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The Gansey Page - Sheringham Museum This page is being developed to share our knowledge and activities around the knitting of the traditional fisherman's gansey.

Exciting News from Sheringham Museum! Further details email:

Exciting News from Sheringham Museum! Further details email: [email protected]



- or is this simply a half-sleeved Guernsey? Not a bad idea though - easier to do.
The nuns at school wore cotton 'sleeves', ie cuff-defenders & we all had to make one in sewing. It was a bit like a sampler or sailor's ditty bag insofar as it incorporated every technique known to man & we all had to produce one & get it past Sister Jean's bleary eagle eye before graduating onto Simplicity dress patterns - in my case an A-line pinafore with a conspicuous absence of clever stuff.
Both my infant sleeve & my roughy toughy ditty bag, constructed many years later in idle moments on HMB Endeavour, were joined by the same folded seam, which also features on jeans. An American fellow crew-member worked in the steel industry & when he saw what I was doing with my morsel of sailcloth & my sailor's palm, he said 'That's a Pittsburgh seam.'

Sisterhood Fibres

Sisterhood Fibres

Have shared this before but love it so much.

Rita Smith’s new book

Rita Smith’s new book

Exciting news! The advance copy of my book has arrived and I'm really pleased with it. It should be in the shops at the end of the month but you can order it on Amazon now.

Sunderland Volunteer Life Brigade - SVLB

Sunderland Volunteer Life Brigade - SVLB

Gansey knitting exhibition all set to open this Saturday 🙂 it is only on for 2 weekends day/sun 12-4pm with a gansey knitting workshop next Saturday for experienced knitters only. Hope to see you soon 🙂

Sheringham Museum

Sheringham Museum

Early Photograph of unknown Sheringham Fishermen. Nice Ganseys! Can anyone help please. Thanks Tim

Sheringham Museum

Sheringham Museum

A Sheringham Fisherman who went to Grimsby. But who? Nice example of a Gansey.

Sheringham fisherman. Name?  Nice Gansey!C1900

Sheringham fisherman. Name? Nice Gansey!

Sheringham Museum

Sheringham Museum

We were really thrilled at the Museum today to meet Kenneth Holloway, a Sheringham fisherman who went to sea with the likes of Richard Little, Bennet Middleton and Peter Scotter, to name a few of those he mentioned. Ken was also a member of the crew of the Manchester Unity of Oddfellows Lifeboat.
Ken had heard about the Museum's interest in Ganseys and decided to offer 5 that had been knitted for him by his mother Gwen, born in Sheringham and who had lived in a cottage on Beeston Common all her life.
Ken was only too happy to pose for a picture with the ganseys near the Windsor Rose. Our textile group led by Lesley Lougher will be looking at them and they will soon be spending a while in the freezer to make sure that all possible care is taken of them. No doubt eventually they will be put on display so they can be enjoyed by the public.
The Museum is always delighted to be contacted about Ganseys and we are building our collection and an enviable reputation for our knowledge. If you would like to donate a family gainsay to the care of Sheringham Museum please contact either Lisa Little (Manager&Curator) or Lesley Lougher. Thank you Ken.

From our new Gansey display. ....

From our new Gansey display. ....

Developing new display in the Social History Room

Developing new display in the Social History Room

Some interesting bits in this article
Fish Quines   - a migrant labour

Some interesting bits in this article

Ernest Pledge - "you’d tae sign a paper, and you got arles. Ye were arlesed, ye see, ye was fixed. ken ye took up your arles, ye wir fixed. Ye couldna ging to another body to work ... Well if we get awa' and workit to another body, ye was ta'en to Court."



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Excellent piece on Thursday's Antique Road Trip. You were all brilliant.
Will there be a gansey symposium this September?
At the Grit Fest,a Welsh lady had knitted her interpretation of a Lowestoft gansey.
It was the Grit Fest in Lowestoft last week, where we celebrated all things to do with the fishing industry. I was there with my collection of mini ganseys. So many people came to chat regarding these.