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Thxs Gab Fantastic Gab De La Vega Give it a listen

Thxs Gab
Fantastic Gab De La Vega
Give it a listen

Hey friends, PLEASE READ this! As I'm trying my best to keep promoting my new album and struggling to get any form of show booked in these dire times we're all living in, I want to take this space to remind those of you who might be interested that I have some merch and records up for sale via Epidemic Records at:
If you want to get some merch or buy my records (especially my new album "Beyond Space And Time", which came out last January - "great" timing), please check out the link above or get in touch directly. Shipping costs are ridiculously cheap to every corner of the World.

No need to say that despite I'm not a full time musician, this pandemic has almost zeroed out my chances to tour and play live shows, in the same year I've invested a lot in my music and my album. If you feel like, please consider buying something and help me recover part of this loss. Same goes with many other musicians out there, so if you have some spare money to invest but you like someone else's music or merch better, please support them instead!

If you don't have money to buy stuff but you still want to help me, I would equally appreciate if you shared this post or this link to my new album so that your friends can check out my music:

Last but not least: if anyone is interested in having me play live (full band or solo), please get in touch directly with me or [email protected]

Thank you very much to anyone who's gonna share this or buy some merch and records! (the tote bag sold out but I like this pic!)

SIGNUS meets Susana Sanroman

Fantastic Susana Sanromán

Making off de "En tránsito Geometrías en Suspensión" una pieza de vídeo-arte creada por Susana Sanromán para el programa SIGNUS Actúa y presentada durante el...

Discover Hong Kong

Fantastic Stuff from My Good Friend Alex
He is Timelapse Superstar .

What happens when a Spanish videographer participates in an ancient Hong Kong tradition? Check out Alex Rodriguez’s first fire dragon dance.

Los Musicos

Thxs Jc Thxs Guillermo

May 2018, Los Musicos Duet at The American Museum, Bath

Fantastic Susana Sanroman

Fantastic Susana Sanroman


Encontro inspirador coa fotógrafa Susana Sanroman e SIGNUS Ecovalor presentado polo arqueólogo mariño Miguel Sanclaudio.
📍 Xoves 24 de Setembro de 19 a 19:30 na Luis Seoane Fundacion

Encontro con representantes das organizacións activistas Fridays for Future Coruña e Ferrol (Anna Schmelz), Extinction Rebellion (Eme Bañón) ou Sea Shepherd Global (Richard Barreno)
📍 Domingo 27 de Setembro de 18:30 a 19:30 na @fundacionpaideia

Encontro con representantes de Nosa Enerxía Sociedade Cooperativa Galega, Greenalia e Naturgy, para coñecer o futuro das enerxías renovables.
📍 Venres 25 de Setembro de 18 a 19 na Fundación Paideia Galiza

✨ Máis info e inscricións en

Los Musicos

Thxs Mr G Mr Jc and Mr Nick

Peruvian #Cumbia #Chicha by Ángel Aníbal Rosado (1979) made famous by "Los Hijos del Sol".
Special guest on drums: Jim Russell
Featured dancer: Consuelo Cavanzo @Yutavasó Ballet de Consuelo Cavanzo

Los Musicos:
Nickolai Rodriguez Cavanzo: Congas, Bongo, Tambor Alegre, Guira, Guiro.
Guillermo Monroy: Bass and vocals.
Juan Carlos Arenas: Guitar and vocals.

#LatinPercussion #Saya #SayaDance #Salsa #CumbiaPsicodélica

Thxs Susana

Thxs Susana


📸Una fotógrafa “farmer”. Así es como se autodefine Susana Sanroman, referenciando a las fases de investigación y construcción inherentes a su proceso creativo.

☝🏻No os podéis perder su particular universo en formato video-arte en “A vueltas con las ruedas”, uno de los “Encuentros Inspiradores” de Mar de Mares donde la fotógrafa compartirá espacio con Isabel López Rivadulla, directora de Comunicación y Marketing de SIGNUS Ecovalor. Ambas profundizarán en la riqueza de establecer vínculos entre aquellas empresas y artistas que luchan por la preservación de los océanos.

🎙El acto será presentado por Miguel San Claudio, arqueólogo marino.


👉🏻El jueves 24 de Septiembre de 19 a 19:30 en la Fundación Luis Seoane.

👉🏻Entrada gratuita previa inscripción en nuestra web

¡Nos vemos allí!

*Foto de Óscar Górriz · Fotógrafo

Los Musicos

Los Musicos

A breezy day at Folkestone Harbour.
Los Musicos:
Guillermo Monroy
Dave Pattman
Juan Carlos Arenas
"El Cumbanchero"

Co'libri Bookbindery

Thxs Co’libri
fantastic Alexandra Buhl

Hair Drawings ed 2/2 by Alexandra Buhl and Co’libri
#alexandrabuhl #colibribookbindery #hairdrawings #handboundbook @alexb #tiles #hair #paper #clamshellbox

Thxs Gail Gail Deayton. A fantastic artist if your in Hong Kong

Thxs Gail
Gail Deayton. A fantastic artist if your in Hong Kong

Students that are currently studying Art will probably be struggling with the lack of space, equipment and help available for them to create holistic, varied and skillful artwork.

HKAT are running Social Distancing classes that concentrate on drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking for students to catch up on their Art and build their portfolios. IB, IGCSE, A-Level, BTEC, MYP

It's Great to Create!

Call/whatsapp: +852 9722 8353 [email protected]

Los Musicos

Thxs Mr G Thxs Jc Thxs Nickolai Fantastic stuff

Finally playing as a trio after five months of 'live music' lockdown. So nice to play again in person with Guillermo Monroy and Nickolai Rodriguez Cavanzo. Many thanks to the American Museum & Gardens for having us back.
Here people of all parts of the world enjoying a lovely tune: "Momposina", a 'porro' composed by José Barros.
Please support #LiveMusic, #LiveBands and #LiveMusicVenues
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Juan Carlos Arenas

Fantastic Noel Grassy Noel Grassy Macken
(Virtual) Office Ambience 438 - The Wire

Fantastic Noel Grassy Noel Grassy Macken

Compiled from the playlists of working at home Wire staff. A selection of tracks from releases we listened to during the making of our August 2020 issue.

Los Musicos

Los Musicos

"Cucurrucucú Paloma" Mexican 'huapango' written by Tomás Méndez in 1954.
A video full of nature and the wooden sounds of #guitars and #cajon. An inspired interpretation by Guillermo Monroy on vocals.
Nickolai Rodriguez Cavanzo on #cajón and Juan Carlos Arenas on guitar and backing vocals.

Please #like and #share if you enjoy our video.

#KeepMusicAlive #RemoteCollaboration #MexicanMusic

They say that at nights
He simply went through by just crying,
They say that he wasn’t eating
He simply spent his time drinking,
They swear that the sky itself
was shivering by listening his weeping
How he was suffering for her,
And even when he was dying he was calling at her:
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay he was singing...
He was dying from mortal passion.


Compuesta por Tomás Méndez en 1954, "Cucurucucu Paloma", uno de los más conocidos 'huapangos' mejicanos.
Esta versión en la voz del cantante y guitarrista mejicano Guillermo Monroy, acompañado en el cajón por Nickolai Rodriguez Cavanzo de Pacho, Cundinamarca en Colombia y el bogotano guitarrista y compositor Juan Carlos Arenas

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Los Musicos

Los Musicos

Los Musicos


(En español abajo)

"Waking up in the morning, head at my feet. My verses searching for brightness, the mirror is upside down.
The world keeps on spinning around, humans are still standing. Loneliness on TV and darkness in the soul.
Waking up at midnight, head at my feet. My verses looking for direction, I am counting up to three."

So fortunate to work with amazing and creative musicians on this new song. The backbone of Los Musicos:
Guillermo Monroy -
Nickolai Rodriguez Cavanzo -

Guest musicians:
Gregorio Merchán drummer with band "Los Aterciopelados" and who has just released his first solo album:

Jim Blomfield a piano player that takes part in many projects in Bristol and the South West. His latest jazz trio release:

Captain SKA my old friend Jake Painter, now in Germany.
Check his musical activism with band "Captain Ska"

Antenor Villamarin our new friend in Bogotá, an amazing clarinet and sax player. Always sharing his wisdom and good vibes.

If you enjoy this music video, please share it with your friends.

#NewSong #Raspa #Cumbia #Ingobernable #JulioMesDeLaCumbia #LatinBand #Beethoven250 #composition #LockdownMusic #KeepMusicAlive


Me siento afortunado de realizar esta nueva canción con la ayuda de mis entrañables compañeros; Los Musicos:
Guillermo Monroy y Nickolai Rodriguez Cavanzo

Conté con la colaboración de magníficos músicos invitados:
Gregorio Merchán en la batería. Su nueva creación "Sin Miedo" está aquí:

Jim Blomfield tecladista en Bristol con quién he tenido el placer de trabajar antes. Su última producción con su 'jazz trio':

Captain SKA mi querido amigo Jake Painter, compañero de mil aventuras en el mundo de la música Latina en el Reino Unido. Un trompetista fabuloso.

Antenor Villamarin, un nuevo amigo, siempre dispuesto a colaborar en mis locuras compositivas: inmensos agradecimientos.

Si gustan de esta nueva canción por favor compartirla. Con suerte le llega a las manos de la gente de In-Correcto, para participar de Julio, mes de la cumbia in-gobernable.

Bedside Poem: 4A FEBRUARY - Alice Hsieh

Thxs Alice

4A FEBRUARY (Alice Hsieh) Your demons in my darkness Words cut Tears bleed before the pain Red and fresh without a cry. Cut, blood, relief Your poems feed pa...

Marvellous Stuff From Jude Cowan Montague
Le Squat

Marvellous Stuff From Jude Cowan Montague

Une jeune femme aventureuse, plus d'argent, revient à Londres des montagnes équatoriales. Elle échange le soleil contre la misère grise de l'Est de Londres et la vie accroupie avec les radicaux et les rebelles. S'accroupir dans le centre de Londres semble être une bonne solution pour vivre une ...

Thxs Jude
SPRINGFIELD by Alice Hsieh – The Sunday Tribune Online

Thxs Jude

This kick means no harm Bears no intent Heavily, it pressed me to the ground Yet light, to leave my colour still unchanged I would not rise after another Could you have seen me? Could you have spared me? The strength to stop the foot before my face I am fine, yes Humid earth will decom...

Los Musicos

Fantastic stuff From JC Mr G and Nick

"La Burrita" (Eliseo Herrera Junco), famously performed by 'Los Corraleros de Majagual'
Thanks to all who took part in this video. A great group effort and a lot of fun.
Enjoy, like and share!!
'El Maestro' Antenor Villamarin on Clarinet. Introducing Sebastian Rodriguez on Alto Sax. Plus the usual suspects:
Guillermo Monroy on bass and vocals
Nickolai Rodriguez Cavanzo on Congas and Drums
Juan Carlos Arenas on guitar and vocals

#LaBurrita #Tropical #NewVideo #LockdownMusic #Dancing #LatinDance #Friends #Fans #Family #NHSDancing #SupportLiveMusic #Donkey #Raspa #Clarinet #Sax #JoinIn #ThankYou #SpecialGuests

Los Musicos

Los Musicos

#NewTune #NewVideo #SpecialGuests
For our new video we want you to participate. Send us a short video of you dancing to our music.
Please contact us by email: [email protected] or PM.
We will provide you with the track, then WhatsApp it to us: 07910 213954.
Please send your videos by Friday 12th June.
#JoinIn this will be fun!

Para nuestro próximo video queremos que ustedes participen. Envíanos un video corto bailando nuestra música.
Contacto por email: [email protected] o por Messanger. Les compartiremos el audio para que después nos envíen su video por WhatsApp: (+44) 07910 213954 antes del Viernes 12 de Junio.



The First Machine to Make Sound from Natural Produces (by Xister)

More details here :
More news : Like Fubiz on Facebook

Thxs Noel
Clear Spot - 25th May 2020 (Papa Bubu by Noel Macken)

Thxs Noel

Papa Bubu, a radio play written by Noel Macken, performed by Mark Rathmell and Noel Macken. A socio-surrealist satire – Papa Bubu, an ambition driven tin-pot dictator and megalomaniac is inspired by Papa Ubu by Alfred Jarry.

Los Musicos

Thxs JC

Original song by Los Musicos (©JC Arenas, 2017).
Even if you endlessly repeat a lie, it does not become a truth.
Even if you call 'dog' your cat, it will remain a feline.
You say white, I say black, in the distance they are the same.
Someone told us it depends on the frame of reference.
#NHSRainbow #Donkey #Burro #aeiou #lockdownmusic #SupportLiveMusic #frameofreference #relativity

Thxs David Jones
Gzillion Grounded! – The Sunday Tribune Online

Thxs David Jones

I am a London based sculptor, mainly working in contemporary minimalism but also interested in concept art. Just before the lockdown I launched the Stereognosis Project,  a series of workshops for visually impaired and blind artists in collaboration with BlindAid, Central St. Martins and Make @ Sto...

RELEASE live streaming interactive performance

Thxs Francesca These Artists are fantastic please have a look

RELEASE Francesca Fini | Francesca Leoni | Francesca Lolli live streaming interactive performance with the live collaboration of participating audience: Samuel…

Los Musicos

Fantastic stuff

Today it's about #Coffee #Café
"Mi Cafetal" (from the 1940s) #Colombian song by Crescencio Salcedo.
"I don't mind what people are saying, I'm happy because I have my coffee plantation".
Guillermo Monroy on vocals, guitar and coffee drinking
Nickolai Rodriguez Cavanzo on Colombian #TamborAlegre and #Guacharaca
Juan Carlos Arenas drinking coffee and playing guitar.

#LockdownMusic #Collaboration #InTheDistance #Alegre #CoffeeRegion #RegiónCafetera #MiCafetal

Please share if you enjoy what you see/hear, made with love in the times of #Covid19 #KeepMusicAlive #LatinBand #Mexico #LiveBand #Gigging #Cumbia #Porro




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