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Hythe Pier Heritage Association - HPHA To preserve and protect, restore and redevelop Hythe Pier & Hythe Pier Railway for the benefit of the community and the wider public and to advance education in the history and heritage of Hythe Pier, Train and Ferry.

The Hythe Pier Heritage Association's long term objective is "To operate, maintain, enhance and develop the historic Hythe Pier and Train for the benefit of the community, visitors and ferry users.".

Echo covered the starting of work on carriage no.4 today, Friday August 14, 2020

Echo covered the starting of work on carriage no.4 today, Friday August 14, 2020

Lymington Times Friday August 7th

Lymington Times Friday August 7th


It's Coming Back - Rock The Pier 2021 on Saturday 31st July 2021.
Be part of the organising team for this community music festival in the centre of Hythe by emailing [email protected]
Today we would have been enjoying the music and being with friends on Hythe Pier for Rock The Pier 2020 (cancelled), so here are some memories of previous Rock The Pier festivals and let's look forward to Rock The Pier 2021.

Look what's  in the latest  issue of The Herald!

Look what's in the latest issue of The Herald!

A number of supporters have asked if Hythe Pier Heritage Association merchandise may be purchased locally now that some ...

A number of supporters have asked if Hythe Pier Heritage Association merchandise may be purchased locally now that some of the restrictions are easing off slightly, the answer is YES! HPHA has an online shop listing most of the items currently available.

We are using eBay as the online engine however if you would prefer to collect locally and save the postage costs that's fine. In fact it's better for HPHA as it doesn't have to pay the 10% eBay fees! The shop can be found at http://www.hythepierha.org.uk/shop. If you are local simply make a note of item(s) you'd like to order and then email your requirements to [email protected]. Alternatively please leave a voicemail at 023 8098 6480 with a contact number.

We will then advise on the easiest payment methods and a suitable collection point in central Hythe at a time to suit you.

Stay safe - HPHA Merchandising Team

Good morning,                             I realise it will be a little early for many of you but I had a moment so thou...

Good morning,
I realise it will be a little early for many of you but I had a moment so thought this as good a time as any to bring you some news. As you know we have recently begun to plan and organise the project to restore our historic pier railway. Well I am delighted to confirm that we have received our first significant financial support with a grant of £10,000 from the Beaulieu Beaufort Foundation. This really is a fantastic start to our fundraising campaign to restore the 98 year old pier railway. As we head towards its centenary of almost continuous operation we have put together an ambitious plan to raise over £200,000 to fund this element of the project.

Of course we recognise that right now our public interest is our common interest and so we have suspended most of our operations and activities during the Covid-19 health crisis. However as soon as circumstances permit we will resume working hard to secure the funding we need to ensure the future of this unique piece of our heritage.

Here is the press release we have issued regarding the grant.
If you would like to help us keep the railway restoration plan on track then email us on [email protected] or message us here Hythe Pier Heritage Association - HPHA

Enjoy your weekend

Stay safe


Peter King

Beaulieu Beaufort Foundation grant puts railway restoration plan on track
Hythe Pier Heritage Association has received support for its plans to restore the historic Hythe Pier railway with a grant of £10,000 from the Beaulieu Beaufort Foundation, a charity established to support local organisations and individuals.
Peter King, chair of HPHA welcomed this support saying, “this is a great start to our funding campaign to support the restoration of historic and much loved pier railway. We are very grateful to the Beaulieu Beaufort Foundation for their support and endorsement of our plans”.
He added “these funds will be used to buy the materials we need to begin the work to rebuild the railway carriages which are in a poor state of repair. The work will begin once the current restrictions imposed due the Covid-19 Coronavirus crisis have been lifted “.
The Hythe Pier railway first began operating in the summer of 1922 and apart from a short period following the collision with the pier by the dredger ‘ Donald Redford ‘ in 2003 it has been operating continuously throughout the last 98 years. It is recognised in the renowned Guinness Book of Records as the ‘longest continuously running electric pier train in the world’.
The Hythe Pier Heritage Association was established as a community group during the autumn of 2016 following the announcement by the former operator White Horse Ferries, that the ferry service between Hythe Pier and Town Quay in Southampton might close, It has since registered as a community benefits society in February 2018 and was granted exempt charitable status by HMRC later that year. Volunteers are now working on a plan to secure a long term lease of the Victorian pier and seek major funding to restore and redevelop it to create a community facility for public benefit and to advance the education of the history and heritage of the pier, train and ferry in the community.
If you would like to find out more then you can contact Hythe Pier Heritage Association by email [email protected] or go to www.hythepierha.org.uk

Well I do hope that you are able in some way to enjoy this very strangest of Easter Bank holiday weekends. I took my dai...

Well I do hope that you are able in some way to enjoy this very strangest of Easter Bank holiday weekends.

I took my daily period of exercise today with a walk through Cirencester where I live at the moment and up the main avenue of the Bathurst Estate Park which remains open and provides a really elegant and classic avenue extending over a mile up a gradual incline, it is lined by mature trees including wonderful horse chestnut their pristine foliage soon to be crowned by the distinctive blossom.It was certainly an uplifting sight. It was good to enjoy some time in the fresh air.

Whilst I was out enjoying the spring sunshine I was reminded of this particular calendar week three years ago when I was also here in the Cotswolds, at that time on a short break not far from here in a holiday cottage. I was though in constant touch the whole time with many of the working group as well as people from the press and with Lee Rayment at Blue Funnel. With the final details of a deal that would see Blue Funnel purchase all of the assets of the Hythe Ferry from the existing operators and owners at the time, White Horse Ferries, almost completed we were working closely together to manage the media interest and so we jointly drafted a press release. This announcement brought to an end a period of considerable uncertainty about the future of the ferry.

I want to pay tribute to Lee Rayment who together with his advisors showed patience and good judgement, he also made clear to me that his decision to persevere in seeking to conclude an agreement was in no small measure influenced by the great support for the ferry that was demonstrated by the local community throughout the previous six months.

Of course with the decline of the ferry over the previous decade one might well consider that rather than an asset purchase, this was just one big liability. It is then something that I think we can all be proud of, since that time there has been a lot of progress made, Blue Funnel have invested in the ferry to once again provide a reliable safe service and in spite of the removal of the subsidy provided by Hampshire County Council the ferry service has demonstrated that with a modest increase in footfall this important transport link does have a future. Lee has also showed support for our initiative to create a community business with charitable status that can restore the pier and create a new future for the pier and its historic railway.

With all the tragedy and great challenges that have arisen as a result of the outbreak of the Covid-19 Coronavirus we have to largely suspend our activities until this crisis has past but I want to reassure you that we will return to work when it is safe to do so and continue to develop the plan and the project we have begun. So whilst we may not have new events and activities to enjoy and report to you for a while, I invite you look back with me and with others to share and recognise just how much we have achieved.

Take care and stay safe everyone

Happy Easter

Kind regards

Peter King
Hythe Pier heritage Association

Save Hythe Pier & Ferry

Well here we are at the end of a second week in what I have decided to call the 'new normal', of course I recognise that there is nothing normal about the public health crisis that is now impacting everyone. I am sure you will join me when I say just how proud I am of those who are working on the front line of this unprecedented crisis. Our health care workers are now the soldiers on the front line fighting to save lives. I also want to say a big thankyou to all the other workers who are serving all of us, the emergency services, the supermarket workers and all the others without whom we would be in real difficulty.

For those of you who have a little more time on your hands I wonder what you are up to, I have been distracting myself looking back almost three years at what we were up to during the springtime in 2017. So I thought this evening I would share this little video with you, it certainly made me smile. The Waterside Stompers were actually one of the very first community groups to donate funds to us towards our fledgling campaign, they raised over £300 for us early in 2017 and when the weather improved and an opportunity arose we invited them to join us on the pier and strut their stuff. Of course having taken to the ballroom on the odd occasion in years gone by I decided to look out my dance shoes and once again make a fool out of myself. It turned out to be a hoot and we all enjoyed ourselves. Once again DJ and Video dude John Greenwood put it all to music and well I hope it brings a smile to your Friday night.

This little trip down memory lane reminds me just how important this whole campaign is to me, Hythe is where I feel most at home, the pier has always been a central part of my life and this community campaign has given my life new direction and real purpose. It has reconnected me with so many people and made me realise where my heart is. I know so many of you feel the same strong connection and sense of purpose. This is what makes it worthwhile. Thankyou for helping to make it happen

Right now there are so many more important things happening and it is right that we put our activities on hold but we will get through this crisis and I look forward to sunny days on the pier in the future.

Take care and stay safe all of you

Leave you with the Waterside Stompers enjoyhttps://www.facebook.com/savehythepier/videos/1317924228285159/

Peter King

Scene change on the Ferry

With all eyes on the Hythe Ferry as the new operator Blue Funnel took ownership of the business it is clear they have already started to make the changes that will set the ferry service on a pathway to recovery. As the ferry returns to service following a very quick but thorough maintenance refit she has a new name, so we would like to offer a warm welcome to ‘Hythe Scene’ from the Hythe Pier Heritage Association.

We have also been very busy developing our plans and working to strengthen our organisation to ensure we are prepared for the next phase of this community project.

Blue Funnel have confirmed their willingness and desire to work with us to secure the long term future of the pier, the train and the associated structures and we have already begun to share ideas about how we can collaborate and work together over the coming months in order to prepare for the future operation of the pier by the new charitable organisation that we are going to establish for this purpose.

On the 10th May we received a further significant endorsement from the Parish Council who agreed a set of measures to support the development of this project, this includes the provision of an office facility at the Grove, this will provide us with an operational base to undertake development work as we move forward. Furthermore the council will continue to provide technical advice and support through the officers which has already proved invaluable. The most significant item is a commitment to provide us with grant funding of £15,000 which will be used to help fund a project development coordinator who we plan to engage to work on the project for a set period to support the development and coordination of the plan as we move into the real development of this process. This is a significant step forward for us and together with your support and everyone’s efforts over the last six months provides us with the firm foundations we need to succeed.

In addition we have also held a very constructive meeting with Exxon Mobil who were keen to hear about our plans and understand exactly what was happening now that Blue Funnel had taken over the ferry. The Fawley refinery has been a pivotal stakeholder in the development and growth of the waterside community for more than half a century and so was a natural contact for us to make and we hope that they will become engaged in this important community project, look out for an article about us in the July issue of their regular publication “Community Matters”.

Our very own Viv Carter has just received confirmation of a personal grant award by Exxon through their own scheme for voluntary work by individuals in the community, we understand this will result in a cheque for up to £500 towards our initial costs. Fantastic work Viv, well done!

Our fundraising team are still working hard and we have plenty of activities planned during the rest of the year. We will have a stall at this year’s village fete which is being held on Monday 29th May in the Ewart Memorial playing field from 10 am until 4 pm, come and see us there.

Today we received a cheque for £340 from the Waterside Stompers who are a great local line dancing group, not sure I could quite get the hang of that but it looks like fun. We also received a cheque for £500 from the Lions following their ever popular Easter egg fundraiser. The Lions are a wonderful organisation who do so much to help many groups and causes in the community. We are amazed and grateful for their support and the generosity of all who gave money to support this campaign.

With other contributions we have now raised in excess of £13,000 towards our initial fundraising target and this is an amazing achievement.

We are as ever truly grateful for all the support which we have received from right across the community.

This autumn we are planning our first significant heritage project which will celebrate and share the journey of the pier train locomotive as it reaches its centenary. Manufactured in 1917 it seems to us a really important moment that is recognised and shared with the community. More details on this soon.

You have already achieved a great deal as a community with your support for our campaign to save the ferry and the pier and demonstrate just how important it is to the Waterside community, establishing our working group and building support for our ideas to secure the future of the pier, the train and the associated buildings and now with a willing partner we have a real opportunity to create a vibrant public facility that everyone can be part of and enjoy. The next phase will require a great deal of hard work and your continued support. So please join us and be part of this community initiative, help us to secure the future of the pier and the train.

Together We Can

Peter King
Hythe Pier Heritage Association

Thank you so much to David Morris and Jan for running their first virtual The Waterside Self-Isolation Quiz Group last T...

Thank you so much to David Morris and Jan for running their first virtual The Waterside Self-Isolation Quiz Group last Thursday. What fun everyone had - the questions were good and the comments kept everyone laughing! The quiz was free entry but donations were being asked for HPHA....and £245.12 was raised (including gift aid). Thank you to everyone who was able to make a donation, if anyone else was planning to here's the link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/watersidequiz

David and Jan are continuing to run their quizzes to support a variety of charities and we are so grateful that they chose HPHA as their first one.

Well on my way home from work this evening I was giving some thought on how we might be able to stay in touch and provid...

Well on my way home from work this evening I was giving some thought on how we might be able to stay in touch and provide a little bit of positivity during these challenging times. So whilst we have suspended our community campaign in its usual form with events and gatherings there are other ways and things we can do. I know many of you will be joining the on line quiz tomorrow evening, I do hope you enjoy it, I am sure David Morris and Jan will be just as effective and engaging on line as they have been in person. I thought I would invite you to join us and take a look back at some of our favourite moments in our campaign over the last 40 months. So to kick this off lets take a look back at 2017 and see what we were up to around this time three years ago. The £20 challenge was a great idea put forward by the wonderful Viv Carter and your response was just brilliant. the idea was to encourage as many of you as possible to do something to raise £20. there were some great original ideas and there was plenty of fun along the way. This event really kick started our fundraising campaign and also raised awareness. Thanks to everyone who took part or just gave there generous support.

In these strange and worrying times I recognise only to well that people are anxious and worried. Now more than ever the value of community and of connecting with each other can really help to lift our spirits and perhaps distract us for a few moments from the uncertainty that this crisis is causing.

I believe that we must try to think about the positives and be constructive. The sun will rise again in the morning and in time we will emerge from this crisis. When we do we will reflect and rebuild this initiative and continue on this journey.

Hythe will always be my home no matter where I am, I very much look forward to being able to visit again sometime soon.

So to all of our members and our volunteers and to the whole community I want to say again, thank you for everything you have done, for everything you have given. As we face some challenging and difficult times please stay safe and take care.

With my very best wishes I will leave you with a few pictures from the £20 challenge and a link to a short video that John Greenwood put together of me making a fool of myself!





The Grove, 25 St John's Street
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Sorry to hear the event is cancelled folks, I hope it's possible to re-organize for a day with better weather soon. Best Wishes Steve at www.steamplates.co.uk
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Lots of activities on Hythe Pier this Saturday!
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Hythe Pier gates 1918
New sign at the hythe ferry