Museo della civiltà romana

Museo della civiltà romana Bernardini and Cesare Pascoletti (1939–1941). This model is at a 1:250 scale and is made of plaster. The model was begun in 1935 and completed in 1971. Scott.

The Museum of the Roman Civilization is a museum in Rome, devoted to aspects of the Ancient Roman civilization.History and general introductionIt was designed by the architects Pietro Ascheri, D. Its 59 sections illustrate the history of Roman civilization, from the origins to the 4th century, with models and reproductions, as well as original material. The premises are shared with a planetarium.I

t houses, among other things: a model of Archaic Rome (Room XVIII) a scale model of ancient Rome in the age of Constantine I by Italo Gismondi (Room ##-##), derived from the Forma Urbis Romae map and integrated with archeological discoveries. This model is today the most important reference for any serious attempt of reconstruction of the Ancient Rome: it has been used for the "Rome Reborn 1.0" 3D Visualization Project (B. Frischer, Director, University of Virginia; D. Favro, Associate Director, UCLA; D. Abernathy, Director of 3D Modeling, University of Virginia; G. Guidi, Director of 3D Scanning, Politecnico di Milano). Gismondi's model can be seen also in a few shots of the film Gladiator by R. examples of late imperial and early Christian art a complete sequence of casts of the spiral reliefs round Trajan's Column, arranged in horizontal rows at ground level to facilitate reading. a reconstructed Roman library based on that in the Villa Adriana at Tivoli

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