Dresden Armory

The Dresden Armory or Dresden Armoury, also known as the Dresden Historical Museum, is one of the world's largest collections of ceremonial weapons, armors and historical textiles. It is part of the Dresden State Art Collections and is located in Dresden Castle in Dresden.The Turkish Chamber is a separate collection within the Dresden Armory that is focused on art from the Ottoman Empire.HistoryThe oldest weapons collection in Dresden, the City Armory was founded in 1409, containing the weapons used by the citizens to defend the city. It existed until the 17th century when it became obsolete. Besides this, two further armories were established shortly after. One was the Ducal Armory, founded after Duke Albert was granted an independent dukedom in 1485. Housed in Dresden Castle, it contained the personal weapons of the ruling House of Wettin. Furthermore, Prince Elector Augustus founded the Arsenal of the Saxon State containing Saxony's weapons of war, such as cannons.The Ducal Armory is the direct predecessor of today’s Rüstkammer. It was founded after Albert III, Duke of Saxony, established Meissen as the centre of Albertine Saxony and named himself Margrave of Meissen in 1485. A continuous growth in the collection of parade weapons occurred during the reign of his son, George, Duke of Saxony, who named Dresden the capital of his realm. After George's grandson, Duke Maurice, gained the title of Saxon prince elector in 1547, the Ducal Armory was renamed Electoral Armory and thus gained electoral status. It was located on the ground floor of the Hausmannsturm, the tower of Dresden Castle.


Residenzschloss, Taschenberg 2


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