The COLD WAR Collection

The COLD WAR Collection The cold war collection is a privately owned collection of ex military vehicles that comprise of bri

we also do restoration work on customer vehicles,we have the capability to remanufacture parts and hold quite a vast range of russian spares.we also now and again make trips to poland and czech republic for tyres,spares and vehicles

Operating as usual


work is afoot to get the collection organised into a proper location for the next few years so we can open the museum until we find the right place.
initially it looks like we will have about 20,000 sq feet of covered area, I plan to add 5-6000 sq feet of mezzanine and some extra storage, we will have a small pond to take people for a dip in the stolly and other amphibs, and we will have a small play are to have tank and apc rides. there will be a small coffee shop and hundreds of exhibits from bombs to guns to tanks to cars. from 1946 to 1990, there are a lot of items to show.

Photos from The COLD WAR Collection's post

Photos from The COLD WAR Collection's post


oops a daisy..serious work being done.


Kate driving the Ural 375d my favourite truck

Brad has fixed the clutch at last. Just a brake seal to fix and she will be lasting down the road again. Got to do a bit...

Brad has fixed the clutch at last. Just a brake seal to fix and she will be lasting down the road again. Got to do a bit of tin welding too before she goes swimming. And make sure the bilge pumps are good


Prepping for the Ace Cafe Red Oktober meet. Was a good meet over 30 cars and bikes.


Okay the team is taking the Kraz and Zil 131 box body camper to the Ace Cafe Red Oktober event this weekend...anyone else coming...


Fv432, Ferrett, Kraz Zil 131 Ural 375 d Stalwart. All road legal. Ready for special events hire. Contact us for more details.


Thinking of taking the Kraz to the Ace cafe this sunday for red Oktober...

A few of the toys just awaiting s new home

A few of the toys just awaiting s new home

Need to check the guns engine.

Need to check the guns engine.

OOh we think we have done it, the lever does not seem to be pulling back enough but we are definitely getting some clutc...

OOh we think we have done it, the lever does not seem to be pulling back enough but we are definitely getting some clutch action, we will be on the road very very soon, just got to make teh brakes good and she should be up and working, then welding and making sure she does not sink prior to a tank test, we will dig a big hole and see if she sinks.


Oh oh, we have an off road day tomorrow But if we get more of this weather it will kill it...Zil Kraz MTLB FV432, Berliet, Ferrett, saracen, Kirovets and a few other toys out to be played with...happy birthday to Bradley as its his birthday as well as the guests...


Okay today we try heating the clutch but am astounded that this is still stuck. One plate moves the other doesn't. It's very odd that it will not release. Wonder if I am missing something. Look at the manuals.


Still stuck


Still stuck


Starting her with the Jcb. Batteries left on. Still no joy with the clutch.

At the national arboretum and war memorial. Paying my respects to those who have given their lives to let us stay  FREE....

At the national arboretum and war memorial. Paying my respects to those who have given their lives to let us stay FREE. If only they knew what is really happening.

623 hull seating arrangement.

623 hull seating arrangement.


Bit of crane exercises.


Stolly engine running. Not bad for being idle for nearly 3 years.


Matt has now passed his HGV C class, up to 32 tons, now he will take his C+E and then be able to drive artics and the like...just got to get him on the museum vehicles 21 not easy but Cherished Vehicles do it.

Stolly getting ready for her first runs. We will try to free the clutch by hook or crook if not its split the engine cas...

Stolly getting ready for her first runs. We will try to free the clutch by hook or crook if not its split the engine casings


Okay this week we will fix the Zil131 camper hand brake. The green Goddess coil and handbrake ratchet and start work on stolly 1 to free the clutch. Then to fit the Diesel engine into stolly 3. We have a lot of work to do


We will be collecting a spare Chieftain Engine and the three cylinder donkey engine this week...just in case the chieftains engine breaks...they were well known for breaking....


It's been many years since I have not attended War&Peace. But with my broken leg and ankle I am complete immobilised this next two weeks.


Well we had to move one of our offices this week. I decided to use the winch on the Zil 131 It worked a treat. However we were not so good with the winch. It needed to be untwisted and re-wound. What a job. Then we could complete the pull. The hand brake is stuck and one of the diaphragms for the brakes has gone. So need to fix the air brake before taking it home.


Been very quiet for a few weeks at the Museum, working hard on finding its new location, not easy but possible options coming up all the time...


Collecting a young lad with Physical disabilities today. Taking him for a short run in the FV432...just about 6 miles...him and 7 others...will be a bit cosy in the 432 but will be a lot of fun with the hatch open and them standing up...naughty but nice..


Restorations. Guys if you have a vehicle that needs restoration then let us know...we can do most things from a Zil to Bedford, from a Chieftain to a 432, from an M62 Wrecker to a Munga Jeep. whatever your needs give us a call...excellent rates...but don't underestimate the work that can be involved...we have a full workshop lathes guillotines, benders and rollers and can make most panels on a vehicle except for complex pressed panels where we may need replacement parts....anyway whatever your need mechanical structural or cosmetic then give us a try..


Okay so we have started to do special events. The first one this week. If you want to hire an unusual vehicle for your special event wedding prom night birthday we have a fleet to assist. the fleet primarily includes the DAF Drops a very large truck 8 wheeler see pictures below, will carry two passengers.
the Ferret Armoured car, will carry 2 passengers, small...
the 432, short trips only armoured personnel carrier tracked...
Zil 131 Russian army Truck, Ural 375, even bigger Russian Army truck and Kraz 255b and even bigger Russian Army Truck, see photos in the gallery or send us an email or message with your needs.


Well thats Overlord done, excellent show, no rain and good friendly exhibitors and owners...great need more attendees but thats always the case for these kinds of shows. We took the FUG, the Foden, the Daf Drops the MTLB the Green Goddess the Kraz and the Ferrett. great four days of relaxing fun...and i took not one single photograph, how silly is that...send me photos please...


well not going well AT ALL, FUG having hissy fit, MTLB cant get oil filler cap off, CET wont go on the Foden, m62 NOT READY...ITS ONLY BEEN IN RESTORATION FOR A FEW YEARS...everyone getting a bit disenchanted...


Overlord coming up next week. We will be getting prepped this week. M62 should be out after a very big restoration cutting out old metal and doing a lot of work...she will be looking very pretty...thinking of taking the CET, the saracen, the FUg and the Ferrett, plus the ural and Zil 131..maybe the mtlb..maybe...need more helpers...


Cobbett Hill Estates

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saw your posts in the Russian MilitaryTrucks forum....who is EastBlock? Looking for some GAZ 69s.....I have contacts in Poland, where else is a good place to search????
Best wishes from Cuba!
Best wishes from Cuba!
Russian truck ZIL 4334 in Spintires! Check it out!
someone has been messing with the page guys so I am going off line here...go take a look at The Cold War museum...I will be deleting all my info from here..
New KrAZ 255 in Spintires! Check it out!
snow joke
25th of October TDM Electronics organise BIG SALE of Military surplus, mostly from years 1960-1985. We would like to invite you for this event.
Our offer you can find here:
My Display Is The Auxilary Fire Service & Civil Defeance 1949 - 1968 display.

cold war defeance
off to the RUssian Military trucks Forum meet at wagtails next week...another fun play weekend.,..last one for me for the year...

Just added a Striker to the list of vehicles bit of a shed but will take the time to restore her to running condition..

will also be receiving the BRDM in a few weeks from Poland...

Now saving for a T72 and T55
big day preparing all the stores for the long wekend, tents, cookers, seats, fire base bedding and other stuff...Kate reminded me of that...

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