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Museum Framing Genuine Museum Grade framing services Museum Grade frames at affordable prices! Serving the public, museums, collectors, galleries and dealers nationwide with professional quality and affordable pricing

Our framing services and frames are guaranteed to have the BEST quality materials available on the market. We only use UV filtering glass and acrylic of the highest quality. Our matting is 100% cotton rag, which is the finest and used by museums, libraries and institutions to preserve their collections. Our mounting techniques are reversible. We GUARANTEE our prices to very reasonable and affordable NO EXCUSES!

Mission: Rick Badwey has made it his goal to give you the best quality product and service at the most afforable prices. His experience of dealing and collecting historical and fragile objects gives you the assurance that his operation dedicates itself to protecting and preserving your items.

Young people spend years achieving their diploma through hard work and study.  In addition to the time spent, many stude...
You Worked Hard For Your Diploma. Frame It To Last

Young people spend years achieving their diploma through hard work and study. In addition to the time spent, many students and/or their loved ones invest a lot of money assuring a good education and at the end, proof of their achievement and success, being a diploma.

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Our frames are high quality, gallery style frames made with authentic hard and durable woods. They also consist of museum level glazing and matting components needed to protect your diploma from fading and other environmental harm.

When you research framing materials with the highest quality materials on the market, rag mats and 99% UV filtered glass...
Opinion of Buying Diploma Frames from Your College or University Store

When you research framing materials with the highest quality materials on the market, rag mats and 99% UV filtered glass are what usually pops up. Museums and collectors want to frame their important and valuable documents using only these items. By the way, "rag" is a misnomer as a description. Rag mats are called that because they are actually made from pure cotton fiber material, the only inert material sold in museum grade mat boards.

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One of the most overpriced products sold through college campuses are the typical diploma frames.


Before you buy a diploma frame from your college, read this!

In our experience, diploma frames sold through most college stores are made with low quality materials offering virtually no preservation properties to your diploma.

A central goal of their diploma frame is only to maximize profits to the sellers involved. As a result, the students or their loved ones overpay!.....Not with Museum Framing!

Our frames are very reasonably priced because we don’t have to split the profit with the colleges and the middlemen who are involved with the college stores. With Museum Framing, you get more, but you pay less.

We only use 100% Museum grade cotton rag mats, same cotton rag backs, an extra layer of archival final backing and 99% UV filtered glass. No other materials on the market exceed these standards. No other diploma frame contains the same high quality components as our frames

Plus, ALL our diploma frames are made by Rick Badwey and his staff in Virginia. Nothing is sourced out!

Please compare our frames and mats and the prices we offer for our complete 100% Museum Grade frames. With our frames and mats , there is no need to upgrade as the best is already included.

For over 30 years, Rick Badwey has been framing important and rare manuscripts and artwork for museums, collectors and libraries, so our work must exceed strict Library of Congress preservation framing standards. Can others honestly say that?

Visit our site and see how easy it is to order a genuine 100% Museum grade diploma frame at a super price. A frame that will protect and keep your diploma looking fresh and clean for many years!

This is our first announcement. We will keep you posted in the coming days.


Circa 1750s map showing British and other European presence in the American colonies
Antique maps, as with other antique paper items, requires proper conservation framing to ensure longevity and protection of your antique map. Unless trained to correctly frame a map, some framers use tape, glues or other adhesives to mount the map. Many have even glue/tissue mounted the map to backing not realizing doing so would devalue and eventually harm the item.

Another common framing method in routine framing establishments (including arts and craft chain stores) is the use of any foamcore board as backing. This is an example of "acid free" foamcore after being in frames for about 10 to 15 years each:

This is an example of so called "acid free" foamcore. Notice the stark yellowing from outgassing

Brittle "acid free" foamcore that has been outgassing

Although most framers only offer foamcore products, make sure you ask the framer that you want both museum grade 100% cotton rag backing AND archival coroplast for final backing. Nothing should ever be compromised regarding the framing of your important artwork. After all, preservation should be part of the framing package. Doing otherwise will create problems down the line.

When inquiring about glass, only use 99% UV filtered glass. Don't use a substitute! Over the years, I have taken apart frames for customers who realized that some of their artwork showed signs of fading or discoloring. Coloring on antiques maps is very sensitive to light and any intense light without protection will be evident over time. Remember, your artwork is in constant contact with light daily. If you use the proper glazing, and keep your artwork out of DIRECT sunlight, your framed items will be fine.

A key ingredient to proper museum quality framing is the application of museum grade 100% rag matting. Don't accept other mat types. Even if the framer tells you it's "acid free", I can almost guarantee you it's not unless they show you it's made from 100% cotton fibers. Other matboards will leave a darkened ring around the antique map, which is called a "mat burn". If you have ever purchased previously framed artwork in older or not properly treated framing jobs, you will notice a mat burn around the artwork. And that was due to acidic mats mounted onto artwork.

Protecting your antique maps and ensuring proper framing is done to them is very important to their longevity. When visiting a framer, ask the necessary questions to ensure they do what's needed to protect your artwork.


Often, I get people who want me to fix a framing job that has been done elsewhere.
When I interject that they should get the original framer to fix the problem, they prefer not to revisit that road.
Personally, if I purchased something that was less than expected (reasonably), I would have no problem informing the business owner or manager.
First, it could have been an honest mistake or second, an employee may have rushed/cut corners and the supervisor should be informed.
I look at things before they leave the shop, but if an error occurred, I wish to know immediately.

Just my 2 cents worth!


With the Holidays coming up, let Rick know what you need framed for yourself or as a gift for others. Call Rick at 703-299-0100


I am sorry if I haven't kept up with my Museum Framing page. I will spend a little time adding some important updates and happenings with Frameabilia, my new venture!


When other framing establishments keep dropping terms like "acid free" or "conservation glass" to drum up business, using substandard quality, Rick Badwey with 30 years experience working with historical documents and rare and antique art for museums and galleries knows the materials and techniques they want to preserve their artwork.

As a collector and specialist in fine and important art, it bothers me to see people come into my shop with artwork that has been recently damaged or faded because they took it to a framer who did not tell the truth about their framing services.


Museum Framing was founded by Rick to provide fine 100% Museum Grade framing . Misleading advertising many shops use, especially the Big Box stores, gives our industry a bad name. Fine Art and Framing are meant to provide enjoyment for people, not anxiety


Think you can get $200 worth of framing for $50 on social media sites like Groupon? Think big box stores like Michaels offers great deals at 50% or 60% off "retail"?

This industry is going more to the dogs! Lately, I have seen examples of people getting burned by false and misleading gimmicks just to get people in the door. I could not begin to tell you the horror stories of bait and switch, mistreatment and other insulting tactics used by these framing establishments to lure people in.
The reason is simple, once you take the effort and bring your item in for framing, they feel you are trapped. Don't put up with their games. Just take your item and walk out.


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We have recently introduced our own Museum Frame 100tm. This is the only ready made frame to contain materials that exceed Library of Congress standards.


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