Painting with Light - Fine Art Photography by MJA

Painting with Light - Fine Art Photography by MJA Photography means Painting with Light...these are my paintings.

“I am a photographer not a digital artist…I create photographs not take them" MJA

Mark Abouzeid has been included among the top 50 “Famous 21st Century Artists” by Google for his collection, The New New World Portraits. For over 15 years, Mark Abouzeid (aka MJA) has been collaborating with NGOs, public institutions and international media channels deliver their message through images, words and video. His years of experience in the field, often under extreme conditions, allows him to capture creative, sensual and bold imagery. Gifted with a natural curiosity into the human condition and the diversity of our cultures, Abouzeid lives in the communities he captures…he works with them…cooks with them…and plays with them. As a fine art photographer, Abouzeid applies the same empathic, photo realistic vision to MidEast Peace (My Enemy My Brother, 2002), Blues Musicians (A Year of Blues, 2010), Bedouin Tribes (Being Bedouin, 2008 – 2010), Renaissance portraits reinterpreted (The New New World, 2012), Italian Racism & Integration (Non Sono Clandestino, 2012) Fashion & Performance Culture (Liquid Silk, 2013) and the North South Cultural Divide (Africa! 2013). Abouzeid’s fine art collections have been or are currently exhibited in numerous museums including Palazzo Vecchio, Accademia della Crusca, Museu de Valencia d’Etnologia, Pitti Uomo, Bedouin Heritage Foundation and Museu Maritima, Barcelona. For his work and humanitarian initiatives, Mark has received important recognition including that of the Italian National Association of Professional Photographers in 2008, a special recognition in the IPA World Photo Awards 2014 and an Award for Peace by the Region of Puglia for the exhibit “My Enemy My Brother”.


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I capture that which connects us all as fellow human beings and how we express this differently through our own unique cultures. “Whether in photojournalism reportage or fine art projects, I am a photo-realist and, somewhat, of a purist. I prefer costumes, props and locations to photoshop, and only do in post production what we could do in a darkroom. The more complex the desired impact, the greater the challenge, but perfection is in the shot not on the computer. I may stage incredible scenes, as we did with The New New World, but when I get behind the camera, I am capturing the reality we just created.” “If you see a beautiful photo, I have failed; if you can smell the coffee and your mouth waters, then I have succeeded.”


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