Can Framis Museum

Can Framis Museum Can Framis is the latest Fundació Vila Casas museum, an art center devoted to the promotion of contemporary Catalan painting. Located in the old Can Framis factory complex, the museum displays more than 250 paintings from the sixties to the present made by artists born or currently living in Catalonia.

In addition to the permanent collection which is divided in three floors, Can Framis Museum has an area dedicated to temporary exhibitions named Espai Aø. The permanent collection is updated periodically, and two new temporary exhibitions are opened every three months.The museum has an education program that offers activities designed for pre-school to secondary school, as well as for people with special educational needs. They also offer guided visits.The museum is open to the public Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00–18.00 and on Sundays from 11:00–14:00 h.The buildingThe Can Framis Museum is located in Roc Boronat Street in the [email protected] District of Barcelona, Spain. It was opened to the public on April 27, 2009. The museum is situated in an old textile factory that dates backs to the 18th century and was originally owned by the Framis family. Over the years it fell into disuse, becoming a monument to the industry of the area. The renovation was directed by the architect Jordi Badia, founder and director of BAAS architecture studio. This project consisted of restoring two current factory buildings and constructing a new one to link them, coinciding with the site of another former warehouse which, as a whole, forms a courtyard. This square contains a Jaume Plensa sculpture named Dell'Arte (1990), a donation from the Vila Casas Foundation to the city of Barcelona in 2012.All the interventions were made in situ using concrete in line with the old structure. Outside, the lime mortar which blends with the existing stonework merges with the exposed concrete of the new buildings. The façade then becomes a collage of textures, niches and coverings which reflect the different ups-and-downs of the building throughout time. The Can Framis Museum is located 1.5m below the contemporary city roads, since the factory was built based on the former agricultural sketches prior to the implementation of the Cerdà Plan (1860). The road surface is covered by ivy and other plants and the museum is surrounded by white poplars and oaks. Inside, the museum is divided in 36 rooms and there's an elevator in each of the three floors.

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