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Thxs Fred

Thxs Fred

"One invisible city", one colour silkscreen, artist proof (A.P./P.A.), Frederico Penteado, 2021

Remembering a great friend and fantastic Artist Kevin Fogarty

Remembering a great friend and fantastic Artist Kevin Fogarty

This video is about artist Kevin Fogarty's 'RUBBLE MAN' sculpture, which was made and displayed for the Brighton Fringe Festival in 1995.The film was made in...


En apoyo a los trabajadores del recinto cultural Maco y en protesta se presenta mañana 15 de Abril a las 6:30 pm
Un performance de Reto
Acompáñennos a esta serie de actividades
# Nonosvanacallar
# Pagoinmediato
Macedonio Alcalá # 202


News on the Fantastic MACO
There troubles. Continue giving all my love and support th the superstars at MACO


Fantastic Affordable online very excited to look and see

Fantastic Simon. Howard

Fantastic Simon. Howard

A wee sketch for a new commission. #wip #dove #handpainted #glasspainting #artist #homedecor #interiordesign #modernstainedglass #colour #stainedglasswindow #glassart #stainedglassdesign #glassartist #stainedglass #stainedglasswindows #contemporaryglass #stainedglassart #design #art #craft #glass #glazier #traditionalcrafts #architecturalglass #madeinwales #llandeilo

Thxs Susana

Thxs Susana

Susana Sanroman
[email protected]
Susana Sanromán is a Galician photographer who has made London her home. Since completing her studies in photography at the London College of Communication, she has been involved in a number of exhibitions both as an artist and a curator. Her work displays intimacy and delicately-woven subtleties, and she is considered part of a group of artists known as the Generation of 2008. In 2009 she published the photographic essay 'Women looking at women: the female gaze'.

She has stretched the limits of conventional photography through her work assisting internationally renowned artist Tom Hunter.

Sanromán is a pioneer of new disciplines that transcend visual art and has worked with a number of innovative collectives in the London scene including Artcrunch, Centrepoint Collective and Shunt Lounge. She is also part of the New Opera Hero project.

Currently, Sanromán's work is on show at London's dynamic Stephen Bartels Gallery in an exhibition of work produced with Leica cameras, alongside photographs from across the world.A prolific photographer, Sanromán depicts keenly the peculiar charm of snatched moments, and hers is a confessional vision of human nature that includes elegant images, extracts from private rituals, allegorical moments, gazes caught in time, which help reset the memory. In constant evolution, prompted by her creative vision and a distinctive visual language, her work displays a narrative dictated by the visceral impulses of a global society, which leads to a state of hyper-connectivity, degradation, ambiguity and hypnosis.
Text by Gelines Romero for Brit.Es magazine

Thxs Rahman Thxs Aboozar  Afghanistan has been under war for over 40 years. Young director Aboozar Amini shows how peopl...
"Kabul, City in the Wind"

Thxs Rahman Thxs Aboozar
Afghanistan has been under war for over 40 years. Young director Aboozar Amini shows how people live with it in poetic and painful images. ′′ Kabul, City in the Wind ′′ starts as soon as theaters open.
JIP Film und Verleih
Jia Zhao
ARD Mediathek & Das Erste
Eva Blondiau

Seit über 40 Jahren herrscht Krieg in Afghanistan. Wie die Menschen damit leben, zeigt der junge Regisseur Aboozar Amini in poetischen und schmerzhaften Bildern. "Kabul, City in the Wind" startet, sobald die Kinos öffnen.

Thxs Marisa Thxs Elisibeth The MACO, Museum of Contemporary Art of a Oaxaca, founded by the late Francisco Tedo, faces a...
Oaxaca museum is locked in standoff with private foundation

Thxs Marisa Thxs Elisibeth
The MACO, Museum of Contemporary Art of a Oaxaca, founded by the late Francisco Tedo, faces a shortfall where the staff has not been paid in 9 months and the Amigos of MACO Responsible of the museum have also attempted to close it.
Two years ago the exhibition Empire II, curated by Vanya Balogh and co-curated by me exhibited at Maco and the 20 artists that came from abroad (Europe, Canada and United States) had the opportunity to get in contact with the Oaxacan culture and its artists. A life changing experience for many of us. We received great support from the museum and the director Cecilia Mingüer. We witnessed a pluricultural and exciting program, a true center of contemporary arts.

We give our support to the staff of MACO
Apoyamos al personal de MACO

Laura Cravioto, Plinio Villagran Galindo, Mario Varas Sanchez, Ann Grim' Susan Schulman Veronica Shimanovskaya Suzie Zabrowski Susana Sanroman Alina Gavrielatos Graham Tunnadine Mandee Gage Birgitta Hosea Jim Roseveare Vanja Karas Nerys Mathias Jon Siger Baker India Roper-Evans Angel Wild article by Elizabeth Mistry Goyo Desgarennes

Director spends night inside as the institution’s funders fail to pay salaries

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca

Gracias por el apoyo de siempre! Amigos y artistas, gracias sociedad Oaxaqueña!

Firma la petición
Firma la petición

Firma la petición


Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca

Estudio Portátil / Portable Studio
Miércoles 6 Marzo
6 -7 p.m.
Entrada libre

El trabajo de Alex Nichols y Mushi Wooseong James se basa en la utilización de diferentes capas del lenguaje no verbal, explorando el entrecruzamiento de códigos y convenciones que delimitan el idioma.

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca

Siger Gallery supports the fantastic MACO. Museum In Oaxaca Mexico and need needs our help big support please share this post and
Please sign the petition
They need our big support
Check out their page .

A la comunidad oaxaqueña
A la comunidad cultural y artística de México
A la comunidad cultural y artística Internacional

Hacemos pública, la situación de peligro que atraviesa el Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca (MACO) y el riesgo que corre de ser cerrado por la Asociación Civil Amigos del Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca, la cual debiera procurar su permanencia y su funcionamiento en óptimas condiciones.

Desde abril del año 2020, hemos dejado de recibir nuestros sueldos, sin ningún acercamiento por parte de los “Amigos del MACO”, en quien recae la responsabilidad patronal y a quienes hemos buscado, como trabajadores del museo sin obtener respuestas o propuestas claras. Solo han propuesto cerrar el MACO, lo que para nosotros significa no solo cerrar nuestra fuente de empleo sino dar conclusión abrupta y sin sentido a un proyecto iniciado hace 29 años y que ha sido cuidado por todas las personas involucradas en este maravilloso espacio desde su fundación.

Hoy fuimos víctimas de un intento de desalojo de nuestro espacio de trabajo. Sin ningún aviso previo, con alevosía y ventaja.

Hacemos público nuestro temor de no solo perder nuestra fuente de trabajo y nuestros sueldos adeudados hasta el momento, sino de sufrir agresiones físicas por parte de las personas que integran la mesa directiva de Amigos del Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca, A.C. y de la persona con quien llegaron a tratar de violentarnos: Ing. Osvaldo Mendoza Cruz ex jefe de la unidad administrativa de la Secretaría las Culturas y las Artes de Oaxaca.

A partir de esta noche, nos mantendremos en guardia permanente para evitar que dichas personas nos impidan el ingreso al museo.

Agradecemos el apoyo de todos.

Trabajadores del Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca (MACO)

Los Musicos

Fantastic Los Musicos

A ballad! for a change :)
Recorded in 1971, “Detalles’ was the first Roberto Carlos’ album that sold 1 million copies.
@mr.gmusico @nickolai_rodriguez_cavanzo @salvadorandamanda
#coventgarden #ballad #robertocarlos #latinband #keepmusicalive @los.musicos

Both Sides Now 6: Viral Futures - Online Exhibition
Both Sides Now 6: Viral Futures - Online Exhibition

Both Sides Now 6: Viral Futures - Online Exhibition

Both Sides Now 6: Viral Futures (part 1) presents film & video work by global artists reflecting on life with viruses, exploring viral phenomena including the technological and political.


Thxs Angelina
Tremendous Stuff
Voice Verse Vision ! Here we go!
PVH present P O E T I C I S M

Lisi Prada Nikola Gocić Yvana Samandova Angelina Voskopoulou Muriel Paraboni Finn Harvor Sylvia Toy St Louis Jutta Pryor Martin Del Carpio Bahadır özer Pasquale Palladino

Produced By Angelina Voskopoulou ,Pasquale Palladino & Matt T Helme!

Artist Linda Lieberman

Artist Linda Lieberman

'Traversing Over Troubled Waters' new work finally finished.

Los Musicos

Thxs Jc thxs Guillermo Thxs Nick

A new composition for our days. Nothing serious, a bit of imagination to make you and us smile a bit :)
#LatinMusic #collaboration #thanks #superman #superheros #kriptonite #salsa #cumbia #prophet6 #trumpet #Colombia #Mexico #Cuba #UK #Bristol #London #Somerset

Dictionary Participation

Thxs Alex
Important news from Fantastic Artists Alex and Mushi

This is "Dictionary Participation" by ALEXANDMUSHI on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Fantastic Chun Hua Catherine D**g
Chun Hua Catherine D**g

Fantastic Chun Hua Catherine D**g

Chun Hua Catherine D**g is a Chinese-born, Montreal-based visual artist. Her art work that has been exhibited internationally including performances, photography, and video, often incorporating her…


Thxs Susana
Fantastic stuff


I am so excited about the next chapter of the Global Tour introducing the amazing visual artist Susana Sanroman.

Artist Bio Susana Sanromán (A Coruña) - She lives and works in London.
Susana Sanromán is a Spanish visual artist working in different media: Photography, Video-Art, Installation, and Performance. Since completing her B.A. (Hons) in Photography at the LCC, University of the Arts London, she has been involved in numerous international exhibitions and artist residencies in Europe, Asia, and America. After her graduation in 2008, she assisted internationally renowned artist Tom Hunter for four years. In 2009, she published her photographic essay 'Women looking at women: the female gaze.' Her artwork has been selected in several international Art Fairs over the years; Exposure 2015 at Louvre Museum, Venice Biennale 2019, 2017 and 2015, The Affordable Art Fair 2019 (Hong Kong and Singapore), Art Takes Miami 2015 &2014, among others. Her Photography has recently been the runner-up of the 'British Photography Awards 2020'. Amongst other awards, she has also been a finalist at the 'NordArt Award 2019', 'World Photography Organization. 'Der Greif Open Call 2017' and 'The Environmental Photographer of the Year 2016'. Susana Sanromán focuses her work on the impact of materialist and consumerist societies on the natural environment. She creates images to reflect on a future plagued by unknowns. This atypical year, she has decided to embark in a new direction with her latest work, 'The Lock-down Effect,' aiming to create a bridge-gaze from climate change to social isolation.


Thomas Rushforth

Thomas Rushforth

Written by Wilfred Owen

Read by Thomas Rushforth

Los Musicos

Thxs Jc thxs Nickolai Thxs Guillermo

An original song in #bullerengue style. Recorded in London, Bristol and Barcelona. Featuring the Colombian #TamborAlegre (Alegre Drum) and #Maracón. Thanks to all who participated:
In Barcelona, Spain:
Marisol Roncancio Suarez, Montse Pedrola, Feli Andreu, Eva Saura
In London:
Guillermo Monroy, Nickolai Rodriguez Cavanzo, Rafael Humberto Sarmiento Rengifo
In Bristol:
Nene Fernandez, Juan Carlos Arenas

"Baja del Monte, Y ven a jugar...
Ven, que quiero perderme
Ven, Allí en tu corazon..."

- Come down from the mountain, come and play.
I want to get lost there, in your heart -


Un 'bullerengue' original, con mucho respeto a la tradición y a la música del caribe Colombiano.

Fantastic stuff
Home Page

Fantastic stuff

Scottish born artist. Her work draws inspiration from the changing ecology, and environment around her. Motivated by her feelings about our planet, the ocean, and its diverse species, her artworks depict the world from a perspective that embraces all creation, rather than just from the human point-o...

Thxs Gail I recommend this course in Hong KongShe’s a superstar

Thxs Gail
I recommend this course in Hong Kong
She’s a superstar

Dear All,

There are still a few spots for our upcoming life drawing course.

Engaging in Art is a wonderful way to reduce your overall stress and anxiety levels due to its calming effects on the brain and body. It boosts your immune system by raising your dopamine levels, making you happier and more content.

It's Great to Create.

Please get in touch if you're interested. Details below
Beginners through to Advance.

Call, email or text to book your place now.




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