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The British Museum has said that it has dismissed a member of staff after items from its collection were found to be "missing, stolen or damaged". The items included gold jewellery and gems of semi-precious stones and glass dating from 15th century BC to the 19th century, it said in a statement. The...


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A beautiful complete late Bronze Age socketed Axe Head! 1500 BCE (approx)
While visiting the UK, Tim S from Montana USA was totally gobsmacked when he dug this 3,500 year old find of lifetime! A VERY nice find!! Just look at the condition of it. Wow! 😍

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Live on this Weeks The BIG Detecting Show show, we are joined by metal detectorist, TV personality and host of Sky Kids - Dig Detectives - Ben Shires. We will learn all about Ben's involvement in the hobby and all about the show itself.

Also joining us is friend of the Show - Gary Cook bringing us all the latest news in the run up to the Rodney Cook Memorial Charity Detecting Weekender 2022.

We are delighted to welcome both to the show and can't wait until we are live on Thursday at 8pm. Streaming right here.


Experience The UK's Largest Metal Detecting Event Tickets Event Info Experience The UK's Largest Metal Detecting Event Tickets Event Info Welcome to Detectival Bringing the world of metal detecting together Detectival have been running large scale metal detecting events since 2016. Bringing together


ITV in the UK has, at last, released in full, their 2013 highly successful Metal Detecting series - Hoard Hunters. Metal detectorists Gary Brun and Gordon Heritage are joined by archaeologist Mike Webber as they revisit the sites of known treasure hoards to piece together history and perhaps find mo...


After a five year absence, triple BAFTA winning comedy, Detectorists, is to return later this year for a one-off 75 minute special.A warm and funny drama, the Detectorists follows the adventures of two metal detecting hobbyists, Lance and Andy, as they negotiate life and Metal detecting.Detectorists...


We’d been searching the area for 10 years – the one I found was 1,600 years old. It was a detector’s dream


What makes the difference between success in this hobby and failure ? Is it the skill of the Detectorist ? Is it down to the brand or model of the Detectors ? No. It’s location and permissions and being able to get them makes the difference between an empty finds pouch and a bulging one ! But


Here's the latest Lost Tapes of History Podcast and the 22nd episode of season 2: Thomas Gresham and the Bank Manager. Imagine finding a stack of audiotapes containing the first few minutes of interviews and private conversations between England’s historic figures and some therapists, counsellors,...


Sadly this weeks BIG Detecting show has been postponed. We will be back as ever on Thursday 9th June from 8pm

Don't forget, the FREE Composite cleaning pencil competition is now running and will be drawn on next weeks show.


Metal detecting is a fantastic hobby. It does give you a buzz when you find something good. I use the XP Deus on the Deep program and Sid Perry's program. I tweak both to suit me and the ground conditions, normally have my killohertz quite low 4 to 7 and sensitivity around the 95 . I found


I had always been interested in history and was always rambling in the countryside picking up anything that looked interesting, old bottles, clay pipes and anything that looked interesting. All that changed one day in 1970 when I was watching the tea time news, a man called Ron Rowland was introduce...


Cleaning Roman Coins found Metal Detecting UK with the Composite Cleaning Pencil... with some success!Cleaning Metal Detecting Finds and Coins can be done in...


At the Archaeology and Metal detecting magazine, we feel honoured to receive images and stories of readers finds. Sometimes however, we are able to go a step further. A work colleague of mine does not have the best mobile phone camera or ability to photograph by other means, so along with the story....


Our field tester Shane Holdcroft - YouTube's Staffordshire searcher and two of his detecting buddies Ron Steele and Steve Reale spent the day on one of Ron's metal detecting permissions in East Cheshire. After a general array of finds similar to what are usually discovered through the length and bre...


Today was a good day. A friend visited the area from London and we met for coffee. I could have gone metal detecting, in fact, I was invited. But Ben Carlisle did go. A trip to an event in Shropshire organised by Noble pursuits metal detecting. And Ben is glad he went. Using his Minelab Equinox 800.


Welcome to the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin & Castlebar covering Archaeology, Decorative Arts, Folk & Country Life, & Natural History.FREE Exhibitions


Experts say George Ridgway's find may be the biggest precious metal hoard from Claudius I's time.


In our series - Memoirs of a treasure hunter, David Rees kindly offered his detailed account of the Cunetio Hoard which was discovered by Peter Humphries and John Booth. Thanks to David for his permission to include the article. And what a tale this is..... When the A419 bypass was being built betwe...


Archaeologists say the spearhead found at Cirencester sewage works appears to be a family heirloom.


The hoard found by three friends achieves more than double the auctioneer's £40,000 guide price.


Being a keen long distance walker Myself I have often wondered about the 'money trees and posts' that are fairly frequently seen along the paths of Britain's longest trails. I have seen them in the Lake District, Scotland and even on the PYG track in Wales a money post has been erected on the path a...


'Unscrupulous' nighthawkers who hunt treasure under cover of darkness are damaging farmland and crops in Suffolk, a senior rural officer has warned.


We are now accepting entries for our next auction. Coins, Antiquities, single items through to whole collections. Call or message us for more details and free valuations 📞💻📡


At my Treasure Hunting Club, I joined up with three other people, and we went out most weekends. They were Roger, Norman and Joe. This was after Ron Rowland the man who showed me how to metal detect and where, could no longer go out. Ron was still chairman and was always there with advice. They


After a five year absence, triple BAFTA winning comedy, Detectorists, is to return later this year for a one-off 75 minute special. A warm, funny, honey dripped drama Detectorists follows the travails of two metal detecting hobbyists, Lance and Andy, as they negotiate the beautiful gentle rhythms of...


Tomorrow's guest on the BIG Detecting show is a man with a BIG personality..

Steve Newman has many tales to tell and Adrian and I are greatly looking forward to speaking to him.

If you have a question... Our new answerphone with C45 cassette is primed for your messages. Simply visit and scroll down until you see the fat bloke on the dinner jacket and follow the recording instructions. Chris Langston is leaving his Bara Brith recipe.

Streaming here from 8pm tomorrow




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A huge thank you to The folks at The Big Detecting Show and Graham Dempsey of Composite Cleaning Pencil for my prize bundle which arrived today.

I do love my Composite Cleaning Pencils for my finds, so these extras and a magnifying lamp are a real bonus for me.

Thank you all