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Historic Cafes & Restaurants Society Historic Cafes and Restaurants Society is a non profit Organization, dedicated to Identifying, Prote Please send us a message if you have a suggestion for us.

We are a non-profit organization, based in London, UK and just starting up making true our goals. Right now we are setting relations and co-operations with organizations and governmental bodies all around the world, so that every historic establishment (cafe or restaurant) will be identified, officially recorded in a public list, protected and preserved with the help of our supporters-sponsors. Ou

r inventory of historic Cafes and Restaurants all around the world is already extensive and is being updated day by day. We welcome the feedback of any of you who would like to contribute to it by recommending to us additional historic establishments, adding his/her own experience, video, comments, photos etc. We have discovered precious little known gems all over the world, with your help. As our inventory of "Historic cafes and restaurants" still goes on, the need for a new exciting list has been arisen:
"Cafes and restaurants in historic environment" is another list which we have undertaken with great enthusiasm.

Operating as usual


On Friday, May 15th, we will reopen Restaurant Rote Bar and Sacher Eck in Vienna, Sacher Grill and Café Sacher in Salzburg, as well as our Sacher Cafés in Graz, Innsbruck and Parndorf. The safety and wellbeing of our guests and employees is always most important and we will take every necessary adjustment to enable the usual pleasant Sacher experience for you.

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

La primera hora, en uno de los primeros Notables: la esencia de Bar El Federal, capturada por


Wir wünschen ein besinnliches Weihnachtsfest und schöne Feiertage! 🎄


Wir wünschen ein wunderschöns Weihnachtsfest! We wish you a Merry Christmas!


Das gesamte Café Mozart Team wünscht Ihnen und Ihren Familien frohe Weihnachten!🎁⭐🎄
The Café Mozart team wishes you and your families a Merry Christmas!🎄

In Florence, atmosphere-laden examples dating from the 19th and early 20th century abound – many conveniently located cl...
Coffee and culture: discover Florence's historic cafes - Lonely Planet

In Florence, atmosphere-laden examples dating from the 19th and early 20th century abound – many conveniently located close to the city’s major monuments.

Italy is a nation of coffee connoisseurs, so it’s no wonder that the country’s historic cafes are treated with nearly as much reverence as its…


When it's getting cold outside: reward yourself with some heartwarming treats at Café Sacher Salzburg. We're looking forward to welcoming you ❄♥

Old Time Practice: Drinking Coffee from Saucers | Appalachian Magazine
Old Time Practice: Drinking Coffee from Saucers | Appalachian Magazine

Old Time Practice: Drinking Coffee from Saucers | Appalachian Magazine

FoodHistory Old Time Practice: Drinking Coffee from Saucers By AppalachianMagazine - March 5, 2019 0 372300 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Though the practice has fallen out of habit at many modern coffee shops such as Starbucks, it wasn’t very long ago that just about every roadside eatery an...

Il Caffè Florian" Quarant'anni d'Arte Veneta - 1935 N.V.

Il Caffè Florian" Quarant'anni d'Arte Veneta - 1935 N.V.

Agenda Notable

Agenda Notable

El café no espera: el café invita. Por eso este año nos adelantamos a nuestro festejo por el con una nueva edición de “Rituales de Café”, en esta ocasión junto a Ministerio de Cultura BA. Nuestro anfitirión será Juan Sklar. Los temas de la charla, los mismos de los que hablamos a diario en nuestra mesa favorita: todo lo que nos pasa en la vida, desde adentro de un café. ¡Los esperamos! ☕📚
BA Museos y Patrimonio

Dinner given for the occasion of  the Jubilee of Victoria  Queen. [Paris]Dates June 2, 1887Physical description p 1, 18,...

Dinner given for the occasion of the Jubilee of Victoria Queen. [Paris]
Dates June 2, 1887
Physical description p 1, 18,30 x 12 cm, paper, Technical:. Print; decorated: arms of the Royal Family

Reception probably given to the British Embassy in Paris

London's Original and All-Inspiring Coffee House.The site of London's first coffee house has been serving refreshments o...

London's Original and All-Inspiring Coffee House.

The site of London's first coffee house has been serving refreshments of one kind or another for 360 years.

The earliest account of the existence of a coffee-house in the capital is found in a 1652 reference to a Ragusian man-servant known as Pasqua Rosee. Mr Rosee had been brought to England from Ottoman Smyrna by his former employer, Mr Daniel Edwards, a “Turkey merchant” (one who dealt in coffee and other such luxury items). After a falling out with his boss, Pasqua Rosee then teamed up and went into business with another employee of Mr Edwards’.
In 1654, to circumvent resistance from local alehouse traders, he accepted Christoper Bowman as a business partner because he was a freeman of the city of London. Bowman had been the coachman of Alderman Thomas Hodges, Edwards' father-in-law.

The two unlikely business partners proceeded to establish a coffee-house in Cornhill, known in some accounts as “The Turk’s Head”. It is claimed that this is how coffee first came to these sceptred isles, about 100 years after the first coffee-houses opened in Turkey.

Initially, Rosee's coffee shop appears to have been no more than a mere shed next to the churchyard in St. Michaels Alley.

In 1658, the coffee shop was moved into better premises, a largish house in St. Michaels Alley, although at this point, the enterprise was under the direction of Christopher Bowman, Rosee having disappeared from the picture.

Coffee was a smash hit; within a couple of years, Pasqua was selling over 600 dishes of coffee a day to the horror of the local tavern keepers. For anyone who’s ever tried seventeenth-century style coffee, this can come as something of a shock — unless, that is, you like your brew “black as hell, strong as death, sweet as love”, as an old Turkish proverb recommends, and shot through with grit.

It’s not just that our taste buds have grown more discerning accustomed as we are to silky-smooth Flat Whites; contemporaries found it disgusting too. One early sampler likened it to a “syrup of soot and the essence of old shoes” while others were reminded of oil, ink, soot, mud, damp and s**t.

Nonetheless, people loved how the “bitter Mohammedan gruel”, as The London Spy described it in 1701, kindled conversations, fired debates, sparked ideas, and, as Pasqua himself pointed out in his handbill The Virtue of the Coffee Drink (1652), made one “fit for business” — his stall was a stone’s throw from that great entrepôt of international commerce, the Royal Exchange.

Remember — until the mid-seventeenth century, most people in England were either slightly — or very — drunk all of the time. Drink London’s fetid river water at your own peril; most people wisely favoured watered-down ale or beer (“small beer”). The arrival of coffee, then, triggered a dawn of sobriety that laid the foundations for truly spectacular economic growth in the decades that followed as people thought clearly for the first time. The stock exchange, insurance industry, and auctioneering: all burst into life in 17th-century coffeehouses — in Jonathan’s, Lloyd’s, and Garraway’s — spawning the credit, security, and markets that facilitated the dramatic expansion of Britain’s network of global trade in Asia, Africa and America.

The meteoric success of Pasqua’s shack triggered a coffeehouse boom.
From 1670 to 1685, the number of London coffee-houses began to multiply, and also began to gain political importance due to their popularity as places of debate. By 1675, there were more than 3,000 coffeehouses in England. (Pasqua Rosée also established the first coffeehouse in Paris in 1672 and held a city-wide coffee monopoly until Procopio Cutò opened the Café Procope in 1686).

The Jamaica Wine House now reputedly occupies the same space, it is listed under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 as amended for its special architectural or historic interest.

The building that currently stands on the site is a 19th-century public house. This pub's licence was acquired by Shepherd Neame[6] and the premises were reopened after a restoration that finished in April 2009.

There is a wood-panelled bar with three sections on the ground floor, and downstairs an elegant restaurant. Many of the original features are still here, including the 19th century cooker once used to roast coffee beans.

The 2 upper storeys are similar with carved ornamental panels above the windows. Access to these storeys is by a separate entrance marked 'Jamaica Buildings' in the bay to the north. A link block in similar style joins this building to the church of St Michael, Cornhill. This incorporates a vaulted passage at ground floor level which gives access through round-arched openings to the church and churchyard. This has Gothic detailing to match the church and is dated 1868. It forms part of the alterations to the church by Scott.

Rosée’s original shop-bill, or handbill, the first advertisement for coffee, is in the British Museum, and from it the accompanying photograph was made for this work. It sets forth in direct fashion: "The Vertue of the COFFEE Drink First publiquely made and sold in England, by Pasqua Rosée ... in St. Michaels Alley in Cornhill ... at the Signe of his own Head."

The handbill published in 1652 to promote the launch of Pasqua Rosée’s coffeehouse telling people how to drink coffee and hailing it as the miracle cure for just about every ailment under the sun including dropsy, scurvy, gout, scrofula and even “mis-carryings in childbearing women”.

A small body-colour drawing of the interior of a London coffeehouse from c. 1705.

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Belle Époque ✨✨✨ 📸


Photos from Paris Select's post

Photos from Paris Select's post


Una location da Sogno, un servizio da 10+, un'esperienza indimenticabile firmata Florian!
Condividete i vostri scatti con noi usando l'hashtag

A dreamlike location, an excellent service, a lifetime experience signed Florian !
Keep sharing your pics with us typing the hashtag


Spontaneità e brio si fondono nella musica eseguita dal vivo dalla nostra Orchestra.

Verve, vivacity and charms come together in the live music by our Orchestra.

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Disfruta de este fin de semana con nosotros... Relájate en nuestra zona de cafetería y desconecta esta tarde 😍🍹 . . . .

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Paris from the terrace of your Parisian institution, more than 100 years ago... ✨✨

Photos from Caffè Florian's post

Photos from Caffè Florian's post


No vi siete persi anche questo bar nel cuore di Roma perche' non siete venuti a !?!


Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Profitez de votre été 😘🇫🇷❤ We wish you a lovely day ❤


Gli amici a quattro zampe sono sempre i benvenuti al .

Four-legged friends are always welcome at the Caffè Florian.

Florian Celebrities Column. Do you know that...?The well-known American writer Ernest Hemingway was used to sat at Caffè...

Florian Celebrities Column.
Do you know that...?
The well-known American writer Ernest Hemingway was used to sat at Caffè Florian to drink a cocktail or simply sipping a creamy Cappuccino, while enjoying the Orchestra performance and the magic surrounding location.

Continua la Rubrica con i personaggi storici e le Celebrità che, almeno una volta nella vita, si sono immersi nella magica atmosfera del nostro storico Caffé.
Noto scrittore statunitense e vincitore del Nobel, Ernest Hemingway, era solito sedere al Florian per bere un cocktail o sorseggiare un cremoso cappuccino, godendo dello spettacolo offerto dall'Orchestra e dalla location situata nel cuore della città.

Florian Celebrities Column.
Do you know that...?
The well-known American writer Ernest Hemingway was used to sat at Caffè Florian to drink a cocktail or simply sipping a creamy Cappuccino, while enjoying the Orchestra performance and the magic surrounding location.

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

🌾🌷🌻🌺🌹 Le Flore en Fleur 🌾🌷🌻🌺🌹 Belle journée à tous


Un lieu exceptionnel😍, une cuisine bonne et pas cher, un service de brasserie, convivial et de partage. ☺️

Notre équipe attache beaucoup d’importance à votre bien-être et que vous passiez un agréable moment.🎈😌

👉😎An exceptional place, a good and cheap cuisine, a brasserie service, friendly and sharing. ☺️

Our team attaches great importance to your well-being and you have a good time.

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Notre institution est l'endroit parfait en cette semaine de forte chaleur : toute notre salle est climatisée ! ❄

Pensez à réserver votre table au frais :


🎈Perle de l’Art Nouveau ouvert en 1906, le Bouillon Julien est l'un des plus beaux lieux de Paris pour déjeuner ou dîner 😋

Tout ici est le fruit du travail artistique des plus grands maîtres de leur époque.

Le maître verrier Louis Trezel, s’inspirant de l'iconographie d'Alfons Mucha y a réalisé 4 magnifiques “femmes-fleurs”. Ces nymphes, symbolisant les quatre saisons sont individuellement représentées dans quatre panneaux de verre se faisant face. ☺️


Timeline photos

Timeline photos

French Touch 🇫🇷✨🌟 📸 •


Perchè la vita è fatta di momenti...
Because life is filled with precious moments...

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Savez-vous que nous exposons de magnifiques statues empreintes de poésie de Isabelle Popravko ?
On vous laisse découvrir en images !

Did you know that we are exhibiting beautiful statues of Isabelle Popravko ? We let you discover in pictures!


🎈 Art Nouveau World Day 10 June 🎈

Demain 10 juin, célébrez au Bouillon Julien une journée pas comme les autres 😊 C’est la journée mondiale de l’art nouveau 🎉🎉🎉

Découvrez un des plus beaux écrins au monde de ce mouvement artistique avec le Bouillon Julien ouvert en 1906 😎😇

Rendez-vous tous les jours de 11h45 à Minuit, cuisine en continu 😋

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Comme la grisaille et la pluie ⛈ sont de retour, venez vous réfugier dans un cadre idyllique art nouveau qui propose une carte ensoleillée pour les papilles ☀️! Ici notre 1er étage.

As the rain is back, come and take refuge in an idyllic art nouveau restaurant that offers a sunny menu.
Here is our first floor.


Inizia la giornata con il tradizionale servizio della Colazione .

Start your day with the traditional Florian service composed by the Casanova's .
Thank to Naturally Epicurean for the beatufil photo!


For over 160 years people have been walking through the revolving door and enjoying Seafood and Champagne in Scotlands oldest Oyster Bar.



Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 5pm
Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 5pm


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Historic Cafes & Restaurants Society
Merci à Minh pour cette magnifique photo de notre salle ❤️❤️
Historic Cafes & Restaurants Society

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