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Hall of Fame update--03/02/19--Congrats to Hockey Hall of Famer Seam Sullivan and his beautiful wife Justine on th birth of their first child, a son.


Hall of Fame update--1/10/2019--Our condolences to the family of Toros Markarian who passed away earlier this week.. Mr Markarian was inducted as an Associate member of the Hall of Fame in 2012. His company, M & T Oil. had sponsored a team in the SB Little League for over 50 years and the company was very involved in the South Boston Community.. RIP, TOROS


SB Sports HOF update--12/26/18--Regretfully we announce the passing of Hall of Fame basketball player, Paul Flynn,. Paul's daughter, Coleen Flynn Smith, informed us that her father passed away on Dec. 19, 2018., Paul was inducted into the SB Sports Hall of Fame in 1990 and was a member of several championship teams at the Boys' Club. RIP. Paul


SB Sports Hall of Fame update--12/2/18---Congrats to Brendan Flynn ( Class of 2002) who was recently inducted into the BC High Athletic Hall of Fame,. Brendan was an outstanding hockey player at BC High, Old Avon Farms and UMass/Lowell. Brendan played 10 years of pro Hockey pl ayed for the Providence Bruins and also played in Austria, Italy and Scotland. Once again, Congratulations, Brendan


11/18/18---With the Holidays rapidly approaching, all of us at the South Boston Sports Hall of Fame would like to wish all of our members, their families and friends of the Hall of Fame , a Happy Thanksgiving, a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year.
Let us hope that in the new year we see a significant decline in the deaths of young people in our commun

ity --and nationwide-- due to addiction. Very recently, we lost two more young men with promising careers to the disease of addiction. There are several agencies throughout the community that the various addictions but they need our help. If you know anyone who is dependent on drugs/alcohol, or if you know someone who is dealing drugs, contact the authorities immediately. Together, as a community, we must combat this enemy from within and treat these addictions as a disease.



Hall of Fame update-9/27/18--I recently received a message from someone who came across a 1998 Hall of Fame Ring. Unfortunately, I lost the message but have come up with the requested info so if the person who sent the original message would contact me of FB ( Bob Sullivan) I will fill you in.-BobS


Hall of Fame update--9/23/18--Regretfully we announce the passing of Pat (Tracy) Sheehy, the widow of Hall of Famer Ed Sheehy. For the past several years the Sheehy family has sponsored one of the Hall of Fame Scholarships named after the late Hockey coach.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Several weeks ago I mentioned that I was stepping down from my position of running the Hall of Fame elections. Well, the process came full circle yesterday as I handed over the reins to my successor, Richie Linehan. Richie is one of the most knowledgeable people as far as South Boston Sports History is concerned and will bring new energy to the job. Best of luck, Ritchie


Hall of Fame update--Aug/22, 2018-- The year 2018 has been a cruel one for our members. It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of Basketball Hall-of-Famer Mary (Lynch) Maddox. Mary's passing marks the 5th member to leave us in the past 2 months. May she Rest IN Peace.


Hall of Fame update--Aug 9, 2018---It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of Basketball Hall-of-Famer Johanna Butler Tenenbaum. Johanna was elected to the SB Sports Hall of Fame in 1992. May she Rest in Peace


SB Sports Hall of Fame update---6/28/18---The month of June 2018 continue to be a cruel month for the Hall of Fame as we mourn the loss of our third member this month. Baseball Hall-of-Famer Stephen Flynn passed away on Mon., June 26. As well as being the brother of Basketball Hall-of-Famer Ray Flynn, Stephen was the father of Hockey Hall-of-Famer Brendan Flynn. and Basketball Hall-of-Famer Ann ( Flynn) Balducci. Stephen has been battling a severe illness for quite a while and now, finally, may he Rest in Peace.


Hall of Fame update--6/20/2018---It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Football Hall-of-Famer Charles 'Chip' LaPlaca. Chip was an original member of the Hall of Fame having been elected in 1978 and inducted with the first class n 1979. While he was living in Southie, Chip was a friend of the Sullivan families, Several years ago Chip move to Franklin where he raised his family. REST IN PEACE, CHIP.


Hall of Fame update--6/11/18----It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of Basketball Hall of Famer Jim ;Satch; Crowe at age 79. All services will be held at Mortimer Peck Funeral Home in Braintree/
Also on a sad note, our condolences fo out to the family of Hall of Famer Ken ;Shorty' Con;ey whose wife of 37 years, Mary Beth, also passed away this week. The complete obituary will be in the Boston Globe on Wed. June 13.


Hall of Fame update--5.30.18--- aS STATED BEFORE,.THIS YEAR MARKS THE 40TH anniversary of the SB Sports Hall of Fame. I have been fortunate to have been involved since Day 1 when Mark Matanes conceived the notion of a Sports Hall of Fame., Before his passing, Comm issioner Bob Nichols asked ne to handle the Elections.Inductions -- and I have been at it ever since.. After 40 years with the program I have decided to step aside--I no longer feel I can do justice to the individual nominees or to the Hall of Fame. Hopefully, shortly after the Golf Tourney in late Ju, a committee can be formed to resolve the issue.,n This FB page will continue with updates until further notice.


HAll of fame update--4/23/2018---Several weeks ago I posted that this year marks the 40th Anniversary of the HALl of FAME. We were going to celebrate this anniversary by posting mini-bios of each member of the HAll of Fame. FOR The past six weeks I have been trying to post this info to no avail. For some reason, the HOF FB page will not accept these posts. Again, I apologie that we have been unable to post this promised data.


HALL OF FAME UPDATE--4/9/18-- IT IS WITH DEEP REGRET THAT WE ANNOUNCE THE PASSING OF LORRAINE MOORANCY, THE SISTER OF HALL-OF-FAMER JERRY MORANCY. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Morancy family and may Lorraine rest in peace..


Hall of Fame update-- 2/5/18--
This year marks the 40th Anniversary f the founding of the South Boston Sports Hall of Fame. The first election was held in the Fall of 1978 and the first induction took place in the Spring 0f 1979, The first election was unique in that ballot boxes were distributed throughout South Boston and the candidates did not have to submit any verification of their athletic accomplishments. That is why there is little -or no - information available on the original members of the Hall. (There were over 60 members elected that first year).
Periodically throughout this Anniversary year, we will publish a brief bio of each member of the Hall. We will begin this series with bios of some of Southie's greatest boxers. STAY TUNED !!!


SB HOF update--10/27/17--It is deep regret that we announce the passing of HOF member Helen Morrissey. Helen was inducted in 1992 in the category of women's fast-pitch Softball. May she REST IN PEACE

Hall of Fame update--10/01/17--For the past 10 days Facebook has not allowed any new posts opn this page. Hopefully, thi...

Hall of Fame update--10/01/17--For the past 10 days Facebook has not allowed any new posts opn this page. Hopefully, this post will open up the page and I will post an update in the next day or two.


SB Hall of Fame update- 8/27/17--
Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Pat Lescinskas on the death of her brother, John. Pat is the wife of Basketball Hall of Famer Ron Lescinskas as well as the mother of Handball
Hall of Famer, Ron, Jr. Aside from his brothers and sisters, John is survived by 19 Grandchildren and 16 Great Grandchildren. May he Rest in Peace.

HoF-Then and Now

HoF-Then and Now


Hall of Fame update- 6/12/17--Last week, the Hall of Fame Scholarship committee named the winners of this year's $2000, Scholarships. A total of 11 grants were awarded to deserving residents of 02127. Outgoing Chairman Ed Buccigross will announce the winners' names as soon as they are all notified..


Hall of Fame update-- 5/29/17---It has come to my attention that Kevin Devlin will no longer be writing his weekly Sports column in a local tabloid. Kevin's insight and knowledge of local Sports programs-and local athletes- will be sorely missed. Over the years Kevin has written many articles about outstanding South Boston athletes. Oftentimes, these articles were submitted as evidence to the SB Sports Hall of Fame as proof of an athlete's credentials. Many of these athletes owe a debt of gratitude to Kevin as his articles solidified their election to the Hall of Fame.. Kevin, all of Southie will miss your weekly articles and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors--BobS


Hall of Fame update--5/13/17-- There are just over two weeks left before the deadline for South Boston students to submit their applications for the SBSHOF 2017 Scholarships. A minimum of 8 awards worth $2000. each will be granted this year. Applications may be picked up at school, the SB Library, the Boys' and girls' Clubs, the Tynan Community Center and the Condom Comm. Center, Deadline foe submitting applications is May 30 and should be sent to Ed Buccigross at the Curley Community Center, 1663 Columbia Road, South Bostton, MA 02127.
On a related topic, the SBSHOF Scholarship Trust Fund will hold its annual fund raiser in late June. Thhe 19th Annual Golf Tournament will be held on June 27, 2017 at River Bend Country Club. This tournament is named in memory of Bob Nichols. This event sold out early last year so don't delay. For further info, contact Ed Buccigross at the Curley Community Center or contact Tom McGrath or Laura Delaney on Facebook.


Hall of Fame update--4.12.17---Our condolences go out to the Carthas family on the passing of Arthur 'Junie' Carthas. He was the grandfather of Hall-of-Famer Brian Carthas ( class of 2010). Brian was - and still is - the only recipient of a Hall of Fame scholarship to come back in later years to be elected to the Hall of Fame (for his prowess in hockey). Brian was a member of the 'super' hockey class of 2010 that included Sean Sullivan and ken Roche ( both of BU), Chris Myers (UVM), as well as Kevin Regan, Robbie Donovan, and Scott Malone ( all of UNH). During his career, Scott Malone notched more penalty minutes that all other hockey Hall-of-Famers COMBINED.


Hall of Fame update--12/30/16---I noticed an inquiry under the 'visitor's posts' column as to why the Seluk sisters did not have their names displayed on the plaque at the Curley Community Center. Barbara and Margaret Seluk were inducted in 1991 for their prowess in the sport of swimming. I. personally, went to visit the plaque this morning and, rest assured, the names of Barbara and Margaret Seluk (maiden names) ARE displayed in the proper location on the plaque, under the category of 'SWIMMING'.-BobS


Hall of Fame update--12/24/16--First of all I want to wish all of the avid readers of this FB page a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Next, I want to apologize to all the recent inductees for taking so long to get them some recognition in the local newspaper. These outstanding athletes deserve the recognition, albeit a little late. -- over half of the pictures submitted were not even related to the event. and of those that were related they were not of good enough quality to reprint. The reason for the delay was a major snafu in the picture-taking and photo-developing process. I want to thank Kevin Devlin and South Boston Online for printing the article and attempting to make sense out o0f the photographic problems.
Believe me, this will not happen again under my watch !


Hall of Fame update-- 12/15/16---It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of Mary Hanson. Mary was in her 96th year and the mother of Hall of Famer Billy Hanson. Mart, along with her late husband, Buddy were beloved fixtures at the South Boston Yacht Club for several years.. You had a good run, Mary, REST IN PEACE..
For those of you who missed it last week, a rebroadcast of the Nov. 13 Induction will air tomorrow, Friday Dec. 16 at 7PM on Comcast Channel 23 or RCN Channel 83.. This is the last scheduled airing of this program.


REMINDER--The video of the Nov. 13 Induction will air tomorrow ( Fri. Dec 9) at 7PM on Comcast ( Channel 23) or on RCN ( Channel 83).. The show will also air next Friday, same tome, same channels.


Hall of Fame update 12/5/16--- The tape of the Induction ceremony will air on the next two Friday evenings, Dec 9 and Dec. 16 at 7 PM. The tape will air on Comcast ( Channel 23) or RCN (Channel 83). The tape lasts just under one hour.. If there are any further developments they will be posted ion this space.


Hall of Fame update--11/21/16-- I have viewed a tape of the induction ceremony from last Sunday. The DVD came out fine. We still do not have a date when the tape will air on Bnn-TV Anyone who ordered a copy of the DVD ( $15) should contact me ASAP.-BobS


Hall of Fame update--11/13/16---- The 15th induction of the SB Sports Hall of Fame took place today at the Curley Community Center and everything went swimmingly (SORRY).. A full house was on hand as ten new members were added to the Hall of Fame roster .In the very near future, BNN-TV is going to air a tape of the proceedings. As soon as we get a date/time we will post it on this page--so stay tuned. We would like to thank Dan Monahan and the staff at the Curley Community Center for their assistance in this undertaking.. Also, thanks to Curtie Lee for providing the ;sound system' and to Ray Flynn who took time out of his busy schedule to handle the MC duties. Hopefully we will soon have pictures to post-BobS


Hall of Fame update--11/12/16---Congratulations to Hall of Famer Ray Flynn who, today, had the Marine Industrial Park named after him for his work as Mayor, Ambassador, and for just being Ray. He has never forgotten where he came from and still lives in his beloved home town.. Despite all of the accolades and honors he has received, Ray has volunteered his time tomorrow to honor the newest members of the South Boston Sports Hall of Fame. I sincerely hope those in attendance give Ray a warm welcome, something he so richly deserves. REMINDER: Induction begins at Curley Community Center at 1 PM-BobS


Hall of Fame update--11/11/16--- All systems are 'go' for this Sunday's Induction of ten new members to the Hall of Fame. Of the ten individuals sent a letter re; the induction, nine responded the next day. We have to assume that the other inductee will be present since he has not indicated otherwise. Reminder; Induction will take place at 1 PM Sunday at the Curley Community Center ( K St Entrance)


Hall of Fame update--11/03/16 ***** On Sunday Nov 13 at 1PM at the Curley Community Center, the SB Sports Hall of Fame will induct ten new members. I had planned to announce the list of those elected two days ago but my Internet provider decided to take a few days off so I did not have Internet access. The ten new members are; John Beatty (football); Sister Nancy Brennan (softball); Willie Fitzgerald (Baseball Coach); Kaitlin Linehan (basketball); Micaela Long (hockey);;Chris Mullen (hockey); Danny O'Brien (hockey); Kurt Shannon (deceased--hockey);Steve Tradd (lacrosse) and Riobbie Walton (basketball). Congratulations to the Inductees


Hall of Fame update--10/24/16-- Well the Committee members rebounded and submitted more ballots in the last 3 days than in the previous 2 weeks. As a result, there are 10 new me The induction is scheduled for Sun. Nov 13 at 1 PM at the Curley Community Center ( K St. entrance).mbers of the Hall of Fame. The names will be released later in the week but, suffice it to say, we will be inducting a retired US Army Lt. Colonel, a Boston Police officer, a nun, two athletes from UMass-Lowell ( 2 different sports), Southie's first female hockey player in the WNHL and our first Lacrosse player.


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