one end that repels w...
    > The Science Center
  • 05/29/20
    Hello young scientists! Have you ever wondered why cities put salt on the roads when they are icy? Salt helps the ice to melt! We can experiment with this idea! You just need a bowl, ice cubes, so...
    > The Science Center
  • 05/28/20
    Hello young scientists! We have another experiment for you today! Have you ever wondered why dry erase markers are so easy to clean off a whiteboard? They contain special, oily polymer molecules t...
    > The Science Center
  • 05/27/20
    Hello young scientists! Today let's explore immiscible liquids! Immiscibile liquids are liquids that will not mix together, like water and oil. Water is a polar liquid which means each water molecul...
    > The Science Center