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*As Nagas celebrates 150 years of Christianity, it is time to cleanse the deceitful leaders of ABAM and NBCC.**-Odi Jami...

*As Nagas celebrates 150 years of Christianity, it is time to cleanse the deceitful leaders of ABAM and NBCC.**

-Odi Jamir & S. T. Yapang Lkr, Kohima.

As Nagas celebrates 150 years of the advent of Christianity into the Naga soil, we feel this opportunity is like a fountain of blessing to cleanse some deceitful leaders in NBCC and ABAM. At first we thought of cleansing the deceitful members of ABAM, but now we feel privilege that the time has come to cleanse even deceitful members of NBCC.

New ABAM President was selected during ABAM Central Council on 18th November 2022, but the Molungkimong Baptist Church has put up a banner near the erstwhile KMC dumping ground regarding their celebration of 150 years on 21st & 22nd December 2022 wherein it is written Rev. Sentisashi Aier, Senior Pastor KABA, Kohima. President ABAM, Impur. The replacement of ABAM President is not a new thing but it done during the ABAM Central Council in the month of November as per the ABAM Calendar. So using former President ABAM, Impur Rev. Sentisashi Aier in a programme to be held on 21st & 22nd Dec 2022 as President ABAM, Impur is not right. On seeing the banner, we wrote a letter to Rev. Sentisashi Aier on 18/11/22 asking him whether you are participating on behalf of ABAM or on personal level?, but without accepting the letter, he simply wrote on the envelope a copy of this letter has been received by ABAM office so a second copy of it is not needed, signed Sentisashi, ABAM President.

The banner is being kept in the same place as on 16/12/2022, so it seems there are two ABAM at Impur, or two President in ABAM. Or is there a new ABAM at Impur? Because there are some former and present leaders who work or are working against the ABAM Resolution and we are determined to let those leaders apologize and will asked them to return their Reverend-ship in short period of time from now. Maybe because of this reason, they are starting a new ABAM in advance. But to have a same nomenclature of ABAM is not right, so if any individuals starts a new ABAM, we will strongly oppose the move.

Molungkimong Baptist Church celebrating 150 years of its establishment and the declaration as the first Baptist Church in Nagaland is in contradiction of the resolution adopted by ABAM in 1986. There are no issues regarding the catchphrase and captions like, 150 years of Christianity, completing 150 years of Clarks visit to Nagaland, completion of 150 years of first Baptism, completion of 150 years of first Baptist Church, completion of 150 years of Lord Supper. But Molungkimong Baptist Church affirmed that their church was established in 1919, which is mentioned in the 1986 ABAM Resolution. ABAM 1986 Resolution is still in used and not revised. Again on 5th of October 1972 Molungkimong Baptist Church invited ABAM for 100 years Centenary celebration of Molungkimong Baptist Church but on 5/10/72 ABAM resolved not to participate and states that, the 100 years jubilee of Molungyimjen Church is against Dr. Clarks records, so ABAM declines to participate in the celebration. In 50 years from 1972 to 2022, if Molungkimong Baptist Church was not allowed to celebrate its 100 years jubilee of the establishment of its church in 1972, then how is it possible that the same church is celebrating 150 years in 2022? which is illogical and impossible. Further, ABAM till date has not revised the resolution of not participating in their celebration which was again reaffirmed by ABAM resolution adopted in 1986.

Some important points mentioned in ABAM 1986 Resolution:
II (a) Firstly, in 1872 the first Church in Naga soil was established in Molungkimong. But when Dr. Clark left Molungkimong and establish the new Village (Molungyimsen) there was no evidence of leaving behind any church at Molungkimongwhen Ao Mungdang in 1940 send a questionnaire to all the churches enquiring about the establishment of their churches, Molungkimong affirmed that their church was started in 1919.
(b) Secondly, Molungyimsen Baptist Church was established on 23rd December, 1872 at Molungkimong. 24th October is just the establishment of the New Village....

The above mention date, 23rd December is now changed to 22nd December by ABAM. Again, in SLT/2020-07 ABAM Executive resolution on ABAM Nükla (Vision) 2030, ABAM Temzüng (Revised 2016); it was reaffirmed by ABAM that In December 22, 1872 the first Ao Church was established in Molungkimong and there were no other existing church. December 22, 1872 marks the beginning of the Naga Church, and in 1986 ABAM Resolution, it is clearly mentioned that this Church was shifted to Molungyimsen in 1876. It is also evident from the records of Dr. Clark that he still used the term Naga Church after he shifted the church to Molungyimsen on 24th of October 1876. Therefore, to celebrate 150 years of Christianity in 2022 by any other church other than the Naga Church is to go against the resolution adopted by ABAM. Therefore, the former ABAM President and the Executive Secretary ABAM or any individual on behalf of ABAM should not be allowed to participate in the Sesquicentennial celebration of Molungkimong Church. If any individual for his/her own selfish motive used the name of ABAM and part take in the programme, by doing so it will be his/her own risk and not ABAM as a whole. We will asked explanation from him/her for using ABAM name and if not satisfied by his/her reply, well see him/her in the court.

For instance, if ABAM Executive Secretary went to Mokokchung to purchase meat, it is not ABAM going to market to purchase meat but it is he/she is doing in his/her personal level. Likewise, former ABAM President and present ABAM Executive Secretary doing in their personal level will not be doing of ABAM. As Molungkimong Baptist Church celebrate their 150 years Sesquicentennial on 21st -22nd December 2022, and it has come to our knowledge that the incumbent Executive Secretary of ABAM is going to be the main speakers in the celebration. On this matter we have put forward a letter to ABAM on the 12th of November 2022, questioning the participation of present Executive Secretary. So far, we have not received any response from ABAM but we want to again remind them that, if the Executive Secretary and the former President participates in the occasion on behalf of ABAM, we will not let this matter at rest.

Till 05/11/22 we were not aware of Molungkimong Church inviting ABAM for part taking in 150 years Sesquicentennial celebration, but ABAM ES and President name was in the programme for participation. Therefore we assumed that both ES and former President are participating in the programme on individual capacity, not on behalf of the ABAM. As it is clearly mentioned in ABAM Resolution 1972.

ABAM should not be influenced by hearsays. Last year a so-called Peace Team was formed by ABAM to look after the matters relating to the coming of Christianity and to resolved the issue between Molungyimsen and Molungkimong. But amazingly this team resolved not to reflect and deliberate on any existing records of pioneer missionaries with regard to the coming of Christianity in Nagaland, which is irrational and absurd.

The NBCC General Secretary has wrote in the NBCC Sesquicentennial Souvenir, page no. 2 that, the Baptism of Supongmeren, who was instrumental during the second wave of Naga Mission took place in Sibsagar so also the Baptism of nine young men from Molungkimong. On this matter we have written a letter to NBCC General Secretary seeking clarification about the Baptism of Supongmeren, which is based on false record, in fact there is no record of him being baptized and conversion in any of the missionarys record. Our mission is to eradicate and remove from ABAM and NBCC all those who are misleading the people with this kind of wrong information.

We have said earlier that we wont let any false record to be written in ABAM and NBCC, and we wont back down without any concrete and firm decisions. ABAM stands upon resolute decisions and so we wont let ABAM be mislead by rumour mongers and false narratives preachers and we will fight against them till the end.

The fact of the matter is a picture was put up in Impur Museum with the caption …Supongmeren first Ao convert. But since the Baptism and conversion of Mr. Supongmeren is not seen in any records maintained by Dr. Clark and other Missionaries, we have taken up this matter and published in Ao vernacular newspapers (Tir Yimyim & Ao Milen) to remove the caption from the Museum. We have also sent many letters to ABAM on, 7th December 2021 and 6th of April 2022. Finally, we have received an email from the Executive Secretary (ABAM) stating that we are obliged that you have bring to light the errors and the things which is of much importance. If you find out this kind of important matters in the future, be free to share with us like you have shared today.” For many years we published in the newspapers to remove the said item from the Impur museum but they didnt pay heed, but those words of gratitude came after only we sent a representation to Executive Secretary, ABAM. Proverbs 28:1 says, The wicked flee though no one pursues and the verse that they always preach has befell upon them today. However they are not ashamed of anything and they sent a word of thanks instead of asking for forgiveness. And so, to those who dont want to live by the resolutions and constitutions of ABAM, we want to say that their days are numbered as we are determined to fight tooth and nail till justice prevails.

As Nagas celebrate 150 years of the advent of Christianity into the Naga soil, we feel this opportunity is like a fountain of blessing to cleanse some deceitful leaders in NBCC and ABAM. At first we thought of cleansing the deceitful members of ABAM, but now we feel privileged that the time has come...


Longa senso nubur ajak dangi Tsungrem mung salem tulu abener.
Tsurabur mapangbo tanu benjongba ama sobaliba sobusulemtsu taa alua sobur mezumekuma, ngaingara aser wawa menua Tsungrem mung mamung ta shir. Saka tongmelang sobutsu sobur (tekolak nung ozumi tashi menoki) Tsungrem nem tenungsang aser tetushi peria aguja amung. Ibai tanu khristan context nungbo anemsu abener ajemalua sarasadema, tenungsang aguja amungba anogo lir ta angateter. iba jagi Revival adokba sulen asen yimtak ojalatemi tanu tashi lumia sarasademasa amunger.

Iba den ano yimti nung aliba nubur ajak telungjem nung shizungzu (shayang teyi) nung amiter Tsungrem tenungsanga ken tentepa aser tetsur o tebur na ar atsutep pelatep. Idangji teburi tetsur nemsa kokdaktsu, ibai tetzu tulu yamai:
(i) shizungzu nung nubur ajaki amitba tetezu yimti nubur ajak telungjem ka nung aliba temaitsu lir.
(ii) Ar atsutepdang tetsur nem kokdaktsuba tetezuji tashi mait tekubok aliba nisung aser tetsur nem teburi temeim sayua yimli aguja libaliruba temaitsu lir.
Kodang yimti nuburtemi yamaji lungjemer Tsungrem mung mungdir aser par lokti nung yimli sayutepba sobaliba tajung nung libalirutep kuli ngudir. Iba kumji Tsungremi nubur nem aluyimba nung (luyim balala nung) azukaru temoatsu jentisa jenti aguja moatsu.
Saka yimti nuburtemi mezumekuma pei pei meten telungjem makai aser yimli sayutepba sobaliba tajung lokti nung mebenshii, Tsungrem mung mungdir, Tsungrem mung sulen alu, alu lenmang anenzuka ao, yimti nung tama ataloktsu atalok aser aluyimba nung tsuksungensung makai takoksa nung iba kumji tempang ta ashir.
Anungji Tsungremer temoatsu asen yimkong aser sensos nubur ajak madak maneni alitsu asoshi nubur ajaki telungjem nung shizungzu dak soiter, yimli sayubtetba yimkong ka ta medena sayua Tsungrem mung amungtsu angazukdi.
Aser asenoki Tsungrem mung amungba shia asenok takum ajemalua Tsungrem tenungsangba, tushiba, kulemba aser nubur telungjem nung yimli sayiutepa aliba tangatetba (philosophy) ji Tsungrem aser alima tsungdang jangjadaka amungtsu ayongzuker. Tsungremi asen Longsa senso nubur ajak pei pei luyim nung azukaru sudakjangma.







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