Hadrian's Wall Gateway

Hadrian's Wall Gateway Visitor Information Centre for the World Heritage Site of Hadrian's Wall

We're here to help you start your journey along Hadrian's Wall, World Heritage Site with our free to enter Visitor Information Centre situated on site with Lanercost tea room and gift shop. Read our story board panels about what to see and do in the area and collect maps and free leaflets of all local attractions

Visit Hadrian's Wall

Visit Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian’s Wall Virtual Tour - Vindolanda Roman Fort & Museum

Day 6 of our tour takes us to one of the most visited sites on the Roman frontier and one of the most important archaeological sites in Europe. Vindolanda Roman Fort lies just south of Hadrian's Wall, on the Stanegate Road, a line of communication which predates the Wall. Set in stunning surroundings, the Fort was a key part of the roman frontier throughout Roman Britain. The site’s museum houses a world class collection of artefacts including the famous Vindolanda writing tables, voted the British Museum’s top treasure.

Please share your memories and pictures of Vindolanda in the comments below 😊

Interesting fact: 2020 marks fifty continuous years of excavation at Vindolanda. Volunteers from all over the world continue to help uncover more of this amazing site every year. The site has oxygen free conditions (anaerobic), which are the ideal condition for preserving objects.

Follow the Vindolanda Trust’s page to keep update with the latest information about this remarkable site; The Vindolanda Trust

Visit Hadrian's Wall

Visit Hadrian's Wall

While you're not able to visit Hadrian’s Wall, we'd like to look back to times you've spent exploring the Wall in the past.
Please share your favourite pictures and memories, we'd love to see them!



How wonderful is our virtual world!

How wonderful is our virtual world!

Have you visited Chesters Roman fort? Although currently closed, there's no reason why you still shouldn't be able to experience the best preserved Roman cavalry fort along Hadrian's Wall. Check out the page and streetview on Google Arts & Culture below.

Lanercost Tea Room

Lanercost Tea Room

To our wonderful and supportive customers....it is now time to say ‘au revoir’!

We said on Friday that we would open when possible and offer a take away service but for now we think the right thing to do is to ‘batten down the hatches’ and do our bit to encourage people to stay in doors. We all need to do this for the sake others - this is just a temporary pause to normal life and routine, your health and the health of others is not temporary so for now, we will remain closed until further notice.

If you can do something for us then ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ our social media posts, it may keep our presence visible and out there, consider it as a wave to us and we will wave back too!

See you all soon, Victoria

Visit Hadrian's Wall

Visit Hadrian's Wall

Happy Mother's Day!

Whether you are able to spend this time together or apart, we wish you all a safe and Happy Mother's Day, from across Hadrian's Wall.

To the Roman soldiers living on the Wall, around this time of year would be part of the Hilaria (meaning 'happy/merry'). This was a series of festival days in celebration to the Turkish mother goddess Cybele.

Nowadays, this time of year on the Wall, we have lambs gamboling over the fields and stones.

If you're self isolating, are unable to visit the Wall, or would just like to see some lovely pictures, check out our Instagram account. https://www.instagram.com/visithadrianswall/

If you are reading this from overseas (for example the USA), don't worry, it's the UK Mother's Day date. You haven't forgotten!

As always, please feel free to use the comments section to share stories and pictures.

Happy Mother's Day, and stay safe.


A message from Cumbria Tourism:

“We have been told to ask all tourism operators to do all they can to stop visitors from coming to the county – to protect you, your staff and your businesses.

To help support the health and wellbeing of Cumbria, we are this evening issuing the following statement:

In line with the latest government advice surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19), cafes, restaurants, gyms and many accommodation providers and attractions in the Lake District, Cumbria have announced that they have closed for the foreseeable future.

The Government has been very clear on the need not to undertake unnecessary travel and to socially distance in your own home. Cumbria Police have now also issued a request for tourists “not to travel to the Lakes or other Cumbrian holiday destinations”.

Cumbria Tourism continues to be in close discussions with the Government and public health officials and fully supports this official police guidance. It is imperative that residents and visitors carefully consider their own social responsibilities aligned with the current advice.

Cumbria and the Lake District remains a World Class tourism destination but many may decide to postpone their visit to a time when the amazing range of things to do and enjoy returns to the full range. In the face of the major current crisis this seem a wise decision.

We will continue to ask businesses to follow the most up-to-date advice and we would reiterate our request for the public to ensure that they do the same.

This is a rapidly-changing situation, but our members are our priority and you can be assured that the team here are 100% behind you at this critical time.”

Lanercost Tea Room

Lanercost Tea Room

To our lovely customers....let us say ‘au revoir’ rather than goodbye! It is pretty devastating that after almost 11 years of hard work building up our business it should come to this. I’m trying to be positive but it’s a real challenge.

This weekend we will be offering ‘take away’ on as much of our menu as we can but our tea room seating will obviously be out of bounds. The gift shop and visitor information centre will be open before we temporarily close our doors and batten down the hatches to get through this crazy situation we are all in. Our aim is to come through this and start again on the other side.

We hope to offer a take away coffee and cake service on high days and holidays, weekends and Bank Holidays during Easter, for those who want to get out in the beautiful Cumbrian countryside, to enjoy our World Heritage Site location. We would love to see you of course, and we could sell from our shop and offer information from our visitor centre.

If you can do something for us then ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ our social media posts, it may keep our presence visible and out there, consider it as a wave to us and we will wave back too!

Simple acts of human kindness mean a lot to us as a small business as we face the unknown, thank you!

See you soon, Victoria



Hadrian's Wall is not only the Wall, it is a living, breathing, landscape.

At this time we can not encourage visiting Hadrian's Wall, due to the danger to public health from the Coronavirus pandemic.

The beautiful, open, and wild places that are Hadrian's Wall, will be here for when it is again safe to visit and the all clear has been given.

While we are in this period of isolation, you can enjoy Hadrian's Wall from anywhere in the world with the Hadrian's Wall Gallery, www.hadrianswallgallery.com

This is a land steeped in memories and places.
We will continue to share stories and pictures of this unique landscape to be enjoyed.
Do you have any memories or stories that you would like to share? Or perhaps a special place on the Wall? Please feel free to in the comments below.

Image courtesy of Roger Clegg

Lanercost Tea Room

Lanercost Tea Room

To all our wonderful customers. As you know, things have changed rapidly, overnight the government has recommend to stay away from pubs and restaurants but our tea room hasn’t been told to close...

I know that we need to protect the vulnerable, with elderly parents, a pregnant daughter and other personal circumstances I realise the need to be sensible and keep people safe.

I also have a duty of care, care to my employees, my local suppliers, local makers who all support our business.

There is so much we need to take in to consideration at this time. Right now, we are staying open. Our tea room is spacious, we have vast outdoor seating (the sun is shining), we can offer a takeaway option for everything on our menu and of course, our staff follow all the necessary hygiene standards (regardless). And if you’re walking the Wall, our visitor information centre is open as is our gift shop.

We’ll monitor the situation daily, our opening hours may change but we are here to serve, and to offer you some (safe) escapism for now.

Thank you, Victoria

Lanercost Tea Room

Lanercost Tea Room

With coronavirus at the forefront of everyone’s mind we wanted to reassure our customers that we are following all the necessary advice to keep our staff and our customers safe.

Working with food and people on a daily basis we always make sure we adhere to guidelines set by the Food Standards Agency. Washing hands has always been an obsession of ours and to continue best practice our staff are being extra vigilant at home and at work.

We are a small family run business and we will be doing best to stay open and operating as normal seven days a week.

We would like to take this time to thank our customers for their support and loyalty, we really do appreciate it!

Kind regards, Victoria, Joanne and the Lanercost Team

So much to do in so many ways #hadrianswall

So much to do in so many ways #hadrianswall

Beautiful blue skies and a lovely coffee stop for these customers on a ‘mystery tour’ this morning 😁


We are open (with a few puddles along the road to us) and we’re obviously keeping a close eye on the weather as you’d expect. We may not stay open through until 5.00 this afternoon depending on weather and customers but we will keep you posted 💦💨💦

Happy Birthday Hadrian!!!

Happy Birthday Hadrian!!!

Today is Hadrian's Birthday. He was born on this day 24th January 76AD. That is a perfect excuse to share some fabulous photographs of his Wall! These great images were taken by local photographer and Friend of Vindolanda Michael Bradley.

Find out what there is to see and do along the Wall at our Hadrians Wall visitor information centre. You can fuel up on ...

Find out what there is to see and do along the Wall at our Hadrians Wall visitor information centre. You can fuel up on coffee and cake (or more) while you’re here too..

It’s going to be a beautiful day. ☀️ It’s time to get out and explore what’s on your doorstep. Right on our doorstep is the World Heritage Site of Hadrian’s Wall and right next door is the beautiful 12th century Lanercost Priory, we are truly blessed with a fabulous setting it really is the perfect place to start your journey along the Wall.



We're celebrating the National Trust's 125th birthday today. It's thanks to your help that we'll continue to care for Hadrian's Wall long into the future. We'd love to hear your memories and see your photos of Hadrian's Wall on this special day.

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall

🎉We are open!🎉
Due to a fault with our website it currently shows that Chesters and Birdoswald Roman Forts are closed. Rest assured we are open all day until 4:00 pm (last entry 3:30 pm).
Why not join us for a winter walk and take in the historic landscape, before warming up in one of our tea rooms with a delicious hot chocolate and slice of cake ☕️🍰

Hadrian's Wall
Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall

What did the Romans ever do for Christmas? Turns out, quite a bit...
In the first episode of a new BBC series we're taken to Corbridge Roman town along Hadrian's Wall, where Gareth Malone meets our curators to talk about the Roman festivities of Saturnalia.

Watch ➡️ https://bbc.in/2PNTTPn

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall

Autumn is in full swing here at Birdoswald - the trees are bare and the days are getting shorter. We’re still open though. Pop along at weekends, 10:00 - 16:00, to explore the Fort’s rich history and captivating heritage.

Follow the link to find out more information; https://bit.ly/323jLe6

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall

Did you know that it took around 15,000 men about 6 years to build Hadrian's Wall, and that it was far from abandoned after the Romans left?

Here are 30 surprising facts about Hadrian's Wall that you might not know ➡️ https://eht.social/2p2GWYp

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall

On this day in AD54 the emperor Claudius died after possibly having been poisoned.

It was under Claudius' rule that Britannia became a Roman province, and nearly 80 years later Hadrian's Wall was built to mark the final Northern frontier of the Empire.

Learn more ➡️ https://eht.social/2B97h9O

Hadrian's Wall


Heard the news about our Roman make-up discovery? Join us live from Hadrian's Wall and find out more about Roman appearance through some of the fascinating objects from the collection at Corbridge. 💁‍♀️

We’re delighted too 😁😁😁

We’re delighted too 😁😁😁

We're delighted that Hadrian's Wall has been listed as number 5 on Lonely Planet’s list 'Ultimate United Kingdom Travel list' in their new book with the same name. According to the Lonely Planet team:

"...exploring sections of the wall is easy thanks to good rail and road access (including buses), but if you’re up for an adventure, you can complete the national Hadrian’s Wall Path walking trail along its length in about a week".

So get planning your trip! ➡️ https://eht.social/2H21Zjy

Lanercost Tea Room

Lanercost Tea Room

Our Family Fun Day is up and running, the roads to us are clear and flood free 😁👍🏻. Come down and join in if you can.

Join us today from 10am - 4pm for a FREE family fun day! Come along and let @ancient_britain transport you back 2000 yea...

Join us today from 10am - 4pm for a FREE family fun day!

Come along and let @ancient_britain transport you back 2000 years to a time when Hadrian’s Wall was a frontier. Dressed in authentic costume of the era, weaving a narrative from both sides of the wall - listen to tales of the natives, and the stories told by the occupying forces.

Lanercost Tea Room

Lanercost Tea Room

Join us this Sunday for another one of our FREE Family Fun Days!

Come along and let Ancient Britain transport you back 2000 years to a time when Hadrian’s Wall was a frontier, a place where two cultures collided and discover just what Britain was like under the Caesars.

Lanercost Tea Room

Lanercost Tea Room

The summer holidays are officially here! ☀️ Join us this Sunday, 10am-4pm for a free family fun day filled with ancient activities!

Lanercost Tea Room

Lanercost Tea Room

Join us this Sunday for a family fun day full of ancient adventure all for free! All welcome during the day from 10 until 4 when characters from history are brought to life.

Our nearest milecastle turret

Our nearest milecastle turret

Turrets were watch towers, in theory spaced two to every Roman mile (about 1.48km) on Hadrian's Wall. A few soldiers would have lived or sheltered inside each turret, keeping watch on the frontier.

Roman troops occupied some turrets continuously while they abandoned or adapted others according to changing military needs. The Banks East (52a) remained in use into the later fourth century AD. It originated as a stone tower within the turf section of Hadrian's Wall. Within a few years, the western turf section was replaced so that the whole of Hadrian's Wall was now built of stone.

One of our favourite places along the Wall

One of our favourite places along the Wall

Set in magnificent countryside next to a sweeping section of Hadrian's Wall, the Roman Army Museum is owned and managed by the Vindolanda Chartable Trust. The nearby fort of Carvoran was occupied by a regiment of Syrian archers.
The museum is an authentic and dramatic tribute to Rome’s extraordinary military legacy. Step into the life of a Roman soldier and experience life on the front line of Emperor Hadrian’s formidable British frontier.
The exclusive 3D film Edge of Empire immerses you in what life was like for soldiers on Hadrian’s Wall.
The holographic teacher gives you a Roman lesson you won’t forget covering geography, numeracy, beginner’s Latin and fables.
The museum displays bring to life the organisation and discipline of the Roman Army, the many different roles and duties of the soldiers, their equipment and training as well as daily life. The artefacts on display come from the excavations at Vindolanda and include weapons and armour, coins and leather and wooden artefacts.
The Museum pays unforgettable homage to Rome's military accomplishments in Britain.
Complement your visit with a trip to the Roman Army Museum’s sister site Vindolanda, to make a great day out on Hadrian’s Wall.

All on our doorstep....

All on our doorstep....

A location in the much disputed border territory between England and Scotland gives Bewcastle an interesting history including Romans, Reivers, Anglo-Saxons and Normans.
The remains of the Roman Fort here are unusual as it is six sided rather than rectangular like most others. Probably named Fanum Cocidii after the local pagan god Cocidius, it was originally built from turf and timber and garrisoned by the First Nervan Cohort of Germans. It was later rebuilt in stone, and then the stone reused to build a Norman castle. A Roman road, the Maiden Way, runs between Bewcastle and Birdoswald fort.
In Bewcastle churchyard there is also the famous late 7th/early 8th century Bewcastle Cross, considered to be one of the finest surviving examples from Anglo-Saxon Britain.
A free exhibition – Bewcastle: Past and Present - covers the village’s sometimes turbulent border history, the wildlife and the landscape. It is in a converted building in the churchyard and is open every day during daylight hours.



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