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(1) I am delighted at finally getting to see the Kin...
Charles I: King and Collector | Exhibition | Royal Academy of Arts I am delighted at finally getting to see the King Charles I and his art exhibition at the Royal Academy today! If I was a knight of the Order of the Garter, I would wear my eight-pointed star!

Discover the legendary art collection of Charles I. For the first time since the 17th century, this landmark exhibition brings together the astounding treasures that changed the taste of the nation. there still time for you...
A Lovely genuine KANGXI period lobed Cup & Saucer with Artemisia flower on bases | eBay there still time for you to bid on this lovely matching Kangxi cup and saucer. They are over 300 years old and would be a worthy addition to any collection.

Each are hand-painted with blooming stylised lotus buds. Running around the rims of cup and saucer are period hatching decoration with an artemisia leaf painted on the base of each contained within concentric blue circles. | eBay! 2017 is a very special year for Freemasonry as it mark...
Chiswick House Secret Symbolism Tour (Jacobite & Masonic) 2017 is a very special year for Freemasonry as it marks the tricentenary of the formation of English Grand Lodge in 1717. To celebrate Masonic events will be taking place across the world. As a special 'treat' for you and your lodge why not book a Masonic tour with me, Ricky Pound, of Chiswick House and Gardens? Designed by Lord Burlington in 1727, Chiswick House is a world famous piece of Palladian architecture. The interior design was largely executed by William Kent, the most sought after talent of the early Georgian period. Within the rooms of Chiswick, Lord Burlington and Kent designed ceiling paintings which were full of Masonic symbolism which could be understood by fellow brothers of the Craft.
Come and share the secrets of Chiswick House. I can promise you a truest enlightening and exhilarating experience!

Special tour incorporating recent research on the discreet Masonic and Jacobite symbolism within the art and architecture of Chiswick House

Museum of Richmond

Last chance to see the 'Capability 300' exhibition at Richmond Museum which ends this month. The exhibition has some lovely coloured period engravings of Sion House, Garrick's Temple, Hampton Court gardens, Kew Gardens and terrific photographs of Stowe gardens, among others. I have also lent some 18th century Chinese porcelain featuring garden scenes, the type of gardens and scenes appreciated and advocated by Brown's rival and critic, William Chambers. The exhibition is well worth a view. Details below:

The Museum celebrates the rich heritage of Richmond, Ham, Petersham and Kew. The colourful displays span from medieval times to the present day. It is ideal for
Jacqueline Riding- Jacobites: A New History of the ’45 Rebellion
Tickets for Jacqueline Riding's talk on Jacobites and the '45 are going like hot potatoes. Don't be a couch potato- get yours now!

Saturday 19 November – 2pmCoach House, Orleans House Gallery£8/£6.50The 1745 Jacobite Rebellion was a turning point in British history. When ‘the Young Pretender’ Charles Edward Stuart sailed to Scotland in July 1745 few people within Britain were alarmed. But after he raised the Stuart standard at…

It was thrilled to see Gilly Drummond at Orleans House Gallery on the last day of the Capability Brown exhibition. She w...
Capability 300 at Museum of Richmond | Exhibition | Richmond Upon Thames|London

It was thrilled to see Gilly Drummond at Orleans House Gallery on the last day of the Capability Brown exhibition. She was so full of praise for my exhibition which, along with the kind words of John Phibbs, makes me absolutely certain that the exhibition was a great success and enjoyed by all.
I am delighted that part of the exhibition will continue at Richmond Museum. Details below:

Capability Now exhibition is a celebration of the rich history of our local landscapes. The exhibition will be supported by an exciting range of events covering poetry, arts and crafts, film and more
237: Have you been to Orleans House for the Brown exhibition? – The Brown Advisor the exhibition at Orleans House gallery on the Georgian landscape designer Lancelot 'Capability' Brown has been lauded "a triumph" by John Phibbs, the leading expert on Brown. Phibbs runs a blog called 'The Brown Advisor' which asks three hundred questions and answers related to Brown. The latest, number 237, is entirely focused on the 'Capability Now' exhibition at Orleans.
I am sure that when he calls its curator 'Rickie Plant', he is having a small joke at the Ricky's expense and relating him to nature!

Few pleasures come sweeter than a spring morning on the Thames path. Whether from Isleworth to Twickenham or Kew to Richmond, there is something in the air that lends an unusual geniality to the folk one passes. Thus did your editor make his way to the only place to be on Wednesday 13th April in 201…


Lord Burlington Bowling Green in Chiswick House gardens was (and this is) surrounded by eight sweet chestnut trees, echoing the eight Tuscan columns surrounding the perimeter of the Lower Tribune at Chiswick House. The process of using architectural sources within the house and replicating the same sources within garden is a process I have termed the 'architecture of reflection'. It is an intellectual process where Lord Burlington and William Kent are breaking down the barriers between the architecture of man and the architecture of Nature where the villa is perceived as another 'room' to the garden or the house a single piece in a much larger all encompassing entity.

One of the many highlights from the Stowe gardens section of the 'Capability Now' exhibition taking place at Orleans Hou...
‘Capability Now’ exhibition at Orleans House Gallery | Capability Brown

One of the many highlights from the Stowe gardens section of the 'Capability Now' exhibition taking place at Orleans House Gallery from Saturday 13th February will be Gawen Hamilton's 'A Conversation of Virtuosis…at the Kings Arms’, 1735 (on loan from The National Portrait Gallery).

In the portrait several of the sitters employed at Stowe gardens are featured. These include the architect James Gibbs (1682-1754), the Royal gardener Charles Bridgeman (1690-1738), the Flemish sculptor John Michael Rysbrack (1694-1770) and the painter and garden designer William Kent (1685-1748). Also in this section will be a oil on canvas portrait of James Gibbs by Bartholomew Dandrige (c.1750).

‘Capability Now’ at Orleans House Gallery will place Lancelot Brown and his gardens in their historical context, as forming an integral part of an 18th century English phenomenon which marked the transition from formal to naturalistic gardens. This will be illustrated in the exhibition through a var…


By the end of this weekend I should have have completed 9 of the 12 text panels required for the 'Capability Now' exhibition taking place at Orleans House Gallery from 15th February 2016.

In order these panels will be:
1. Why 'Capability Now'?
2. The formal garden.
3. The experience of the 'Grand Tour and a culture of collecting.
4. Art and the English landscape Garden
5. Pioneers of the English landscape Garden: Charles Bridgeman
6. William Kent
7.Richard Boyle
8.Alexander Pope
9.Stowe Gardens
10.Capability Brown: National
11. Capability Brown: local
12. 'Beyond Capability': Humphrey Repton


'Capability Now'. Upcoming exhibition at Orleans House Gallery. Runs 13th February to 26th June 2016.

'Capability Now' forms part of a national series of events celebrating the 300th anniversary of the birth of Lancelot 'Capability' Brown, an architect and designer responsible for the creation of over 260 of England's finest Georgian landscaped parks and gardens.

This exhibition will illustrate Brown's vast contribution to the development of the 'English Landscape Garden' at a local and national level; this new style of gardening being characterised by its 'informal' and naturalistic appearance as opposed to the ordered, symmetrical and geometric gardens of the past.

The exhibition will also feature contemporary artists from across the UK who will present modern interpretations of Brown’s works and ideas in a range of media.


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