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Spanish On Location SPANISH on LOCATION operates affordable educational tours to NEW YORK CITY, CHICAGO, MIAMI and MADRI Learn more at

Spanish on Location FACEBOOK is a community of Spanish teachers, providing often entertaining, but always educational classroom resources. The COVER image is of a school group visiting the Fuentidueña Chapel at the Cloisters in New York City, said to be the closest approximation of a European setting possible anywhere in the United States of America. The PROFILE image is of a Día de los Mu***os a

rtifact in the National Museum of Mexican Art gift shop in Chicago. SPANISH ON LOCATION is an operator of short, affordable, DOMESTIC EDUCATIONAL TOURS (to New York City, Chicago and Miami) for students and teachers of Spanish.

Casa Patas, flamenco en vivo

Casa Patas, flamenco en vivo

La Truco es una gran artista y, además, una reconocida profesora de flamenco. El sábado pasado, como corolario de su semana bailando en el tablao, pudimos comprobarlo en un fantástico fin de fiesta en el que participaron tanto los artistas que la acompañaron y otros invitados, como algunas de sus jovencísimas alumnas.
Aquí os dejamos un pequeño vídeo en el que las imágenes hablan por si mísmas. El vídeo completo en nuestro canal de Youtube:

Occupy Democrats

Occupy Democrats

JFK's warning rings true today louder than ever before as the Trump Administration and Republicans take a sledgehammer to our public education system.

Video created by Social Good Now.
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ACIS Global Conferences - What Are You Doing this Weekend?

Learn about amazing travel opportunities from our parent company, ACIS Educational Tours!

At ACIS, we believe teachers deserve to be rewarded for all the hard work they do. That's why every Martin Luther King weekend, we send teachers on free trips all over the world to attend Global Teacher Conferences where they can explore, learn, and grow as educators. Their airfare and accommodation

Picasso, Guernica y otros demonios

See a Chicago adaptation of Picasso's Guernica in the following post.

El Reina Sofía prepara una exposición por el 80 aniversario del cuadro bajo la tesis de que el pintor plasmó también en el lienzo el horror de la Gran Guerra


Here is the Chicago version, in a mural at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba at 2024 North Halstead.

The benefits of a bilingual brain - Mia Nacamulli

Have we mentioned this before? Well, yes, I think we have, not that you didn't already know it.

It’s obvious that knowing more than one language can make certain things easier — like traveling or watching movies without subtitles. But are there other advantages to having a bilingual (or multilingual) brain? Mia Nacamulli details the three types of bilingual brains and shows how knowing more th...

CGI Animated Shorts: "Dia De Los Mu***os" - by Whoo Kazoo

This lovely Día de los Mu***os animation might momentarily bring a tear to your eye.

Please watch this beautifully animated, and heart felt, short film about a little girl who visits the land of the dead, where she learns the true meaning of ...


Happy to Uruguay It was a long hard road to becoming a sovereign nation. Originally it was occupied by the Charrúa people, a nomadic indigenous tribe, for 4,000 years prior to colonization, but then the country was colonized by the Portuguese, until Spain seized the city of Montevideo as a military base giving them primary rule over the country, once free from Spanish rule they country still tossed between Argentina AND Brazil, before finally becoming their own independent nation! This beautiful country is in the southeastern part of South America and is known to be one of the most liberal nations in the world, known for their peace and lack of government corruption! Go Uruguay!

Croquemon Go: Spain invents twist on game to 'eat 'em all'

Now THIS is a game we can get behind! As the popular Nintendo smart phone game sweeps the GLOBE, one Spanish food blogger, Pepe Montford, decided to poke fun and put a more DELICIOUS spin on the craze. Hence, Croquemon Go! was created, a contest in which participants are encouraged to scour the city for the perfect croquette, take a photo, post in on social media, and the winner will be awarded a prize. Sounds a lot more tasty and valuable than hunting virtual monsters, but that's just our opinion. What do you think?

If moving around the city hunting virtual monsters isn’t really your thing, but grazing on tapas on a bar crawl is, then Croquemon Go is quite possibly the game for you.

Off the beaten track: 14 best kept travel secrets in Spain

Summer is coming to a close it's true but it's never too soon to start planning for next year! Or even for winter break! We'll be dreaming about these beautiful Spanish destinations day in and day out. The fairytale castle Alcàzar of Segovia, the volcanic island Graciosa, or the "smurf village" Juzcar? Which would you travel to first?

Spain has so much to see off the beaten track so why not take the road less travelled and discover a few hidden gems?

FUERZA BRUTA: LOOK UP Official Trailer

We're extending our music Monday to include the beautiful performance art of FuerzaBruta! The Argentinian performance troupe, De La Guarda, created the piece in 2003 and since the postmodern experience has swept the globe, finding a home base off-Broadway where they have performed to over half a million audience members over the years. What do you think of this unique and beautiful creation?

Official Trailer for Fuerza Bruta in NYC

QUIZ: How Much Do You Really Know About Mexican Food? | Recipes

� #�foodiefriday� Nothing says the weekend like a feast of your favorite Mexican dishes, but how well do you REALLY know the cuisine?? Burrito, now there's a word to ponder ;) � #�littledonkey� � #�mexicanfood� � #�yum� � #�themoreyouknow� � #�cuisine� � #�homechef� � #�culture� � #�vivamexico�

Test your knowledge with this quiz to find out whether you're a Master of Mexican Cuisine or a Mexican Food Flop.


to Mexico's last President, Felipe Calderón, who held office from 2006 to 2012. His main mission to improve immigration policy and universal healthcare. His platform on healthcare being what he is known for, having spread medical infrastructure and reduced costs, wow! Happy birthday el presidente!

Fernando Arrabal - A Multifaceted Artist

Fernando Arrabal, visionary surrealist artist who has directed seven full length features, written over 100 plays, 14 novels, and over 800 other literary sundries. Born in Spain, Arrabal spent time with Andy Warhol and is notorious for his politically fueled "Letter to General Franco." The New York Times hailed him as the last survivor of the "three avatars of modernism." Check out this video interview from this incredible savant and artist!

Fernando Arrabal is one of the most substantial playwrights of his time. Watch the multifaceted artist on the significance – or lack of significance –…

Twitter Jumps To Defense Of Mexican Gymnast Who Was Body-Shamed

Mexican gymnast Alexa Moreno is making headlines, not only because she is making history as one of the few women to ever represent Mexico in her event at an Olympic level, but also because after a few horrendous body shaming comments the internet has come to her defense in droves! Moreno was quoted back in July as saying, “Gymnastics is a sport for strong people, you need to be dedicated, have a strong will and lots of persistency. I don’t stop until I have reached my goals ... You need to believe in yourself and fight to be able to do things no one has ever done before.” What an inspiration and a beautiful athlete!

Let's focus on Alexa Moreno's performance.

'Send the navy to protect The Rock from Spain during Brexit'

Looks like expats aren't the only ones stuck in the middle of Brexit. The Rock of Gibraltar, a constant source of contention between Britain and Spain, is now becoming an even bigger issue. 96% of Gibraltar's residents voted to remain in the EU and now are faced with a very sticky situation as their vote was not enough to secure their homeland remaining part of the borderless nation. Spain's foreign minister proposed an addendum to allow Gibraltarians to stay in the EU market despite the British continent leaving the European Union, however the proposal was quickly shut down. Who knew the swift Brexit would be so complex! What do you think is the appropriate measure for Gibraltar's residents?

A former MOD adviser has called on the Royal Navy to boost its presence in Gibraltar to protect it from Spain during Brexit negotiations.

Bull pops into high street bank during Spanish fiesta

We do not condone the Spanish bull runs to be sure.. But looks like one particular bull during the famed festival in Cheste (Eastern region of Valencia) had plans of his own. En route, during the running of the bulls, one furry friend decided to stop off at the bank on his way. Participants did hold the door for the poor creature to help him get out and on his merry way. What do you think of this long standing festival?

A bull made an unusual stop off during the annual bull run at a festival in Cheste, in the eastern region of Valencia.

Which Language Suits Your Personality?

for the weekend! Ever wondered if you were meant to learn a particular language? Ever coveted those fluent speakers of another language besides your own? Simply wondering what language to learn next??? Well we're not saying this quiz is a reliable decision making tool, but it sure is fun!

Language is more than meets the ear.

Controversy as waiter denies service to man speaking Catalan

Spain has always been a nation of diversity not just cultural, but also linguistic! This has definitely been the Catalan year as the Spanish province has been pushing ahead more aggressively than ever in an ongoing battle for independence from Spain. The Spanish language in Spain has many variances to be sure, but when one waiter refused to take an order from a Catalan speaker, well it becomes a question of xenophobia not just linguistic subtelty. The Internet is continuing to debate whether or not this waiter intended to offend his patron or whether it truly was a case of "lost in translation." What do you think?

A Spanish singer has taken to social media to complain that a waiter would not serve him in Catalan, sparking a fierce debate.

Nuestro Himno

Happy fourth of July! Check out this incredibly moving Spanish version of the American National Anthem. It was translated and aired on 500 Spanish radio stations across the country in 2006 in response to anti-immigration sentiments. While the translation is not exact, we are in love with this beautiful rendition. What do you think?

Olga Tanon, Wyclef Jean and Carlos Ponce


Hernán Cortés and his Spanish fleet were ambushed as they were fleeing the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan. Even though Cortés had forced the Aztec chief Montezuma II to persuade his people that the Spaniards had been sent by the gods, somehow the Aztec people weren't buying it. Then after a period of time and a rather contemptuous occupation of the capital, as Cortés and his troops made away with boat loads of Aztec treasure, they were attacked and subsequently lost not just their gold, but even members of the Spanish crew. The night was subsequently dubbed, La Noche Triste or the Night of Saddness. Check out this painting depicting the event by an unknown artist!

Brexit limbo: What happens next for expat Brits in Spain?

has British expats in Spain concerned, and rightfully so! The country's departure from the European Union is about to make things complicated for both Brits in Spain and Spanish in Great Britain. While interim Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy assures the expats of both nations that there will be no immediate changes for at least two years, one thing IS guaranteed and that is a lot of uncertainty. Our hearts go out to the expats who will have to undergo the often strenuous process of applying for citizenship for the now very separate nations. How do you think the two countries could help their expat citizens?

So what happens now for Brits in Spain? Nothing too dramatic, but a lot of uncertainty amid legal limbo.


We are so excited to be launching a Spanish On Location BLOG! So give us your feedback! We want to know what YOU want to read about! Immersion tricks, culture, or travel tips? You name it, we will write about it!

Jesse & Joy "Dueles" (Video con letra)

More Latin chart toppers to soundtrack your summer! Check out this Mexican brother and sister due, Jesse & Joy! The two started performing together professional in 2005 at only 19 and 23! They have since won THREE Latin Grammy awards! Check out this tune, Dueles! We LOVE their voices, how about you?

"Dueles" letra: Cuando estabas junto a mi Nuestra luz era celestial Que más podía pedir Encontré la felicidad Sin aviso Nuestro paraíso nos dejo Y ahora tu r...

Pinchos Spanish Kebabs Tapas - Pork, Lamb, Prawns Or Chicken) Recipe -

Summer is here at last! Time to fire up that grill and throw on some Pinchos, or Spanish Kebabs! Of Basque origin and typically also speared to a piece of bread, the dish is tapas and served at bars or gatherings, perfect for any summer party! Feel free to mix and match your veggies and proteins and get creative! What will you cook up this weekend?

Enjoyed at bars all over Spain, pinchos are wonderful kebabs that taste equally good made with pork, chicken, prawns or lamb. At some bars, the seasoning is as simple as garlic and hot, sweet paprika. Here is a favorite marinade recipe for Pinchos Morunos. Recipe courtesy Anya von Bremzen, The Spani...

World Cup 2014: Mexico Defeats Croatia, 3-1, to Advance From Group A

FIFA World Cup 2014 and one exciting match for Mexico! The game was looking pretty bleak for the Mexican team up until the last 10 minutes where a three goal burst propelled the team to the next round where they were sadly defeated by third place finisher, The Netherlands. Still an incredibly exciting match full of determination!

Mexico wore down Croatia, scored three goals in a 10-minute span and moved on to the Round of 16 with a 3-1 victory.

FURY: Spanish flag is raised over Gibraltar as Madrid says territory will ALWAYS be theirs

Britain's upcoming decision whether or not to leave the European Union is sure causing some tension around Europe, particularly in Gibraltar. The Spanish flag was flown over the British territory as a rather bold statement that the territory would always truly be Spanish whether Britain remains in the EU or not. Naturally the flag was removed from the rock, while the conflict remains. Gibraltar has always been a hot issue when it comes to Spanish vs. British, what do you think?

A GIANT Spanish flag was unfurled on the Rock of Gibraltar today just days after the Madrid government declared the British territory was theirs - and always would be.


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