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The Jack the Ripper Experience with Russell Edwards, author of Naming Jack the Ripper. Using DNA evidence, Russell Edwards is able to conclusively name Jack the Ripper as Polish born Aaron Kosminski. The biggest murder mystery of all time has now been solved, thanks to DNA on a Victorian shawl and forensic science. In 2007, businessman Russell Edwards bought a Victorian shawl at an auction. The sh

awl was large – over 7 feet long, made of silk, obviously very old, and damaged, with pieces missing. The shawl had been taken by a policeman from the murder scene of Jack the Ripper’s fourth victim, Catherine Eddowes, on 30 September 1888. Since then, aside from a few years in Scotland Yard’s Black Museum, it had been safely stored away by the direct descendants of that policeman. In his book, Naming Jack the Ripper, Russell Edwards details the years of dedicated historical and scientific research that have gone into proving without doubt that Aaron Kosminski was Jack the Ripper.

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3rd April Whitechapel 1888. It begins!!! A 45 year old woman known as Emma Elizabeth Smith was walking along Whitechapel Road when she saw three youths, three teenagers, who she didn’t like the look of. She crossed the road to avoid them and hurried up Osborn Street London E1. They caught up with her at the top of Osborn Street, at the corner with Wentworth Street. Emma was attacked and left for dead. She managed to get to her lodging house where it was clear she needed to be rushed to hospital. Emma didn’t survive and passed away on the 4th April 1888. She became the 1st Whitechapel Murder victim. Little did the world know that this was the start of a series of murders that would shake the East End to its core!!! The story of Jack the Ripper begins…

The Nemesis of Neglect!!! ‘There floats a phantom on the slum’s foul air. Shaping to eyes which have the gift of seeing,...

The Nemesis of Neglect!!! ‘There floats a phantom on the slum’s foul air. Shaping to eyes which have the gift of seeing, into the Spectre of that loathing Lair. Face it for Vain is Fleeing! Red Handed, Ruthless, Furtive, Unerect. “Tis Murderous Crime - The Nemesis of Neglect’… The story of the Whitechapel murders start in less than two weeks!!!

1888. Whitechapel in the dead of night. The Unfortunates would have to roam the streets until they earned 4d for a night...

1888. Whitechapel in the dead of night. The Unfortunates would have to roam the streets until they earned 4d for a night’s Doss. Question is, with a murderer on the loose, would you walk down these dark and lonely streets?!?!

1888. The Whitechapel murders start in a little over a months time. There were 11 in total. 5 of which were attributed t...

1888. The Whitechapel murders start in a little over a months time. There were 11 in total. 5 of which were attributed to the myth, the legend of Jack the Ripper. Here are reports covering three of those Ripper murders…

Very shortly, I’ll be back to retrace the steps of Jack the Ripper…

Very shortly, I’ll be back to retrace the steps of Jack the Ripper…

8th September 1888. If you were to stand here shortly before 6am you will have seen John Davis running from the front do...

8th September 1888. If you were to stand here shortly before 6am you will have seen John Davis running from the front doorway of 29 Hanbury Street. He had discovered the lifeless body of Annie Chapman in the back yard and was seeking help!!! Annie became the 2nd victim of the Notorious murderer: Jack the Ripper…


Here is the actual location of Sweeney Todd’s barbershop. Opposite was Mrs. Lovett’s pie shop. The ‘Demon Barber of Fleet Street’. Perfectly depicted in the 19th Century penny dreadful…

Two men sitting in Mitre Square, scene of the 4th Ripper murder. Who would think that by looking at us you would never b...

Two men sitting in Mitre Square, scene of the 4th Ripper murder. Who would think that by looking at us you would never be able to tell that we conclusively solved the true identity of Jack the Ripper. A mystery that has had generations of people baffled, mystified, and lost in their own theories. 130 years of dead ends and blind alleys. Dr Jari Louhelainen and me, a scientist and a man with a never ending search for the truth…


November 8th 1888. Part 2. In the early hours of the 9th November 1888, Mary Jane Kelly was seen returning back to her room in Millers Court. She was seen ‘dead drunk’. The filming here is literally a minute’s walk away from the location of where her room was. The Ripper inflicted the most brutal atrocities to her to an extent where she was unrecognisable!!! He made his escape with the climax of his series of murders being this. Shrouded in mystery, the legend of Jack the Ripper still evokes so many tales and theories more than any other tale of its kind. Who was Jack the Ripper?!?! Only time would tell…


8th November 1888. Part 1. The Ripper stalks the streets of Whitechapel for one final time. He may very well have walked in these very footsteps that fateful evening at this very time. Mary Jane Kelly becomes his final victim. She was seen in the Ten Bells that night. Literally only a few minutes from Millers Court where she lived, she went out to enjoy the evening. He had something else in store for her. This would be the climax of a series of 5 murders over a ten week period. Who would have known what would happen to poor Mary other than the murderer himself… Tomorrow morning, her lifeless body would be discovered. He slips into the shadows of the night. This final Murder is the most fearful and dreadful act any person could inflict on another!!! One thing is for certain, his story didn’t end on this evening…


Halloween… re-tracing the steps the 4th Ripper victim, Catherine Eddowes, took to her untimely demise. From St Botolphs without, commonly known back then as ‘The Prostitutes Church’, towards Mitre Square via Bishopsgate. After being interrupted during his 3rd attack less than an hour before, The Ripper sought his next victim. He knew he could find one at this location. Sadly for Catherine she happened upon him. It would be her last decision to enter Mitre Square with the monster the world would come to know as Jack the Ripper…

Photos from The Jack the Ripper Experience's post

Photos from The Jack the Ripper Experience's post


Walking in the footsteps of the Ripper… A week has passed since the Double Event. Everyone in the district was questioned. No clues are given to who the Whitechapel murderer was. The name: ‘Jack the Ripper’ is made public which starts a slew of fake letters all signed Jack the Ripper. In 10 days time, a letter will be sent with half a kidney. This one is different… This one is signed: ‘From Hell’. Today, here is one of the few streets that still remain from the time.


October 1st 1888. The Ripper goes to ground!!! In the previous four weeks, he claims the lives of four Unfortunates who had no choice but to survive a day to day existence walking the streets of Whitechapel!!! Here for the very first time on my page is the close up scene of the 1st murder: Polly Nichols. In the 19th Century, the crime scene was washed down the next day and everyday life went on. Now in the 21st Century, Polly’s murder scene has been replaced by the new entrance to Whitechapel station!!!


29th September 1888. FINAL PART. After the murders of Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes. The East End was in sheer panic. Police were seconded from all over London to try and find this phantom!!! At approximately 3am, just over an hour after Catherine Eddowes’ lifeless body was discovered, constable Alfred Long discovered a bloody rag, that was proven to be taken from the 4th victim’s clothing, in the doorway of 108-119 model dwellings in Goulston Street. Here is that very doorway!!! An eerie message written on the wall in chalk was just above. It’s said: ‘ The Juwes are the men who will not be blamed for nothing’. Shortly after, Police Commissioner Charles Warren had it removed in fear of causing an anti Semitic outrage!!! The Goulston Street Graffito claimed its stake in Ripper History. Was it written by the Ripper?!?! We will never know…


Joseph Merrick. The Elephant Man. Just before the Ripper murders a man by the name of Joseph Merrick was exhibited in a penny Gaff shop in the heart of Whitechapel opposite the Royal London Hospital. He became known as the ‘Elephant Man’. Here is the location of where Joseph was seen by the world and more importantly Dr Frederick Treves who invited him to stay eventually at the hospital, opposite here in this clip, for the rest of his life…

Join me tonight at 7.30pm where I’ll be going live to show you the night of the Double Event in real time on my home pag...

Join me tonight at 7.30pm where I’ll be going live to show you the night of the Double Event in real time on my home page: Russell Stephen Edwards.


29th September 1888. PART 2. At 8.30pm Catherine Eddowes was found lying drunk on the road of Aldgate High Street. She was arrested by PC Louis Robinson and taken to Bishopsgate Police station. Here I show you Aldgate High Street. The church behind me is known as St Boltophs Without. In 1888, it was also known as the prostitutes church. Regularly, Unfortunates would pick up customers here. When Catherine Eddowes was released later in the evening, she returned here in the attempt to find another customer. The Ripper knew he would find another unsuspecting victim here too. Fate would bring them together between the times of 1am and 1.30am. Find out What happened next later this evening…


29th September 1888. PART 1. The night of the ‘Double Event’!!! The Ripper claims two victims inside one hour!!! The first, Elizabeth Stride.

Standing with a view of the 10 Bells, I take you to The Queens Head Pub on the corner of Commercial Street and Fashion Street. Elizabeth Stride visited here at 6.30pm with a woman called Elizabeth Tanner for a short while. Elizabeth Stride then returned to her lodging house unaware of what fate had in store for her. Did the Ripper follow her movements that evening with the full intention of claiming her as his 3rd victim?!?! Only time would tell…


27th September 1888. A mysterious letter written in red ink was received by the Central News Agency!!! This infamous ‘Dear Boss’ letter describes how more Unfortunates of the East End will meet with their demise at the hands of the bloody murderer who claimed the lives of Mary Ann Nichols and Annie Chapman only weeks earlier. The signature on the letter sent shockwaves through the very heart of London: ‘Jack the Ripper’. It was this letter on this date that gave rise to the legend that was to go down in the annals of History as the notorious Whitechapel Murderer!!! Even though the letter was actually penned by an ‘enterprising journalist’, there are some unique coincidences: Carter Lane was the location of the offices of Aaron Kosminski’s brother Woolf Abrahams. As you follow the video clip, you will see a tall white building: This was the Central News Agency, only moments away. Behind the Central News Agency, you will see a spire. This is the Spire of St Brides Church. Not only the inspiration the modern day wedding cake, but it was where Mary Ann Nichols, the Ripper’s 1st victim, was married in 1864…


20th September 1888. The Ripper has gone to ground!!! It’s been almost two weeks since he claimed the life of his second victim, Annie Chapman. Who knew that in nine days time, not only the world would know him as Jack the Ripper, but he would claim the lives of two victims inside one hour. During this time a Liverpool cotton merchant, James Maybrick was staying in Middlesex street, (commonly known as Petticoat Lane), right in the heart of the murders. He died of arsenic poisoning six months after the last Ripper murder. A diary was reportedly discovered under the floorboards of his house in Liverpool. A compelling story evolved that this dairy was written by Jack the Ripper himself!!! The writing never matched James Maybricks, and the hoax was revealed years later. However, it’s the stories and new ‘suspects’ that perpetuate the myth…


8th September 1888. There’s been another one!!! Just before 6am, a resident at 29 hanbury Street discovered the gruesome remains of a woman in the backyard! Here is a report from a newspaper at the time. Annie Chapman became his second victim. Only a week after he claimed his first victim, he strikes again!!! The East End was in panic!!! The poor unfortunates who lived in this area had no escape. A madman was on the loose!!! When would he strike next?!?! The name given to him at this time was Leather Apron…


August 31st. 1888. 2.30am. Polly Nichols was seen here in Osborn Street by a friend of hers, Emily Holland. Polly was clearly drunk. Emily tried to convince Polly to join her at her lodging house in nearby Thrawl Street but Polly refused. Polly’s last words were: ‘I have had my lodging money three times today, and I’ve spent it’. Emily saw Polly staggering towards Whitechapel High Street for the very last time. An hour and 15 minutes later, Polly’s lifeless body would be discovered some distance away in Durward street. The autumn of Terror has begun…


September 1st 1888. The body of Polly Nichols was discovered in the early hours of 31st Aug 1888. Her last movements were quickly identified. She was seen drinking here at the Frying Pan Pub until 12.30am. At 1.20am she returned to her lodging house only to be thrown out for not having her 4d Doss money. Her last words to the lodging house keeper were: ‘I’ll soon get my Doss money, see what a jolly bonnet I’ve got now’…


August 31st 1888. The Ripper strikes for the first time!!! Here is a report from a genuine newspaper at the time of the murder. Mary Ann ‘Polly’, Nichols was his first. The gruesome discovery was made by a carman named Charles Cross at approximately 3.45am this morning. Polly’s murder was so terrible, the East End had seen nothing of its kind since the Ratcliffe Highway murders in 1811. One thing is for sure, London was not expecting the next event in this tale…

A very proud moment for me. Standing with descendants of the Ripper victims telling them the true identity of Jack the R...

A very proud moment for me. Standing with descendants of the Ripper victims telling them the true identity of Jack the Ripper…

One of the proudest moments in my Ripper story. Unveiling the plaque commemorating the life of the 4th Ripper victim, Ca...

One of the proudest moments in my Ripper story. Unveiling the plaque commemorating the life of the 4th Ripper victim, Catherine Eddowes. It was her murder scene and evidence collected from it that gave the True identity of Jack the Ripper.


August 7th 1888. A woman is discovered brutalised in a stairwell off Gunthorpe St!!! Her name was Martha Tabram. Only three days earlier, Jekyll and Hyde premiered at the Lyceum Theatre in London. What is not commonly known, there was a budget version of this epic saga in a ramshackle theatre not far away from the Docks. Did the Ripper see this and identify with his persona as one the first ever serial killers in history?!?! Was he a man of wealth, or did he happen upon the cheaper cut rate version among the low life’s and villains of the East End?!?! One thing for sure, he set himself ready to become the most notorious Murderer in British Criminal History!!! The time of the Ripper is almost upon us…


Conducting research for my next project. I’m looking into the backgrounds of known serial killers. Here is the house of Peter Sutcliffe also known to the world as: The Yorkshire Ripper. There is no way of telling by looking at this residential home that it housed one of England’s most notorious serial killers. When you hear of the atrocities that these people inflict, you envisage a demon living in a dungeon but in actual fact they don’t stick out at all, they blend in, they don’t attract attention. Their residence on the whole and their day to day life would not give you the clues you look for when trying to catch them...


Aldgate East Tube Station - Exit 2 118 Whitechapel High Street


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The Jack the Ripper walk is an absolute must...fascinating and thought provoking and if you think you knew everything about this part of London’s history or you may have your own idea of who Jack the Ripper was...think again
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Where can I find your book? :)
Just go there. Here is the true story of Jack the Ripper. I recommend it.
Just finished this tour and cannot recommend it enough!! Amazing tour through old parts of the East-end, led through history by an expert , just fascinating to finally have this case explained and solved!!! Thankyou Russell Stephen Edwards, loved every minute!!




Less than 20 tickets left!!!
I went on this walk many years ago. I loved that much I done it twice.
This is one of the photos I took during a tour and wanted to share it with you. I hope you like it.
( I think I was photobombed by a ghost, or is that just me ?! ;-) )
Going LIVE at UK - Midnight, 7PM - Eastern, 4PM - Pacific
Tonight Jay Lynch and Kerry Greenaway interview Russell Stephen Edwards from the The Jack the Ripper Experience - Russell Edwards. Russell owns the infamous Catherine Eddowes Shawl and has researched the Jack the Ripper case for many years. Have a listen as we discuss this case and look at where Russell's tireless research and cutting edge forensic examination have led him to draw the conclusion that he knows who Jack the Ripper is!
Author of Naming Jack the Ripper - Russell Edwards

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