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Ammunition Hill - The Six Day War Heritage Center Non-Profit organization dedicated to commemorating the IDF legacy during the Six Day War. Photos, News, stories, and events, will be posted here!

Jewish National Fund is assisting in the development and renovation of the Ammunition Hill Memorial site. Ammunition Hill is located in Jerusalem and is the historic site of the battle for the reunification of the city in the '67 War. JNF involvement in Ammunition Hill is an exciting opportunity as the site is: *A must-see stop on the agenda of tourists visiting Jerusalem *The location of the annual Jerusalem Day celebration *The setting of the induction ceremony for IDF paratroopers *A tribute to the soldiers who are so crucial to the security of the Jewish State *A symbol of Israeli heroism and fortitude The restored site portrays the siege of Jerusalem in the '67 War and serves as an educational center of the battles waged there. Renovations will include a series of interactive exhibits and informational stations. From the point of entry visitors will view the Breakthrough Wall where the story of the divided Jerusalem on the eve of the Six-Day War will be presented. Directly past the Breakthrough Wall, a tour following in the footsteps of the soldiers who fought at the Ammunition Hill will begin. The new City-Line Amphitheatre uses an innovative multimedia system to illustrate the events of the battle. The visitors' route through the battleground will lead to the entrance of a museum, which will give an account of the campaign waged for Jerusalem and the city's reunification. The battle description concludes at the awe-inspiring Wall of Gold, a wall upon which are inscribed the names of the 181 men who died protecting the people of Israel and the country they loved in the battle for Jerusalem. Beyond the Wall of Gold visitors can proceed to the Shrine of Remembrance, a structure dedicated to preserving the memories of the fighters, each of whom played a heroic role in the story of Israel's re-emergence. The tour then leads visitors into Jerusalem Hall, showing the now united, expanding and developing city of Jerusalem - the city of peace. The tour concludes at the Sanctuary of the Covenant, which is designed to extol the solidarity, acts of heroism, national revival and perpetuation of Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel and of the Jewish people. In addition to the tour, there will also be an information center, an educational center, an archive, a library, and a variety of additional services and activities. The renovation of Ammunition Hill will create an emotional and informational experience for all those visiting the site. JNF, along with the support of donors like you can bring history to life by creating this vital exhibit depicting a crucial battle in Israel's history. Project Spotlight: The City-Line Amphitheatre: The City-Line exhibit is an exciting, hi-tech sound and light display that presents the story of the five-mile-long line that divided Jerusalem between 1948 and 1967, and concentrates on the battles along it during the Six-Day War, that led to the reunification of the city. Visitors watch a stirring video while a 3-D model of the city and its environs lights up to illustrate troop movements and battles. The model was built thanks to a generous donation by Larry Russ of Los Angeles, CA. It’s a must-see stop on your tour of Ammunition Hill. Project Spotlight: The Battle Site The Battle Site of Ammunition Hill will be restored as closely as possible to its condition on the day of the battle. This includes refurbishing all fences, posts, trenches and bunkers. Visitors to the site will be able to follow the progression of the battle, and view the weapons used at that time through this new, interactive tour. The course of the battle will be recreated, with the sounds of the fighting and the voices of commanders and fighters. The Battle Site will be a compelling, powerful and emotional exhibit, which will convey the intensity of the fighting to all visiting Ammunition Hill. At the summit of the hill there will be an observation point with descriptions of the surrounding terrain, both the way it looks today and the way it was in 1967. The tour of the battle site will constitute a central element in the visitors' route to the museum and other parts of the Ammunition Hill site. With your help, we will be able to create a new exhibit that can teach people about the battle at Ammunition Hill in a meaningful and memorable way.

Operating as usual

The Robinson Report | Episode 23

Russell Robinson inspirational reminder
Eric Narrow
Yael Levontin

Jewish National Fund is committed to making sure that the history of the land and people of Israel is preserved for today's generation and those to come. Our...

We can most certainly  vouch for that.Well earned and well deserved! Russell Robinson Shanah Tovah!!!JNF-USA in Israel
Leading America's Jews through a crisis

We can most certainly vouch for that.
Well earned and well deserved!
Russell Robinson Shanah Tovah!!!

JNF-USA in Israel

#36 - American Jewish leaders: William Daroff and Russell F. Robinson

Social security branch, supporting families who are victims of terror attacks  hosted at Ammunition Hill, once again, a ...

Social security branch, supporting families who are victims of terror attacks hosted at Ammunition Hill, once again, a beautiful tribute event to those amazing brave people.
"Choosing life" was the message we all shared.
Need we say more?
Eric Narrow
Russell Robinson

During such hot days a reminder  thatour unique & exclusive JerusaLENS photo exhibition is still available! Along with s...

During such hot days a reminder that
our unique & exclusive JerusaLENS photo exhibition is still available! Along with so many other great indoor attractions.
Jewish National Fund - USA
Eric Narrow
Russell Robinson

קבלו הצצה ב-360° אל תערוכת הקבע שמציגה תמונות מרהיבות מירושלים שצולמו על-ידי צלמים מכל רחבי העולם!
איפה התערוכה אתם שואלים? אז נספר לכם שתערוכת הצילומים, ביחד עם מוזיאון חדשני ומרשים, פעילויות בשטח פתוח ועוד הרבה דברים טובים וערכיים - ממתינים לכם בגבעת התחמושת - המרכז למורשת מלחמת ששת הימים שחרור ירושלים ואיחודה.

הפעילות במרכז מותאמת להנחיות הקורונה, אז יש לתאם בטלפון: 2967* או לקבל מידע נוסף לפני ביקור באתר האינטרנט:

The Robinson Report | Episode 11

That is the sipirit and the message!!
Shabbat shalom and happy 4th of July

This week on The Robinson Report, Russell Robinson, JNF-USA CEO, speaks on our friends in the Gaza Envelope. During these difficult times while missiles are ...

We will never forget! And tomorrow a flower will be attached to the plaque dedicated to his legacy and service. Our deep...

We will never forget! And tomorrow a flower will be attached to the plaque dedicated to his legacy and service. Our deepest condolences to Lynne and the family. Alon Wald
JNF-USA in Israel

We were very saddened to hear about the passing of a wonderful man, Fred Merriam. WWII hero and a dedicated friend of Israel, may he always be remembered as the kind and wonderful man that he was. Our deepest condolences to Lynne Merriam, Rod and the entire family.

Ammunition Hill Museum - Demo tour

There are so many good reasons to make your first trip to Israel
after Covid-19 blows over.

Make Ammunition Hill's new Museum one of them!

An incredibly modern, state-of-the-art, audio-visual museum
hidden beneath the battlefield of Ammunition Hill will tell you the story
of the Six-Day War and of the liberation of Jerusalem in a way that will
make you feel proud, connected and inspired.

Enjoy this teaser and hoping to see you soon…

Russell Robinson
Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites - SPIHS
Eric Narrow
Bruce Pomerantz
Michael Kessler
Yael Levontin


Three times a year, hundreds of paratroopers march through the night to Jerusalem, to Ammunition Hill, to claim the righ...

Three times a year, hundreds of paratroopers march through the night to Jerusalem, to Ammunition Hill, to claim the right to wear the red beret.

In the days before COVID-19, 2000 family members and friends would be here waiting, holding their breaths, for their friends and children and siblings to appear from beyond the horizon. Yesterday, they came again. Another group of paratroopers coming forth to claim their own destiny.

However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, these hundreds of young soldiers will come to Ammunition Hill over the following week, seperated by unit, to recieve their red berets.

Thanks to the amazing photographer Ofer עולם הצילום של עופר, we're able to share these incredible moments with you and give you all the opportunity to salute these brave young men and women for choosing to defend their- our, homeland.

Humans of JNF
Jewish National Fund - USA
Russell Robinson
Eric Narrow
Eric Michaelson
JNF-USA in Israel

נפלה בחלקי הזכות לצלם חניכים מדריכי צניחה בחלק האחרון של מסע כומתה בירושלים....
שאפו לכולם

Guy Nattiv Stands with JNF-USA

Even Guy Nattiv, the Oscar winning director (and a great friend.. :-)) stands with Jewish National Fund - USA , Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites - SPIHS & Ammunition Hill - The Six Day War Heritage Center, at this Spectacular Sunday!!


Russell Robinson

Sharon Joy

Eric Michaelson

Eric Narrow

Recreation - ריקריאיישן אירועים וכנסים בינלאומיים

Ammunition Hill is the official host and background to numerous ceremonial events.
The core values we stand for and the epic legacy of the liberation of Jerusalem are always immanent and inspiring part of any event.

אתר קרב לובש חג.
באנו, בנינו צילמנו!

תודה ל Tadmit - סרטוני וידאו ואנימציה לעסקים על הסרטון.

Today, on June 4th, which in 1967, was the day before the Six-Day War began, I had a surprise visit from a Jordanian tel...

Today, on June 4th, which in 1967, was the day before the Six-Day War began, I had a surprise visit from a Jordanian television crew who wanted to see Ammunition Hill and create a piece on it. With this surprise visit, I was given an incredible opportunity to do something that hasn’t been done before publicly with the Jordanians.

To share what this place had become for us, to spread its message to a wider domain. One I hadn’t ever imagined being able to share with.
Right from the beginning I could sense some tension among them, between us. After all, they were standing in the place that symbolized Israel’s defeat of the Jordanian Legion fifty-three years ago, in 1967.

A place where, alongside our brave Paratroopers, approximately 100 Jordanian legionnaires met their demise.
But, as we walked through the Battle Site and the New Museum, I showed them that Ammunition Hill doesn’t only hold stories of death and triumph of one side over the other, but it holds the stories of the soldier’s values. The stories of their humanity. That those values have been carved into the stone and dirt that cover the hill and linger there decades later. Shown to us by both sides, by every single soldier who fought for their friends and family.

Regardless of what will be chosen for the final cut by the editors, I realized, through their constant questions, reactions, and on-going surprise; that the methods we use to tell the story of the Battle for Jerusalem, that we tell the unbridled and pure truth, means more to them that a fountain of gold.
I realized that Ammunition Hill has found the best way to spread its story. Not one of death and darkness, but one of hope and values and human beings fighting for what and who they believe.

I cannot change the course of history. We won the battle and the war, and the cost of doing so was high. But, as far as I am concerned, today was another victory, another sign we chose the right path.

Not to mention that I gained three new friends.

Russell Robinson
Eric Narrow
Eric Michaelson
Jewish National Fund - USA


In 1967, a battle waged on Ammunition Hill between the 66th Battalion of the Paratroopers and the Jordanian Legion.

This battle, the battle that paved the way to a united and liberated Jerusalem. The battle that had been told since as a legend, that has become a myth and built an incredible legacy for all of us to follow.

Since then, and until today, those same Paratroopers have continued to serve their nation in all aspects, whether through high-ranking military positions or personal, and national, achievements.
But throughout all those years, no matter where they have gone or what they have achieved, they have never once forgotten their brothers-in-arms who fell during the Six-Day War. They never forgot them, or the loved ones who were left behind. As Yaki Chetz has said: “The dead-alive of Ammunition Hill.”

This year, for the first time ever, these heroes, these men, were excluded from the Memorial Day and Jerusalem Day events. For the first time in 52 years, they were not allowed to pay their respects to their friends who had fallen over the years.

COVID-19 ruled them out, as did the IDF, who called upon other, younger, soldiers and active reservists to replace them in the many, albeit shrunken, versions of the various ceremonies and events.
But these heroes, these idols, and fathers- they did not yield. They did not surrender or forget.

They could not settle for mediators or "Proxy" events.

They waited until the last event ended. Until the lights had long since dimmed and the TV cameras had been turned off. They waited until the stage was packed away and until the last of the soldiers had left the site.
It was only then, on the eve of Yom Yerushalayim, that they came.
Thirty-six of them returned to Ammunition Hill that night. Returned to their Hill.
Thirty-six of them to remember their thirty-six brothers who had fallen 53 years prior.

And with fire in their hearts and in their hands (Holding exactly 36 old torches, miraculously found hidden away in one of the site old basement…), they returned once again to conquer Ammuntion Hill.

With no one to witness, no media coverage. With no one to salute them or to acknowledge their actions, to say thank you, they came back.

Only I, their son, stood to bear witness to this incredible event.
I think that my father was there right beside me that night, his ghost standing next to King David, the Prophet Yeshayahu, and the Angel Gabriel. All there to give their own thanks.
All there to honor this generation of heroes and liberators.

Thank you for your service. For your lessons in humility, in comradery and bravery.

Thank you for Jerusalem.

Alon Wald

JNF-USA in Israel
Humans of JNF
Russell Robinson
Eric Narrow
Eric Michaelsonson
Dick Berman
Diane Scar
Heroes to Heroes
Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites - SPIHS


Jewish National Fund - USA
Russell Robinson
Eric Narrow

WATCH: "Maybe we were lions but if you wanted to live you should not have been on Givat Hatachmoshet."
As Jerusalem Day begins Yoni Zierler - Tours in Israel guides us through the trenches of Ammunition Hill. This is the site of the legendary battle during the Six-Day War, which paved the way for Jerusalem to be reunited once more as Israel's eternal capital.
It is thanks to the bravery of these IDF soldiers, who faced the impossible, that we can now celebrate a united Jerusalem.

Happy Jerusalem Day.

Ammunition Hill - The Six Day War Heritage Center

Jewish National Fund - USA

We are honored!

This week on The Robinson Report, Russell Robinson, JNF-USA CEO, introduces the largest fundraising event in JNF history: Spectacular Sunday: A Day of Giving from Coast to Coast, which will take place on Sunday, June 14.

He celebrates Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day), which commemorates the reunification of Jerusalem under Jewish sovereignty in the aftermath of the Six-Day War. During the Six-Day War, one of the fiercest battles took place at Ammunition Hill - The Six Day War Heritage Center, a JNF historical site.

Robinson speaks on one of the most impactful parts of Ammunition Hill: The Wall of Honor. It serves as a tribute to the heroism and courage of Jewish soldiers who, throughout our history, have fought in defense of the countries in which they lived.


Annnndddddd we're back. Ready and waiting! (And of course, only according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health)....

Annnndddddd we're back. Ready and waiting! (And of course, only according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health).
And one time only, this Friday, May 22cnd, in honor of Jerusalem Day, tours are free. Only by reservation (in adance).
We can't wait to see you!!

Jewish National Fund-USA in Israel
Jewish National Fund - USA
Russell Robinson
Eric Michaelson

"A Little Doll"... Before the ceremonies and celebrations on behalf of one united city and it's Liberators ("Yom Yerusha...

"A Little Doll"...
Before the ceremonies and celebrations on behalf of one united city and it's Liberators ("Yom Yerushalayim")...
Created by our one (and only… 🙂 ) Talented National Service guide. Inspired by one doll.
A one-of-a-kind inspiration…


"They say home is where the heart is.
But if my home is torn in two, where does my heart lie?
Or am I only a wayward seeker with no destination?"
-Sara Tirmizi

When people talk about Jerusalem in the Six-Day War, they talk about the intense battles that raged for three days straight. They tell the stories of the countless deaths, the glorified moments of victory and loss, both within and around the city limits. They speak of the courage of commander and soldier alike, their loyalty, bravery, and commitment to their mission. Their dedication to put others first before themselves and their willingness to sacrifice everything for their nation.

However, there is another side to every story. Two narratives of the same tale that can make you see the world in a different light.

I want this story to be about the second side of the tale.

I want to start this story with a little doll. A little doll that belonged to a little girl who lived in Jerusalem during the time between the Declaration of Independence and the Six-Day War.

This doll was not anything special. Sewn together with coarse thread and faded cloth, homespun memories and the warmth of freshly baked challah sitting on the counter to cool on a Friday morning.

This little girl loved her little doll. Would spend hours playing with it. Making up stories of why her city was divided in two. Why Ema would cry a lot, or go white-faced with fear when Abba did not come home from work on time.

Why Abba walked around with a heavy, metal thing that the scary people on the other side of the fence had too. She asked him about it once, but he had only shaken his head with that twinkling smile of his and crouched down in front of her.
"Al tidagi. Ani shomer alayich." Don't worry. I am protecting you.

The little girl simply clutched her little doll tighter to her chest and nodded. He brushed her hair back and pressed a kiss to her forehead.

"Yehiyeh beseder. Ani mavtiach." It will be okay. I promise.
She believed him.

But how much sway does a promise hold when there are clouds of war brewing on the distant horizon?

The little doll stayed with the little girl, followed her from room to room. Through pain, memories, heartbreak, and fear.

The doll stayed by the little girl when a sharp pitter-patter sliced through the air in the dead of night and she had watched from her bedroom door as Abba strapped that metal thing to his side and ran towards it with a murmur and a gentle kiss to Ema.

And when days faded into night and the threat of war thickened, Abba had picked her up and kissed her goodbye. Hugged her tight and with tears in his eyes murmured a soft,

"Ani ohev otaach." I love you.

He left after that. Had echoed the words to Ema and shut the door behind him.

The little girl climbed onto her bed to watch him leave. Her father, a hero going to protect her.

"Al tidagi. Ani shomer alayich".

She poked her head through the window, craned her neck and waved and called his name… But the little girl did not realize that she had leaned too far out and her little doll had slipped. Slipped and fallen and tumbled away, past the barbed wire, the fence dividing her city, her heart, in two. Fallen into the place of no return.

The little girl cried.

The little girl cried for her lost doll. For Abba to come home. When the booms and bangs and bright bursts of light started around the city, she cried harder into Ema's arms.

On the other side of the barbed fence, on the ground of that place of no return, the little doll who had lost her little girl watched the sky explode into color. Crimson and ruby and copper and blood that ran in the streets, dripped down and stained the worn fabric of its dress. The little doll watched as men were gunned down and tears were shed. Families cracked wide open with the smell of charcoal and sulphur and gunpowder burning through the air.

Two days later, the skies cleared. The air sweetened again like honey, vibrant as red wine.

And when the fence came down, the little girl did not go look for her little doll. Did not go look for her little doll because she did not want it. The doll who had left her. Who had left her and had not come back like her father.

"Al tidagi. Ani shomer alayich. Yehiyeh beseder. Ani mavtiach.

Don't worry. I am protecting you. It will be okay. I promise".

Abba did not return home. Did not keep his promise.

A united city littered with broken promises and shattered shards of hope.

The little doll waited for the little girl to come find it, take it from that place of no return. The little girl never came.

Someone else came instead. With gentle hands, the little doll was picked up and dusted off; memories of cooling "challah" now yellowed with time.

The little doll did not find the little girl again. But the little doll found a new home, in the city that was divided no more, encased in glass. Watching and listening to the story of her little girl's father being told to other girls, and boys, and men and women again, and again, and again.

Never forgotten. Never again.

Miri Selengut
Ammunition Hill
(Inspired by the doll at Ammunition Hill Museum)

Jewish National Fund-USA in Israel
Russell Robinson
Eric Narrow
Eric Michaelson
Miri Selengut
Yoni Zierler


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אתגר "פלייליסט הבידוד השיתופי" הרביעי של גבעת התחמושת כבר רץ ואנחנו כבר על קו ה-60 העלאות מתוך 100. מוזמנים להבריק עם עוד שירים שטרם עלו.
A must see. Thank you to JNF for bringing this amazing story to life.
אנחנו בתנועה!! כל הקודם זוכה ויש להרשם מראש!! הצצה זריזה מאוד בסרטון למטה!... סקרנים??? בואו!!
אני צריך תשובה קבעתי סיור למחר אמרתי שאם אני לא מבטל את הסיור זה סימן שאני מגיע אתם, איך אני יכול להיות וודאי לגבי הסיור ?