Palazzo Mozzi

Palazzo Mozzi The prominent Mozzi family had been persecuted in the past for its Guelph leanings.

Palazzo Mozzi or Palazzo de' Mozzi is an early Renaissance palace, located at the end of the Piazza de' Mozzi that emerges from Ponte alle Grazie and leads straight to the palace where via San Niccolò becomes via de' Bardi in the Quartiere of Santo Spirito (San Niccolò) in the Oltrarno section of Florence, region of Tuscany, Italy. The 13th-century palace housed the gallery of the highly successfu

l antiquarian Stefano Bardini, of which the remnants were left to the commune, where they assembled the Museo Bardini or Mozzi Bardini, displaying Florentine art and artifacts up to the early Renaissance. The gardens elaborated against the hillside behind the palace were added mainly by Bardini.HistoryThe palazzo was built by the Mozzi family between 1260 and 1273 as a fortification for the Ponte alle Grazie. The palace in the 13th and 14th-centuries hosted prominent visitors to Florence such as Pope Gregory X, Robert, Duke of Anjou, and the Duke of Athens at the palazzo. This may have been due to its protected location, outside of the city center, near the Porta San Niccolo.The palazzo was modified in the 14th century to a Renaissance house. The site changed hands during the 1500s, and the Mozzi family repossessed the site by 1551. During the 1700s and early 1800s, the palace was refurbished by the architect Gasparo Maria Paoletti, including the additions of some frescoes (1778) on the first floor.



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