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Parachute Regimental Association Swindon Branch The Swindon Branch of the Parachute Regimental Association meets at the RAFA Club on Belle Vue Road, Swindon - visit the website for the dates
To promote the efficiency of the Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces by fostering espirit de corps and maintaining contact between past and present members thereof. To relieve either generally or individually persons who are serving or who have served in The Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces or the dependants of such persons who are in conditions of need hardship or distress. Membership of the Association is open to all ranks past and present of the Parachute Regiment, regular and TA, including members of other regiments who have served or are serving a tour with the Parachute Regiment. In addition all others who have served or are serving with a British Airborne Formation or Unit are eligible for membership The Swindon Branch of the Parachute Regimental Association meets on the 1st Wednesday of each month, at the RAFA Club on Belle Vue Road, Swindon - 19:30. For more information, contact the secretary on 01793 490594

Guy Martin's D-Day Landing Trailer | Guy Martin Proper

This Sunday on C4, Guy Martin, doing this in respect to his Grandad who took part in D Day.

To mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day, Guy Martin restores a Dakota plane, undergoes brutal training with the Red Devils parachute display team, and parachut...

Feel free to comment and support Soldier F.

Feel free to comment and support Soldier F.

Northern Ireland Veteran to face Charges.

The Parachute Regiment cannot comment on the legal aspects of this case or any other of the current cases. However, The Regiment will do everything that it can for any of its veterans involved in the various Northern Ireland legacy cases, in terms of welfare and pastoral support and advice. Any former member of the Regiment who needs support or advice should get in touch with Paul Rodgers, who is our Regimental Legacy Officer. He can be reached on 01206 817072 or [email protected]. Veterans’ UK is also available to offer support and advice:

The Colonel Commandant of The Parachute Regiment, Lt Gen Sir John Lorimer (Pictured), said: “We take our responsibilities for veteran welfare support extremely seriously. We have specific staff in our Regimental Headquarters who are able to advise former serving members of the Regiment on all matters relating to the ongoing cases. We are indebted to our Regimental predecessors, who served with such courage, sacrifice and dedication to duty to bring about peace and security in Northern Ireland."

A slight change of plan but, it should be for the better.
The Airborne Statue …

A slight change of plan but, it should be for the better.

This just in From Tommy Simpson, re the Airborne Statue. The PRA organising committee for the unveiling of the Airborne Soldier met today at Montgomery House Aldershot. Two weeks ago, we were dropped a bombshell by Aspire, the company that has responsibility for MOD estates … Unacceptable demands ...

Looking forward to watching this.
The Paras: Men Of War Episode 1

Looking forward to watching this.

This brand-new three part landmark documentary series features unprecedented access to the elite Parachute Regiment, after its doors were opened to a UK network broadcaster’s cameras for the first time in a generation.

These boys set the standard.

These boys set the standard.

ON THIS DAY: 73 years ago 1st Airborne Division was disbanded.

The Division's major operations included Op Torch (North Africa), Op Husky (Sicily) and Op Market Garden (Arnhem).

Find out about 1st Airborne Division here:

Image: Members of 1st Airborne Division after Arnhem, Buckingham Palace, December 1944.

The Band of The Parachute Regiment

We will remember them.

74 years ago tonight the final radio message was received from the remnants of the 1st Airborne Division, who were trapped in a small pocket west of the bridge at Arnhem. It simply said, "Out of ammunition, God save the King."

As a tribute to those who were there that night, Lance Corporal Jonathan Cook performed the Last Post at the Dakota that acts as a gate guard next to the entrance to Merville Barracks.

Videographer: Sgt R Mee
UK Ministry of Defence © Crown Copyright 2018

BBC South

Another Ox and Bucks man gone. RIP Sir

The funeral has been held for a D-Day veteran who helped capture the strategically important Pegasus Bridge.

This is it. Tomorrow I will be heading to the jungle at 0500.
Race And safety briefs, then final kit checks and head down in my hammock for the night.

I Am getting to that finish line, if thats hoping across or even crawing I will be there to do your all proud..


All I ask from you is to help and support by donating, dig deep and let's get this £10,000 to SUPPORT OUR PARAS.


A blast from the past

A blast from the past

We’re excited about this!

Royal Enfield in collaboration with the MoD and The Parachute Regiment has launched a limited edition Pegasus Motorbike. The Classic 500 is a brilliant homage to the original WWII ‘Flying Flea’ much loved by British Airborne.

Watch this space as we have one to raise funds for our charity Support our Paras, details to follow!

Only a 1,000 have been made!


British Army

British Army

“If we get seen by the enemy or come under fire we want to shoot back and get out of there as fast as we can.”

Pathfinders are the advance force for 16 Air Assault Brigade, the British Army’s airborne rapid reaction force. Trained in specialist airborne techniques to insert deep behind enemy lines, PF is tasked to gather battle-winning information and identify locations where the main body of troops can be parachuted or landed by helicopter.

Operating in small patrols far from the support of friendly forces, PF demands soldiers with the highest standards of fitness, motivation and intelligence and first-rate soldiering skills.

The last Arnhem Air Dispatch veteran, his final sortie. RIP Geoffrey

The last Arnhem Air Dispatch veteran, his final sortie. RIP Geoffrey

Via Mrs Ann Weston from Sutton I received the sad news that her father Geoffrey Gamgee passed away on the 19th of February 2018, aged 94.

Geoffrey was as far as I know (correct me if I'm wrong) the last Arnhem-1944 air despatcher.

On the 19th of September 1944 Geoff and L/Cpl Richard 'Dick' Grantham were the two air despatchers of 253 Airborne Divisional Composite Company, RASC, assigned to a 570 Squadron Stirling (JL647 / V8-'U') piloted by Pilot Officer Hincks.
After having dropped their supplies on Supply Drop Zone 'V' between Arnhem and Oosterbeek the Stirling was hit by flak and P/O Hincks was forced to belly land the Stirling near the Groene Dijk, behind the Monastery 'Betlehem' at Haren, Province of Noord-Brabant.

With the help of the local population the full crew and both air despatcher managed to evade capture and returned to the UK in a few days. Before departing the local area all crew members signed their names on the back end of a painting that hung on the wall of one of the Dutch families in the area (see attached photograph also showing Geoff Gamgee's name).
If you own a copy of my book 'Green On!', see pages 94-97 for Geoff's elaborate story of his flight and escape & evasion.

Geoffrey, it was a pleasure to meet you in the UK and to have known you. Rest in peace Geoff !

Green machine out in the jungle

Green machine out in the jungle

Welcome to the jungle: A Company, 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment is training to survive - and fight - in the heat and humidity of the jungle on Exercise Mayan Warrior.

RIP Sir.

RIP Sir.

It is with Great Regret and Sadness that I must Inform you that Surgeon Captain Rick Jolly passed away in his sleep this morning. Sue his wife is obviously devastated. His friends don't know if there will be a private or public farewell to this great man, Truly Heart Breaking

Surgeon-Captain Richard Jolly OBE is a former Royal Navy medical officer who served in the 1982 Falklands War and was later decorated by both the British and Argentine governments for his distinguished conduct during the conflict. He still practising and giving lectures to medical establishments on his experiences. He is a co-founder, with Denzil Connick, of the South Atlantic Medal Association formed in 1997

As Officer Commanding Medical Squadron of the Commando Logistic Regiment Royal Marines, Jolly was Senior Medical Officer of 3 Commando Brigade RM and commanded the field hospital at Ajax Bay.

The facilities at Ajax Bay were set up in an old refrigeration plant which was situated next to an ammunition dump, as those were the only roofed buildings available of any size fit for purpose. Therefore, due to its position, Brigadier Julian Thompson ordered they were not to paint a Red Cross on the buildings to highlight the hospital due to the terms of the Geneva Convention. The conditions in the field hospital were poor and despite the dirt, poor lighting, air attacks and the presence of two unexploded bombs, only 3 of the 580 British soldiers and marines wounded in action were to die of their wounds and none while under the care of Dr Jolly.

Jolly wrote the book The Red and Green Life Machine about his experiences. and he is the only serviceman to be decorated by both sides after the conflict, being awarded an OBE (Military Division) from the UK and the Orden de Mayo (Order of May) - awarded to "foreigners who distinguish themselves by service or personal achievement, or who have gained the nation's gratitude" - from Argentina.

When visiting Argentina in 1998, Jolly had sent ahead a list of Argentine casualties and asked the authorities there what had become of them. As a result, the Argentine Foreign Ministry discovered the truth about the battlefield medical care of their wounded by the British during the conflict and invited over fifty of them to a ceremony in Buenos Aires, where Dr Jolly was appointed as an Oficial (Officer) in the Order of May in recognition of his outstanding work in saving the lives of many wounded Argentine soldiers and airmen.

Being a foreign decoration, Jolly had to write to Her Majesty the Queen for permission to wear his Order of May award with his other medals, to which she personally authorised him to wear the award "on all occasions" on behalf of the three hundred British Naval, Royal Marines and Army medics involved in the war.

Jolly also featured and was extensively interviewed in the TV documentary Falklands Combat Medics, which concentrated primarily on the work and role played by the Field Hospital based at Ajax Bay.

With Denzil Connick, he campaigned for the recognition of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for all Falkland veterans in aid of the South Atlantic Medal Association

Royal Engineers, sharing their skills

Royal Engineers, sharing their skills

Airborne sappers of 23 Parachute Engineer Regiment and 173rd Airborne Brigade practise their airfield repair and construction skills together on Exercise Pegasus Gaul.

Well done Parachute REME

Well done Parachute REME

December 8:

A winners' window in our Airborne Advent Calendar - 8 Parachute Field Company REME lift the St Eligius Trophy after winning Ex Pegasus Bluebell competition for airborne REME soldiers.


I have been informed,and it is with great sadness that I confirm the death of Ex Cpl 5031123 Norman Harold Charles Jordan, Norman died on the 18th November aged 94, he was enlisted for war service into the RASC , transferred to PFA RAMC Medic with 9 Para Battalion, then Transferred into The Parachute Regiment, he also served in Palestine, Hong Kong and Korea.

The funeral will take place at Cheltenham Crematorium 13th December 1330 hrs Bouncers Lane Gloucestershire GL52 5JT, The wake will follow at Gupshill Manor Tewkesbury GL20 5SY. All the Para family are welcome.
I am in contact with the family, should you be in the area and able to attend, please PM me and I will pass your name on.

82nd Airborne Division

An All American from 82nd, explaining the Airborne ethos. Units from USA, UK, Holland, Poland, France and Germany. Jumping on to Ginkel near Arnhem. We are all brothers, once we have stepped through the door.

WATCH: For those that wear the maroon beret, being a #Paratrooper means more than just the attendance of a school or a special type of unit. Being a Paratrooper is a brotherhood that has its origins with and includes some of America's greatest heroes from WWII. SSG Curry, a Paratrooper from the 82nd Airborne Division explains this and more in this episode of #ParatroopersforLife.


We need new members. Next meeting is Wednesday 1st November at 19.30, held at Swindon RAFA club. Bring service details. Annual membership fee only £10. Social memberships available too. Airborne tours and events run. Send a message for more details.
Blues skies.

Airborne Museum Hartenstein

Ginkel Heide Saturday 16th September 2017. Some memories of the 73rd anniversary

Tijdens de herdenking op de Ginkelse Heide sprongen honderden parachutisten uit onder meer Nederland, Engeland en de Verenigde Staten. Behalve de droppings waren er ook demonstraties met helikopters.

Video: Youtube-kanaal Omroep Gelderland

Omroep Gelderland

Just got back from Holland with 7 of of favorite Warriors, youngest 92 oldest 96. love em.

Blijft indrukwekkend. Dit keer waren er zeven veteranen bij de Airborne Wandeltocht Bekijk de hele uitzending hier ➡️

British Army


Take to the skies with a paratrooper

The Parachute Regiment

The Parachute Regiment

His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales is visiting The Parachute Regiment at Merville Barracks, Colchester today to celebrate 40 years as its Colonel-in-Chief.

Archive: Airborne Assault - The Museum of the Parachute Regiment & Airborne Forces

Airborne Assault - The Museum of the Parachute Regiment & Airborne Forces

Airborne Assault - The Museum of the Parachute Regiment & Airborne Forces

Last weekend the team went to mark the 35th anniversary of the Falklands Campaign (Operation Corporate). There was a drumhead service held in Aldershot Military Cemetery. This was followed by a parade consisting of Falklands veterans and serving personnel in The Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces.

Airborne Assault had a display in Princes Green which was very well attended.

If you would like to find out more about the Falklands visit our website at:

At the going down of the sun and in the morning.We will remember them.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning.
We will remember them.

The Parachute Regiment set to commemorate 35th Anniversary of Falkland Islands Conflict in Aldershot

The 35th Anniversary of the Falklands Conflict is to be marked this Sunday (18th June) in Aldershot with a ceremonial Drumhead Service and commemorative march through the town centre held.

The drumhead service, a traditional Army field church service held using the regimental drums as an altar, is to be held in the Aldershot Military Cemetery – the last resting place of eighteen soldiers who fell in battle during the fight to regain the South Atlantic islands. Among the rows of headstones is that of Sergeant Ian McKay of the Third Battalion, Parachute Regiment who was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions in the battle of Mount Longdon.

Hundreds of veterans are expected to attend and accompany serving ‘Paras’ and troops representing the airborne units that make up today’s 16 Air Assault Brigade. The service that will pay homage to the 46 airborne soldiers who never returned will be presided over by the Reverend David Cooper, himself a veteran of the conflict who served with 2nd Battalion, Parachute Regiment at the time.

Following the service the commemoration moves to the centre of Aldershot where some 120 serving airborne soldiers will form up behind the Band of the Parachute Regiment and Pegasus,
the Paras’ Sheltland pony regimental mascot and swelled by the ranks of the veterans will parade through the streets of the town.

The Glider Pilot Regiment Society

Swindon Branch standard will be in Normandy this week.

In the next few days some of our members will depart to Normandy to take part in the D-Day commemorations. We will be keeping you in touch with it all through live streams, stories and photos. Here is a little tribute to the men who we will be remembering. Stay tuned.

The Parachute Regiment

The Parachute Regiment

Trafalgar Cup 2017

#UtrinqueParatus #TrafCup

The Parachute Regiment

The Parachute Regiment

British paratroopers are putting their skills to the test alongside Jordan Armed Forces القوات المسلحة الاردنية in a major joint exercise set in the country’s scorched desert plains.

Ex OLIVE GROVE has seen C Company, 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment working with Jordan’s elite Quick Reaction Force on a range of infantry skills, sharing their expertise and hard-won knowledge in the most testing of environments.

Find out more at


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