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Installation continues at Wesselman Woods Nature Society!
The new exhibit gallery featuring a crawl through log tunnel and lots of fun facts about box turtles will open to the public very soon!


A sneak peek of progress on the Vista Level of the Frost Museum of Science. The habitat work has begun and soon, the pipe filled concrete tanks will be transformed into naturalistic habitats filled fish swimming and birds wading and diving.


It's a winter wonderland in downtown Boston today!


A live-feed camera is mounted high about the Caribbean Wing construction site at Texas State Aquarium. A year from now, birds, bats, reptiles, sharks, and hundreds of fish will be moving into their new home here.


Saving Sharks, Texas State Aquarium's newest exhibit opened today!

LZI adapted pieces of the "Shark!" exhibit from the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences to fit at Texas State Aquarium. The exhibit includes a shark touch tank, a giant Megalodon jaw, a dive cage Photo-Op and the OCEARCH Tracking Station pictured here.

Chris Fischer is here talking with Sarah Acosta 3 News about OCEARCH's mission and tagging efforts, including their launching soon. OCEARCH has so far tagged around 200 since its inception.


The official Grand Opening of the NEARSHORE EXPERIENCE is tomorrow!

We hope that the birds, fish, and gators all love the new space we designed for them!

The wait is over! Join us April 9th for our grand opening of the new Nearshore Experience. Walk among shorebirds, identify local fish and get close to juvenile American alligators in this immersive new space at the Texas State Aquarium! Aiden, one of our white ibis birds, is ready to see you!


Photos from the recently installed exhibits in the Scientist's Basement at the Macon Museum of Arts & Sciences.

The museum’s collections

It's Fun Fact Friday!

All good things must come to an end.

And the 2014 Olympic Games will end this Sunday. But did you know, there is a museum devoted to the Olympic games from ancient times through present day?

If you visit Switzerland, be sure to check it out!
We know we will!

The Olympic Museum’s extraordinarily rich collections include items from all over the world, spanning the period from ancient times to the present day. The collections began to take shape in 1915, and have continued to grow and develop over the years. As with many museums dedicated to ideals, instit...


Fabrication photos are coming in for the Aquarium Renovation at The Toledo Zoo!

Check out how the mangrove roots are created using PVC pipe!


Timeline Photos


Fabrication of the Nearshore Gallery is underway at Texas State Aquarium! What a transformation!

A real (dead) tree was used as the overhead tree feature. It was dead-standing (no trees were harmed for the sake of this exhibit) and was dug up, de-bugged, and installed by the dedicated folks at Fulton Construction.

Cemrock is responsible for the habitat work. Which already looks real and it's not even complete!

Great job everyone! We can't wait to see it with the animals and visitors enjoying it!


It's been a very busy start to 2014 for LZI!

A trip to China, a trip to Texas! And lots of drawings have been sent off for review.


Fun Fact Friday

Feeling Cold?

The coldest place, on a planet in our solar system, is in the clouds of Neptune. (Sorry Pluto. They still don't think you're a planet) Neptune's upper clouds are -360 degrees Fahrenheit. And that's without windchill. So, as cold as it is outside these days, we are still on a toasty-warm planet, by solar system standards.


Happy Thanksgiving from Lyons/Zaremba!

Maybe it's the combination of Turkey AND Potatoes that makes everyone so sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner!

(graphic via


It's Fun Fact Friday!

An adult Bottlenose Dolphin can eat as much as 25 pounds of fish, crustaceans, and squid per day!

That's equal to the fish in 400 Filet-O-Fish sandwiches from McDonalds!


These are Chocolate Chip Sea Stars!
What a fitting name!

Like a chocolate chip cookie, these sea stars have dark brown pointy tubercles or horns shaped like chocolate chips all over the top of them for protection.


It's Fun Fact Friday!


Fun Fact, or Frightening Fact Friday?

Sharp Tongued -- some species of fish have teeth on their jaws AND on their tongues.

This might not seem surprising when the species is called the "Cutthroat Trout" or the "Black Dragonfish". But here in the rivers of eastern North America, we have the unassuming looking Mooneye.

Don't let the big eyes fool you. Mooneyes have teeth on their tongues. But, before you swear off ever swimming in an eastern river, you should know that Mooneyes feed on insects and invertebrates.

This fun fact stemmed from work we're doing for the Robert Moses Nature Center in New York State.


It's Fun Fact Friday!

Did you know that Lyons/Zaremba's late cofounder Dick Lyons worked for the New England Aquarium for close to 20 years before starting LZI with his architect friend and neighbor, Frank Zaremba?

LZI's connection to NEAQ doesn't end there, Steve worked
in the exhibits department there too!

An educational field trip to the newly renovated New England Aquarium is planned for this afternoon!


It's Fun Fact Friday!

Early Spanish explorers that came to Florida called the big lizard they commonly encountered "el lagarto".

El Lagato (Spanish word for Lizard) evolved to become the English word ALLIGATOR.

There are 2 living species of Alligators:
Chinese Alligator: Critically Endangered
American Alligator: now categorized as "Least Concern" after conservation efforts helped to increase the population and remove them from the Endangered Species List.

The American Alligator is the official state reptile of Florida, Louisiana, & Mississippi.

Female Alligators can lay up to 50 eggs.

LZI has been researching alligators to help design the alligator nest at Texas State Aquarium's new Nearshore exhibit (shown here in these drawings).

See you later, alligator.


It's Fun Fact Friday!

So what exactly are BARNACLES?

Barnacles are a type of arthropods. A relative to crabs and lobsters. There are currently 1,220 know species of barnacles.

Barnacles have 12 limbs, a shell consisting of 6 plates, 2 antennae, 1 eye, and no heart!

The barnacles forehead are what stick it to solid objects like dock piles and intertidal rocks.

Some barnacles (goose barnacles) are edible and are considered a delicacy in Spain & Portugal. Mmmmmm!


It's Fun Fact Friday!

ZEBRAFISH are commonly found in home aquarium tanks AND in biomedical labs as they are a useful model organism for vertebrate development and gene function.

Zebrafish have the ability to regenerate their fins, skin, heart and, in larval stages, even their brain.

Scientists are hoping the study of zebrafish can someday lead to cures for cancer, immune system deficiencies, retina damage, cardiovascular disease... the list goes on and on!


It's Fun Fact Friday the 13th!


That is the technical name for those who fear Friday the 13th.

If you are, you're not alone - as many as 21 million people in the United States are fearful of Friday the 13th.

According to the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville, N.C., $800 million to $900 million is lost in business every Friday the 13th because people will not fly or do business as they normally do.

Today it the first Friday the 13th for the year 2013 - the next one falls in December!


It's Fun Fact Friday!

Do you ever wonder what animal lived inside that pretty spiral seashell you found on the beach?

It likely was a GASTROPOD.

Gastropods are snails and slugs. But only snails have external shells.

Gastropods were called "Univalves" because they only have 1 shell. (Oysters, Clams, & Mussels are called "Bivalves" since they have 2 shells.)

The name gastropod comes from Greek and means "stomach foot" because they walk on their bellies.


It's Fun Fact Friday!

ARCHER FISH are known for their habit of preying on land based insects and other small animals by shooting them down with water droplets from their specialized mouths.

The Nanchang Aquarium will feature Archer Fish among many other exciting species from around the world.


Wow, that's a whole lot of rebar! The Pacific Reef Tank at The Toledo Zoo it taking shape!

This is a view from the inside of the tank. The rebar will be added between the concrete formwork. The acrylic wiew windows will be located where the wood blocking is shown.



It's Fun Fact Friday!

So, what are those numbers and letters located on the doors of shipping containers for?

It's an identification system!

ISO 6346 is an international standard covering the coding, identification and marking of intermodal (shipping) containers.

More info (and fun facts) to come!




Fun Fact Friday: What's In a Name?
T.S. Elliot wrote about how cats have three names: The formal one, the casual one, and the one only the cat knows.
Apparently dolphins are the same way. Researchers now think that dolphins use a unique series of clicks and whistles to refer to themselves, like a name. Other dolphins in their group use the signature pattern to call each other.

(Study published July 22 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.)


Bird's Eye views of the massing models LZI made for Miami Science Museum's new Living Core (opening in 2015). These models show the shape and form of the rockwork and trees at each exhibit area.


It's Fun Fact Friday!

The rainforest is back in the project for Nanchang, China's new Aquarium and the feature exhibit of the rainforest will be MANATEES or DUGONGS.

Both manatees and dugongs are from the Sirenia order.

Both are herbivores (plant eaters).

Both are related to the elephant.

Dugongs are strictly marine mammals (saltwater only), while manatees can sometime be found in brackish or freshwater.

The average life span of a Manatee is 30 years, a dugong can live for 70 years.


Fun Fact Friday Is Back!

This week: The Sound of Air

Beluga whales use the wax-filled lump on the front of their heads to focus the high pitched sounds they make, into a tight directional beam. They use echolocation from this "beam" to find breathing holes while under the arctic ice. They listen for the sound of air!


Today is...
Fun Fact Friday!
The first day of summer!
The longest day of the year!
A beautiful day in Faneuil Hall Marketplace!


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