Religious Revivals, Utopian Societies, and The Shaker Experience in America

Religious Revivals, Utopian Societies, and The Shaker Experience in America A National Endowment for the Humanities Landmarks of American History and Culture Workshop.

Siena College, partnering with the New York State Education Department's Office of Cultural Education, Shaker Heritage Society, Shaker Museum Mount Lebanon, and Hancock Shaker Village, is pleased to offer an NEH Landmarks of American History and Culture Workshop entitled “Religious Revivals, Utopian Societies, and The Shaker Experience in America.” This workshop will take place in Albany, New York, the birthplace of American Shakerism, in the summer of 2016.

Shakers' simplistic union

Anyone else feeling nostalgic about our NEH Workshop? Nostalgia led me to write this;

Ever year hundreds of people visit the Capital Region's historic Shaker villages thoughtfully preserved by Shaker Heritage Society, Shaker Museum Mount Lebanon and Hancock Shaker Village. Americans of diverse faiths still sing the Shaker hymn "Simple Gifts" because we recognize the essential truth i...


Session One Scholars: Please be aware that we will be leaving from the museum lobby at 3:20 PM to return to Siena College. Thanks!


This interesting account from 1878 of the funeral of Edward Fowler, the Principal Trustee of the Church Family at Mount Lebanon, gives "worldly people" an insight into Shaker funerals.


Can't believe there are two weeks left until the first session! Alumni of the workshop: any words of wisdom for the incoming scholars?

Shaker furniture: Clean by design

Shaker design elements are still found in many modern day pieces of furniture. This video by CBS gives an introduction to shaker design, a topic we will be exploring during the workshops!

The Hancock Shaker Village in western Massachusetts is a museum where visitors can see the simple, practical furniture designed by the Christian sect centuri...


Welcome to Aubrey Kirsch who is also a program assistant for this years workshop! Aubrey is a rising senior at Siena College working on a History major with minors in Political Science and Writing and Communications. She has had three stories published in Siena's literary magazine "Pendragon" and is a writer for Siena's chapter of Her Campus. For her first semester of her senior year, Aubrey will be studying in Cork, Ireland and working on her Capstone and Honor's thesis on Human Rights within the War on Terror. A local of Albany, Aubrey has enjoyed learning more about Shakers through the NEH Program and is glad to be a part of sharing with others the rich history of New York.

Shaker Museum | Mount Lebanon

Check out this post by Shaker Museum | Mount Lebanon about photographer Doris Ulmann who took several portraits of Brother William Anderson in the 1920s

This week's blog post looks at Doris Ulmann, a photographer who sought out the Shakers of New Lebanon in the late 1920's in her quest to record American “types” – people in their everyday costume doing their everyday jobs.


Hello! My name is Delia Ernst and I will be taking over this page in preparation for the workshops this summer. I am a rising senior History Education major at Siena College and excited to be a program assistant for this summer’s workshop. For my undergraduate thesis I will be researching the various industries and trades that existed at the Mount Lebanon Shaker Village, and using that to develop a project-based history curriculum for the Darrow School. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you and learning more about the Shaker's with you!


Check out these water bottles we received for the workshop! Definitely going to need them if this heat continues!

The New York Times

We'll have to bake this during our two week-long workshops this summer! There is still time to apply, the deadline is March 1st!

Start this lemony Shaker tart tonight, bake it tomorrow.


Good morning everyone!

As you all know, Siena College will host "Religious Revivals, Utopian Societies, and the Shaker Experience in America," an NEH Landmark Workshops for School Teachers in June and July 2016. The workshop will include site visits to Hancock Shaker Village, Shaker Museum Mount Lebanon and the Watervliet Shaker Historic District, as well as discussions with scholars in Shaker history and art including Carol Medlicott, Glendyne Wergland and Rob Emlen.

We would appreciate your assistance in advertising this opportunity with local K-12 teachers. Would you please share the attached flier with your membership, share on your Facebook or webpage, and otherwise help us to get out the word? We would happily answer any questions that you may have about the workshop or the application process.

Thank you!


Shaker Museum | Mount Lebanon

Did you know? At the Brooklyn Museum, one can view "The Dinner Party," a monumental piece of feminist art highlighting influential women throughout history, including Shaker founder Ann Lee, whose name appears on the floor, at bottom, in this corner.


We had a great time last week preparing for our second landmark workshop on American Shakerism and cannot wait to use our newfound knowledge to make this summer amazing! Plus, we managed to squeeze in some sightseeing while in DC!


Happy 50th anniversary , We love the humanities and we love the NEH for supporting humanities education. Thank you NEH! Keep up the good work for another 50 years.


Help the New York State Museum celebrate New York’s Suffrage Centennial by submitting a story, object, or photograph for consideration for the upcoming exhibition!

For more information, please click on the flyer!

The Shakers and the American Revolution | Journal of the American Revolution

Interesting article about the struggles that the pacifist Shakers faced during the American Revolution.

The Shakers reached their heyday in the nineteenth century, when they lived in orderly communities, membership swelled to five thousand believers, and many non-Shakers visited them and praised their modesty, neatness, and productivity. But Shakerism in America began against the backdrop of the Revol…


Interested in meeting like-minded history buffs in the Capital Region? Make sure to mark your calendars for September 24th! Schuyler Mansion is hosting a HISTORY HAPPY HOUR from 5-7 PM.


Religious Revivals, Utopian Societies, and The Shaker Experience in America

Shaker Artifacts Are on the Move

Shaker Artifacts Are on the Move

As the estates of dealers and collectors go to auction, pieces are flying to museums or back to the Shaker villages whence they came.


We are back! I just learned that we will host a second landmark on American Shakerism in the summer of 2016. Stay tuned for details.


Happy Thanksgiving from your Heaven on Earth team! We hope you all had a day full of turkey, family, and friends.


Hello all! Just a reminder to fill out the NEH evaluations. Hope everyone is doing is well!!


Religious Revivals, Utopian Societies, and The Shaker Experience in America's cover photo


Addressing the question of the week: Why did the Shakers make the oval boxes oval?


July 14-20


We just wanted to thank our awesome Session 2 scholars for being such gracious hosts to Bill Rice from the National Endowment for the Humanities!


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Albany, NY


(518) 782-6947



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